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Dear Friends, There are 27 stars spread over 3 groups of 9 each distributed over the 12 divisions or houses starting

from Aries.The longitudes are generally well known. However, when it comes to finding out the preiling Sub lord for a specific Long we are foxed,ths excludes the veterans in astrology. I have a simple method for finding out the sub lord which can be done mentally with accuracy.It is as follows. Take a specific longitude,check the starting long of the concerned star.Calculate the difference between the two.It will be x deg y min. For every 1 deg take as 9 years hence x deg is xMultiply by 9=...yrs. If star is say venus start with 20yrs if sat 19yrsetc.Come upto te 9x yrs,this will tell you the planet, which will be the correct sub. Example. Say Rahu is 21 deg in Aries, It will be in Bharani star which is Venus star. 21 deg minus 13deg 20 min = 7deg 40 min. multiply by 9= 69 yrs. (9x7=63yrs+40/60x9=6yrs .total 69yrs). Starting with venus 20yrs add sun 6yrs, moon 10yrs ,mars 7yrs,rahu 18 =61 yrs next is jup upto 77 yrs. hence sub lord is jup. Rahu is in Mars sign, Venus star, Jup Sub This is a quickie on sublord finding. For those who know it it's elementary, for newcomers maybe useful!! Regards, Satish Taken from message no. 12952 (