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SIZE One FINISHED MEASUREMENTS Leg span: 14 inches MATERIALS Cascade 220 Wool [100% Peruvian Highland Wool;

220 yards/201 meters per 100g skein]; 1 skein each color [MC] #2427 Glamour [CC] #8021 Beige Recommended needle size: 1 set US #6/4mm double-point needles Split ring marker or safety pin Waste yarn Black embroidery thread Tapestry needle Two 9 mm black safety eyes Polyfil stuffing GAUGE 24 sts/30 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch Note: To obtain a firm fabric, yarn is worked at a tighter

switch the needle back to your left hand. BO bind off [cast off] cab cable CC contrasting color cn cable needle CO cast on cont continue[ing] dec decrease[ing] dpn double pointed needles[s] foll follow[s][ing] g grams i-cord When working I-cord. give the yarn a sharp tug. the work will begin to form a tube.gauge than is recommended on the ball band. bring the yarn around the back of the work. PATTERN NOTES alt alternate approx approximately beg begin[ning] blocking Information about blocking can be found here and here. Instead of turning the work around to work back on the WS. slide all sts to the other end of the needle. and start knitting the sts again. Repeat this row to form I-cord. After a few rows. work is not turned. After the first 2 sts. inc increase[ing] incl including inst instructions k knit k tbl knit through back of loop k2tog knit two together kfb knit into front and back of stitch m meter[s] MB make bobble .

1 stitch increased.MC m1 main color Make 1 stitch: Insert left needle. pass slipped stitch over SSK slip 2 stitches as if to knit. then purl those 2 stitches together sl slip slp slip one as if to purl sl st slip stitch st[s] stitch[es] St st stockinette stitch tbl through back of loop[s] tog together . then knit those 2 stitches together SSP slip 2 stitches as if to purl. knit two together. from front to back. mm millimeters mult multiple opp opposite oz ounces p purl p2tog purl two together patt[s] pattern[s] pfb purl into front and back of stitch pm place marker psso pass slipped stitch[es] over rem remaining rep repeat rev St st reverse stockinette stitch RS right side[s] rnd[s] round[s] sc single crochet SK2P slip 1 stitch. knit this stitch through back loop. under strand of yarn which runs between last stitch on left needle and first stitch on right needle.

and decreasing towards the center. MB: Make bobble. decreasing towards the center. Turn work. returning it to its previous position. Turn work. slip the st to the right needle. then back. The upper shell of the crab is knit in the round from the outer edge. Slip next st. use the left needle to pick up the wrap.WS w&t YO * * wrong side[s] Wrap and turn. when working a st that has been wrapped. bring it between needles to front of work. Turn work. if it at back of work. p3. bring it between needles to back of work. then front again. and bring yarn between needles. Turn work. of same stitch: 1 st increased to 3 sts. K into front. 3x3 Rib (Worked in the round over a multiple of 6 sts): All Rounds: [K3. On a subsequent row. k3. Stitches for the lower body are picked up then knit in the round. slip the st back to the left needle and work the wrap and st together as one st. Just make sure that the polyfil isn't peaking out when the crab is getting stuffed. to begin working next row. DIRECTIONS . yarn over repeat directions between ** as many times as indicated Like most knitted toys. gauge isn't super-important. Turn work. p3] to end. p3. If yarn is at front of work. k3tog: 3 sts decreased to 1 st.

[k2tog. 75 sts remain. k2tog. k7) 3 times. Redistribute sts as necessary and place split ring . Row 10 [RS]: K1. W&T. W&T. Row 5 [WS]: P75. k2. (MB. Row 1 [WS]: P81.UPPER SHELL Using MC. Row 9 [WS]: P68. This point will now be beginning of round. Do not turn work. Place split ring marker or safety pin in work to indicate beginning of round. [k2tog. 63 sts remain. Row 4 [RS]: K74. [k2tog. k2tog. Row 6 [RS]: K2. k6] 9 times. k4] 11 times. being careful not to twist. k2tog. W&T. W&T at end of last round. W&T. W&T. Row 2 [RS]: K4. W&T. k5] 10 times. Row 3 [WS]: P73. Row 8 [RS]: [K4. 86 sts remain. k4] twice. Shape Edge of Shell: This sequence of short rows is worked in order to raise the edge of the shell above the point where the mouth will be. Row 7 [WS]: P66. W&T. CO 96 sts onto double-point needles. W&T. MB. k4. Work 3 rounds in 3x3 Rib. k1. W&T. Divide sts between needles and join to work in the round.

k13. 45 sts. Round 9: [K2. k2tog] 9 times. Round 10: [K1. k12.marker or safety pin in work to indicate beginning of round. on either side of raised portion of edge. Thread yarn through sts again to secure. k2tog] 9 times. Shape Top of Shell: Round 1: [K13. Break yarn. k2tog] 9 times. Attach safety eyes to face of crab. Round 5: [K4. MB] twice. k2tog] 9 times. 36 sts. pick up and k 96 sts along last round of 3x3 Rib. LOWER BODY With WS facing and using MC. MB. (The CO edge and first 2 rows of the . 18 sts. 27 sts. using photo as guide. Round 7: [K3. Round 11: [K2tog] 9 times. MB. Round 3: [K5. k2tog] 9 times. k8. Even-Numbered Rounds 2-8: K all sts. 54 sts. draw through remaining 9 sts and pull tight.

k2tog] 8 times. Round 17: [K1. instead of waiting until leg is complete. . being careful not to twist. CO 15 sts onto double-point needles. Break MC. You may find it easier to stuff leg as it is worked.) Place split ring marker or safety pin in work to indicate beginning of round. Round 2: [K9. Crab will be stuffed at this point. Round 12: [K4. Round 13: K all sts. k2tog] 8 times. k tbl all sts. Round 18: [K2tog] 9 times. as they will be hidden. k2tog] 9 times.upper shell form a ridge. Using MC. k2tog] 9 times. Place split ring marker or safety pin in work to indicate beginning of round. k8. Rounds 1-20: K all sts. 88 sts. leave a tail approx. which will protrude over the edge of the lower body. Round 15: K all sts. Divide sts between needles and join to work in the round. k2tog] 8 times. draw through remaining 9 sts and pull tight. Round 8: [K6. Break yarn. Before stuffing. k2tog] 9 times. k2tog] 9 times. from this point. Round 4: [K8. 72 sts. 36 sts. k8. Ends do not need to be woven in invisibly or attractively. 45 sts. draw all yarn ends to inside of body and weave in just enough to secure. k8. lower body will be worked using CC. Round 14: [K3. Add more stuffing to achieve desired firmness. k2tog] 9 times. Thread yarn through sts again to secure. 27 sts. Round 1: Using CC. k2tog] 9 times. 18 sts. Round 6: [K7. to be used for sewing leg onto body. Round 16: [K2. Round 10: [K5. BACK LEGS (Make 6) Tip: When casting on. before knitting is completed. 80 sts. 54 sts. Lightly stuff body. 63 sts. 12 inches long. Odd-Numbered Rounds 3-11: K all sts.

draw through remaining 6 sts and pull tight. Form a second joint in the same way. Lightly stuff leg. k2tog] 3 times. Form Joints: Cut an 8-inch piece of MC. Tie ends into a square knot. then sew ends securely into leg. k2tog] 3 times. so that one end is at either side of piece of yarn circling leg. FRONT LEGS (Make 2) Using MC. 12 sts. Round 32 [second decrease round]: [K2. Be careful not to overstuff. Divide sts between needles and join to work in the round. Thread yarn through sts again to secure. Weave ends inside the leg. Rounds 33-37: K all sts. around second decrease round (Round 32). Rounds 22-31: K all sts. Tie tightly around leg at the first decrease round (Round 21). CO 12 sts onto double-point needles. Use tapestry needle to draw ends through to other side of leg.Round 21 [first decrease round]: [K3. k2tog] 3 times. Round 38: [K1. or leg will be too stiff. 9 sts. being . Break yarn.

First Claw: K 10 rounds. K held sts. Form a joint at base of claws. Thread yarn through sts again to secure. Place split ring marker or safety pin in work to indicate beginning of round. in the same way as joints for back legs. K 15 rounds. and secure end. below the point where upper shell is raised. Use yarn tail between claws to sew CO edges of claws together. Break yarn. Sew legs to lower body of crab. place remaining 6 sts on hold on waste yarn. CO 3 sts and join to continue working in the round. leaving a tail. embroider a little mouth on the lower body. FINISHING Using tapestry needle and black embroidery thread. k2tog] 3 times. Second Claw: Place held sts on needles and join yarn. CO 3 sts and join to work in the round. 9 sts. Work as for first claw. draw through remaining 6 sts and pull tight. .careful not to twist. Next Round: K6. Next Round: [K1. Weave end inside claw. using photos as guides.