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Volume XCIX Number 2 Abraham Lincoln High School Los Angeles, California February 2013

SGS Solves the Shakeys Problem

By Defu Li Railsplitter Staff Writer

The SGS council plans to earn $100 per week. In order to achieve this goal, the SGS store sells chips and cup-o-noodles daily with monthly fundraisers off campus. The council had searched all over Lincoln Heights for a venue that would help us fund raise. But every owners response was the same: No. Time was money, since promotions needed to be done to ensure a successful turnout. The SGS council finally decided to host a Shakeys Night Out on Wednesday, January 29th from 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Shakeys offered a generous 25% back on each receipt returned to them. Munching over pizza, fried

chicken and/or Mojo potatoes, people introduced themselves to one another and connected. More than 40 people participated, resulting in profit that was double SGS goal of $100.

February 2013

The Railsplitter

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Winter Formal: Winter Wonderland

By Kary Tran
Railsplitter Editor After much anticipation and wait, Lincolns ASB organized a Winter Formal this year! Tigers first heard of this last dance before Prom on the Monday of finals week. Presale tickets were $15 (singles) and $25 (couples); after winter break, prices were bumped to $25 (singles) and $45 (couples). On Friday, January 25 from 6:30 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. at Almansor Court, many Tigers came out to dance the night away despite the frigid weather forecast. This year it was held in a different banquet hall than 2010s Winter Formal. A much larger room accommodated more seats, but a much smaller dance floor. A buffet spread of chicken teriyaki skewers, chicken wings, croissant sandwiches, a crudits platter, and vegetarian eggrolls was served. Pitchers of ice water awaited groups of ten at the tables, while guests filled copious glass cups of fountain drinks at the non-alcoholic bar across the banquet hall.

Under the glow of the frenzied neon lights, Tigers danced to old school jams from Notorious B.I.G to Vanilla Ice to Cyndi Lauper, with the DJs mixes of newer, L.A. Youth Style! By the end of the night, all Tigers were reluctant to end this night of fun. Senior class cabinet member, Katie Chi thought it went Pretty well! People had fun and there was unlimited food to snack on! In comparison to 2010s Winter Formal, this years event met expectations. But 2010s Winter Formal definitely succeeded in music, food

(chocolate fondue), and dance floor space. Nonetheless, lets hope Winter Formal becomes an annual dance in Lincolns school years to come.

One Writer Remembers L.A. Youth Magazine

By Wendy Yu Railsplitter Staff Writer

I was a bit intimidated as the meeting started but everyone had a friendly attitude. The (story continued on page 3)

February 2013

The Railsplitter

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(continued from page 2) editors introduced themselves. There was Amanda Riddle and Mike Fricano.. They spoke to us about themselves, their journalism experiences and about LA Youth. LA Youth encourages a very casual attitude. For example, we were to address our editors by their first names instead of their last and the stories were to be written with a casual tone, keeping in mind that our audience were teens. After my first meeting I came as often as I could. They understood that students were coming from all over Los Angeles, so coming out every weekend was difficult. story. It took me months to I would often E-mail my finish and at one point I gave editor, Mike, about my story. up. But I returned to it with encouragement from Mike. I chose to write on a rather personal yet controversial topic, charter schools. I transferred to one in my junior year but felt a lack of challenge and opportunities at the school and so decided to switch out. I wanted to voice my opinion and experience with charter schools via LA Youth. Mike instantly loved the topic idea. He gave me such positive feedback that it pushed me to begin my 17 page, over a thousand words When I finally submitted the raw story to Mike, he was so shocked at how much I had written. It made me feel happy when he positively commented on the length and gave constructive criticism on how wed approach it. As we went through editing the pages and talking, I felt like Mike knew me and there was this sort of understanding. Moving schools was one of the hardest and most life changing experiences in my life.

Having Mike read my story and talk to me about the story I had written, made me feel as if he was a therapist. He was an adult that I trusted and felt comfortable with, so much so that I could share my life with him and get real feedback. Along the way he would also give me tips as a writer and how to approach our audience. I took every advice Mike gave me and wove it into my story. My unfinished story has a connection with LA Youth and always will. As I work towards accomplishing my story, I feel that LA Youth will always be in our hearts and mind. Thank you LA Youth, for everything.

February 2013

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Magnets Love for the Boba

By Kary Tran Railsplitter Editor On Thursday, February 14, in honor of Valentines Day, Magnet hosted a boba sale. Instead of the usual chocolate and flowers, Magnet provided the unique options of Thai tea or milk green tea (green tea infused with milk) boba for

$2.00 each during lunch. Boba, also referred to as bubble tea, is made of small tapioca pearls no larger than a quarter of an inch wide in diameter. Although flavorless, boba provides a fun chew and a contrast to favorite tea drinks. This is the second boba sale Magnet has hosted. Magnet sold out all 200 bobas (100 of

each flavor) by the end of lunch. Lovers and friends could be seen sipping their gifts to and from class. Fortunately, due to popularity another boba sale will be underway. In the meantime, be sure to look out for Magnets Churro Sale on Friday, March 1st during lunch and advisory. Churros will be on sale for $1.