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"Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work"

Secrets of Hypnotic Speaking!

By, Nathan Blaszak

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"Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work"

The Miracle "Book Store Accident"

Before I reveal to you the seven secrets “primer,” I’d like to share with you a
quick story about

what qualifies me to tell you I can teach you hypnosis, and why you should take

communication seriously. Then you’ll learn the seven secrets, then you’ll see
another FREE

unadvertised bonus report that follows.

So let’s get started…

To keep a long story as short as I can, I spent about 13 years stumbling around in
a "no friends or

lovers"-wasteland. But then, one night, while looking through a book store out of
habit (I always

feel compelled to "collect" information I'm interested in), I reached towards the
shelf and started

to read this "wacky" book. It was about a discipline called NLP or Neuro-


Later did I come to realize, NLP was being used by Fortune 500 companies, and the

military and top professional sports teams among others to dramatically improve

performance in all sorts of areas.

But this is not what caught my attention in this subject. No. What made my head
tilt was when I

learned that by using NLP, you could take any human process, like wanting to "buy

something" or even falling in love, and using skillful descriptions of these

experiences, reinduce

those experiences in the person to whom you were speaking, so they experienced

them with YOU on the spot.

Well, at that time I had no deep desire to be a top professional sports player,
and I wasn't going

to join the Air Force again. But right then and there, I began to wonder if I
could use this stuff...

...To Get Others To Do Anything What I Wanted -- The Way I'd Always Wanted To --


I knew if I perfected the process; (e.g. seducing others, selling, influencing,

and speaking to large

audiences) would be a plug-in-power -- to use, whenever I wanted, and however I

decided to

use it, and I’ll show you how you can do the same.

• Make people feel compelled to buy your products

• Make people fall head over heels in love with you

• Make kids listen, open up, and stop arguing

• Sweep crowds of people off their feet emotionally and get a standing ovation

time you speak

"These formulated and reward producing skills truly are the most riveting, high-
tech, and

innovative way to virtually get anyone (or groups of people) to comply, love, act,
surrender, jump

Brought to you by

for joy... anything you want! you've gotta try them to believe it!" -- Andy
Culligin, AZ

Little did I know that this "Eureka" accident would form the basis of a system now
being taught

and successfully used by others like you in every part of the world. At that time,
I only knew

it was time to bust loose and become "the mad scientist of persuasion" to see if I
could make

this work. And the only principle I had to guide me was the one key principle I'll
reveal to you

right now...

The Secret To Success And Power With People Beyond Your Wildest

So read on, because here it is...

"Whatever you can get a person to imagine will be perceived as their own idea

because they imagined it, and therefore they can't resist it."

• I'll be showing you how to use your language to "grab" and lead a person's

imagination, and you can lead them to have the wildest, most intense thoughts,

and actions with you.

• I'll be giving you my secrets to use your language to capture and lead your

and customers imagination, and you can lead them to have the compelling, most

mouth-watering ideas, feelings and get them to fiercely buy what you're selling.

• I'll be handing you the techniques to create hypnotic speeches and presentations

that'll emotionally drive your audience, and you can lead them to have

most inspiring emotions, attention and entertainment with you.

• I'll be letting you in on the most powerful ways to influence your child's

and you can cause them to find enjoyment as they have pleasurable, most

attitudes, behaviors and compliance with you.

And All The While, They'll think it’s Their Idea!

Now, in order to translate this "secret" into real-world, hard-hitting, practical

stuff that worked, I

had to do a ton of research.

I got my hands on every NLP and hypnosis book I could read. I went to seminars.
But more

important, I got out in the REAL world, and tried combination after application of

ways of talking to people; "language patterns"; that would evoke the "deeper
levels" of their

minds; the places where they keep their most exciting memories, ponder fantasies,

daydreams, incredible possibilities that they wouldn't even want their best
friends to know they

dreamed about, and longed for.

And I found that once I could use my words to place my voice, my image, my
presence in that

place in their minds......

By now, I'm wondering if you're starting to picture how you can use this to your

with virtually everyone you talk to, and make your wildest dreams when you think
about the

kind of success with others you crave -- look like a joke.

Aren't you?

Brought to you by

You’ve already heard me say and I’ll probably keep saying it: Hypnotic persuasion
is the most

powerful skill you could ever develop. Hypnotic Persuasion gives you the ability
to take

control of social situations, land a job at an interview, seduce someone, change

someone's mind over the phone or sell that $1 million dollar home and protect

from these secrets being used against you!

Simply put, if you know how to talk, you can get anything you want from all who
listens, and

you DON'T have to put up with anyone messing with your mind. All these techniques
I’ll be

showing you truly are undetectable.

You're Shooting Yourself in the Foot If You Don’t Take Unconscious

Communication Seriously

Most people will blindly talk to others without really knowing what they are
saying, and wonder

why the heck they aren’t creating the kind of powerful influence they want to have
with others.

You won't feel like you have this same problem.


When you use hypnosis the way I’ll be showing you -- when you apply hypnotic
forces that are
"undetectable" to the general public, when you understand what separates you from

typical boring person, well....naturally, you have the unique advantage because
you've stepped

outside the box, when most people don't, and discover the covert tactics that get
people to

comply with your every idea, and at the push of a button!

And you find out, just by using your rewarding hypnotic skills in your dealings
with others that

are ingenious, easy-to-follow, and advantage gaining -- persuasion and influence

doesn’t get


For example:

Earlier I mentioned to you on my site (as you might be curious about them) the
"special" phrases

which make what you're saying seem like an innocent, normal, and imaginative

conversation that gives you the convenient power to command their unconscious

when you say a few "trance" words.

So as you think about the sneak phrases, think about this...

When you understand how they work, and say them, you can get anyone to "act" as
you please --

without them even knowing -- your using hypnosis. The unconscious mind can’t
resist it!

You've successfully armed yourself with one of the most powerful, electrifying,
"unheard" forces

of communication that exists!

And let me tell you, - sneak phrases are only the tip of the ice burg!

Honest-to-goodness, sneak phrases are just the beginning of your persuasion

mastery and

development of rewarding communication skills, and the other skills I’ll be

showing you are just as

easy to apply.

Let me give you an example:

Brought to you by


"Fly Beneath The Radar" Communication

Covert hypnosis and other stealth psychological devices of social influence are
carved into the

very stone of our society. They have become so common, particularly in the world
of seduction,

entertainment and advertising, that we often don't take notice of their

influence... For instance...

Perhaps you've noticed while watching television, a newscast announcer comes on


a brief moment and says "Is your House Quietly Being Infected With Termites?

News at eleven."

Or, maybe you're a die hard soap opera fan. The series is overly dramatized, and

you'll notice how the plot drags on for weeks, and there's never and ending to the

-- only an ending to the scene, and it keeps you coming back each day, and you

enjoy it...

This is a psychological device that's been used for years. It creates mental

and unbalance. Which means when you start watching, listening, and reading

something -- unconsciously -- you feel driven to complete the task, and so you do.

Advertisers in the entertainment industry have known this for years, and it has

a common device used to keep you "sucked in," curious, and unconsciously stuck

and motivated to "stay tuned" so they can interrupt you with hypnotic

and commercials -- and you'll gladly wait for them to finish because you want to

complete what you've started.

What most people don't realize is, this two-step process allows the commercials --

which are infected with hypnotic devices -- to penetrate past the viewers

mind and strait into the unconscious (e.g. 3 days have gone by, and you're eating

same chocolate you saw on the commercial), and you aren't even aware consciously -
- the commercial is what caused you to do this.

When you use psychological "triggers" and stealth devices like that above example,

penetrate into the subconscious brain and past people's natural inhibitions and

predispositions that it's practically effortless for you to generate action to

those who listen.

The method's I’ll be showing you however, are cautioned to be used ethically and
judiciously --

not the kind of hypnosis to be used involving behavior modification techniques.

The "dark" concepts of "mind control" are based on intrusive devices, which coerce

manipulate people to do things against their will, or even trigger electrical

impulses that affect

the cerebral cortex and produce mechanical "Robot-like" behavior in human beings.

Covert hypnosis, as used ethically in sales and seduction, is simply the process
of introducing

natural human predispositions to melt away resistance that are obstacles in the


In this manner, your prospect is a voluntary and willing participant, and becomes

involved in an action you have designed to be painless and even enjoyable.

Here's the fantastic part:

You can spell out your prospects "voluntary" action sequence at the touch of a

when you know the secret communication devices called "sneak phrases." These

activate a human predisposition that causes the prospect to act without


Brought to you by

Obviously, these "devices" help in a painless -- and immediately more effective --

area of

persuasion because whatever follows these phrases goes strait to the unconscious
Now that you saw one example about how powerful the 16 different kind’s of

applications I’ll be showing you can be, let’s look at…

The 7 Basic “Primer” Applications of Covert Hypnosis – Guaranteed to


It is best to forge ahead and read it all the way through – first page to last, so
you can get the

full benefit of what you’re reading as you realize what you’re learning in this e-
book is essential

when it comes to being successful with others.

You’ll find as you read through the pages on this e-book two things – one, if you
apply only one of

these secrets, your level, your power, and your ability to communicate with others

“hypnotically” will be greatly increased.

And two, it allows you to get a feel for how I teach, and you realize as you begin
to picture

reading my other material, you aren’t going to find any better way to learn
hypnosis because the

material written for you is hypnotic in effect – which means, when you begin to
read each secret –

you can notice each paragraph helps you gain remarkable advantages – even if only
on an

unconscious level, and that’s a powerful way to learn.

But before we get started, I’d like to share a quick little story with you.

I showed this e-Book to a friend, and when he got done reading, he tilted his
head, cracked a

smile and said “Do you realize that you’re missing out on making this e-Book
perfect?” Looking at

him a little confused I asked him to explain.

And he reply was “can you just imagine someone reading these words, and the more
they pay

attention to the words and read, the more interested they get. So much so, that
when they finish

reading it causes you to feel like you want to find out more – its’ like you just
realize how
powerful hypnosis is, and while you think about that, it causes you to want to
grab your copy of

“How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” without any resistance.

Now you can only imagine how that made me, the author who took all this time to

this for you feel.

…Buying this book is the best decision you’ve made – because I planted that in
your mind and

you have to have it, and you aren’t resisting it either.

I’m not going to do that because I don’t think it’s necessary for you to become
fascinated with my

products, and feel like you must buy them all -- even if you don’t want to. I
wrote this to give you

knowledge of the “communication foundation’ I personally use when I engage in

conversation that

works for me every time without fail.

But I must say, when you master these seven secrets of hypnosis, you really do
realize that if you

were to combine these methods with the techniques, psychological devices, sneak

and scientific formula’s when you invest in “How To Hypnotize Anyone Without
Getting Caught” –

and I invite you to notice how if you were to do that, persuasion and influence
gets remarkably

easier, and immediately more effective if you were to remember that -- because,
it’s a big part of

your frame of mind, when it comes to being successful with others.

So without further adieu, let’s start, shall we?

Brought to you by

If you were to want to grab your copy of “How To Hypnotize Others Without Getting
Caught” you

can by clicking…

…You can download it instantly and pint or read it right away after you place your

"Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work"

Inside this report you’ll discover the secrets behind this mysterious art of
covert hypnosis. So let’s

get started...


"7 Little-Known Secrets to Undetectable Hypnosis"

By Nathan Blaszak



Secret #1:

Covert Hypnosis is not what you think!


Despite what you may have heard about hypnosis, I’m going to tell you, to start,
what it doesn’t

have to be, and show you why it’s power at your beck and call.

So many people think of hypnosis as "Follow my watch from side to side... you’re
getting sleepy"

truth be told, this is only one form of hypnosis but that’s not the only way it
can be applied.

Why haven’t you learned about this sooner?

The fact is, there are many powerful people out there who do not want you to know
about this, as

they - use it on you daily. It’s everywhere! (See chapter one in “HTHAWGC”) to
find out more.

Anyway, so what should you do to hypnotize others without them knowing?

First, start thinking outside the box for a minute and notice that there are more
ways than one

which hypnosis can be used. If you think that it takes a leather sofa, session,
and scripts to

memorize –


You begin to notice when I demystify covert hypnosis for you inside “HTHAWGC”,
it’s merely as

simple as constructing your language so that you slide one command in, then

If you want to learn how to persuade others, you can’t ask them to lay down so you
can play with

their head. Instead, realize that there are ways that you can push the right
buttons to “trigger”

unconscious response in your listener which gives you the ability to get anyone to
do as you


Here’s what else...

Brought to you by

It’s an act of using language in a particular way that will break someone’s
resistance down. Once

they let their guard down, it is simply as though you’re stepping inside their
head and leading

them to take any action you want them to.

… Simply step inside their mind, grab hold of the steering wheel, and turn their
thoughts in

whatever direction you choose.

Clearly, from what I’ve just said, covert hypnosis is pure power, and I’ve found,
the more a person

reads about it,, the more they want to know how it’s done, and who could blame

Better still, most people today are lazy. They do not want to have to solve their
own problems or

think for themselves. Welfare is a perfect example. The number of people going on
welfare is

rising, and it pisses me off.


The above paragraph (after I cleared my throat) is only proof of what I’m saying.
It makes it easier

for you to make a person do as you wish because they are looking for a person like
you to come

along and tell them what to do -- they are used to following someone else’s way of
thinking, and

you’ll be surprised when you read the 2,300 year old secret in chapter 1 of
“HTHAWGC” – there’s

a common "glitch" in the human mind, and how to exploit it.

For all these reasons, even if a person can think on their own, they can still be
hypnotized. The

human mind works the same for everybody, thus, these secrets will work on anyone.
And it

seems like an innocent conversation.

This is absolutely critical! In fact, I cannot stress this enough but let’s
continue with secret #2...


Secret #2:

You Don’t Directly Command A Person


When you hypnotize someone covertly, you are commanding their subconscious mind to

what you wish while making it seem it’s a though they are having the thoughts
naturally. If you

were to come out and say "you think that going out with me is a good idea" you’ll
either be;

laughed at or slapped, humiliated or embarrassed.

So how is it done?

For starters, you can distract their mind using simple two-five word phrases that
cause a person

to go internally to make sense of what you are saying. You’ll notice as you’re

“HTHAWGC” in Appendix A, a list of 135 hard hitting “sneak phrases” that’ll give
you the ability to

say one, five, or fifteen sentences which are hypnotic in effect – which means,
say one of these

phrases, the rest goes into the unconscious mind – make as many hypnotic sentences
as you

can imagine.

For example:
The Phrase - "You can"... This phrase conveys a permission based message to
someone they

can do something - what comes after is exactly what you get them to think, but it
actually is

accepted into the subconscious mind as a command.

"You can read these words as you think buying “HTHAWGC” is a good idea, and you
feel you

must agree."

Brought to you by

Now, whether you did or didn’t agree (because you’re now aware of this phrase) I
invite you to

notice when you use this phrase on someone, how much easier it is to get another
to comply with

your request.

If a reader wasn’t told about the sneak phrase I showed you, they will think "I
can think as I read

these words buying Nathan’s book is a good idea" and while they continue to think
that, I just

slipped passed to their subconscious mind that they must agree with me,

You see, their unconscious brain will begin to follow with the suggestion (with
your help of course)

– and won’t realize it consciously, and it’ll drive the reader to act towards
following that good idea

because they were given permission to feel like they can buy it.

It is the concept of misdirection good friend!

By the way, there is definitely more to it than just that. This is just a simple
way of showing you

how to indirectly get someone to think and obey your commands without them really
catching on,

because these phrases make it seem like an innocent conversation.

You already know I have listed 135 of the most powerful phrases inside my e-book
"How To

Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” remember, if you were to feel compelled
to learn

more, and get really good using hypnosis – you’re only a click away.
I’ve even met people who use hypnotic phrases naturally, and aren’t even aware why
it works –

or that they’re hypnotic in effect, until I explain it to them. Are you one of


Discover the breakdown of covert hypnosis to get anyone

to do what you want without them knowing. Secrets of

speaking directly to the subconscious mind while making

what you say seem like an innocent conversation! You’ll

be glad after you…

CLICK NOW =====>


Now just by using these first 2 secrets you’ll be way ahead the game...but wait,
there’s still more!

Part II of…

"Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work"

Let's keep going...


Secret #3:

Why Sneaky Hypnosis won't Work Without This Key Factor


In order to properly embed commands, you must learn how to use your voice
effectively first. This

includes how it sounds, as well as the rhythm when you say your sentences. You’ll
notice as

you’re reading “HTHAWGC” – I give you exercises that’ll easily get you to talk
this way naturally,

and all the time.

Here's a great trick to keep in mind while you’re aiming to gain good rapport with

person you are talking to:

Brought to you by


If someone speaks fast and loud, then the best way to "speak their language" is to
match how

they talk and speak fast and loud. If you were to speak softly, and
slow....really.....really.... slow,

chances are they will get bored with what you are saying, thus not pay any
attention to what you

want them to hear (this is crucial).

The next time you talk with someone, here's your chance to pay attention to how
they talk,

including the voice volume, pitch and the pace at which they speak. Pretend that
you are that

person when you communicate back to them, this alone works like "magic" itself.

It's simple: Matching how someone talks is important; you're discovering very
important aspects

of applying hypnosis here. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get in

good rapport with

someone. Without rapport, it makes it difficult to gain someone's trust let alone
hypnotize them.

Remember this:

"Always Get In Rapport Using “Voice Matching” BEFORE

You Even Attempt To Apply Hypnosis"

But there's still more - let's continue with secret #4


Secret #4:

"How To Take Control Of Someone's Thought Process"


Have you ever had the experience of talking with someone and they just wouldn't be
quiet long

enough for you to get your word in?

Better yet, would you like to get them to be quiet and stay quiet? Long enough so
that you can

keep the person on hold so you can get on with your covert tactics? Because surely
you DO

WANT to have the advantage and control in a social conversation; am I right?

Have you figured out what it is yet?<--- If you're still here reading then it's
obviously working -

proof already how powerful this is.

It's really simple. Ask them questions?! Just like I did in the above paragraphs.
To keep this

quick and to the point, questions lead people's thinking. It worked on you am I

When you ask a person a question they have to go in their mind and try to locate
an answer.

While they are going hmmmm? You can hit them with another question, then another.
Be careful

not to do this too much as it might become frustrating for them. But at first you
may so you can

get the hang of it like I did when I was first learning.

I remember a time when I was in a bar and I started talking to this beautiful
woman and just to

have fun I decided to ask nothing but questions. As we were talking, just when I
noticed her

getting frustrated I would nail her with a "are you getting mad at me?" with a
puppy dog, innocent

look on my face. I'll bet you can guess what happened next.

I don't know exactly how many questions I asked her that night but I am willing to
bet it was close

to around 60. By the time I got done asking all these questions, I had her asking
me to

leave, and go have coffee so we could get to know each other more! And the rest is

Brought to you by


I could go on, but I'm not going to go into great detail with all the questions I
asked. Just realize I

simply had to prove to myself that it worked and it really does. After a little
practice I got really

good at it too.

Here's a game you can try with a friend:

Ask each other questions and questions only and see who can stump one another
first. This will

be the fastest and best way to understand how this works. And that's just a small
taste what's in

store for you; you already know this if you've read my e-book "How to Hypnotize
Others Without

Getting Caught." But if you haven't read it yet...

Please now, after a little practice you decide to lead someone's thinking, ask
them questions. Be

sure to have an outcome in mind of where you would like to lead their thoughts,
ask the questions

that will take them there. And the result?

Believe me, you'll make them think as much as they want to talk, but won't be able
to talk

because they'll be too busy trying to locate an answer! If you practice this,
you'll come to realize

how it will work like a charm every time if you want to get them to think certain

Also, you’ll notice as you begin to develop your covert skills of conversation
while reading

“HTHAWGC” questions are a great way to introduce, and then launch into you
hypnotic language

pattern I show you exactly – step-by-step how to create as you read through this

Are you beginning to see how you are becoming prepared for the real power of

communication, and can you see yet, just how important covert hypnosis is when it
comes to you

getting what you want from anyone you talk with?

By now, I think you agree.

But you can even double your skills using Secret #5, so let's keep forging


Secret #5:

How To Speak Someone's Language


What are the benefits of talking in terms of how someone else thinks? There are a
ton of them but

mostly, it is best to be able to get in rapport with that person. Let me show you
how this is done

by giving you some examples.

A person thinks in certain ways. Some might hear, some might taste (very rare),
others might see

pictures, and some might smell. One of these is going to overpower the others and
so you would

look out for which one they speak more of.

This is how you can determine which representational system they think most in:

If a person says "I see what you mean". This comment shows you that they think
visually, so you

would speak in terms of seeing something. "Picture this... you're walking down the
road and...."

Another person might say, "That doesn't sound right" and this will be your cue to
talk in sound.

"Are you hearing what I'm saying?"

Underdog might say "I smell trouble" so you would speak more in his language by

something like "Yes, something seems fishy doesn't it?"

Brought to you by


Here are a few examples of sensory based words that someone might say during

conversation to help you determine which internal representation over-powers the


Visual: Look, focus, examine, see, clarify, reveal, illustrate.

Auditory: Say, discuss, remark, speechless, clear, silence, shout.

Kinesthetic: Touch, contact, handle, push, hold, scrape, gentle.

Smell/Olfactory: Scented, stale, fishy, fresh, putrid, smoky, nosy.

Taste/gustatory: Sour, bitter, sweet, salty, taste, juicy, flavor.

These words will help you to determine just how someone is thinking and what

representation over powers the rest so that you can speak the language they think!

By now, you should have a good foundation building up in your mind that's getting
you prepared

for the power that you'll be carrying with you. If you've read this far,
obviously, you want what’s

best for you, and you're so ready to:


Discover the specific techniques of hypnotizing others, and learning the secrets

communicating, directly to the subconscious mind while making it seem like an


conversation! Discover these powerful persuasion tactics and

Click NOW =====>


NEXT - 'Part III'

(the final part) of the free report:

"Seven Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work"

This is the last part of the report (but hopefully not the last time you hear from
me - I'll tell you all

the details at the end of this section).

Now, onto the final secrets...


Secret #6:

The No-Brainer Method To Hypnotize Someone


Listen! No, I don't mean pay attention to me. Well yes please do pay attention but
I what I mean


Listen to the speaker!

It's that simple.

Why is this most powerful?

Because if you know what to listen for, you'll know exactly how to use what you've
heard them

say -- to your advantage.

When someone speaks, they will lean on words that have a lot of meaning to them.
"I was


Brought to you by


It is that word when they are speaking that they pause, and take a breath just

saying it that you want to make a mental note of. It is the words that they put a

enthusiasm behind that you'll be listening for.

When I listen to someone talk, I don’t give a rats behind what they are telling
me, I listen for the

words that they put emphasis on and meaning behind.

Why? And what do you do with these words once they are identified by your
conscious mind and

well tuned listening ear?

You say them back!

If someone says "My job is...... CHALENGING"

You ask what makes it so umm... CHALLENGING?

Also, when they say the word challenging, are they expressing that it is a
pleasant experience or

a not so pleasant experience?

If you're talking to a gorgeous man or woman that you would like to date, you
might use that and

set yourself up as a challenge if they make the word sound exciting enough.

If they don't sound too thrilled about it, you would use other words they used
that promote a

positive experience.

The fact is, there is nothing more powerful than an ear that listens. You don't
come off as selfish

and inconsiderate. Every person desires attention, it is a basic human desire. Let
the other

person talk.

Obviously, when it’s your turn to talk, you will hypnotize the snot out of them,
and I even
show you how to “set up” another person, so they go telling all their friends and

about how incredible you are, so you can wind up selling, charming, and seducing


Letting the other person talk about themselves allows you to work directly with
human nature.

Start talking about yourself and you're working against the nature of human beings
and you're

going about it all the wrong way.

When you hypnotize others covertly as you begin to take control their thoughts,
naturally, you

want to use the word “you.” – and not I.

If you want to successfully get people to like you when you talk, remove these
words out of

your vocabulary right now and never use them again:

"I, Me, Mine, My"

Take all those words and replace it with one -


Brought to you by


Examples: YOU will benefit if YOU follow what you’re reading. This is for YOU.
This will make

YOU look great. YOU will be well liked... this will make YOU and your
acquaintances happy.

When YOU speak the word YOU, YOU have the advantage, when You combine what You’ve

learned inside “How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught.”

If you're willing to give up the satisfaction from talking about yourself, and
that you get from the

use of the words "I. Me. my, mine", YOUR personality efficiency and YOUR influence
and power

over others will be greatly increased. Especially when you combine this with all
the information

that's waiting for you at the end of this report.

Honestly, say YOU all the time is tough to do and it takes practice but the
rewards will make it

well worth it.

It's so funny when someone says "but I don't know what to talk about." Think about
this: get

the person to talk about themselves. While you do this, you'll find that others
would rather talk

about themselves as a subject than anything else.

If you can steer the conversation to get that person to talk about themselves, you
will be well

remembered for it and people will automatically love you for it. (Not to mention,
this sets you up

for suggestions, powerful one's later on during the conversation)

Ask them question such as:

• How is your family, Tina?

• How long have you worked with the company?

• Did you enjoy your vacation?

• Did your family go with you?

• What do you think of when?

• Is this where you grew up?

• What is you home like?

• What is most challenging to you about your job?

• How is that boy of yours coming along?

Also, you know when you meet someone that knows the importance of getting the
other person to

talk about themselves. Both of you will be trying to get each other talking about
yourself! Ironically

this rarely happens.

Sadly, most people are not effective at influencing others because they are too
busy talking about

themselves - ick, BIG turn-off. Remember, it's not how you like how you say
something or are

amused by the remarks you make, its how the person you are talking to likes to
listen to

Getting the other person talking about themselves puts you in the position of
being the

most interesting conversationalist!

Plus, if you know how to properly use questions like you learned in the previous
sections, you can

guide their thinking to wherever you like. Once they are there, you can link all
of their own

powerful meanings they have to you and the outcome you're aiming for them to act

We’re talking about a very powerful set-up you’re creating to use once you’ve
combined these

methods with the stealth psychological devices.

However, in order to effectively use secret #6 you've got to know our last


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Secret #7:

What To Say When It's Your Turn To Talk!


So you're talking with someone, and you're matching the pace of their voice, the
pitch and tone.

You've asked them a few questions to direct them towards the outcome of how and
what you

want them to act on. You've gotten them to talk about what is challenging, what's
exciting, their

family, house... You've heard them babble on and on, and as you realize what
they’ve said,

you're making mental notes of what words their leaning on. You've listened to
determine what

sensory base over powers the rest because they may have said see? Saw? Picture...

listen... Now what?

Now you're really ready that's what. You've got the basics down. The foundation
that puts you in
the position to step inside their mind now. You're ready to grab hold of that
steering wheel, and

turn their thoughts towards the direction you're aiming for.

Think about it - You've already won their trust leveraging the power of human
nature, they're

standing in front of you and have no idea what you're about to do next. The
anticipation of

knowing that getting what you want from that person is just around the corner, "if
you follow my

lead" you're thinking to yourself...

So stop… and just ask yourself this question:

Are you ready to discover the rest of these powerful techniques now, and can you
just imagine

the power in your ability to deliver unconscious commands to your listener?

What will you use it for?

More sales? Better relationships?

You see, I couldn't possibly fit everything that you can be learning with 7
secrets alone. You've

done good reading this far, you already know the basics. That's out of the way
now. The

foundation is over and done with.

Most people agree with me when I say “you aren’t going to learn this in English
class” and when

you want to improve your communications skills, using hypnosis – it doesn’t get
any easier.

My expertise comes from the 8 solid years of study, practice and use of hypnosis.
You’ll notice as

you read “How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught” – I take you by the hand
and show

you how you can easily master the art which took me years to develop.

Clearly, you immediately begin to put what you’ve learned into practice, and
there’s no way for

you to find out these skills other than by taking advantage of my money-back
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begin reading the material.

The power of getting what you want from others is here. Are you sure you’re ready
for this? I

have to be honest, not everyone can handle this material. Not everyone is able to
use it to their

advantage. Not everyone is even matured enough to use these techniques


So you must be ready. If you've read this far and all the way through - you're
ready, really ready.

In just a few seconds, you could be learning the secrets you've been waiting for.

Yes! Go ahead and take advantage of my 60-day money back guarantee.

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How do you go about learning hypnosis in Today's Age?

Take a look at this:

Hypnosis, in most dictionaries literally means sleep. I think that's such a

terrible definition. It's

more than that. In fact, it's much more than that. Apply Hypnosis defines hypnosis

unconscious communication.

You’ll find as you read this book that it’s actually, very easy to make anyone do
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including yourself. If you know how it’s done! And if you want more, like sales,
it’s there, too.

Approached mindfully, it’s shamefully easy to get others to take action. If your
ideas are

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somewhat lower, like seducing others, that’s fine, too. If you find these examples
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right now... stick with me.

I assure you, with the knowledge you’ll get from Apply Hypnosis, if you only put
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honest and

honorable individual in the hypnosis industry. You not only offer exactly what you
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And if you think it is easy to enter Persuasion Power... Think about "Apply
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Apply Hypnosis is easier, faster, broader, and unlimited!

We use the same basic principles and approaches of persuasion and influence,
tweaked a bit, for


You see, most people have the wrong impression of hypnosis. Some people think it's
"follow my

watch from side to side". Others think it's used to make people do silly things in
front of

audiences. Then some people think it doesn't work at all. You'll be learning all
there is to know

about hypnosis. And how to use it, too!

Yes, it's true - you can use hypnosis by getting another to lie down and relax,
and you can use it

to make people do silly things for entertainment.

That form of hypnosis works, it does, but we're not talking about that old form of

we're talking about unconscious communication in today's age. Not the way it was
done just a

few decades ago. You're learning how it's being used right now, today!

You'll be getting a lot out of this densely valuable Book and it only concerns
you, communicating

to yourself and others on an unconscious level, easily, and powerfully. Look at

what you'll be

learning today as you read this:

• You'll discover unconscious communication and how it's everywhere

• You'll learn how you can communicate to your own unconscious mind

• You'll learn about what a persons body is saying and the "signals" it sends out

• You'll discover how you can write to the unconscious mind

• You'll learn how you can talk directly to someone's unconscious mind without


• You'll discover all about the exact step-by-step by step process to get others
to take


• You'll learn about the human desires and motivations that exist in everyone on

unconscious level

• You'll discover how you can exploit power in all your social situations

• You'll learn how this can be used to blow the lid off your competition, and much

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This is serious technology we'll be covering here. You'll never view the world the
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you read everything in this manual. Page after page, you'll see how "Hypnosis" is
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Oh, by the way, the "middle class" are the group that is not "supposed" to know
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they are set up and programmed that way so they don't. If you feel like you're
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social life.

And there’s a reason why The MONEY ELITE, heads of political offices, celebrities,
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Advancements of The Human Mind

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teachers that
taught you to fear influence and lead yourself. Persuasion is easily accessible.
And taking control

and leading yourself and others is great!

You just have to know how it’s done.

Read his book, The origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of The Bicameral
Mind, Dr.

Julian Jaynes. And you’ll see that he too, like everyone else in the world,
including yourself,

started with a different way of thinking, a "react" factor, and little sense of
self. In his determined

search through history, he encountered scientific facts, made shocking

discoveries, and was able

to prove people didn't think the same as we do today.

Make no mistake about it, unconscious communication is in no way everything to

success with

others and yourself. There are a lot of other things you need to be "totally
happy." Religion,

family, friends, money and personal achievement are important, too...

But when you have persuasion power, they’re even better.

Everything goes better with PERSUASION!


Unconscious Communication

First of all, what the heck is unconscious communication?

It's everything that communicates with your mind, period.

It's everything you say, everything you think, feel, imagine, touch, smell, taste,
believe... it's on

the television, the radio, the Internet, and the magazines, emails, letters and
books you read.

Yes, even this book you're reading right now is communicating to your unconscious

It might surprise you to know that I am communicating to your unconscious mind.

But it's simply

the process of communication. You'll see in a few words exactly what I mean by

My "How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught System" shows you how to do
this in
a more aggressive way with others. Just by making a few adjustments to the way you

communicate gives you a lot of power over others.

But here in this section, I'll be showing you why you need to know how
communication is

everything that communicates with your mind. And the only way to understand this
is to discover

how your brain processes information.

So let's look at that first. Let's see how unconscious communication is


When I say, “imagine a red car”, you have to go inside your head, to your
unconscious mind and

access a database of memories to picture that in your mind. See? I'm communicating
to your


Brought to you by


When you hear your favorite kind of music playing, your unconscious mind's
database of

memories and beliefs is what places the value behind what causes you to determine
why it's your

favorite kind of music. Maybe you think about a past experience that is pleasant
like "the good old

days." Perhaps it makes you feel a certain way. Your hearing this is communicating
to your

unconscious mind. It will display to your conscious mind the information in your
database of


Now see, if a pan is on the stove and there's fire burning underneath it, would
you put your hand

down on top of it, and press down on the middle of that scorching hot pan? Of
course not. Why?

Because your unconscious mind sends reliable signals and brings to your conscious

awareness the danger in doing that.

Are you starting to see how your unconscious mind runs everything?
"Body Language to Send Positive Unconscious Messages!"

Indeed, the world is changing, and today you have an opportunity to share in that


Excuse me. It’s 9:03 a.m. and I’ve just been interrupted by the beautiful sound of
a woman's

voice. I’m sitting at my desk in Sacramento, California writing these very words
you see. There’s

only a few easy steps on level ground between my body and hers. Can you believe
it? I can

identify all the cues so you know exactly who likes you, with what intensity and
how to utilize that

secret information.

It’s so nice of her to like me. She lives in Sacramento California too, but she
doesn't know how to

read all of the "cues" that people send unconsciously. Nothing fancy, just simple
signals which

are processed only in her unconscious mind. Then her "instinct" is going to tell
her that, "I don't

know why, but I really like you! I just have a feeling this is 'right'!" and,
Voila! I've got the

edge over the competition! It could be that way for you.

"The Secrets of Unconscious Gestures"

See what I’m talking about? She has no idea I'm doing this, and my body sends

'cues' to transmit the "like me" signals. Everyone else in the world is sending
random signals.

Some are processed as liking, some as not liking. Some as deception. YOU are going
to send all

positive signals. Nothing to it!

I set the motions and composure for her unconscious mind to pick up, by the way.
Now it's

become easier and more powerful to do this around others like this nearly every

Anyway... to continue! It’s become so easy! Anyone who will dare to use today’s

technology can effectively set up an automatic stimulating aura!

But first, excuse me again. I’ve just been delightfully interrupted by the sound
of her voice again! I

just can’t keep my composure when I hear that beautiful abbreviated sound. Next
comes the

whirr-r-r of a nice warm signal I send her. Hmm. She's blushing and smiling,
California girl wants

to do something more than just stand there...

You Can Be Dumb Or Dumber And Still Succeed In Unconscious


Once even the word "unconscious" impressed me. I was uneducated about it, too.
Then I

stumbled my way in. Easily... over the course of a few months I became powerful
and persuasive.

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First I read some books from the early 80's to show me how, and 5 minutes later I
could send and

receive signals. Timely research advised me what I needed and showed me how to
turn my body

into a talker. An experiment with a friend showed me in 2 minutes how to get them
to feel really

connected to me.

I started going out and practicing. It was then I first discovered the rocket
power of unconscious

communication! A few weeks later I quit my old way of expression. That was several
years ago. I

got really good in the first few months. Never failed me. I think you can do the
same thing. You


Please excuse me again. ... I’ve just been interrupted by my California beauty. I
have myself

sitting in a way so that she can't help but want to open up to me and have me
closer to her.

Yahoo, a thrill to come! The motion I made completed the motivation, and here it
is! Total Power.

Everyday vanilla uncomplicated 21st Century body language technology.

It's 9:47 a.m. As I was saying........

Oh, I’m sorry. Please excuse me one final time. After I take this last request
from her I promise

I’m going to get my laptop and go down to the first floor and write on the dining
room table. Away

from the exciting diversions of her voice, the experiments, and the thrills.

But first... This is a look I've made with my eyes that makes her what to get
closer to me. I did this

because one of my students just emailed me who bought my course a few months ago.

exactly what the course explained, Jeremy Dockings "picked up" and is dating a

woman named Tina the first attempt using this "gaze" - he sent me a picture
(knockout). Today

he wants me to take his credit card to show him my covert hypnosis strategies. Not
surprisingly, I

might add.

Whew! That's better. Now that I'm downstairs I'll be able to finish this letter
without thinking about

all the attention I'm getting.

Oh, by the way. Fortunately, it's not important to have a complete understanding
of how the

brain works. The important thing is self-control. Presumably you're sending

signals on a

conscious level... How easy is that? Watch what their body does, and make a
gesture or subtle

movement for your benefit and watch them again, but that's the extent of it. You
can do the same

thing. That's what this special report is all about!

All you have to do is get going! Body language is so happening that any moderately

technique can give you more power and influence.

Review: I just made a woman want me in less than a few minutes. I didn’t do a
single bit of

"talking" to get this result! In fact, each signal sent was a delightful
interruption of the work I was
trying to get done. The movement, the posture, and "look" did it all for me. I
chatted with one

customer. He was thrilled to learn more, and proud to be dating a beautiful woman.

Everyone of these "cues" was unconscious-related. My effort, once deciding what

her body says,

are totally squat. When you don’t have to put very much thought in doing this, it
sure makes it


A Power Too Special and Stimulating To Resist...

I’m a lot more powerful now than I was a few month's ago. My skill gets better and
better each

and every time I try it and I don't send "don't like me" signals like so many
other millions of

"persuaders" out there!

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If you can imagine having all the juicy, powerful, magical movements, if you knew
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Scientific communication and hypnosis makes it possible for anyone

to persuade anyone easily, INCLUDING YOURSELF, anywhere, anytime!


This Incredible

Process of
"Apply Hypnosis"

The Chance To Live Your Dreams!

Some of what I’m going to say is going to sound complicated. Some of it

incredible... Hang with

me on the complicated stuff, because we need it to see how persuasion can

instantly put you on

top of the summit looking down over your competitors.

The incredible part? Well, keep reading. You’ll see all the proof you’ll ever need
to know for

certain that it can work for you, too!

Unconscious Communication

The subject you've been embarking on is the application of unconscious

communication through

hypnotic channels - exploiting all the advantages which today’s simple language
and thought

construction lays at your feet.

This is "communication" as it’s done today, in the 21st Century... not in the cave
man era.

But first, a few helpful hints, if I may... I can’t say it enough. Reading is fine
- it’s essential. The

error some people make, however, being so well trained in reading and analysis...
is that they

never DO anything with what they learn. What I’m saying is, that there’s only one
way to cross the

gulf between where you are now and where you want to be, and it’s not by being
amazed by the

stories of how good unconscious communication can be, and especially how sizzling
the power


It’s about being motivated, sure, but, beyond that, it’s about doing the
applications. Notice their

state of mind. Capture their imagination. Send an unconscious message. Anchor that
to and

object, sound, touch, taste or smell. This communication is amazing! Do your

reading and

analysis, then move into action. Power will sprout and grow around you all the
days of your life.
This is the only form of communication that gives you everything without taking


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True freedom, independence, wealth,

time to celebrate life with your loved ones!

Let’s get straight on one important thing right now. What we’re talking about is
not rocket science!

Anyone can learn to do the applications, even if you don’t know how it even works!
Even if you’ve

never learned anything about hypnosis before! If millions of other people can do
this to influence

others, influence themselves, then surely you can too!

Today’s "hypnosis" is simple to use! Guaranteed, anyone can do it! Ages 8 to 98!!!

At a $7,000 communication skills building seminar in Sacramento, CA I was asked to


candidly in a closed-door meeting with other successful persuading individuals,

exactly what my

own personal take on "Hypnosis" in the today's Age is. Eager eyes took in every
word, tingling

with excitement!

What follows is a liberal transliteration of a little of what I said...

Buckle your seatbelt, my friend. Though it will always remain a dream for the
majority of people,

this success is quite real!

And it’s calling your name!...


"What Is It That Makes

‘Apply Hypnosis’ in Today’s Age

The World’s Best Communication?"

There’s literally hundreds of sound reasons why "Apply Hypnosis" in Today’s Age is
the world’s
best communication for anyone! Sure, this communication shares many things in
common with

any successful persuader. And, in truth, the principles of unconscious

communication are indeed

the same necessary principles for running any successful enterprise, gaining
compliance with

others, to lead not only others but leading yourself as well. It's necessary for

What’s different, is the group of unique and specific benefits that make this

communication "Apply Hypnosis" in Today’s Age" easier to learn, experiment, and

apply than any

other persuasion method in the world, while simultaneously delivering more

passion, more fun,

and more freedom in your personal and professional life.

I’ll try to live up to my responsibility to tell it like it is!

P.S. All the things unconscious communication shares with other persuaders?
They’re more

skilled and more effectively communicating to their own unconscious mind, also.


Instant Hypnotic Creation

What is it that makes "Apply Hypnosis" in today’s Age so rewarding? It is the

instant persuasion?

...Because you can create a unconscious message in 2-5 minutes, and have
everything you want

go into a persons unconscious mind instantly?

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No Long Hours of Studying Required

...Or the ability to launch a positive unconscious message with virtually NO

experience, less than

a few attempts? Or, that you practice with your friends, with no worries, no
embarrassment, no

Or because you can use it anywhere, your telephone in your living room, in person
in bars or

restaurants or at work, or in your writing?


You’ve Turned The Tables!

Could it be because you’ve finally turned the tables on the insecurity of

following? ...Or because

hypnosis gives you persuasion and power over others, totally elevating your
lifestyle, giving you

both the success and the ability to do the things with others you like to do?...
like capture the

lover of your dreams, help loved ones... win friends, create success, more


Unlimited Potential!

Or is Hypnosis and unconscious communication so rewarding because (and this is the


point) because your potential in using it is unlimited? Believe me, you’ll find it
very difficult not to

apply hypnosis once you know how... And the experience of many start-up hypnotic

indicates it’s easy to create persuasion! You decide how much you want to create.

Or is it because it’s so easy to apply hypnosis that you make more money while you
sell online,

offline, negotiate deals, and even date the "hotties" while your at a party, bar
or get-together?!

Turn your body, your voice, and your communication into your own powerful positive

communicating success grabbing machine?

Yep, I think so.

Many people search for any one of these incredible benefits. Any one of these
could be the

deciding benefit in your life... But taken together!... When you add them all
together, there’s an

irresistible synergy!!!



Lucky You! The Apply Hypnosis in Today's Age Is Easy!

The body, the gestures, the voice, and certain words - these are the essential
elements of your

savvy, sensational, and wildly powerful Unconscious Persuasion Creation skills in

Today’s Age.

That's assuming you need to send out a physical signal, voice message, or
unconscious cue...

Brought to you by


Then, when you take hypnosis to the next level, talk about low level involvement!!
When you

"automate" your skills, you don’t even have to think about, analyze, or stress on
what to say or

do... They’re all ready to begin working for you automatically from your automated

thought messaging system. All this at no hard work to you!

If you don’t have any experience in hypnosis and unconscious communication, don’t
worry! You

don’t need anything other than a formula and a set of phrases to get started.

You can start with one technique a day. No body needs to know you're practicing on
you or them

using "hypnosis." Then, from your experience you can add on another technique.
That’s all you

ever need to supercharge your persuasion starting today!

It’s true, many people have applied hypnosis successfully by practicing - and many
people even

TODAY are using unconscious communication only, when they interact with others.
Most Don

Juan's, all the media and big businessman and the money elite. But why?


It's Power In Your Hands

You’re probably skilled at persuading in one form or another. But if you’re not,
get going as soon
as you can. Whatever your motivation is. The motivation helps... With nothing but
a little practice,

I’ve recently snagged lovers from Rio de Janeiro, UK, Michigan, Columbia, and
Puerto Rico, not

to mention California to Florida, to Maine, in the U.S. It’s waiting for you. It’s
exploding for you!

It's power in your hands... all from my personal and business life out of my
desire to learn! (My

motivation to practice has brought me success! I started writing love letters,

then learned to do it

in person, then on myself!)

Even as we talk, I'm exchanging e-mails with sexy women in UK, California, and

It’s the nature of unconscious communication. Anybody who will try it can do it

It’s not too late to jump into the communication game. The pioneers have a lot of
arrows in their

backs, but you and I don’t have to. We can jump on the technology and create
persuasion skills in

days, not months or years.

It’s the best time ever to jump into unconscious communication!

But hurry, before your friends or co-workers beat you to it and use it on YOU...

Why do I like hypnosis? One scenario. This is how I started... Assuming you know
how to talk, to

start your skills building you only: 1) change your voice to "Speak To" the
unconscious, 2) align

your body to send all the right signals, 3) send a few craftily worded unconscious
messages out

of your mouth, and 4) let them take action now!! It’s that easy to start building
your skills!

Or write your own love letters using hypnotic writing. Only seconds after your
prospect completed

reading your letter - they'll be enthralled and seduced by what you wrote, that’s
loaded with

hypnotic commands! ... they'll do whatever you tell their unconscious mind to

You may start directly with a friend. You can practice on yourself like I do, or
go to a coffee shop,

your boss, the Internet chat rooms, email, or a long list of other social
situations to get all the

practice you want. What other situations can you think of that will cause you to
become a


Brought to you by


Then do a little more fun stuff. To get started check out how it works on a hot
date or during your

sales negotiations ...I think you'll like what you find.

Apply it to your sales job, do a little unconscious sales pitch, and more sales
begin! It doesn’t

have to be complicated to be effective.

I’ll come back to how you can use it in a minute... But for now, I want to move
on, because I don’t

want you to think that hypnosis as a whole is about using it on others. It’s not -
there’s much

more. Applying hypnosis is more than that... It's a practice.

As a master persuader, you’re not really required to be a hypnotic fanatic. Quite

the opposite, you

never want to get buried in the subject, but to use it... As you use a multitude
of results-producing



Succeed In 1 Month

The unconscious communication is still so easy that the average guy can start
using it one month

and become unstoppable the next month! I don’t know of too many other
opportunities like that,

do you?

One good skill to the next and you’re running!


Big Words = BIG Results

It’s easy to get a good word to work! But not only that, it’s easy to get high
powered and proven

words, with a proven step-by-step formula plan for you to instantly motivate
others in a BIG way,

real quick! If you’re interested, I’ll personally give you a list of 135 powerful
psychological words of

your own that can be the genuine beginning of your own POWERHOUSE persuasion and

influence. Just keep reading.

Some people think it’s hard to influence others. The truth is quite different. The
worst technique

we ever tried was a direct command. We had more people arguing and trying to fight
and think

bad of what was said than we ever had for a message that had indirect “special"
phrases followed

by commands that proved to be more effective - TEN times that! So our probability
of getting a

command into the unconscious mind went up! Imagine that! Add a few simple words

after your command and the conscious mind cannot stop it!

Not only that, the positive responses were significantly higher with the indirect
commands. But the

thing that bothered me most was the responses they gave.

A man told to "please turn on the light because I can't reach it from where I'm
at" simply says,

"okay" Easy.

For "Turn on the light" the responses were like this:

Reply: Why do I have to turn on the light?

ME: Well you're closer.

Reply: Can't you see I'm busy?

Me: Well I am too, please will you do it?

Reply: Man you're lazy, can't even turn on a stupid light. You're the one who
wanted it on, you do


Brought to you by

Of course, I really wanted to use hypnosis to get him to comply, which works only
by saying a few

words BEFORE or after a command, and there is no argument or resentment!

These types of responses are "filtered out" with a more careful set of phrases.
That’s good! You

don’t need this grief to get a person to argue with your request because you
create the scene for

them to comply....

Besides, people will view you as an authority figure if you know how to structure
your language.

They will be willing to comply with what you say quite readily - and that’s where
you have the

ability to have control! That’s were the power lies.

Direct commands into Unconscious commands. Less hassle. No struggle.

Handle with care direct commands.

P.S. As you know, any honest person who purchases Apply Hypnosis Training receives

sneak phrases. That’s a good start. However, if you inquire, there’s more... Lots
more. You can

get high quality, good sounding, high power communication easily already set up
for you


Your Odds Of Success Are 100%

When you possess the authentic secrets of Apply Hypnosis, persuasion and influence

like a big game you can’t help but win! You change your odds of success to 100%,
winning an

amazing advantage. (More about this advantage later.)


It Doesn’t Take Much To Be Successful In Persuasion!

So, what does it take to succeed in your professional and personal influence?
Well, in most

cases, the people who are getting tons of leverage over others and in their lives
have (only) 3

things going for them:

• They understand how people think.

• They have a body that sends positive messages -- and that MAKES people like you

out knowing why.

• They have the right hypnosis materials to communicate and motivate individuals

communicate with. (non-verbal skills, language patterns, tonality skills, etc.)

You can have it all, everything... more sales, more lovers, obedient children,
happy students,

successful negotiations, confidence, fame, respect, a secret power over others

with no worries of

getting caught using it - everything that Apply Hypnosis talks about, and more!!!

Talk about "secrets of success!" Success is this simple! This is a profound truth

and used by few. You will learn how to activate all three of these essential
facets to success...

without stress or strain. It guarantees your success!

You can have it all!


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There’s No Getting Caught Using This Stuff & Age and Ethnic

Background Doesn't Matter

Whether you're using it obviously or not, don’t make any difference! If people use
it on me it

works! It just works. And I've tried to be so blatantly obvious to TRY AND GET

people just don't catch on to what you're doing!

How you look, where you're from and how old you are don't matter. Kurdistan or

Venezolano, or Tokyon, you can get as the results you want! At 22, 42, 62, or 92.

Black, white, red, yellow, or brown...

Pretty, ugly, or average...

Mentally sharp or psychologically challenged...

Male or female...

Gay, straight, or bi...

Tall or short. Dumpy or a rail...

Running fanatic, bound to the chair...

Early bird, or night owl...

Nobody knows... Nobody judges.


No Education Required

There’s no training, no education, no experience required for Applying Hypnosis.

Anyone with a

7th grade education can understand all you need to do this communication!


No Inductions or Pocket Watches

You have no leather sofa, the #1 least effective and unreliable persuasion method.

Selling a car: "Sir, please lay down, close your eyes and relax while I hypnotize
you" - There's

none of that.

You can run your entire unconscious communication through the mind without getting
a person to

lay down and relax...

Everything you say sounds like natural language and goes to the unconscious, which
is what

brings out the instant action.


Start Immediately

You can get started with your family... My 22 year old cousin practiced,
attempted, tested, and

applied hypnosis on his father. Others practice with their friends, and they both
learn from one

another. Today people are learning the essential communication skills easily.

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Start Your Communication With A Set of Phrases

Most other "persuaders" belly up with asking questions, the wrong ones, or using
the same ol'e

pitch everyone else uses. They’ve got their sales and their fortunes on the line.
No wonder they

hope and pray like hell they’ll create the winning set of magical phrases,
"experimenting", and trial

and error anxiety.

Compare that with your list of proven trance phrases. Priceless! Or, even if
you're not selling,

check out the simple way of communicating with the unconscious mind of others!

Say a simple phrase then your command. Presto! You've taken experimenting and
thrown it out

the window! Because these phrases are proven, you won't have to experiment. Have a

pitch created in minutes. You don't even need to know why it works. It just does!


A Proven Persuasion System

Most other negotiators and salesman, "persuaders" (faced with a very real 95%
failure rate) feel

insecure, scared, and frustrated. But because you’re using a proven system that
works, you feel

secure and confident. This Is Not Traditional Hypnosis.

Occasionally someone innocently confuses this form of communication with

traditional hypnosis.

But, rest assured, Apply Hypnosis has nothing to do with any of the inductions or
the latest stage

hypnosis marvels. You won’t be asking for permission or saying "You feel very
relaxed". You

won’t be using "subliminal tapes" or having others do silly tricks.


"Is It Ethical To Use This Communication...

This Easily?!"
Listen, I love to wake up, talk to the beautiful woman laying next to me, and have
her feel great

around me and excited to comply with what I say. It somehow makes the whole day
better. Fine

folks in different parts of the city, other countries, or people up late or early,
loving to talk to me,

and lined up to do it too. I've made great amount of friends using hypnosis to
make others feel

great. How do you think I’ve been dubbed “The Best Kept Hypnosis Secret?”

In any case…

I will address these questions that I get asked often:

• Is it ethical the changes someone's mind?

• Is it ethical to influence someone without their awareness?

• Is it ethical to influence someone with their awareness?

Not only do I believe that it is ethical but I believe it is vital for survival in
the 21st century. I also

know that hypnosis in the covert form can be used for the ill and that will never

Brought to you by


Generally speaking, if you use hypnosis and you are doing so because of, and for,
the best

interest for another person, you are more than likely using ethically. If you are
using it to promote

behavior to do something that is not in their best interest that is not ethical.

But this address wouldn't be complete without asking

"Who am I or you to say what is someone's best interest?"

That I understand. As you think about that question, please do remember that every
day people

are making hundreds of decisions for you on your behalf. Some ethical and others

• Congress and the president tax your money and spend it. Some are for ethical

purposes and others are not. You don't get a say in the matter however.

• Parent's make hundreds of decisions for and on the behalf of their children.
They are

told what they can and cannot do - often without ever explaining why.

• Teachers in school are constantly making decisions for and on the behalf of

The fact is, one of the most common behaviors we all participate in every day is
making decisions

for and on the behalf of other people. And if you can honestly not think of a time
and say that you

have never looked out for the best interest in another person, then you're even
more subject to

others making decisions on your behalf.

So the real question to ask is:

"Should I use covert persuasion or let it be used on me?"

And the answer to that question cannot be answered by anyone but yourself.
Everyone has their

own set of morals, good or bad. Some people are leaders and others prefer to

Let's suppose someone thinks their ugly, and believe it. Would you use covert
hypnosis to

get them to create a better image of themselves?

I know I would, and have.

Let's suppose that a person thinks ill of you, would you use it so they change

perspective and you appear to be likeable?

I know I would, and do that often.

Let's suppose that the opposite sex is with someone, and you think you would be a

person to be with, would you use it to get them to dump them and be with you?

I know I would and have. In fact, I used it on a woman once to help get her out of
a controlling

relationship and realize that there were better guys out there. She still loves me
for that. And we

never got together.

Covert persuasion really isn't telling a person what to do, it's bringing into a
realization of
what's already there that they might not see, feel, or experience, good or bad
unless you

were to point it out to them.

What it all boils down to is pleasure and pain, and what you do to others, will
get done to you.

I know what you might be thinking "Oh man, he's bringing out the golden rule" -
but it's true.

From experience and experimentation, I have used covert hypnosis to make people
feel pleasure,

and make people feel pain, and it comes back both ways. Ironically, which ever
choice between

the two you make to use it on a person, comes back more.

If you make others take an action that is pleasurable, than you better believe you
have pleasure

coming your way - more than what you did for that person.

Likewise with pain.

I've adopted the attitude of sharing and giving when I use covert hypnosis - I
remove myself from

the picture completely and stop... and think about the other person's experience
and the benefit

they will get from me using it on them and it has never came back to haunt me.
There's always

the questions "How can I make this person feel good about x?" or "What can I show

Brought to you by


that will make them feel x?" and "What can I do to help?" in the back of my mind
when I'm

talking with someone.

But the moment you use it for selfish reasons, is when things start to get ugly.

Give, share, help, and lead to pleasure and you'll be remembered for it. Everyday
in social

situations you're going to be perceived by others as a likable person, or not so


If you could choose which one it would be and have the power to control that,
would you? With
Apply Hypnosis you can!

So, what makes it okay for me - and it’ll do the same for you... is that I’m
exchanging genuine

value for every persuasion technique used. Actually trading fun for happiness.
That’s a good deal,

isn’t it?


Have More Fun With Others Than Most People

Ever Imagine

Then, after I’ve showered, eaten, and kissed my love bye as she leaves, I tear
into my office to

reply to email messages from my customers waiting for me from my Internet site. It
just purrs

along without my active involvement... I mean its fun doing business and all...
BUT I’m thousands

of times happier, having fun with great people like you!

But the action has only just started, because I still get to go out and play with
women, negotiate

with businessman... for an afternoon delight, I play around to see where I can get
the great deals

from salesman who don't know this stuff...

Deep discounts, free meals, exciting dates...

This can be you!


You Don’t Need Any Licenses

You don’t need any licenses to use this form of hypnosis. You won’t have those

compliance problems that practitioners, wannabees, and amateur hypnotists have!


You can Take Over The Petty Office Politics

Petty office politics is fun... Hey, it's there, you mine as well be the one with
all the leverage. You

can have the advantage!

You’ll like Apply Hypnosis at your job because popularity and power floods in ALL

the secretaries, the foreman, and your boss! You just decide what to be to others.
People don't

gain promotions by overworking now days; mine as well use this to your advantage.
Using Apply

Hypnosis... What could be easier?

Persuasion communication offers a proven, reliable, dependable system to create


quickly! All you’re doing now is souping it up to do what the multi-millionaire

kings, politicians,

lawyers and the media of the 1960's, 70's, 80's, and 90's could do. Today, with
the language

Brought to you by


skills, the development, and applications of hypnosis that's NOW readily available
to you in

practical form, you can learn to do in a few months what it took them years to do.

Plus, if you test an idea and get a poor response, all you have to do is change a
word or two.

Simple. Maybe just change the gesture. How would you like to re-write a letter
from scratch

because what you're writing isn't getting the response the way you want it to? See
how easy

knowing these applications, language constructions and formula's are compared to


random signals?


Multiply Your Persuasion Power

You can start by using simple formulas. For instance, if you say something to get
someone to feel

a certain way, and you make the person feel that more after you're finished saying

Look at scenario 2: Use body language, and it gets even better.

• You send a positive signal using your body first.

• Ask a few simple questions to get them to reveal you crucial information that
you can use
later when you create your persuasion language.

• Run your powerful language pattern, and you've got 3 times as much power as you

just by using this.

But, want to see your persuasion take off at hyper-speed?

Let’s assume you use all the Apply Hypnosis skills, and then get all your efforts
to work again in

further days ahead without saying a word! Look at what you can do!

Read their body language.

Ask specific questions to get them to reveal to you powerful words you can use
later on with your

language pattern, created from the fly because you'll be this good.

Say your powerful language pattern to get them to comply.

And the use anchors to get them to feel, or act or do anything you want them to,
whether you're

around or not... Or anytime you want them to feel something you've created once,
will be as easy

as making a gesture, touching something to remind them how they should feel.

You've made persuasion a one time effort!

It’s incredible how you can make this happen! I started with a language pattern on
a woman and

multiplied the power of it by non-verbal communication and then into bigger and
more sneaky

ways to persuade and influence others using anchors. It’s the perfect way to get

Most successful people discover that discretion prohibits them from talking or
"bragging" about

how powerful their skills are, and how they do it. But I won't been shy about
revealing my

secrets... I've gotten really good with this stuff. This is how I do it: chain
linking one technique with

another, from one skill into another - all in a one shot effort - following a
simple fool proof

persuasion formula.

Brought to you by


Before all the shooting was over, I've cooked up an incredible method that ensures
a positive

response and failsafe result!!!

You can do it, too! Believe it!

P.S. What if you shoot for the stars and write your goal at getting everything you
want from others

and life than you'll ever be able to get and don’t make it? Wouldn’t it be an
outrageous event to

have to adjust to only getting most of that? Or ¼ that? Or 1/10 that? Could you
live getting more

from others and life than most people? Crazy, ¿no?


"What Power?"

You have no power over others.

Hundreds of thousands of honest Americans think they do but they don't. Especially
those in the

middle class. not even close... Imagine that!

If you feel more comfortable clinging to that little shred of security called a
leader, start becoming

one of them -- there’s no shame in that. In fact, I would never recommend anything
else. And

then, in a few weeks or months when you replace your 'outside authority" and
external guidance,

quit "following" altogether. And have at the very least, power over yourself.


There’s A Lot More To Life Than "Same Ole' Everyday"

Using Apply Hypnosis - especially when you use it in every social situation - you
have no

restrictions of fun and adventurism! You can use this anywhere - in any location
in the world, and

do this communication.

Equally as important, you’re not chained to the same ole' day after boring day.
When you want to
see what this will do - try it out, see what response you get from others, or play
around with it...

just do it!

You are completely free to use this! Most people don’t think about this... but
there’s a HUGE

difference between being "happily living" and happily-confined!

Even when you "do the same thing day after day" you are totally free, and happy.
...Any time. You

know what motivates others, so you can just start using this to get more from life
(using Apply

Hypnosis formula's will help you). You can seduce people you wouldn't dare before,
and it

works... ...or create a message that'll get you a standing ovation at your church!

With REAL Happiness, You Live An Entirely New Life!

Add a career of your choice to your life and you are Truly Happy! Get your
important messages

across to your own mind that you deserve more from life, and start getting it!
Music or the Arts,

Big Business, Politics, or even become a fishing guide. Use hypnosis on yourself
to create

success. Make a few simple changes.

These are all easily accessible mind tools, ready to comply with your every
command. All the rest

is gravy!

Brought to you by


Because you have so much self proclaimed power, all kinds of social opportunities
open up, even

free offers. That’s exactly what I'm doing... I just received a letter from a
corporation I used to

work for...

"I’m having the time of my life selling our products to people, it's now fun, and
easy, playing

unconsciously, We love it, thanks for your info - please accept our free
complimentary system to

say thanks again...."

That’s what "Apply Hypnosis" in Today’s Age can do for you!

Experience the true quality of socializing that only hypnosis can give you!

Choices. Lovers, successful negotiations, influence, extravagances, power, money,


and above all, happiness.

You project a clean, professional, respected, prestigious aura. Never "fail" with
others another

day in your life!

EXTRA BONUS: You have no wasted trial and error time. As an Apply Hypnosis
practitioner, you

enjoy the "instant persuasion creation," which, over the course of a year, gives

UNSTOPABLE power and quality over others and in your life! Can you believe it?!!


Your Status Doesn’t Matter

Your own personal status doesn’t matter! Guaranteed! No matter what your
appearance looks

like, or what you think of yourself now, you can quickly and easily get others to
accept your

unconscious messages, even face to face - and boost your influence by as much as

More than someone you consider to be more "physically attractive" than you. Easy
to beat them.


NO Getting Caught

This is one of the biggest errors people think of Apply Hypnosis.

There are no ways to get caught in your Apply Hypnosis endeavors! Nobody knows

doing this! (If you’ve ever suffered through a "Classic Argument" by saying the
wrong thing, you

know how important this is!)

You never have to wait and hope and beg for compliance! All techniques you're
using are

prepared with verified "transparent" tactics before you ever say anything wrong
and direct. You

don't create resentment in others.


Apply Hypnosis Techniques Are Easy

To Use And Easy To Learn

There’s no product alive that’s easier or faster to use for unconscious

communication in a

scientific sequence. We make it easy for you to learn these effective strategies.

And, get this, your new found powers will work on you! In fact, if you do it
right, the way we show

you, you can tell yourself what you want, and easily get it! No Sweat!

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Outrageous Emotions Get You Successful!

I'm going to share with you a real BIG secret right now. You know how I said you’d
have to try not

to make more success than the outrageous goal you create?... BIG TIME goals
routinely make

outrageous emotions to get you success! You can think more than what you want, and
get what

you originally wanted to begin with!

That’s An Outrageous Emotion! ... the success is only a pittance compared to its
large "BIG

THOUGHT" value. Compared with conventional standards, your success will soar
through the


Now I know, if you’re past puberty, you recognize these results as nothing short
of phenomenal!

That’s the beauty of creating specialized BIG THOUGHT goals. Thoughts like these
are the sure

road to success.

Even At The High Standards Big Thoughts Command, They Work!

Your Brain Wants Success!

It's The Starving Signals

We Keep Talking About,


Simply Success!

Some people think creating success is difficult. Actually, it’s a LOT easier.
Creating success is

just as easy as failing - your brain would rather have success, you have the
ability to create

success in you EASILY. This means that successful creation is actually easier to
do than fail!

People who want success, hey, it's easy to find! There are all kinds of relevant
ways that give you

instant access to the goals you want to reach. Target your goal correctly, and you
don’t suffer for

wasted energy.



Create Obscene Leverage On Someone Else’s Mind!

Commanding on demand is the perfect solution to always having plenty of power on

hand! You

don’t even have to waste your time on negotiating!

Most people sink their precious efforts into begging... non-producing. If you were
very weak it

could cost you lowered self-esteem to beg for compliance. (Incompetence)

But you can waltz up any time... getting the results you want anytime - with the
use of embedded

commands, because they'll ALREADY GO FOR and ACT ON WHAT YOU SAY!!! Simply run

them a few verbal sentences, so 5 minutes and 30 seconds later you’re getting what
you want!

Then you get MORE!

C'mon now, what other technique do you know where you can do all your convincing
with a few

sentences, not hours or minutes?

Brought to you by


Apply Hypnosis lets you run your entire persuasion efforts with nothing more than
a few

choice words!

That’s Commanding-on-demand.

Want one better?... It's even cooler when you're delivering your messages combined

gestures, because the process amplifies and multiplies! 100% pure influence!


The Newest "Persuasion-Maker" - Hypnosis

The Future Is Bright... And Unlimited! More people are creating more success and

every day!

The Genuine Opportunity To Live Your Dreams

Cooking up your unconscious communication,

Your Success is underway!

But what I want to share most with you is, it’s startling how easily you can
harness the reach and

sweep of the success results to draw in tons of profitable advantages over others!

When you open up your own "hypnotic channels" you’ve instantly got an advantage.
Imagine! A

simple method of persuading yourself. Your power actions come from every direction
you can

think of!


Apply Hypnosis in Today's Age can make you powerful, respected, and free. It
demands so

little, yet it gives you so much. It truly is the World’s Best Formula.

And it’s calling your name!...

...You’ve had a taste, and now you long for the power and independence that your

communication & hypnotic skills can bring!

"How To Unleash Your Own

Hypnotic Persuasion Potential!"

...more influence with your family, a powerful mind, a new formula, leverage over

situations, the authority, more lovers, happy living, the power, security for your

years, and the respect and prestige that come with success - self-respect above

You want to practice a few minutes a day, doing something you love, enjoying total

and power, don’t you?

So how do you unleash your own hypnotic persuasion potential?

First, you should recognize that fortune and your own efforts have already come to
your side.

You have now placed yourself in front of the greatest, most comprehensive, most

and proven courses that exists on "Unconscious Communication." Especially if

you’re interested in the way it’s done today, in the 21st Century, in Today's Age.

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You’re ready for The Apply Hypnosis eBooks, courses I designed specifically for
you! These

courses can take you, with what you’ve already learned in this book, and
immediately put you in

the driver’s seat of your own, and anyone else's mind.

You see, there’s only so much anyone can put into a single report intended for
mass distribution.

I'm sure you understand that I've got to save the really powerful insider secrets
for those loyal

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How to expertly craft brain buster "blank spots" that make your listener (or

stop dead in their tracks, then capture their mind, imagination and thoughts, and
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There is a word that is commonly used in almost everyone you meet, that if you

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How to trigger your prospect’s buying mode by using secret codes in your

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How to speak dynamic, paced, and with emotion that get your prospects' hearts

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sentence --

and eyes focused open when they do receive, and hear it.

What you should do if the "first hello" response you've gotten is not generating

much attention as you expected. This is the absolute best way to inject "like me

into those you meet for the first time. It's absolutely fool-proof!

How to create the all-important introduction of your language pattern so that your

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What is the most important objective in embedding commands? You gotta get your

commands delivered. This may sound obvious, but when you say your commands in a

certain style or use certain inflection, the conscious mind that uses
sophisticated filters

may identify your message as conscious, and block your command from getting

unconsciously. Learn how to talk properly so that this will never happen to you.

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what you're offering

What every new hypnotist must know. Most people wrongly assume that only "certain"

people can be hypnotized, you'll love how knowing the real truth gives you the


6 easy ways to increase your natural suggestibility power. Don't be fooled by


products just offering "scripts" - if you don't know how to say them hypnotically
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How to crank up the emotional volume of your language pattern to make your

submit unquestioningly to what you propose

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draw them to your spelled out action like a magnet

How to accurately read people's minds to know before hand what they're thinking --

and instantly change their frame of mind and how they're feeling

How to remotely instill fantasies, dreams ...and program ideas, feelings and

in your prospects mind -- no words necessary

Increase your business sales. Write or present hypnotic advertisements, and knock

the sox off your competitors. They're going to wonder how you're selling so much,
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Discover to use the "Magic Touch" to bring pack previous ideas, processes,

and feelings, and make your persuasion a one time effort

135 sneak phrases to get your prospects to go in trance and "buzz out" momentarily

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formula I'll be showing you -- you realize hypnotic communication it doesn't get

easier than this!

How To Deal With Defensive People. There are always people who are on the

defense, discover how to melt down all their barriers fast. It's easy when you
know how!

How to distort a persons brain that shifts and make what you're saying seem like

they've already done what you've described, and has, in fact, felt that way for
some time

already. Use this easy method for making people feel like they've known you
forever, or

like they've already bought what you want them to buy now.

How to use the most powerful force of nature in meeting people to magnetize them

and feel drawn to you -- instantly.

22 Step-By-step precise examples of how people think and how to take

advantage of you knowing this. It's an unfair advantage to know exactly how people

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How to get a person to reveal to you exactly what you need to know and exactly

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So you see, I condensed everything I've learned about covert hypnosis over the
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