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Rule: To win in any competition, elections or court case the most quoted rule

Is to check 6th cusp sub lord.If it signifies strongly 6 or 10 or 11 then the person will win.If it
signifies 5 or 4 or 12 strongly then opponent will win.In the same manner one should check the
11th cuspal sub lords signification.
Application: Take a horary number from client for applying K.P (number between 1-249) and
check the 6th, 10th and 11th cusps sublords significating houses.
One more Rule to be followed : 10th cusp sub lord should signify: 9,10,11,1,6
01 = success
06 = defeat of opponents
09 = general fortune
10 = Kingdom, honor & popularity
11 = ambition achieved.
Also check Sub lords of 1st, 5th, 6th & 11th whether they signify 1,6,10,11 houses for success
in politics or winning election.Most important above all are the Dasa, Bhukti, Anataras (DBAs)
seen from the accurate horoscope of the native.If they also signify political power and if their
starlords and sublords signify 1,6,9,10,11 houses, then native will win the elections.
Take a Horary number yourself or ask some to give, within 249, and prepare a Horary chart for
the latitude and longitude, and also note down the Ruling planets for the time immediately after
finishing the Horary chart. Make a Table of significators and keep it ready for your
reference.The subject is when will the event take place of once arrival. Whether one will arrive
earlier or later or whether one not at all comes. This is indicated by the cusp sub lord and by
the Ruling Planets, which one should remember.If the cusp sub lord and the ruling planets
simultaneously signify the houses, which we taken for consideration, the matter will be
imminent, If any of the significators is not favourable, the matter in question will be delayed or
may also fail to fructify.The 7th house indicates the person in question mostly. If the 7th cusp
sublords star lord signifies any one of the 3rd or 5th or 9th along with 7th or The 11th houses,
one will arrive earlier. If that star signifies 7th 5th and 11th, one will come latter. But it should
signify the 3rd and the 9th without fail.If the 7th cusp sub lords star lord signifies the houses
4th, 8th, 10th, or 12th, the expected person changes his mind and stay back. He will not
come.Why we have to consider the houses 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and the 11th. The reason is that
the 3rd house indicates travel and short travel. The 9th house indicates the long travel. The 5th
house denotes the other persons desire to move. The 11th house shows our desire fulfillment by
receiving the needed person. The 7th house indicates opponent or the person expected by us.
We or I is indicated by the lagna of the horary chart.Therefore, we can confirm the arrival of a
person, by taking the sub lords star lord of the 7th cusp, and any of the strong R.P. signifies the
houses 3rd or 5th or 9th and 11th, the matter in query is imminent.If any planet in the
significators list is in retrogression and if its starlord is in direct motion, the matter will come
through if a significator is in retrograde and if its star lord is also in retrogression, the matter
will not materialize.One should call the R.P. and take the day lord in the R.P. and findout

whether the day lord is in direct or in retrograde motion, to confirm the event matter to take
place early or later. Next the student in K.P., should take the following days of which is a
strong significator as per the HORARY chart significator, in relevance to the query. By this
process we can confirm the arrival day of the person most correctly.
Sublord of 11th Cusp placement and results
Matters signified by the sublord of 11th cusp
1. Reunion with spouse: For marriage we consider the houses 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses. If
the 11th cusp sub lord signifies 2nd and 7th bhavas, the reunion fructifies during the conjoined
period of the significators of 2nd, 7th, and 11th houses
2. Recovery of the lost property: If the sub lord of the 11th cusp if Signifies 2nd, 6th, and the
11th, recovery of the lost property fructifies in their conjoined periods.
3. Returning of the missing person: If the sub lord of the11th cusp signifies 2nd, 4th, 6th and
11th; the missing person shall return home in the conjoined period of the significators of 2nd,
8th, and 11th houses.
4. Can I tap water ? If the sub lord of the 11th cusp is deposited in the star of a planet in a
watery sign, one will tap water. If it is in a barren sign one cannot tap water.
5. Fulfillment of ones desire: If the 11th cusp sub lord signifies 1st, 2nd, and 11th, one has
success in his attempts and fulfills his ambition.
6. To do research: If the 11th cusp sub lord is in the 12th bhava or connected to the 12th, and
also connected to the 9th and 11th, it shows his success to do research. The placement of the
11th sub lord in the 12th indicates that one does research in overseas.
7. To do PHD: If the sub lord of the 11th cusp is in the constellation of the significator of the
4th and 9th or he himself signifies the 9th and in some way connected to Jupiter, he gets PHD.
If the 11th sub lord is in a Moveable (chara) rasi, he will become a PHD holder in a very easy
8. Winning over elections: The sub lord of the 11th cusp should signify the houses 1st, 6th,
10th and 11th. When there is no planets posited in the 11th house and not connected to with the
nodes in that sign, the sub lord of that cusp becomes a strong significator, even if he is not a
direct significator through his stellar lord. If that sub lord signifies 5th, 8th, and 12th, failure is
the result. For number of seat in an election, consider the Pars Fortuna position and the 7th
Fortuna point. For more details about Pars Fortuna look in the separate document KP-RAHU
9. FOR THE PROSPERITY OF AN INSTITUTION: If the 11th cusp sub lord signifies 6th
and 11th, there is prosperity. If it signifies the 2nd also, there will be good income to the
10. If the 11th cusp sub lord signifying any of the improving houses, he will have friends who
will be helpful.

11. INTERVIEW: -The 11th cusp sub lord should be in direct motion at the time of interview
and becomes a significator to 3rd and 9th his interview is successes full.
12. Child returning from the school: This has to work out on the sub number given by the
mother of the child from the school. In the mothers chart if the 11th cusp sub lord signifies the
5th (CHILD) and the 11th (fulfillment), the child will return when the transiting lagna degree
touches the 5th and 11th significators star and sub in a sign. This rule should not be applied for
a missing son or a person.
13. For theft & recovery: -If the sub lord of the 11th cusp signifies 2nd 6th and 11th house the
lost property will be recovered if the significators of 2nd 6th and 11th of a horary chart agrees
with the Ruling Planets called at the moment of judgment.
14. How about the nature of marital life? It is to be assessed through the 11th cusp sub lords
signification only. Even if the 7th cusp sub lord indicates beneficial results, the 11th cusp sub
lord should not signify the 12th houses to the marital houses.
15. To get a ticket in the elections: - The 11th sub lord should be significator to the 3rd house,
which indicates agreements and permission to go ahead with the elections.
16. INITIATION OF MANTHRA OR MUSIC: -Since both Manthra and Music are divine
subjects, the 11th cusp sub lord should signify the 5th, which indicates manthra and music. It
should signify the 10th for regular practice and also for professional matters, and the 11th for
fulfillment of ones desire and achievement.
17. If the sub lord of the 11th cusp is a significator of houses 2, 5, 7, or 11, there can be perfect
and harmony in married life, provided if the 11th cusp lord is not a significator to the 6th
and/or 12th houses.
18. If the 11th cusp sub lord is a significator to 6th and 12th there is cure or recovery from
illness. If the same sub lord is a significator to the 5th and 11th also there can be cure from the
Related Articles:
Kidnap chances in Horoscope
Kidnap, deserting a place, evacuation or becoming refugee are determined by significators of
1,3,9,12 houses in a persons horoscope.Significators of a house can be determined by
checking positions of planets related to a house.If a planet A is placed in 1st house owned by
planet B , then other planets placed anywhere but on constellations owned planet A are the
significators of 1st house.Kidnap prospect in horoscope
Then planets placed anywhere but on constellations owned planet B are also the significators
of 1st house.Next significators are planets A and B themselves.If these significators of 1,3,9,12
houses are connected to sublords of those houses, the person will be kidnapped or is forced to
leave his present place of residence.This happens when vimsottari dasas and bhuktis related to
those significators prevail.If those significators are in anyway connected to 11th house
significators, he will return to his native place during that dasa/bhukti operated by 11th house
significator.If significators of 3,6,7,9 are connected to their sublords and their dasa/bhuktis

operate, the persons partner or wife will be kidnapped or will desert him/her.He/she will return
only when dasas related to significators of his 2,5,7,11 operate.If significators and sublords of
1,4,5,7 are connected to their sublords and when their dasas operate, the then concern persons
child will be kidnapped or they will run away from parents house.
When dasas related to significators of 3rd house operate, kids will be found or will return
Will love materialise into marriage ? based on 5th and 7th houses
Many people will get attracted to opposite sex or fall in love and many of them wish to marry
their love . But will it materialise for all ?The simplest way to know is by krishnamurthi
paddathi (K.P), in which Significators and sublords decide if a particular issue will materialise
or not.For love marriages, one of the 5th house significator should be the sublord of 7th house.
Cast the horoscope of the native in question and see who is the sublord of 7th cusp.Now see
who all are significators of 5th house.Each house can have 4 types of significators Primary
significators will be those planets who are placed in the constellations owned by the occupants
of 5th house secondary significators will be those planets which occupy the 5th house 3rd order
significators will be those planets who are placed on the constellations owned by 5th lord 4th
order significator will be the owner of 5th house itself.Now total significators can be of any
number. One of them must be sublord of 7th cusp.If that happens to be primary significator,
then love will definitely materialise into marriage at some point of time.If its 4th order
significator, the chances are weak.If a planet is repeated in all orders of significators, and it is
sublord of 7th cusp then this planet has the maximum authority to give love-marriage either
during its bhukti or during a bhukti of any other planet placed in any constellation owned by it.
Also note 6th, 1st and 10th house significators as they deny marriage and 4th house significator
implies seperation from lover.6th house significator should not be sublord of 7th house. Else it
will cause seperation/divorce and legal issues in marriage.

How to confirm if a person can get married to a certain person ?

Take Horoscopes of both persons A and B.Ruling planets in As chart must match sublords of
2nd, 7th and 11th cusps in Bs chart.Similarly Ruling planets in Bs chart must match sublords
of 2nd, 7th and 11th cusps in As chart.Ruling Planets : are owner of lagna(ascendant), owner
of moon sign, owner of constellation in which moon is placed, owner of the weekday, sublord
of the 1st cusp.If atleast 2 ruling planets match with 2 out of 3 sublords of 2nd, 7th, 11th cusps
and is vimsottari dasas are favourable for both then we can conclude that both will get married.
If ruling planets match to sublords of only 1st, 5th and 11th cusps but not to 2nd and 7th, then
love will end without marriage.if no 2nd house sublord is connect to any ruling planets, but 7th
sublord is connected, then both will have physical relation but no marriage.This subject of
ruling planets and sublords can be applied to all relations including parents, kids, siblings etc.

Sublord of 7th cusp, its relation with other significators and Results
1. MARRIAGE: -If the sub lord of the 7th cusp signifies the 2nd- 7th-and 11th and connected
(signification) with inflicted VENUS, ones marriage is promised and the same fructifies during
the conjoining period of 2nd 7th and 11th house significators.
2. Marriage is stopped: If the 7th cusp sub lord is the significator to 1st 6th or 10th or 12th
ones marriage will not take place with the party in question. For this the position of Venus in
the chart it to discussed.
3. Life partner or business partner: If the 7th cusp sub lord is in the star of a planet that
signifies 6th and 12th the partnership will break. If it signifies the 11th you can have partner in
business. If it signifies 5th and 11th there will be permanent tie with the partner and if it
signifies 5th 8th and 12th, your partner will be benefited and you stand to loose much.
4. Powerful opponent or partner: If the 7th cusp sub lord is himself a significator to 7th, 8th,
12th, and 5th, the opponent is very powerful in all walks of life and you will bend your head
before him or her.
5. If the 7th cusp sub lord signifies 2-7-11th houses and the person with such Ruling Planets
such as the significators to 2-7-11 one will marry a rich boy or a rich girl for a happy married
life. If it signifies 1st 6th 10th, one may not come under marital fold.
6. WILL MARRIAGE TAKE PLACE BETWEEN A & B? For such a query go for a horary
chart. Ask them to give number between 1 and 249. If Moon is posited at the time query in any
of the houses 3rd or 5th or 7th or 10th or 11th from the Horary lagna for the number given, and
if Moon receives beneficial aspect such as 5th or 9th from JUPITER with beneficial
significations in the chart, marriage will certainly take place between A & B. If Saturn involve
in the above, there will be some delay and no denial.
7. If the 7th cusp in a chart is Venus or Jupiter and if they signify 2nd and 11th, he has very
happy married life. If the 7th cusp sub is Sun, no pleasure; gives irritation. If Moon, it very
pleasant. If it is Mars creates silly quarrel and displeasure. If Mercury one enjoys many times.
If Jupiter very pleasant. If Venus comes as 7th cusp sub lord gives extreme pleasure during
intercourse. If it is Saturn one feels dissatisfaction with his wife during intercourse. If Rahu or
Ketu comes it has to give the results according to the sign lord they occupy in terms of the
natives chart
8. For happy marital life: If the 7th cusp sub lord is either Venus or Jupiter and if they
signifies the 2nd and 11th, very happy marital life is promised. If the 7th cusp sub lord is
Saturn, the husband will be an aged person, that is the age difference will be too much. If it is
Jupiter or Venus or Sun, there will be proper age difference. If Moon or Mercury or Mars, the
age difference may be very little, or equal or some times be ayounger one to bride. If Rahu or
Ketu happens to be 7th sub lord they may be read according to sign occupied by them.
9. Where from the bride or groom comes: If the 7th cusp sub lord is in the star of a planet
signifying 4th and 10th the partner will be the one living in the same house, or same street. If it
signifies the 3rd house the partner may be cousin or a neighbor. If it signifies the Lagna, it
indicates the same village or the town. If signifies the 11th it may be from a friends family.
If it signifies the 2nd and 9th, it will be a love marriage or a foreigner.

10. DUAL MARRIAGE: If the 7th cusp sub lord is Mercury or any planet occupying a dual
sign, or any planet in the star of Mercury and occupying a dual sign being the sub lord of the
7th cusp sub lord, with 2nd & 11th house sgnifications
11. The 7th cusp denotes an astrologer. If one wants to find out your future and consult an
astrologer, if your 7th cusp sub lord is fast moving planet like Moon, Mercury, or Venus, the
astrologer will predict immediately. If they are slow moving planets, there will be delay in
analysis of the problem.
12. THIEF: the 7th house indicates the thief. If the sub lord of the 7th is Mercury he is a
young person. If Venus, youthful and a female. If Mars indicates full of age. Jupiter tells
middle-aged person. Sun shows young person and if it is Saturn, it says an elderly person. The
sex of the thief is to be determined through the sex of the planet that figured as the sub lord of
the 7th cusp.
13. If the 7th cusp in a chart is Venus or Jupiter and if they signify 2nd and 11th, he has very
happy married life. If the 7th cusp sub is Sun, no pleasure; gives irritation. If Moon, it very
pleasant. If it is Mars creates silly quarrel and displeasure. If Mercury one enjoys many times.
If Jupiter very pleasant. If Venus comes as 7th cusp sub lord gives extreme pleasure during
intercourse. If it is Saturn one feels dissatisfaction with his wife during intercourse. If Rahu or
Ketu comes it has to give the results according to the sign lord they occupy in terms of the
natives chart
14. For happy marital life: If the 7th cusp sub lord is either Venus or Jupiter and if they
signifies the 2nd and 11th, very happy marital life is promised. If the 7th cusp sub lord is
Saturn, the husband will be an aged person, that is the age difference will be too much. If it is
Jupiter or Venus or Sun, there will be proper age difference. If Moon or Mercury or Mars, the
age difference may be very little, or equal or some times be a younger one to bride. If Rahu or
Ketu happens to be 7th sub lord they may be read according to sign occupied by them.
15. Where from the bride or groom comes: If the 7th cusp sub lord is in the star of a planet
signifying 4th and 10th the partner will be the one living in the same house, or same street. If it
signifies the 3rd house the partner may be cousin or a neighbor. If it signifies the Lagna, it
indicates the same village or the town. If signifies the 11th it may be from a friends family. If
it signifies the 2nd and 9th, it will be a love marriage or a foreigner.
16. DUAL MARRIAGE: If the 7th cusp sub lord is Mercury or any planet occupying a dual
sign, or any planet in the star of Mercury and occupying a dual sign being the sub lord of the
7th cusp sub lord, with 2nd & 11th house significations
17. The 7th cusp denotes an astrologers predction. If one wants to find out your future and
consult an astrologer, if your 7th cusp sub lord is fast moving planet like Moon, Mercury, or
Venus, the astrologer will predict immediately. If they are slow moving planets, there will be
delay in analysis of the problem.
18. PARTNER IN BUSINESS: The 7th cusp shows it. If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is
Mercury, it shows more than one partner. If signifies the 11th, there will be strong tie of
partnership and if connected to VENUS through sub division, there will be the cordial
19. CAN I DO BUSINESS? For doing business consider the houses 1st 2nd 7th 10th and the
11th. These houses must be strong and free from evil aspects. To be clear in this matter the

occupants in 7th should be connected with 2nd10th and 11th houses for ever-growing business.
If they are connected to 4th 8th and 5th, there will be loss. The 3rd house is also to be
considered because it indicates courage, determination, and mind to face any loss or dversities.
Main house is the 10th cusp (M.C.) and the sub lord of that house indicates ones profession
according to K.P. (A separate document is written about professional matters which
Marriage Muhurat Rules
Muhurtham for MarriageAuspicious date and time for Marriage are calculated using traditional
vedic astrology rules .Generally, marriages are avoided when beneficial planets like Jupiter and
Venus are combust by sun.Few people avoid marriages when Sun transits sagittarius and pisces
(nirayana method).Marriage is also avoided in certain lunar months.After eliminating all those
dates, pick a day when moon transits in these constellations (nakshatras) : Rohini, Mrigasira,
Makha, Uttara, Hastha, Swathi, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadra, Revathi.These
days are considered as best.hen moon transits Aswini, Chitra, Sravanam, Dhanista, it is
considered as moderate day for marriage.Rest should be avoided.
Also in a lunar month, pick only 2,3,5,7,10,11,12,13,15 days.
The day after newmoonday(amavasya) is also considered as good.
These week days should be picked : Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are best.Sunday
and Saturday are moderate days.Tuesday should be avoided.Leaving adhika maasa(extra month
added once every 3 years), soonya maasa(sun in pisces, gemini, virgo, sagittarius) and combust
days of jupiter and venus, pick a date which satisfies above conditions of lunar day, weekday
and moons transit in those nakshatras.On that particular date, pick a lagna(ascendant or rising
sign) so that 7th house is vacant.(only moon closer to fullmoon day is exempted in few cases).
Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces are best lagnas for marriage.upiter
or Venus should be in lagna or aspecting it(the best possible time).All evil planets like Rahu,
Ketu, Saturn, Sun, Mars should be avoided placement or aspect on 7th house.
Mars should not be placed in 8th house of muhurtham and Venus should not be in 6th
house.Also, two siblings from same family should not get married on same date.Consult your
personal astrologer to make sure that you dont have bad transits or bad dasas running while
marriage or starting within short time after marriage, because they might lead to seperations
and divorce.
Marriage Line position and direction
marriage line in palmistryThe marriage line is usually cutting the percussion horizontally on
the side of the hand between the line of heart and the base of the fourth finger pentrating
slightly into the mount of mercury .A person may have one line, multiple lines or even no lines
of marriage.Length of marriage line :
Longer line : Long relationship. Sloping towards the Heart line : Sudden death of the
partnerGradual slope towards Heart line : Spouse will die after lingering illness. Curving
upwards : Person could remain single throughout his lifetime or marry only at oldage.The
proximity to the heart line indicates the age of marriage, nearer to the heart line, the earlier the
marriage. Nearest the midpoint between the base of the fourth finger and the heart line : Late

marriage.Marriage Line Color, Width and Depth :Deep colour : Better the relationship.
However the line shoudnt be too deep or too wide as it indicates a strain in the relationship
and a dwindling of affection.
Moderately deep furrow : Indicates just a legal union or
arranged by families
Marriage Line Malformation:
Broken : Seperation, death or divorce,Broken but overlaying fragments : Seperation followed
by reunion. Sometimes a second marriage between the two is indicated, or a love affair which
takes long time to end up in a matrimonial relation after many seperations.Too many lines
crossing the palm all over : A wife leading her husband or viceversa for evil purposes
How horoscopes are matched
Family provides a significant meaning to an individuals life. It gives a sense of belonging, a
purpose for living, and also an identity for one?s presence. Marriage is one such event that
initiates a person into the journey of living selflessly for the wife, kids, in laws, grandchildren
and so on.Marriage is considered to be the most important event in one?s life, and it is a
principal part of most of the civilisations across the globe. It can be said that it is THE concept
of marriage that demarcates human beings from animals.All tend to work directly/indirectly for
the benefit of the family. First for the parents, and then for the wife and children, and the cycle
goes on? It is incidentally seen that most of the cases that are pending in any civil court is
issues concerning marriages.A wrong marriage can make life hell, in fact worse than the real
hell. It is not that the people who are problematic, but it is the MATCH that was problematic!
Misunderstanding, ego-clash, adultery, violence, childlessness? these are some of the issues
that breaks a marriage.Ancient munis/saints had chalked out astrological rules 5000 years back,
and all of them work with 99 per cent precision. In this article we discuss few aspects on which
a MARRIAGE MAKING is carried out!Points on which a marriage making is done :
Varna pontana:It indicates the ego development between partners. It carries 1 point out of 36
Vashya pontana:It indicates the mutual attraction and affection between the couple. It carries 2
points out of 36 points
Tara pontana:It indicates the health and well being of the couple. It carries 3 points out of 36
Yoni pontana:It indicates the biological satisfaction between the couple. It carries 4 points out
of 36 points.
Graha maitri pontana:It indicates outlook and objective levels between the couple. It carries 5
points out of 36 points.
Gana pontana:It indicates the temperamental behavior between the couple. It carries 6 points
out of 36 points
Bhukti pontana:It indicates family welfare . It carries 7 points out of 36 points
Naadi pontana:It indicates internal metabolism between couple. It carries 8 points out of 36
points.But these are not sufficient to indicate a smooth marital life.Many astrologers make the
mistake of matching just the stars, and ignore the other aspects of horoscopes. This leads to

errors, where people find problems in marriages even after the horoscopes were tallied. These
kinds of incidents invariably make the people to lose belief in this wonderful and mysterious
science.It has been noticed a lot of time that in spite of spending enough money, time and effort
on horoscope matching the couple end up having an unsuccessful married life. To what can this
be attributed? The karma of individuals, astrologers? inadequate knowledge, superficial
analysis of charts or is it Astrology itself?Very few astrologers take enough effort to analyse
charts from a closer perspective. Just matching stars and rashi doesn?t guarantee a happy
married life; there are other aspects that have to be considered which most astrologers ignore!
Here we have given few aspects on which a proper marriage matching is done. If these factors
are analysed perfectly, then there is no way that a marriage will be unsuccessful. It can be
precisely said that Astrologers may fail, but Astrology never fails!
Kuja Dosha CheckIf the Mars is situated in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th from ascendant it
is considered Kuja dosha (Manglik). However, there are various exceptions to these rules. It is
applied in down south in female horoscope. If a female is Manglik it is better to match her
horoscope with a boy having Kuja dosha .Kuja is a planet of violence, and if it is in the 2nd
house, it will lead to arguments, in the 4th house will lead to unpleasant feelings and will be
problematic for in laws and mother, in the 7th house will give marital problems & violence, in
the 8th house will lead to death and sexual problems (mostly of the spouse), and in the 12th
house will lead to losses of different kinds.
Rasi Chart Check
The rasi charts of both the people are taken, and analysed in terms of 7th house lord and lagna
lord for a happy married life. This is one of the most important parameters, which helps in
clearing doubts about marriages. Though the Nakshatra does not match if these parameters are
strong then chart can be matched.
Navamsa Analysis:Navamsa analysis is done to get a clear-cut picture about the whole
marriage scenario. Maharishi Parashar says that this is the specific chart for marriage. If this
chart is not strong then surely marriages will lead to break ups and misunderstanding. Our
astrologer Gopalakrishnan has witnessed living examples of marriage getting broke due to
weak Navamsa
Astavaraga of the boy and girlThis is another technique to clear out confusions and come to
accurate conclusion in match making. Astavaraga is mathematical way of analysing the houses.
Asta means eight. This technique is used with eight planets. There are many styles to of
calculate Astavaraga. The best is given Maharishi Parasahra.Saptamsa AnalysisThis is a
divisional chart that focuses on children. This is used to predict whether a couple will have
Dasasmsa Analysis:This is a divisional chart used to predict about work. Mainly the boy?s
chart is analysed for success and stability in work. Indu lagna, the parameter for individual?s
money, can also be used to know about financial stability.
Darakarka Analysis:Darakarka, is used in Jamini style astrology to judge the happiness in
marriage. Upapada lagna is also used to judge the success of married life.
Vimshottari Dasa:This is a famous dasa used by almost 95% of astrologers in India. This dasa
is employed to check the compatibility between the couple. This is also called as the king of
dasa, which gives an idea about the rise and fall of a person in his life.

Kala Chakra Dasa:This is considered to be the emperor of dasas. The great Rishi Parashara
prays lord Shiva and starts this particular dasa. It is so correct and accurate that there is no slip
in this analysis. Astrologers rarely use this. It gives a clear picture about a person life in a snap
shot manner.All said and done, a persons life partner is already decided as per his/her pastlife
karma and their features, nature, timing of marriage, matrimonial life, children etc can all be
determined through Krishnamurti Paddhati.
Marriage, married life, children and divorce
MARRIAGE: The 7th cusp sub lord indicates ones marriage. If he is a significator to 2nd and
11th houses, ones marriage is promised. If the same 7th cusp sub lord is a significator to 1st or
6th or 10th his marriage is denied in most cases. If the sub lord of 7th cusp is a significator to
the 11th house and sits in the 6th bhava, one should not think that the native is getting married.
When the 7th house is not prominent in ones chart with beneficial aspect by Jupiter or Moon,
indicating legal bondage, ones marriage without legal sanction by the parents occurs, due to the
higher sanction of the houses 2nd and 11th of both bride and groom. When Venus is exalted in
the 12th to a Mesha lagna native, and conjoined with the lord of the sign, he will lead a happy
wedded life, if the other formalities as per K P. are favourable. A planet, which ever it is, if
became debilitated and occupied the 12th, especially Venus, and not conjoined the lord of the
sign; his marital bliss is zero for him or her.Marriage or a living together relation or romantic
relation will happen to a person only if one of the sublords of 2nd, 7th, 11th cusps are one of
the significators of same houses.If sublord is connected to only 7 and 11 houses then it will be
friendship which will get physical too but no legal marriage as 2nd house (family) connection
is missing.If 2,7,11 sublords are connected to only 1,6,10 significators, then person will remain
single forever.
Love Marriage : If sublord of 7th house is significator of 5th house and above condition of
marriage is satisfied then one will marry the person they love, else not.
Relation with Spouse : Check sublord of 11th its position with respect to 7th house.
This shows the feeling your spouse will have on you (as 11th is their mind).If that sublord
occupies 12th, 6th houses in your chart, your spouse will develop hatred towards you and will
be mentally seperated. If it occupies 2nd house in your chart, they will always be suspiscious
and insulting in their words and acts.
DIVORCE: Marital divorce is indicated, if the sub lord of the 7th cusp is significator to 1st
&6thor 6th and 10th with an afflicted Venus in the chart.Venus gets neechathva (debility)
when she occupies Kanya rasi. Her debility will be cancelled if the lord of Kanya rasi occupies
the sign of Venus and gives Neechbhanga Rajayoga
PREGNENCY: If the sub lord of the 5th cusp signifies 2nd or 5th or the 11th in connection
with fruitful or semi-fruitful signs, one becomes pregnant.If the same is connected to the barren
signs viz., Mesham, Mithunam, Simham, and Kanya, the lady cannot get pregnant.If the sub
lord of the XI cusp is in the star of a planet which is Mercury or other planet which has
occupied a dual sign such as Gemini or Sagittarius,Or Pisces, one will deliver more than one
child. At times the lady will deliver twins in attempt.

ADOPTION: If the 4th cusp sub lord is deposited in a dual sign, and if the sub lord himself is
Mercury, and if he signifies the 8th house, which indicates legacy, that particular child can go
in adoption. More over one should judge the chart of the adopting person.
CAREER WIFE: If the sub lord of the 4th cusp signifies 4th or 8th or 12th houses or any of the
above houses, one will get a girl who is an earning woman. Divorce comes because, the wife or
husband, whose sub lord of the 7th cusp is a significator to III-VI-XI, and one gets success in
their divorce appeal.
CO-BORN: To know whether a child will a have co-born, the significator of the 3rd house and
connected with the 2nd house and also becomes the significator to the 11th house, one is
promised to have younger brother or sisters. If the 3rd cusp lord is connected with Kethu or
Rahu, the child in the womb of the mother will die before or after the birth. If Mars is
connected with 3rd house, he will destroy the younger ones.If the significators of 2nd 7th 11th
house who indicate marital matters, if they are also significators to the 3rd house there will be
the agreement and if it is also a significator to the 9th house, the consent and agreement by the
parents of the opposite sex in question.
OVERSEAS AFTER WEDDING: If the sub lord of the cusp signifies the 9th or 12th and to
the 3rd house and connected to the 7th house which refers to ones wife or husband, then the
wife or husband will go foreign after marriage. For leaving your permanent residential place,
you should have the 3rd house significators period in operation.The word connection in any
manner is to be understood in K.P. is that a relevant planet should have occupied the sign or
star or the sub of a particular planet denoting the wife or the husband as the case may be in
question.n general if one leaves the present residence, it is understood as separation.Therefore
confinement or imprisonment are also comes under separation.If Rahu is at 12th bhava or if he
is the sub lord of the 12 cusp, and become the significator to 3rd or 8th or to the 12th the native
may be imprisoned. If Rahu has occupied the star of retrograde planet at birth, he will not face
such confinement etc.
Remedies for malefic planets in horoscope
Navagraha, 9 planets in vedic astrology and remedies When one or more planets in a horoscope
becomes debilitated, combust, conjunct rahu/ketu or malefic, or owns/occupies 6,8,12 houses it
gives negative results.To reduce their negative impact , we need to follow these remedies :
Sun : If sun is weak or malefic, person will always have excess saliva in his mouth.Frequent
numbness in limbs or some physical disorder is possible.He/she will feel insecure about their
position and respect in society and try to praise themselves.Colorblindness(red or grey color) is
possible.Eye sight will be reduced.Will socialise less due to inferiority feelings.
Remedies for Sun : Before starting any new work or before leaving home, drink a glass of
water mixed with sugar.Avoid meat and stick to vegetarian meal.Feed black cow and monkey
whenever possible.If you cook, then put off the stove flame using milk.Pet a dog at home and
take blessing of your mother everyday.Do not accept any gift for free of cost from anyone,
except from parents.Donate dark red or ruby colored clothes.
Moon : Mental illness, lack of interest in any activity, pessimism, pets will die(if more
malefic), doubts or suspicion over lover or spouse, indifferences with mother, frequent quarrels
between lovers, will take help of alchohol whenever depressed.Some of you will spend life in

desert or draught effected areas.If badly afflicted, will cause unusual sexual thoughts like
habitual masturbation, lack of control over mind, addiction to pornography, wet dreams etc.
Will live more in dream world than in reality and ultimately lose golden oppurtunities.
Remedies for Moon : Never argue with your mother or do anything against her wish.Feed
birds and never cage them at home.Never do diary business and buy sweets for young
If you are having frequent nightmares, keep a glass filled with milk on a table besides your
head before sleeping and next morning pour it on roots of any huge tree(preferably holy fig
tree).Alternate method is to keep a crystal below your pillow while sleeping and switch off
television, mobile phone and computer atleast one hour before sleep.Offer white color flowers
at graveyards.Feed milk to pets regularly.Always try to meditate for few minutes everyday and
never spend time alone.Never donate to any educational insitution or never give free education
to anyone, nor buy gift books to anyone.Do not own any religious place on your name.
Mars : If mars is malefic or weak, frequent knee pains are possible.Anemia(blood deficiency),
dark circles below eyes, eye sight or frequent headaches possible.Reproduction capacity will
be reduced and progeny will be delayed.Women may have irregular menstruation and frequent
abortions.Will take debts but cannot clear them for long time and will have to live secret life.
If you lend money, it wont be recovered in time.Fear of police and dreams of being chased
will be common.
Remedies for Mars :
Donate sweets to temple nearby.Grow a neem tree in your backyard.Feed cows when
possible.Always carry a red color handkerchief or napkin.Try to live in joint or big family.Stay
away from physically handicapped people.Try to visit holy places freququently.Try to buy an
elephants tusk and store it in your bedroom.Do not take anything for free of cost from
anyone(including family members, especially siblings).Always buy gifts for female siblings on
their anniversaries or festivals.Donate blood occassionally but also take dry fruits regularly to
produce new blood.Gayatri Mantra recitation will help.Donate any useful tool to a farmer or
donate to police fund or military funds.Gift any pottery item or something made of copper to
Mercury : Ability to smell will be reduced.Sexual strength will also be reduced.Teeth related
problems will trouble frequently.Nervous system will be weak and some skin allergies
possible.Transexual or abnormal thoughts in sexual activities will increase.Few will become
pornograhy writers and will write with secret names.
Remedies for Mercury : Clean your teeth and tongue atleast twice a day.Wash new clothes
before wearing them for first time.Donate milk and rice to any temple.Grow pet dogs at home.
Become a strict vegetarian and quit alchohol.Try to feed crows everyday before you eat.Drink
water through silver glass everyday.Feed wet green grams to birds.
Jupiter : Jupiter will cause break in education. Will lose gold and money.Will make you wear
cheap quality jewellery.Will be blamed for mistakes you have never committed.Hair on scalp
will fall frequently.Marriage will be delayed or will remain childless for many years after
marriage.Diabetes and obesity will cause problems for few.Lack of faith in religion will make
them rebels in the society.

Remedies for Jupiter :

Always wear yellow color cap or turban.Keep your nose clean always and especially starting
any new work.Apply turmeric or sandalwood paste on forehead.Donate bananas or sweets to
old persons and orphans.Try to wear more gold jewellery.Help your siblings and cousins
whenever possible.Never bath or swim in open air , rivers or in oceans.Stay away from nonvegetarian food and alchohol.Take blessings of your parents before starting any new work and
donate turmeric to any temple, 8 days in a row.If you have jupiter troubling you in 11th house,
use your fathers items like pens, vehicles.If you are constantly cheated by astrologers, spiritual
or religious gurus, then stop consulting them and start meditating by yourself.
Venus : If venus is weak or malefic, thumb finger will become weak or it prone to
injuries.Skin diseases are possible.Low sperm count in men and reproductory system will be
weak in women.Love affairs will fail to materialise and will be insulted by opposite
sex.Differences with your female kids.Lack of vigour and excess sleep during day.Diabetes is
possible for few.If badly afflicted or retrograde will cause lack of faith in religion.Will be
interested in pornography more than real sexual activity and cause
pain to their partners.Unsual trends in sexual activities will be followed secretly.
Remedies for Venus : Always wear clothes that are washed. Never wear clothes worn from
last night.Never accept free gifts.Always keep a silver piece(square shaped) in your wallet.Buy
weets for widows and old people.Feed black color cow when possible.Donate cow ghee to any
Temple and also use it at home.Take blessings of your mother regularly.Be loyal to your spouse
or lover.
Saturn : If saturn is weak or malefic, Fire accidents or electric short circuits at home or at
workplace.Cattle will die if you are in dairy business.Hair from eye brows and eye lashes will
fall frequently.Your house will look much older than its actual age.Insects, bugs, ants, spiders
will reside in your house and spoil it.Hair on scalp will fall faster.Sudden illness and weight
loss possible.Will lack vigour and strength.Will become more pessimistic and also cause
indifferences and insults with maids.
Remedies for Saturn : Clean your teeth with neem based or any ayurvedic toothpaste.
Feed monkeys when possible and never kill snakes or any reptiles.Donate footwear to
homeless people.Do not drink milk during nights.Try to avoid buffallo milk and stick to cow
milk.Buy small silver balls and keep them in your pocket or handbag always.Become strict
vegetarian and quit alchohol.Always avoid litigations, court cases and matters where you are
forced to lie.Wear more dark green color clothes.Stay away from flirting with opposite sex and
adultery.Help blind people.If you cook, put off stove flame with milk during nights only.Stuff a
flute made of bamboo with sugar or jaggery and bury it in a secluded
place during nights.If you are facing a long time court case or some litigation and if saturn dasa
is operating or saturn is transiting in your moon sign, then fill a pot made of clay with honey
and cover its lid and bury it under flowing water.Do not cut down trees.
Rahu : If Rahu is malefic, Pet dog will die. Finger Nails will become weak.Will have frequent
quarrels with neighbours, co-workers or lovers.Will lose peace of mind and have sleepless
nights.Will have more rats in kitchen and store room.Fear of snake or frequent appearance of
reptiles in dreams are possible.Will feel cheated or abused by lovers.Love-less life will divert
you towards alchoholism or escapism from job.

Remedies for Rahu : Always wear a cap or turban(preferably dark blue color).Try to live in
joint family with parents.Feed birds.Gift anything made of copper to lover.If Rahu is causing
trouble in marital life, keep 5 radish besides pillow of your spouse before sleeping and next
morning throw them in any river or flowing water.Always drink water from silver glass.Store
water in south-west corner inside your house.Add jaggery and wheat in any copper vessel and
throw it in river to avoid any litigations caused by Rahu.Wear more dark blue color shirts.Add
a cup of milk to a bucket of water and wash your head and body for 43 days without break to
get relief from rahu.
Ketu : If ketu is malefic, children will cause problems.Foot nails will break or become
weak.Arthritis, knee pains, kidney stones, infections in kidney and urinary problems possible.
Prayers will not be answered and lack of faith in religion or spirituality possible.Frequent viral
infections are possible for few.
Remedies for Ketu : Donate sweet food to orphans. If male kid is causing trouble, dip your
right thumb in warm milk and suck it for few times in a day.Never wear red color clothes or
red coral based ornaments.Throw yellow colored lemons in river,Always keep a silver pot
filled with honey in your kitchen.Keep a silver ball in your pocket or handbag and carry it to
work.Donate black and white checkered texture blanket to homeless people.If you are facing
viral infections, weak kidney and knee pains, dip a heated golden string in hot milk for few
minutes and then drink that milk when it is luke warm.
Monthly and Daily planners based on Birth Star.
Monthly and daily predictions in vedic astrology are usually given based on your Moon
Sign(Rashi) which is wider with 9 divisions of 3 constellations(nakshatra) but is narrower than
Sun signs which span a whole month.monthly and daily plannerTo narrow these predictions
further one can find monthly and daily predcitions for their own birth star (janma nakshatra,
where moon is placed).To know a lunar months predictions for your own birthstar, checkout
on which constellation (nakshatra) was moon on when it crosses newmoonday(amavasya) and
enters next day (Sukla pratipada or Sukla padyami).Calculate number of star for that day from
your birthstar.Example :- If moon is on Poorvashada star on sukla padyami or next day of new
moon and your birth star is bharani, then count from bharani to poorvashada.It will be 19.Now
formula will be (count of birthstar to padyami star) X 7 / 9 so it will be 19 X 7 / 9 Take only
reminder here.In this example it is 7.If reminder is :
1 SUN will rule this month Results will be frequent headache, fever, body pains, strain and
stress, useless travelling, tensions through higher officials, hurdles at work, difference of
opinions with close associates.
2 MERCURY will rule this month Meetings with learned persons, good time for writing
and creative thinking.Interest in mathematics, astrology will increase.Investments in business,
more monetary gains and increase in friends circle. Short distance travels will be beneficial.
3 RAHU will rule this month Frequent distubances of sleep, bad dreams, association with
corrupt people, black marketing, secret dealings, fear of reptiles, troubles in litigations

4 JUPITER will rule this month Financial gains, healthy mind and body, busy schedule,
good relations with elders, meetings with learned persons, gaining knowledge, religious
5 KETU will rule this month Association with low profile persons, dissappointements and
hurdles at work, legal and financial issues pending, spiritual progress, nightmares, religious
inclinations, lack of itality and interest in daily life.
6 MOON will rule this month Good relations with opposite sex, financial gains, start of
new business ventures, sound sleep, celebrations with close associates, ental peace and
recovery of lost money.
7 SATURN will rule this month Fatigue, stress, stain, lack of vitality, frequent loss of
appetite, hurdles at work, distubed relations, ill-health, monetary loss, weakness in nervous
8 VENUS will rule this month New found love and relations, profits and extra income at
work, purchase or acquiring new clothes, cosmetics, jewelley, perfumes etc.Interest in poetry,
drama, cinema, theatre, literature and asquisition of new vehicles and comforts
9 or 0 MARS will rule this month Bad relations with siblings, seeing accidents, injuries and
scars on body, getting into legal, civil and criminal issues, dealing with police, discomfort
during driving vehicles, frequent anger and headaches.
Similarly Daily predictions can be known by counting the present days star
(moon on which constellation) from your birthstar and divide that number by 9.Example :- If
today, moon is on bharani constellation and if your birth star is Jyesta, then count from jyesta
to bharani is 12.So, 12/9 and reminder is 3.In your case, if reminder is :1 SATURN will rule the day
2 JUPITER will rule the day
3 MARS will rule the day
4 SUN will rule the day
5 RAHU will rule the day
6 VENUS will rule the day
7 MERCURY will rule the day
8 MOON will rule the day
9 KETU will rule the day
out of above reminders of 2,4,6,8,9 are favorable days and others are not.So, in order to plan
daily schedule, check both monthly and daily ruling planets for your birth star and see if both
are favourable or not.Even if both are not favourable, they can give good results if both are
friendly planets.For friends and enemies of planets, check this link
For example, 9 (mars) and 7(ketu) are friendly planets.So if month is ruled by one and day is
ruled by same or other, then it will give favourable results at the end of day even though it
creates hurdles initially.So plan your day based on these combinations and try to achieve better

Planetary aspects on constellations and effects:
Planets and constellations.Similar to aspects on signs from their relative position, planets can
aspect constellations too and their results are useful in analysing the results of
transit.Check out in which constellations(stars) are planets transiting now.Sun and Moon aspect
14,15 constellations from their current position.(example : if moon is in hastha, it will aspect
uttarabhadrapada and revati)
Saturn aspects 3,15,19 constellations from its placement.
Jupiter aspects 10,15,19 constellations from its placement.
Mars aspects 3,7,8,15 constellations from its placement.
Mercury and Saturn aspect 1,15 constellations from their placement.
Weak Moon(10 days before and after newmoon day) causes bad effects with its aspect.
Strong Moon(5 days before and after fullmoon day) will cause good effects with its aspect on
14,15 constellations from its placement.
Suns aspect causes ill-health and financial loss.
Mercurys aspect is profitable.
Jupiters aspect is good for spiritual and materialistic progress.
Mars aspect gives negative results.
Saturns aspect causes troubles, obstacles, accidents, near death situations,
finacial loss and bad health.
Combinational aspects of two planets and results :
Sun and Mars aspect causes threat, ill-health and losses.
Sun and Mercury aspect causes hurdles, insults and escapism.
Sun and Jupiter aspect causes success and comforts.
Sun and Venus aspect causes bad health and near death situations.
Sun and Saturn aspect causes threats, bad health and near death situations.
Sun and Moon aspect causes profits and success.
Moon and Venus aspect causes success and victory over enemies.
Moon and Saturn aspect causes bad health and near death situations.
Jupiter and Mercury aspect causes big success.
Mercury and Venus aspect causes victory in all undertakings.
Mercury and Saturn aspect causes disappointments and hurdles.
Jupiter and Saturn aspect causes disappointments and hurdles.
Jupiter and Venus aspect drives you to profitable situations.

Jupiter and Saturn aspect will cause disappointments and hurdles.

Saturn and Venus aspect will cause situations which are threatening for life.
Refer to these above effects only after considering your present vimsottari dasas and planetary
strengths in Ashtakavarga for transits.If dasa is good, then ill-effects will be minimised.
If dasa is bad, then good aspects on strong moon, mercury and jupiter will give some
Venus becomes more beneficial planet than Jupiter
venus dominates Jupiter Jupiter is considered as most benefic planet in traditional astrology
since ages. Jupiter controls knowledge, wisdom, finance, family, wealth etc and is placed in
auspicious houses while planning any main events like marriage etc in life.But during recent
past years, jupiters strength is getting reduced and Venus is gaining more power.These results
can be observed as women dominating men, womens reservation bill, women getting more
education, people getting more habituated to comfortable lifestyle, more liqour consumption
among men and women, drugs, new model cars etc.Jupiters attributes like knowledge, wisdom
, preaching and teaching are considered outdated issues and luxuries, money are given more
importance.Venus also control chemicals, jewellery, astrology and people will use them more
than ancient literature and religious traditions which are controlled by Jupiter.Venus also
controls sexual life, love affairs, marriage issues which are treated as most important by todays
generation. On the other hand, jupiters transition in favourable signs like trines (1,5,9), 7th,
11th from moon sign and lagna are not proving to be really beneficial for many people.
Even people born with exalted and own sign Jupiter are not leading comfortable lives.Most of
them are suffering from obesity, diabetes and blood pressure.So from now on watchout for
position of Venus if you checkout any horoscope or plan any important even like marriage,
buying or building a new house.
Sublord, Significators of 10th cusp and the matters involved in the 10th bhava.
1. Consider the houses 2nd 6th 10th and 11th bhava significators and the sub lord of the 10th
cusp for employment. For promotion take the sub lord of the 6th and the 10th cusp sub and
analyse their significations.
2. If the 10th cusp sub lord signifies the 3rd house, which is 12th to your permanent residing
house, and the 5th which shows changes, and the 10th which is 4th to the opponent that is
indicated by the person who is waiting to by a house. S the 10th sub lord has to signify the
houses 3rd, 5th, and 10th houses for disposal of your house
houses7th 8th and 12th significators. It depends upon the 10th cusp sub lords connection
to 7th 8th and 12th.
4. Business or service? If the 10th cusp sub lord signifies the 7th house, one becomes a
businessman. If the same is a significator to the 6th house, one will be service person with
regard to his profession.

5. For reinstatement in service. If the 10th sub lord signifies 2nd, 6th, and 10th, he will be
reinstated in service after suspension etc. If the same 10th sub lord is signifying the houses 1st,
5th .9th and 12th, he will never be reinstated in the same post at least.
6. How to find dual profession for a native? For one to earn money by self exertion, the sub
lord of the 10th should be significator to the 2nd (the house of self acquisition) and the 6th
(indicates service matters) and the 10th which indicates ones profession If the 10th cusp sub is
a significator to the 7th house and 2nd he or she becomes a trader or business person. For dual
type of earnings, the 5th cusp sub lord when connected to the 6th and 7th house and the 2nd &
10th houses, one does service for certain period during the dhasa and bhukthi of the 6th house.
When the dhasa changes and if the dhasa lord is a significator to 7th and 2nd & 10th one starts
a business for his earnings. One must see the XI house occupants and the sub lord of the XI
cusp sub lords significations, for fruitions.
7. Politics: - To become a politician, the 10th sub lord should signify 1st, 6th, 9th, 10th and the
11th houses. The 10th house indicates a higher chair in the Government. The 9th shows an
element of achievement (Sadhana). The planets Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Saturn, and Rahu
should have connections to the 10th house. The 1st house indicates success to the native. The
6th denotes defeat to the opponents. The 9th denotes the general prosperity and Sadhana. The
10th signifies honour and popularity. The 11th house signification says desire fulfillment.
8. If the 10th cusp sub lord is Saturn and becomes the significator to the 11th. One will
earn money by illegal ways and mostly be having thieving habits.
9. If the sub lord of the 10th is a total significator to the 7th, and not a significator to any other
houses, he will be a man of public activities without any material return or happiness.
10. The 10th house is generally known as ones Karmasthana. When the Karmasthanadhipathi
operates his dhasa and connected his father or mothers bhadhaka and maraka houses or 12th
house (Moksha sthana), he tends to kill his parents.
.P ( Krishnamurthi Paddathi )Horary is a formula based on the ruling planet.
A number between 1 and 249 is selected by the querist along with his/her specific question.
The query is the tallied with the relevant houses connected with the subject.A lady was in
family way and her delivery was expected in the two or three days, when her mother-in-law
approached to know the sex of the child and position of delivery. The mother-in-law gave
Horary No. 50 (between 1 to 249)
on 9-10-98 at 12-42 noon.
According to Horary No. 50, the ascendant falls in Geminc sign. Since the query pertains to her
sons wife the matter was analysed by talking the 11th house as ascendant (5th house her son
and 11th house is his wife).
First we should confirm the query whether the Moon tallies with the relevant houses connected
with the subject. Moon reveals the mind of a person. In this case, the Moon is situated in 2nd
house and is owner of 5th (besides the 4th house). The Moon as per degrees is in own star and

sub. 5th house stands for progeny and that of delivery Moon is being aspected by Ketu by evil
(considering western aspects theory) who is a signification of 5th and 8th houses i.e. 5th
progeny and 8th worries. Hence Moon confirms the query. Such type of confirmation of a
query assures the astrologer that the querist has given the Horary number with full and sincere
urge in respect of his her problem.
The ruling planets in operation at that time were as :
What are the ruling planets? A particular moment is ruled by a group of planets at a certain
latitude. They are :
1. Lord of the week day. 2. Lord of the Moon sign..3. Lord of the Moon constellations.4. Lord
of Lagna rising at the time of query or analysis or birth time.5. Lord of the constellation, where
the degree is formed.6. Nodes (Rahu & Ketu) in the signs of the ruling planets.
Prefer a short cut formula based on ruling planets, which is as follows :
Find out that each of the ruling planet is in which sub; then that sub-lord is in which
constellation, that star lord whether posited in male sign or in female sign. If more planets out
of the ruling planet indicates male child then male child will be born will come otherwise a
female child.
Let us examine it in the present case :Jupiter is in the sub of Ketu and Ketu is in the star of Mars posited in Leo sign, which indicates
male child.Venus as ascendant star lord, Venus is in Sun of Saturn and Saturn is in the star of
Ketu posited in Aquarius sign, which indicates male child.
Venus as Moon sign lord, as discussed above.
Venus as day lord, as discussed above.
Moon is in the star and sub of Moon itself situated in Taurus sign indicating female sex.
Therefore, four ruling planets indicate male sex, while only one indicates female sex.
Accordingly the querist was told that male child will be was that whether the
delivery is safe and when the delivery is expected.
With regards to safe delivery, the sub lord of 5th house is to be analysed.
5th sub lord is Saturn in Ist house and there is no planet in its three star on the day of analysis.
Saturn is lord of 10, 11 as well as 12th houses.
Saturn is in Sub of Rahu, which signifies 5 and 11. Rahu is posited in 5th and he is in the star
of Ketu in 11. Here 12th house indicates some complication and worries during delivery. 12th
also indicates hospitalisation. The 5th sub lord Saturn signifies 1 and II houses starwise and 5
and 11 subwises. It was predicted the delivery will be safe and the problem will be solved
automatically and immediately.
The query was put on Friday and the delivery was expected in 2 or 3 days, as mentioned above.
The next-day happens to be Saturday. After that it is Sunday. Neither Saturn nor Sun has
appeared as ruling planet, while Venus has appeared thric among the ruling planets. Therefore,
it was predicted that the delivery will take place on Friday, before mid night. (12.00 a.m.)The

lady was admitted in Hospital in the afternoon of 9th Oct98. and she delivered a male child
safely on the same day at 17-45.
Mercury and suicide tendency
In vedic astrology, moon controls thoughts in our mind and mercury controls
our judgement.
When this mercury(budha) is afflicted by other planets, it gives us wrong
judgement and in few cases it provokes towards commiting suicide.
Saturn controls and decides our longevity and if it is connected to 8th
house, it very long lifespan.
When saturn is weak, it either kills the person in early age or gives
constant health issues.
Sun is the only planet which doesnt provoke suicide or any depressive
thought leading towards suicide.
Sun represents self-esteen, ego and superior nature and when it is strong, a
person never lets himself fall into depression, even though moon might try to
force him.
Even if sun is weak a person lack the willingness to fight with situations
and will compromise with his living conditions and in such cases, mercury
takes control and provokes suicide tendency.
Saturn decides if that person will actually die or not.

Mercury conjunction/affliction with other planets and mode of death in

suicide cases:
Mercury with Rahu : Consuming poison, pesticides, injecting poisonous
fluids, jumping off high buildings, suicide bombing etc.
Mercury with Moon : Drowning in wells, ponds, rivers, ocean etc
Mercury with Ketu : Attempting suidice in holy places (believing that
dying there will attain salvation), consuming chemicals like potassium
cyanide, consuming excess dose of sleeping pills or drinking liquid mercury.
This also causes schizophrenia.
Mercury with Saturn : Sleeping on railway track, rash driving and
creating accidents, attempting suicides on roads, self stabbing, hanging with
Mercury with Mars : Suicide by slitting wrist or throat, setting
themselves on fire, self shooting with gun, giving self electric shocks.
Mercury with Venus : Attempting painless suicides like consuming drugs or
poison before sleep, self accidents etc.
Mercury with Jupiter : Suicide by practicing yogic methods like
pranayama, completely controlling respiration, attempting jeeva samadhi or by
performing own cremation

If no planet is afflicing mercury and still if sun and moon are weak, mercury
provokes depression and suicidal thoughts but will not give courage to
actually attempt suicide.
In Krishnamurti Paddathi, if the sub lord of the 8th cusp is deposited in the
star of a planet signifying Maraka or Bhadhaka houses and also the 8th house
and well connected to Mars, one is prone to suicidal death, due to the
inability to return the borrowed money, or limitless trading. If the lord of
the 8th cusp sub is Mars and if he is lord of or connected to Lagna and the
8th house and be a significator to 8th very much, indicates unnatural death
during the period of a planet who is the Bhadhakathipathi Note that the
Ayushkaraka planet Saturn should not be a significator to the 8th house
When saturn is also weak and during bad dasa related to 2,7,8,12 houses, such
person will attempt suicide.
If Rahu is powerful and yogakarak in chart, this suicide attempt will fail.
If a person is identified with such horoscope, proper counselling and
performing Mrityunjaya homam, rudra homam and chanting/listening vishnu

sahasranamam will reduce the ill effects of saturn and mercury.

In future, many will commit suicides because of growing pressure in their
lifestyles and also for silly reasons.
Placement of 8th cusp sublord in K.P Horoscope and its results
1. If the sub lord of the 8th cusp signifies 5th 6th, 8th and 12th, the
native will be borrowing from A to Z, If the same sub lord becomes the
significator to 2nd, 10th, and 11th the native gets adequate income and
repays the loan.
2. If the 8th cusp sub lord signifies 6th and 11th, one receives cheques and
lender looses.
3. Suicide: -If the sub lord of the 8th cusp is deposited in the star of a
planet signifying Maraka or Bhadhaka houses and also the 8th house and well
connected to Mars, one is prone to suicidal death, due to the inability to
return the borrowed money, or limitless trading. If the lord of the 8th cusp
sub is Mars and if he is lord of or connected to Lagna and the 8th house and
be a significator to 8th very much, indicates unnatural death during the
period of a planet who is the Bhadhakathipathi Note that the Ayushkaraka

planet Saturn should not be a significator to the 8th house also.

4. Nature of death: Sub lord of the 8th cusp and its connections to other
houses through its star lord and the elements connected to both planets to be
considered. The 4 elements Fire, Earth, Air. And water counted from Mesham is
to be remembered. If the 8th cusp lord is in an Airy sign and if its star
lord is in a watery sign, the native is prone to drown while traveling by a
flight. The 8th cusp indicates danger and fatality.
5. About accident: Accidents can happen only when the 8th cusp sub lord is
deposited in the constellation of a planet signifying 8th house, and it
happens in the conjoined period of the significators to the 1st and 8th
house. It will be fatal death, only if the 8th sub lord is posited in the
star of a Bhadhaka or Maraka sthana significator.
6. The 8th house also denotes surgery. For one to undergo operation in his
body, the 8th cusp sub lord should be connected to the 6th house by
occupation or by signification, or the 12th house that indicates
hospitalization. The same sub lord of the8th cusp should be linked with Mars.

Mars is a planet that indicates usage of knives for surgery. Operations take
place in the conjoined period of the significators of 6th, 8th, and 12th
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Recipe Madanasura Lehyam
Necessary items :
1. Bottle Gourd . cut and dried pieces 1400gm
2. sugar 1400gm
3. Cow Ghee 200gm
4. Honey 200gm
5. Badam / 66gm
6. Dates 66gm
method :
Powder the bottle gourd pieces.
Boil enough water and add sugar in it.
When it starts becoming a thick liquid, add above powder.
Make powder of dates(without seeds) and badam also and add to this sugar
When it starts thickening, add cow ghee (buffallo ghee can be used as
alternate) and mix the contents.
Switch off the flame and then add honey also and mix it well.
Store this thick paste in a glass bottle
Usage :

Daily use 10-20 gm twice after meals.

Children can use 5-10gm depending on digestion capacity and body types.
Advantages :
1. Mothers will have more milk for infants
2. strength and muscle development
3. increases sperm production and count
4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases like syphilis and Gonorrhea will also be
5. Removes excess heat from body and cools it
6. New blood will be produced and heart will be strengthened
Based on the Chinese Gender Chart, the gender of a baby is determined by only
two factors, which are the mothers age of conception and the month of
conception, see the chart below.
Chinese Gender Chart / Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Month of Conception

Mothers Age 1st












































The numbers down the left side of the above chart represents the mothers age
at the time she conceived. The months across the top of the chart represent
the month when the mother conceived. By following across and down to where
the month and age intersect, the mother will find either a blue box for boy
or a pink box for girl. For example, if a 24-year-old woman conceived on
January, her baby would be a boy and if a 28-year-old woman conceived on
June, her baby would be a girl.
This has proved to be more than 90% correct in all cases applied so far.
Banyan Fruit improves vitality among men and women
Banyan Fruit
Indian Banyan or Ficus benghalensis, is the National tree of India and it

bears its fruits mostly in summer and around.

Usually, we lose our energy levels due to excess heat in summer and banyan
fruits can help us regain the lost energy and vitality.
Method to make Banyan fruit powder :
Collect Banyan fruits when they red in color.
Wash them and cut each fruit into 4 pieces and let them dry under sun
Fry ajwain seeds(jeera) for 2 minutes and powder them
Make powder of Banyan fruits
Add candy sugar powder and fried ajwain seeds powder to banyan fruits
powder and store this mixture in a glass jar or bottle.
How to consume : Kids, teenagers, youngsters, middle aged persons and old
people can consume half spoon or one spoon of this powder daily(based on
their age and digestion capacity) and supplement with a glass of warm milk.
Advantages of banyan fruit powder : Regular consumption of this powder will
help kids grow taller and stronger.
Thin people will gain muscle.
Skin color will improve.
Intelligence and memory power will also improve.
Teenagers and youngsters who lost energy by excess masturbation or over
indulgence in sexual activities, alchohol, drugs, tobacco etc can regain
their lost energy through this powder.

It will also control premature ejaculation in sex and improves sperm count
among men.
Regular usage for 1 year will make anyone fit and strong for their entire
Women who suffer from menstrual irregularities, womb disorders, frequent
abortions etc will get rid of all their problems within one year of continuos
consumption of this powder.
It also lifts up breasts and make them look attractive and also removes
wrinkles on skin to make you look younger.
Older people will regain lost vitality and have more energy.
It is important to stay away from all sexual activities while consuming this
powder, so that one can retain its strength till the body is completely
Alternate method : If you cannot find banyan tree near your place and make
this powder, then try this alternate method.
Buy Salabmisri (Orchis Mascula) powder and consumer 10 gms per day (5 gms
each in morning and evening on empty stomach with warm milk).
Regular consumption of Salab Misri will help you gain lot of muscles and

Caution : Before trying this medicine for the first time, clean up your
stomach and intestines by consuming castor oil mixed with honey, warm water
and ginger juice early in the morning.

A client providing a number that was outside this range was told that
the venture would not be a success!

General Steps in the KP Horary

1. Take a Horary Number.
1.1. Take a horary number from 1-249 with the querents strong urge to know thecorrect
1.2. The `Time chart analysis may not be the KP Horary, which depends on the querents
chosen number referring to a particular sign, star and sub as the Ascendant.
1.3. If no urge means no horary, then the `Time chart without the querents urge may not be
horary.2. Check the Moon for Genuineness of the Question.
2.1. Check the Moon whether it signifies the main or any of the subsidiary house(s) in
question. For example, for foreign going the main house is 12 and the subsidiary houses are 3
and 9. In the `Time chart without the querents urge and the KP horary chart withnumber
fixing the cusps of the zodiac, for the genuineness of the querents question, how the Moon
position, depending on the time of judgment of the astrologer, would be the precondition to get
the correct answer?
2.2. Is there any KP reference for 9 to be the main house for foreign going as taken by some
astrologers and the two interlinks theories
.3. Check the Main House CSL for Promise of Desire.
3.1. Check whether the CSL of the main house signify the main or any of the subsidiary
house(s) in question.
3.2. In the question Will I go to Dubai office for Job as I am not interested in going to
Cairo?, the main question is Will I go to Dubai? for foreign goingto take 12 as the main
house as per KP, and the purpose of journey is for job.Point to ponder:
3.3. The promise of journey may not be linked with the purpose of the journey, i.e. 12th CSL
should be linked to 3,9 or 12, but 6,10 for job is optional.
4. Examine 11th CSL for Desire Fulfillment.
4.1. Examine whether the 11th CSL signifies the main or any of the subsidiary house(s) in
question and 11 to find out about the fulfillment of desire.
4.2. In this case of foreign going, it is to examine whether the 11th CSL signify 3,9 or 12,
11.Points to ponder:

4.3. The 11th CSLs signification of 11 alone may not be sufficient for fulfillment of all kinds
of the querists desires, like foreign going, marriage, promotion etc. because 11th has no power
to operate independently.
4.4. It may be therefore more reasonable, if the 11th CSL signifies any relevanthouse to
question, here 3,9,12 and also 11.
5. Cross check Ascendant CSL for Success of Querents Attempt
.5.1. Examine whether the 1st CSL signifies any relevant house to question and 11to find out
about success of the querents attempt.Points to ponder:
5.2. It may be better if the 1st CSL signifies not only 11 as found by some astrologers but also
any relevant house to question, here 3,9,12.6. Check the DB lords with the Ruling Planets
6.1. Check whether the current running DB lords are the significators of the matter in question
and then they are common with the Ruling Planets at the time ofjudgment.Point to ponder: