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Configure Mind 2013

Saturday, 23rd February 2013

NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group

NLP & Huna Group

NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group

1 Day Seminar

Are You A

NLP & Huna Group

NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group

Parent ?
Parents Today Must Be

Efficient & Effective.

Every Parent Needs To

NLP & Huna Group

NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group NLP & Huna Group

Attend This Seminar.

Saturday, 23rd February, 2013 Venue: IMCC Campus, 131. Mayur Colony, Kothrud, Pune 411 029

Configure Mind 2013


So far, have you ever wondered why you have not found out how your mind operates? Knowing how your mind operates differentiates extraordinary parent from the average. Knowing how to configure mind makes parenting enjoyable to both, parent as well as child.

Being A Parent In Current Times Is A Big Challenge.

With both parents doing jobs, being an ideal parent, is a big challenge. So many things have changed so rapidly! We have very little time for them. There are computers, internet, Facebook, mobiles and more money in their pockets, not to speak of other attractions. And there is fierce competition. And there is stress and peer pressure. The list of problems seems endless. And yet, we want our children to do well at schools, learn good values, shine in sports and extracurricular activities and we want them to behave well. We want them disciplined and we want them to respect us. While we want all this, we do not have a degree or a diploma in parenting. (It is not available either!) We do not really know, as a parent, what we should be doing or not doing. And even if we know that, we find it difficult, even impossible, to change ourselves.

Why this is so?

One big reason is, we do not know how mind operates, our mind as well as minds of our children. We do not know how to Configure Mind.

Configure Mind 2013


What Do We Mean By Configuring Mind? You have known desktop, laptop and mainframe computers: But have you noticed Necktop Computer? Our brain and mind, together work like a computer that sits on our shoulders. Necktop programs need to be changed for better results in life.
From the moment we are born, our mind gets influenced by every single sensory experience and the meaning that we make of it. It learns ideas, behaviors, beliefs, values, self-concept, information and skills. It also makes many decisions. All these result into a noticeable pattern of behaviors, which we call personality. In other words our mind gets configured and reconfigured. Most of the time it is happening unintentionally and subconsciously and we are not aware it is happening. Parental guidance and education are conscious efforts to configure/reconfigure mind in a desirable way.
Thus, for all of us, there is already a configuration of mind, which is the existing basis of our self-concept and our behavior traits. If we want ours and others behaviors to change and improve, we must reconfigure minds in a different way. In that sense configure mind, means reconfigure mind.

So Tell Us, Can We Configure Mind?

The answer is YES. That is what the Seminar is all about. Every parent, as also every individual today needs to know how to Configure Mind and benefit from it, but they are largely unaware of existence of such techniques.

Configure Mind 2013


Do you know that you have become a parent without a degree or diploma in parenting?

Interesting! Please Tell Us How It Is Useful In Parenting

As said earlier, we become parents without having a degree, diploma or any kind of formal education in parenting. We first need to figure out what is the right behavior for us. This is a really a long list of dos and donts and this needs to be really thought out properly because these actions by parents result into long term good or bad effects on childs behaviors and performance. After you have done that, next you have to figure out how you will take on these desired new behaviors. This proves an even bigger challenge. Here, most parents do a feeble attempt to change themselves, quickly fail and get frustrated and then blame the child or the fate or whatever else they can. This however does not get them what they really want. It is now automatically clear, that unless you are able to change yourself, you are not going to be able to change your child. The reason you find it so difficult to change yourself is that you do not know how to Configure your Mind differently. Once you learn the techniques of Configuring your Mind, changing your behavior and that of your child, both becomes possible. We at NLP & Huna Group are committed to help you and make it easy for you if you are determined strongly enough.

Now you need to figure out what is the ideal behavior of parent and then you need to figure our how to acquire this new behavior.

Once You Know How To Configure Mind

You can help them to like their studies and do better at school. You can discipline them without force. You can teach them good values and behaviors. This way you allow them to enjoy their childhood while you enjoy your parenthood too!

Configure Mind 2013


So Tell Us What Is NLP. Repeating behavior patterns are programs. Change the program and the behavior changes. The world is what you think it is.
-Huna principle no 1
NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is science of creating excellence. It is a methodology developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970s. It was further developed by many eminent scholars and thinkers. Over the years, NLP has proven its usefulness and gained popularity. Corporate world noted this and introduced NLP into their training programs. Neuro refers to nerves in our body. Linguistic is the language we use. When we use language, it actually programs our mind and body at neural level. These programs then run automatically and influence our behaviors, beliefs, decisions, values and selfconcept. And all these in turn decide our performance, success, happiness, health, relationships and financial wellbeing.

There are no limits.

-Huna principle no 2

All Power comes from within.

-Huna principle no 6

And What Is Huna?

While NLP is around for just 35 years, Huna is very old. Huna means secret in Hawaiian language. It is a system of many techniques and insights, that has been a closely held secret known only to a select few people known as Kahuna. One of the reasons Huna was kept secret by Hawaiians is the enormous power that these techniques and insights hold. Now, it is slowly getting revealed. While Huna techniques are generally easy to do, they are very subtle to understand its true power and potential. At NLP & Huna Group we have discovered ways to use both systems in a complimentary and effective way.

Configure Mind 2013


7 Special benefits of attendingNOW, is your opportunity to do yourself a special favour.

1. Get introduced to new technology of configuring mind. 2. Get a insight into the way your own mind operates. 3. Discover value from your own perspective. 4. Listen to experts in the field of mind sciences. 5. Network with people who have used it and benefitted.

There is no such thing called failure, there is only feedback.

-NLP Presupposition

6. Directly experience for yourself the effects of the techniques. 7. Receive a huge amount of subject information digitally such as

b c d e

List of prominent practitioners in Pune & India

Prominent contributors to NLP and Huna, Compilation of NLP articles NLP Gold Mine Many video and audio recordings Links to important websites and videos and much more...

NOW is the moment of power.

-Huna principle no 4


Configure Mind 2013


Registration Information

Day &Date: Saturday, 23rd February 2013 Timing: Registrations desk starts- 8.30 am, Program begins9.00 am till 4.00 pm
Registration charges: Rs. 600 for non members. Rs. 500 for PMI Members. (Includes study material, Lunch and tea) Visit: Conference Website Registration process: Registration Information Online Registration: Register Here Or Contact: Vikrant / Ms. Anuradha Phone: +91-9922909060 Email: Jointly organized by-