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CONTENTS COURSE ACUPRESSURE What is acupressure Preparation for acupressure How to find the acupressure points How to press acupressure points The acupressure procedure Warnings with acupressure Benefits of acupressure as self-treatment The meridians Lung meridian Large intestine meridian Stomach meridian Spleen meridian Heart meridian Small intestine meridian Bladder meridian Kidney meridian Pericardium meridian Tripple warme meridian Gall bladder meridian Liver meridian Governing Vessel Conception Vessel Location of the acupressure points Complaints list and choice of the acupressure points 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 54 Acupressure – Pagina 2 .health.

Acupressure is particularly suitable as a self-treatment. visualization and affirmations increases the effect. This is why each acupressure point has a positive influence multiple symptoms. stimulates blood circulation and boosts the vital Pagina 3 . Below you’ll find 3 acupressure points. It is not necessary to treat all the points.What is acupressure Acupressure is a method of using finger pressure on acupressure points to stimulate the self-healing ability of the body. For the relief of symptoms you have a wide range of acupressure points to choose from. In the full version of our e-book 78 acupressure points are described and you’ll get an extensive list of complaints so you know what acupressure points can be used to relieve certain symptoms. Stress reduces. The symptoms reduce at the place of the pressure point (local effects) or in a different location (distal impact) by the energy which is passed through the meridians. Pressure on these acupressure points gives relaxation in the muscles.learnandenjoy. Treating a number of points is already effective. The 365 points lie on energy pathways called meridians. mental and emotional Acupressure is a safe and easy method to apply on yourself and others. Enjoy accpresure! Acupressure – www. A number of points. An affirmation is a spoken compelling. Example: I let my expectations go. the immune system strengthens and a sense of wellbeing increases. Especially a combination of acupressure with deep breathing. extra points are not on these meridians. Acupressure is used to harmonize the body and the prevention and relief of symptoms. It is an effective method to ease physical. affirmative thought with a positive feeling.

These 12 meridians form a cycle where in 24 hours the qi flows one Pagina 4 . Here some more information. meridians. Acupressure – www. The life energy. qi. Every 2 hours. These meridians are located on the left and right part of our body. circulates in the body through channels. a meridian is more active. A blockage can cause a void in the following meridian and fullness in the previous meridian.The meridians The acupressure points are located on In this free e-book acupressure we only discuss the lung meridian.

Acupressure – www. eczema and poor wound healing. bronchitis. On the path of the lung meridian you’ll find 11 acupressure Pagina 5 . The lung meridian begins below the collarbone in the space between the first ribs. It runs through the inside of the upper arm at the elbow bend and goes further to the inside of the forearm and the thenar to the angle of the thumb on the thumb side. difficulty breathing. skin irritations. Symptoms associated with the lung meridian are lung problems like asthma. mucus production.learnandenjoy. pain in the forearm and pain in the thumb.Lungmeridian (Lu) De longmeridiaan begint onder het sleutelbeen in de eerste tussenribruimte. such as tennis elbow. elbow pain in the front of the shoulder. Ze loopt via de binnenzijde van de bovenarm naar de elleboogplooi en gaat verder aan de binnenkant van de onderarm en de duimmuis naar de nagelhoek van de duim aan de duimzijde. Also skin problems such as acne. Pagina 6 .Acupressure – www.learnandenjoy.

com Pagina 7 . TW 13 on the outside of the upper arm.Location of the acupressure points Below you will find 3 acupressure points with photo and a description of their location. In the full version of our e-book 78 acupressure points are Acupressure – www. TW 4 In the bend on the outside of the wrist.learnandenjoy. TW 5 exterior of the forearm. between the bones. In the cavity in the extension of the ring finger. one finger behind the underside of the shoulder muscle 2 fingers higher in the direction of the shoulder. 2 fingers above the wrist crease.

Complaints list and choice of the acupressure points Acne Allergy Ankle pain Appetite disturbance Arm pain Arthritis Asthma Backache Birth pain after Blood Pressure High Bloody nose Bronchitis Cheeks strengthen Chest pressure Cold hands and feet Colds / flu Constipation Cough Cramp Depression Diarrhea Digestion Dizziness Dropsy Earache Eczema Elbow pain Emotional tensions Eye bloodshot Eye fatigue Eye pain Face circulation improvement Facial swelling Fatigue Fear Fee swollen Fertility improvement Fever Flatulence Frustration Genital problems Grief Hand pain Hangover Hay fever Head heaviness B 10 .St 2 .com Pagina 8 3 more on complete e-book acupressure Acupressure – www.B 23 & 52 . Pagina 9 .Headaches / Migraine Heartburn Heatstroke Hiccup Hip pain Hives Hot flashes Immune system boost Incontinence Indigestion Insomnia Itch Jaw pain Knee pain Leg pain Lung boost Memory boost Menstrual problems Muscles strengthen Nausea Neck pain Nervousness Nose blocked Palpitations Respiratory problems Rheumatism Sciatica Shin splints Shock Shoulder pain Sinuses Skin Condition improvement Sneeze Sore throat Stomach / intestinal balance Stomach ache Stress Tendon Inflammation Thyroid balancing Tooth pain Toothache Trauma Ulcers Worry Wrist pain Acupressure – www.

This free eBook acupressure is a product of Massage Center De Krachtbron and may be freely distributed without and order the full eBook acupressure.00 euro with PayPal at info@digitown. You can order our FULL eBook acupressur online: info@learnandenjoy. You only see the description with pictures of 3 acupressure points. Pay 10.E-BOOK ACUPRESSURE This is the free version of our eBook acupressure. Our full eBook costs 10.learnandenjoy. So you get an idea of the full version.00 euro. provided you mention our Acupressure – MASSAGE CENTER DE KRACHTBRON Dendermondsesteenweg 29 9270 KALKEN BELGIIM www. When we’ve checked your payment you’ll receive the eBook by email. Send an email to info@digitown. The full eBook acupressure describes 78 acupressure points and has a complete alphabetical complaints list so you know which symptoms you can relieve with which acupressure points.learnandenjoy. The table of contents provides an overview of what is discussed in the full Pagina 10 . 2.

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