Camille Orellano

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Career Objective To obtain a challenging position in a distinctive, fast paced industry where I can apply my diverse set of skills to gain valuable experience and to generate great work. Summary of Skills Communications  Strong writer; received consistently high marks in all courses, managing editor, marketer and content curate for  Confident presenter and avid conversationalist; do very well in presentations and client meetings. Presented in TrendsTalk Unconfernce2012.  Problem solver; able to quickly generate effective solutions. Business Acumen  Strong work ethic; consistently finish my work ahead of time, I go above and beyond. Currently doing a short internship with Ted Hsu’s Kingston Constituency Office.  Highly motivated and driven individual; Winner of the Spirit of the Greg First Year Award for the 2011 Greg’s Award show.  Effective leader; I am usually the leader of any academic team and I was the Social Media coordinator of OAGEE/ OAME 2012. Organizational  Effective at time management and multi tasking; Manage two jobs while attending school full time and working on extracurricular projects.  Proficient at planning and managing many projects at once; I coordinated a major National Math Conference for May 2012 and doing free lance marketing for Beautiful Tanzania Tourism.  Excellent at coordinating teams and people; Able to delegate different tasks to suit people’s strengths and skills. Education  St. Lawrence College- Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Graduate April 2013 - Course emphasis: Content Curation, Social media marketing, Web development, Media planning, Copywriting and design for media, Market behavior, Market Research , Event marketing, Video production, Electronic digital publishing (PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign), Integrated marketing, Marketing & Business Principles, Direct Marketing, Presentation strategies  Ontario Secondary School Graduate 2010, Kingston Collegiate Vocational Institute - French Immersion Certificate

which is held every year. writing informative.October 2012 Social Media Coordinator and Event Assistant Responsible for obtaining sponsorship donations from local businesses. created content and design for Eblast regarding the event using the program Constant Contact. Student Planner. I help create various traditional media ads and digital ads for St. etc. I launched and maintained the social media campaign with my team. worked with little supervision. allowing me to use my trilingual skills. supervise and schedule new and current employees and volunteers. . do basic accounting and attend to the front desk when needed. Lawrence College: May 2012. train.Cultural Division: January 07. I have worked on diverse research projects to help improve the marketing techniques of St. Writing and editing press releases. The maintenance of the SLC website and the blog are done by me. aid in the design and layout of promotional pieces. accomplishments and events. Communicated and coordinated three separate teams that were involved with the Red Carpet Gala. I worked under little supervision. I am a project manager for various promotional campaigns.January 29. such as a promotional video for eco-initiatives on campus. I create and distribute press releases relating to student affairs. I advertised the museum using both traditional (creating press releases) and new media. I wrote copy for the radio ad and commercial copy for the event. 2012. the sponsorship team for restaurants. work with graphic designers to execute the ads. I was an instrumental part of promoting the event locally. In charge of creating and distributing brochures and other promotional materials. OAME 2012 & OAGEE 2012: September 2011. Marine Museum of the Great Lakes of Kingston: September 2007 – September 2011 Interpretation Coordinator. Artignite and the Red Carpet Gala.) is an important aspect of my position. booklets. launching and maintaining social media campaigns for OAME & OAGEE 2012. Lawrence College. City if Kingston. Proofreading. 2012 Internship Was in charge of creating and distributing brochures and other promotional materials for the Grand Theatre. and in my last year at the museum I was promoted from Museum Assistant to Interpretation Coordinator. Wrote copy pertaining to the Red Carpet Gala on the Grand Theatre website.Summer Staff Responsible for many tasks at the museum. Coordinated lobby fashion displays with three local retail stores. Lawrence College. Aid in the coordination of the Red Carpet Gala Event held at the Grand Theatre. For my position it was required to take inventory of the gift shop. mailing and distributing the promotional pieces. and aid in the promotion of the event or product of the client for the students using a number of media channels. such as the brochures and flyers. the sponsorship team for merchants (local retail stores located in Downtown Kingston) and the social media team from St. recruit. where I meet with clients to hear their needs. editing and rearranging layouts of hardcopy materials (ie.Work Experience Marketing Assistant for St. donation and thank you letters. media releases and media alerts for upcoming events and the Playbill. Lawrence College. I met and communicated with various media outlets and retail stores to coordinate their participation with the event.Present I launch and maintain various social media campaigns/ outlets and contests held for the school. Coordinated educational programs for kids and gave tours around the museum to a variety of people. One of my main duties was to interview. as well I attended committee meetings to discuss the marketing aspect of the event. organized and hosted events.

1363 Kelly Wiley Director of Marketing and Communications. Lawrence College Email: kpatterson@sl. Lawrence College Tele: 613-544-5400 ext. St. St. City of Kingston Tele: 613-546-4291 . 1628 Kathy Patterson Professor.on. Cultural Services Department.References Robert Giarada Communications Officer. Marketing Communications.

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