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. The full benefits of pharmacy automation come when you improve your workflow. Th e pharmacy Management System is a complete dispensing workflow management system that's designed to improve accuracy, enhance safety and efficiency. The system is available for retail/outpatient and hospital inpatient settings. It enables b ar coding on all dosage forms including injectables, unit-of-use items and liqui ds. It decreases the likelihood of medication errors by using medication image a nd barcode verification at each step of the process, from picking to labeling to checking. The most urgent concerns of pharmacy today improved inventory management, barcod ing, cost savings, medication safety are all managed efficiently in one package. Types of pharmacies we support Chain, independent, and outpatient pharmacies Modules of PMS a. Stock management system Stock management system will have the following processes Stock Ledger Stock movement statement: Online stock information of selected products User Management with respect to sale Online stock status with P.O (Purchase Order) generation to referred vendor for multiple items Batch Management: The system takes care of different prices and expiry for diffe rent batches. You always get up-to-date stock for different items with different batches and their units of measurement lying at different stores of the Company . Expiry Management: The system lets user enter the manufacturing and expiry date for the product during entry of opening stock, stock-in and sales transaction. The system will also give report showing the list of products expiring after a s pecified no. of days. The system also doesn't allow to sale the products already expired. Stocks Analysis Reports Stock Report Expiry products report and alert (product wise). Expiry products report(Of each supplier) Report for the product location rack-shelve wise (which product is placed in whi ch Rack and Shelves). Report near to expire products(before 3 ½ month) Auto alert report for the product expired ( this product is expired now and please takeoff from the rack#--, shelf#--Expiry reports of remaining time period in expiry. Monthly store to store transaction of medicine report. b. Purchase management system Purchase management system will have the following process Processes Purchase order Purchase Register Creditor s Ledger Add, Update, Delete, Search, View Accounts Payable Reports Purchase Summary report ------for sending to Chaklala pharma Purchase invoices report Orders report. Monthly order report. Price list report. Price and discount comparison list in the time of order placed to supplier.

Debtor's Ledger f. j. Purchase on cash summary report c. outdoor) and CNE out door pa tients bill report. Sales Register e. l.Comparative Analysis report of medicine prices from different supplier. Sale Management System Sale Management System will have the following process Processes c. Report for Price changed items i. Update. Daily /monthly cash sale report. CNE bill when discharged from hospital. Schemes & Gift Vouchers Reports h. Daily Report for all slips (invoice) and its total amount. Search. Invoicing d. Delete. k. Accounts Receivable Add. View g. Daily / Monthly /after 15 days entitled (indoor. .

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