Greetings Student Leaders: Do you want to have a say in what programs are being funded in Philadelphia?

Are you tired of adults having all the decision over issues that affect you? If you are, you will want to learn more about YOUTHadelphia! YOUTHadelphia is a board of high school students that give out $100,000 in grant money to youth groups in Philadelphia. We are looking for students in grades 8 -11th to join the high school board or grant makers. By representing your self, your organization, your school or program, you are ensuring that future student-led initiatives and projects receive financial support from YOUTHadelphia! Some of the benefits of joining YOUTHadelphia include:
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Learn how to raise and distribute money for community projects. Attend free trips and service learning projects throughout the region. Participate in national retreats and conferences. Gain a broader understanding of community issues facing youth. Meet and working with young people from other organizations around the city. Provide leadership development opportunities. Teach other adults and youth about issues and opportunities for young people in Philadelphia. Access job opportunities and summer internships (pre and post highschool graduation)

Please take the time to review our informational letter and YOUTHadelphia Application. Please let me know if you are interested in receiving more information as well as if you have anyone in mind for this position. Elizabeth A. Walker
Adult Advisor for YOUTHadelphia 215-989-3566 ext 1113 a

facebook group: youthadelphia  

YOUTHadelphia Youth In Philanthropy (YIP) Advisory Committee Application Form
Position Descriptions: All positions are available to youth who are passionate and dedicated to making a difference in the city of Philadelphia. We are looking for young leaders who are: • Reliable • Responsible • Willing to work with a diversity of peers • Able to partner with adults Board Member: Volunteer; 6 – 8 hours per month • Attend 2 board meetings per month (food and transportation provided) 3:00 – 7:00 pm (Every other Sunday) • Receive training in YOUTHadelphia history and grantmaking Committee Manager: Possible Stipend Available (TBA)
Committee Members ensure that progress is being made during the weeks the board is not meeting. Learning website design, marketing and public relations are two upcoming committees that need managing

• In addition to serving as board member, you must be able to dedicate 1 evening

per week (4pm – 7pm) to serving on a committee. • Committee’s include: website, marketing, film, events, and public relations Executive Committee Member: Possible Stipend Available (TBA), Summer Employment
Executive Committee Members are in charge of overseeing all of the board’s responsibilities and activities. • In addition to serving as board member, you must be able to dedicate 2 after

school evenings per week (4pm – 7pm) in order to accomplish all necessary tasks. • Positions include: Treasurer, Secretary, Co-Chairs Selection Process: After submitting your application you will be called for an interview with current YOUTHadelphia members and advisor. Your status will be determined after the interview

General information (please print)
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Home address:____________________________________________________________
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Home phone: (____) _______________ E-mail: ________________ Sex: M___ F___ Myspace URL: ___________________

Birth Date: _______________________ Ethnicity: ______________________________

Parent(s)/Guardians(s) name(s): _____________________________________________

School: ______________________________________ Year of graduation: __________

School and community activities/ Organizations and leadership positions:

Community service /Organizations and leadership positions:

________________________________________________________________________ Why would you like to serve on YOUTHadelphia?


What will you bring to YOUTHadelphia?


What is Position are you interested in applying for? Please identify your hours of availability

PLEASE RETURN TO: Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements YOUTHadelphia Attention: Liz Walker, Adult Advisor 1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1401 Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-989-3566 (phone) ext: 1113 215-989-3568 (fax)


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Please Note: Call to make sure that your application has been received!!!