Dear sri Tin Win Ji, For collecting and compiling various references on the said subject, you have taken time to kindly respond to my mail. thanks for the same. Foreign settlement is obtaining citizenship. Green card, I agree with you, is a permit to stay for a period of 10 years. The official name of Green card is Permanent Resident of USA card. During the tenure of Green card, the holder, after completion of 5years period can apply for citizenship. Therefore, I consider Both Green card and citizenship as permanent settlement. In the case of applicant for G.C., who is already in foreign land, cusp 3 (change of residence) is not applicable since he is already changed residence, cusp 9 is not applicable since no long journey is involved as he already made long journedy and cusp 12 is also not applicable since he is already away from his home town. I therefore feel cusps 3, 9 and 12 are not applicable in this case. More appropriately, I feel, sri Bhat's theory of cusps 1 (self effort), 6 (success) and 11 (fulfilment of desire) is applicable. The above is my logical conclusion only. The practical experiences of learned KP followers may be different. If so, my doubt is why such differences arise ? what such differences suggest to us ? How to conclude a common and unified rule for the question WHETHER I WILL GET G.C. ? Of course the WHEN is decided by the DBAS of the concerned house significators and transit. I want your own practical experiences, if any, and your own opinion and logical conclusion. No more references (already we have) of what others said on this topic. Thanks and Regards. Naidu KP

K. P. Naidu, Flat E-1, Prince Aptmts., Nowroji Road, Maharanipeta, VISAKHAPATNAM 530002. Phone Resi: 0891-2712591. --- On Thu, 1/11/12, TW <> wrote:

From: TW <> Subject: [k_p_system] Re: Foreign settlement - Part 1: Basic Foreign Going Rules To:

12th cusp in the fixed or movable sign c. 1 November. Combined rule with 12th CSL signification of house 9. 12th & 1st CSL signification of house 9.RULES.FOREIGN SETTLEMENT K.3. Getting it in foreign land I) Natal chart analysis II) Horary chart analysis .12 b. Foreign Going byPurpose.12 for foreign studies 2. a. Foreign Settlement Rules a. Separate rule by purpose 4.12. Getting Green Card (Permanent Residence/ PR) a. 9th CSL signification of 3. Jupiter in the house 9 d. Basic Foreign Going Rules a. 12th CSL Saturn e. 5th CSL signification of house 9.P. 12th Cuspal Sub Lord (CSL) signification of house 9. 2012. 10:04 AM Foreign Going Rules: Framework for Study 1.12 b. 4th house severly inflicted etc 3.(9) c.3. ---------------------------------------------------- Date: Thursday.3.12 b. Getting it in native land I) Natal chart analysis II) Horary chart analysis b.

11) K Hariharan: Krishnamurti Padhdhati p 52 12) N Santhanalingam: KP & Astrology 2002 p 39 . 2003. 6 p 1064 10) K Hariharan: How to Judge a Nativity p 38. For visit b. 301) is found valid by the followings: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) CR Bhatt: Nahshatra Chinyamani pp 96. p 58 KM Subramaniam: Sublord Speaks Part 3 page 133 KP Kuppu Practical Part p 155. p 208 K Subramaniam (Editor): Astrosecrets and KP Part III. 81 MP Shanmugam: Astrosecrets and KP Part I.P. 12th CSL signification of house 9 9 (long distance travel).FOREIGN SETTLEMENT K. Return to Mother Land 5. KP & Astrology Year Book 2009 p 58 K Subramaniam. 2002. ---------------------------------------------------- http://groups. 12 (life in an altogether new environment and separation from family) This KP rule (KP Reader III p p 321/ 1971 Edition. Basic Foreign Going Rules a. 144 CR Bhatt: Further Lighst of Nahshatra Chinyamani pp 15. 3 (change of residence). KP & Astrology 2008 p 1 K Subramaniam: KP & Astrology 2005 p 2 K Subramaniam: Astrology for Beginners Vol. For settlement Foreign Going Rules: Part 1 1. Reader VI pp 264.

The 9th CSL signification of 3.12 (copied from the KCIL horary book appendix table) for long journey appears as foreign going since there is no foreign going in the events relating 12th house.11 5.8 .com 2. free download @ www.astrosage. 9th CSL signification of house 3. KP & Astrology 2007 p 23 15) Katakam Ramasamy: KP & Astrology 2006 p 46 16) R Gopal: KP & Astrology 2005 p 21 17) TS Bisht: KP & Astrology 1997 p 25 Ref: Rules for Foreign Going. Events relating Twelfth House. Type of Query Repayment of Loan Recovery of Lost article Secret activities as profession Gain in Investment Loss in Investment Primary House Supporting Houses 12 12 12 12 12 5.6.FOREIGN SETTLEMENT K.6.kpastrologer.8 2.12 3. Bal Krishna Singh: KP & Astrology 2002 p 195 14) G Subramaniam. as shown below: House Grouping http://kpastrology.11 2.11 (10) 9. Type of Query Primary House Supporting Houses Long Journeys 9 3. b. Settlement and Return to Motherland". Events relating Ninth House.12 12.P. It's also found valid in 99 charts out of 100 foreign settlement charts. ---------------------------------------------------- 13) Dr.RULES. KPE-zine July 2009 issue.> wrote: > > Dear Learned KP astrologers. XII houses.FOREIGN SETTLEMENT K.11 (10) 4.12 for foreign studies 6. ---------------------------------------------------- Danger from involvement in secret activities 12 Imprisonment Receipt of secret documents Absconding Success in research Export Business 12 12 12 12 12 7. Even for the basic foreign going rule.P.12 http://www.11 2.Getting Green Card. "K. > Lagna and its sublord signification of IX alongwith III and XII is statistically . Any comment or discussion to learn KP only. Naidu" <konathalan@.pdf c. 7. there are different rules.8 4. III. one can go to foreign countries for higher studies. Getting Citizenship. TW --. Thanks and regards. 5th CSL signification of house 9. As per Sri Kanak Bosmia.9 .org/administrator/files/Predicting%20with%20KP %20Horary-20100324-193133. Foreign travel: 9th CSL signification of house 3. P.8 3. IX.11 3. They are 1.In k_p_system@yahoogroups.8 6. However foreign going seems by the 12th CSL signification of 3. if 5th CSL signifies 09 or 12 . (pp 426-427) 5. > > I find broadly there are THREE house combinations for Foreign settlement .. So the application of common rules for other categories of foreign going may be an illusion.astroandrewkp.RULES.

> This House grouping of I. Most of the queries relate to success or fulfilment of querent's desire . > I house ( efforts of the querent).18. 02. VI house ( success) and XI house ( fulfilment of desire) are mainly considered. 3836 dt 19. XII significators. XII and during the period of III. Naidu. Msg.Naidu KP > K. > Nowroji Road. having a house etc.2005 by sri TinWin. Houses I.2007 by sri Punit PandeyAll these msgs confirm the above house grouping.01.. IX. VI.04. XI houses and during the period of significators of V. main stress is given for VI and XI houses for success or fulfilment of desire.2006 by sri Yogesh Lajmi ji. > Phone Resi: 0891-2712591. > VISAKHAPATNAM 530002. > A clear cut rules are required to avoid confusion in applying the above three methods for Foreign settlement especially for obtaining Green card. No.04.2005 by sri TinWin. > 3. getting marriage. VI.02. Hence IX and XII houses may not be given much importance as I understand.02. N.FOREIGN SETTLEMENT K.11642 dt.. Green card is fixed period settlement in foreign land whereas citizenship is a permanent foreign settlement.No. IX. having a child. not only for getting Green Card. it will be more useful to the KP followers and to avoid confusion.3578 dt.2009 sri Padmakar Duvva said that if XII sublord is Saturn. Pandu's approach. KP E-Zine of June 2012 sri Kanak Bosmia says success of getting Green Card is assured if X sublord signifies V. IX.24.RULES. > 2.. > Thanks and Regards.: Foreign settlement (Tested Rule): XII sublord signifies III.P. Pages from 39 to 41 of KP & Astrology 2002 by sri MP Shanmugam. > .06. 07. > Msg No. Asc sublord connection with houses IX and XII though considered. getting a visa. Msg. P. and XI for success or achievement of querent's desire can be considered for every case. > Msg No. > Flat E-1.C while the applicant is already in USA. Location approach is not statistically supported. > Msg No.8617 dt.This is a case of obtaining G. Clear cut rules for each case if formed by the learned and experienced KP astrologer friends. > Msg. one stays abroad. having a vehicle.21528 dt. V. > KP House grouping Part I in KP-Ezine Oct 2007 by sri TinWin.getting a job.11634 dt. ---------------------------------------------------- significant for foreign settlement with support of more than two third of survey charts. Houses X. XI houses. Prince Aptmts.18. No. etc.2007 sri Yatendra Sharma said that XII housed signification is not required for those who are already in Foreign land and applying for GC. and XI combination is found only in sri C R Bhat's book on "Further Lights on Nakshtra Chinthamani" pages from 192 to 194. IX and XI combination. IX. > Maharanipeta.

RULES._._.FOREIGN SETTLEMENT K.P. ---------------------------------------------------- __.___ .

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