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Sources for the Creators of Smart Products with Engineering Advantages ★ ★

ITmedia Inc., a leading online information provider in Japan, produces a premium portal site for engineers “MONOist” and two global media brands “EE Times Japan” and ”EDN Japan” on electronics. EE Times Japan provides the latest information on leading-edge technologies and the industry trends while EDN Japan focuses on how-to’s in designing and developing electronic products.
MONOist covers technical topics on engineering management, mechanical design and embedded development in detail. In addition, MONOist with EE Times Japan and EDN Japan is expanding industry specific channels from automotive to other key areas such as medical, healthcare and industrial equipments .

The Information

Expanding coverage and audiences in the evolving engineering world

Online media used by 1,000,000 Japanese engineers every month MONOist
PV:1,707,765 UB:570,043

EE Times Japan
PV:862,346 UB:293,961

EDN Japan
PV:383,759 UB:138,752

Registered subscribers: 77,087 (aggregated)
Data : December 2012 Page Views and Unique Browsers are analyzed by SiteCatalyst

For the Expert Designers and Developers of Advanced Products
“MONOist” helps engineers to solve problems in the daily design and development work. It publishes in-depth technical reports covering basics and applications, with visual charts, on the hottest topics. The audiences can get the latest and technically-analyzed content including product news and design guides. Embedded Development
Supporting embedded development experts in building knowledge and improving skills of software and hardware.
[対象とする技術・製品分野] --・ 組み込みOS、ミドルウェア、アプリケーション Embedded OS, middleware, application --・ 組み込みマイコン、FPGA Microcontroller, FPGA --・ 組み込みボード、開発ツール Board, development tool

Mechanical Design
Helping mechanical design engineers to solve problems with using practical design techniques and IT tools such as 3D CAD.
[対象とする技術・製品分野] ・ CAD、CAM、工作機械 -- CAD ・ CAE(樹脂流動・プレス解析、流体解析、機 -- CAM 構解析、構造解析) -- CAE

Jisso Technology
Featuring electronics circuit design, manufacturing technology, equipments, and materials.
-- Jisso Technlogy -- Circuit Design / CAE / Simulation -- IC Packaging Technology -- Printed Wiring Board

Engineering Management
Technical forum for managers in the manufacturing industries to learn strategic methods of production management.

電気自動車とスマートグリッドを中心に、急 Featuring automotive design and 速に進展するIT/エレクトロニクス/エネル production covering electronics, ギーを融合した新しい技術や製品の動向 mechanical design and production を詳しく解説する management.
[対象とする技術・製品分野] -- Automotive electronics ・ 電気自動車、充電・給電 -- CAD, PLM ・ スマートグリッド、スマートメーター -- EV, PHEV ・ エネルギー管理システム

Email Magazine
新着記事情報をまとめたメールマガジン、 Publishing email magazines compiled 好評の連載記事をまとめた電子ブックレッ from the latest articles jointly with EE トなど、モノづくりにかかわるエンジニアの Times Japan and EDN Japan, only for 皆さんに役立つ情報をお届け registered subscribers.
[登録読者向けの情報サービス] -- Consolidated edition ・ モノづくり総合版メールマガジン -- Electronics/embedded ・ メカ設計/生産管理メールマガジン -- Mechanical design ・ 電子機器設計/組み込み開発メールマガジン -- Engineering management ・ 環境技術メールマガジン -- Automotive ・ エンジニア電子ブックレット

[対象とする技術・製品分野] ・ 製品ライフサイクル管理(PLM) -- Product lifecycle management ・ 製品情報管理、部品表管理、図面・文書管理 -- Inventory control, supply chain, ERP ・ 在庫管理、SCM、ERP -- Factory energy management

For the Creators of Technologies with Electronic Engineering
“EE Times Japan” supports engineers and managers in charge of design projects of electronic products. It reports the latest trends around the world on semiconductor, electronic component, display, networking, software, design/test tool and green energy. The content includes product tear-down’ s, top interviews and global news. provides the hottest information every day. Online services including webinars and technical documents are available so that engineers can learn about new products and technologies anytime.
■ Technology Analysis In-depth analytical reports by EE Times Japan technical editors in addition to translated articles from EE Times US edition and contributed articles by industry experts. ■ News Analysis Major technological trends in the global electronics industry specifically analyzed by EE Times editors. ■ Latest News Hot news by EE Times Japan and the global EE Times editorial network published daily.

EE Times x EDN Japan Digital Magazine
EE Times x EDN Japan Digital Magazine is published every other month and delivered to subscribers by email with executive summary . Subscribers can read , store and print from personal computers.
■Cover Story Featuring the latest topic and market trend on key technologies ■Design Feature How-to’s in designing with advanced products and tools ■New Technology Report on cutting-edge research and development projects ■Tear Down Detailed analysis of the inside of the latest equipments

Focusing on Basics and Applications of Electronic Design
“EDN Japan” features in-depth reports by the global editorial team with technical background and contributed articles from engineers designing the latest electronics products. From analog and noise solution to digital and software, the content covers information for Japanese engineers to refer in the daily design activities. offers product news on semiconductors, electronic components and design/analysis tools daily. Featured articles on design how-to’s from the EDN US edition and by the local editorial teams are published weekly.
■News Center Focusing on key product categories including Semiconductors, Electronic Components, Test & Measurement Tools and Design Software. ■New Articles Featuring cover stories and columns from the EDN US edition with easy-to-read Japanese translation. Contributed articles from Japanese engineers are inserted periodically. ■Design Center Categorizing all of the content on for browsing by key technology and product areas. The categories include core technologies such as Analog and Logic in addition to endproducts by Consumer, Automotive and Industrial.

EE Times x EDN Japan “Power & Energy”
EE Times Japan and EDN Japan jointly produce “Power & Energy” channel focusing on electronic component and communication technologies for controlling electric power and information. The content covers how to apply the latest technologies and products in designing power-efficient equipments.
-- Power semiconductor, Low-power microcontroller -- Digitally controlled power supply -- Energy harvesting, Solar battery -- Power line communication, Smart meter

EE Times x EDN Japan “Wireless”
“Wireless” channel extensively covers the latest wireless communication technologies for various applications from mobile to industrial equipments.
-- Wireless design, Wireless charging, Next-generation Wi-Fi

Registered subscribers leading the Japanese manufacturing industries
Inf ormation Technology 4%

※As of Jun. 2012
Other 10%

Manuf acturing 86%

Industrial/Office Equipm ent:28.68% Electronic Components/Devices/Circuits :26.26% Electronic Appliances:19.31% Autom otive/Transportation:10.43% PC and Peripherals:6.64% Materials/Energy:4.35% Other:4.33%

Business Type

Job Titles
Corporate / Senior Exectives 9%

Marketing / Promotion 5% Sales / Services 5% Information System 2% Purchasing 1% Control of Production / Process / Quality 5% Product Planning 3% Management 6%

Other 8%

Other 7%

Design & Development 55%

Managers 13%

General Staf f s 29%

Research 10%

Assistant Managers 20%

Supervisors 22%

Marketing programs for raising brand awareness and generating sales leads
Targeting expert engineers and engineering managers visiting “MONOist”, “EE Times Japan” and “EDN Japan”, we offer various types of marketing programs for raising brand awareness of your products and services, motivating prospective customers and acquiring sales leads.

■ Web advertisement for brand awareness
Display advertisement
We provide banners and text advertisements on the web sites. Display advertisement is effective for product branding campaigns, audience development for your web sites and events, and other marketing activities

Advertorial / Microsite
We offer custom advertisement in a style like editorial article. Microsite is customized for single or multiple sponsors by combining feature articles and sponsor content.

Digital magazine
We publish “EE Times x EDN Japan” EE Times Japanでは、登録読者に限 digital magazines for registered 定して毎月1回電子版の雑誌を発行 subscribers every month. しています。 Banners are inserted on editorial 電子版のページの中にもバナー広告 pages and full-page advertisements や全面広告を掲載していただけるス are available with multiple links to ペースをご用意しております。 your web sites.

■ Email advertisement for reaching targets
Email magazine
We publish specialized email magazines for registered subscribers. We offer 5-line/10-line text advertisements and customized e-mails for exclusive sponsors.

Targeting email
Registered subscribers can be selected by job function, industry sector and other profile information for email advertisements .

■ Sales lead generation by technical information
Virtual event
We build event venues on the internet for sponsors to present online seminars and white papers, communicating with audiences by email and online chat.

White paper
We offer white papers to expert engineers on our web site. Sponsors will receive contact and profile information of those who download each white paper.

We hold sponsored seminars programmed by our editorial team. We also support planning and promoting your private seminars for expert engineers.

We provide online seminar programs including planning and producing the content in addition to the promotion, registration and distribution services.

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