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2 Days Training Program

Plumbing Designing
(Codes : IPC, ASPE, NBC, etc)


About the Workshop:


2 days training program has been designed to cover Plumbing Designing Training Each topic mentioned in the Plumbing Designing syllabus would be covered in two days. Apart from this, there would be an interactive question-answer round for the benefit of the participants after each days session.

Who should attend:

MEP Professionals. Design Engineers, Draughtsman, Coordination Engineer, Site Engineers, Project engineers, Managers, Sales Engineers, Consultants, Project Leaders, Team Leaders. for the Workshop:

Requisites The

above course includes the Material (TEC Plumbing Book) + Software CD Training. The candidate should bring the issued course material & scientific calculator regularly to the class as the training program will consists of lots of calculations & its required that candidates should take active participation during the training session. A written test will be conducted after the completion of training TEC -Certificate will be issued after successful completion of the Course

PLUMBING Designing Syllabus

Common Sanitary Fixtures Details: Standard trap pipe & discharge pipe sizes, Standard slopes for the discharge pipes: (a) Wash basin, (b) Water closet (c) Showers (d) Sinks (e) Bath tubs (f) Bidets (g) Urinals (h) Floor drains (Floor Gullies) Lay out of Sanitary Fixtures in Toilets. Formula for flow through pipes : (a) Darcy formula (b) Chezys formula (c) Manning formula (d) Hazen formula (e) Reynolds Number (Laminar / Turbulent Flow) Water supply in building: (a) Direct system (b) Pumped system Ground level (or) underground reservoir sizing Elevated roof tank (Storage cistern) sizing Pump selection (HP, Watts). Water pipe sizing in Buildings Minimum number of smaller diameter water pipes that can be connected to bigger diameter pipes. Plumbers chart for pipe sizing, Box formula

Plumbing Designing Syllabus:

Foul water drain in building stack, Branch drain/discharge pipe horizontal drain. Fixture unit rating, Maximum number of discharge units allowed in stack, Single stack system, Design of horizontal drains by discharge units method Septic tank, Soak away pits, Dispersion trenches designing Designing of Storm Water Drainage in buildings Auto pneumatic system, Pressure Tank Sizing External water supply for building. Garden water supply & fountain water pipe sizing, Calculation of storage tank, Garden water fountain designing, Fountain pump selection. Estimating Hot Water Demand, Heater Capacity selection. Flush Water & Potable Water Loop sizing - (Software) Designing of common appurtenances, Inspection chambers and Junction manholes. NPC, IPC, ASPE, UPC Standards Software: The TECs Plumbing Designing Program.


ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Director: Mr.Syed Azam Ali Website: Phone: +91 40 646 04442 Mobile: +91 9963 759411 Email:

About the Speaker:

Syed Moazzam Ali is M.Tech., IGBC-AP (Indian Green Building Council - Accredited Professional) has 14+ years of (Gulf & Indian) MEP Designing experience, formerly worked as a faculty in Engineering College, Holds Life Membership of FSAI & ISHRAE and trained many Professionals. Conducted Trainings for ISHRAE & FSAI. He is expert in the MEP field and presently pursuing his Ph.D from JNTU, Hyderabad. He is the Technical Director of Taiba Engineering Consultants[TEC-MEP Institute].
Syed Moazzam Ali (Ph.D),M.Tech, IGBC-AP, Life Member FSAI, ISHRAE, IPA Technical Director TEC-MEP Institute Taiba Engineering Consultants Website: Phone: +91 40 646 04442 Mobile: +91 9963 759411, +91 9848 461870

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Training Program conducted by Taiba Engineering Consultants for ISHRAE Mumbai Chapter

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