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On the Road with Andrew Wommack: Uganda II

By Stephen Bransford | November 3, 2011

The first graduating class of CBC Uganda. (Click to enlarge) The first graduating class of Charis Bible College Uganda took center stage on this special day. First year students received a certificate of recognition, while those completing the two-year course wore gowns and received diplomas. The event was testimony to dedication, endurance, and hard work. Not only for the students, but for the extraordinary service of CBC grad Dean Crooks and his wife Linda, who were suddenly called upon to hold the Andrew and Wendell greet guests arriving for the ceremony. (Click to enlarge)school together following the untimely death of director, Leland Shores. If CBC gives out medals of valor, they should be first in line. Indeed, it was a day of firsts. The presence of Andrew and Wendell Parr was deeply appreciated. The students are depending on Andrew Wommack Ministries to continue its presence in Uganda. In that regard, Andrew announced that he is grooming third-year students to restart the full Charis Bible College program. In the meantime, the bookstore in downtown Kampala will continue as a partner and Gary Everett (right) served as Master of Ceremonies. (Click to enlarge)ministry center, and the Gospel Truth broadcast will continue twice daily on local Lighthouse TV. Gary Everett, longtime director of Lighthouse Television has accepted the additional role of ministry director for Andrew Wommack in Uganda. His years of experience in the local culture and his connections to government and business, have helped stabilize Andrew’s position after the loss of Leland. At Gary’s invitation, Catherine Naava Nabagasera, Special Assistant to President Catherine Naava Nabagesera, Special Assistant to Uganda's President Museveni. Museveni, brought congratulations to CBC graduates from the President. And Parliament member, Honorable Mariam Matembe, nearly stole the show. As former head of

the Office of Integrity and Ethics, she challenged the graduates to boldly enter all levels of Ugandan society and make it a better place. A touching moment in the proceedings occurred when Leland’s widow, Andrew enjoys a moment with firey Miriam Matembe. (Click to enlarge)Carole Shores received her first year certificate of completion. On this first CBC graduation day in Uganda, the memory of Leland Shores and his unique leadership was never far from anyone’s thoughts. Yet the legacy of his service seen in the lives of these students seems alive and well, and ready for a bright future.

Leland’s widow Carole Shores receives her first year certificate. (Click to enlarge)

Wendell Parr, Director of World Outreach, and CBC grad John Kimani. (Click to enlarge)

Filed November 2, 2011 by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.