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Ordering number : ENA0078

Monolithic Linear IC


5W 2-Channel AF Power Amplifier With DC Volume Control

LA42352 is 5W 2-channel AF power amplifier with DC volume control intended for televisions. LA42000 series is power IC which made Pin compatible possible altogether in 3 to 15W. They consist of four kinds of power ICs. (mono, stereo, mono with volume function, stereo with volume function.). They realized PCB layout communalization of an audio power block of TV.
PO Mono LA42051 LA42052 LA42351 LA42352 LA42071 LA42072 LA42152 5W 5W 5W 5W 7W 7W 15W Channel Volume Stereo

PO 5W2ch (VCC = 18V, RL = 8, THD = 10%) Built-in DC Volume Control. Built-in Standby function. Built-in overheat protection.

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92706 / 83005 MS PC B8-9060 No.A0078-1/9

Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25 C
Parameter Maximum supply voltage Allowable power dissipation Maximum junction temperature Thermal resistance Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC max Pd max Tj max jc Topr Tstg No signal Infinite heat sink Conditions Ratings 24 15 150 3 -25 to +75 -40 to +150 Unit V W C C/W C C

Operating Conditions at Ta = 25 C
Parameter Recommended supply voltage Recommended load resistance Allowable operating voltage range Symbol VCC RL VCC op Conditions Ratings 18 8 10 to 22 Unit V V

Operating Characteristics at Ta = 25C, VCC = 18V, RL = 8, Volume = 5V, f = 1kHz, Rg = 600

Parameter Standby current Quiescent current Output power Total harmonic distortion Voltage gain Output noise voltage Volume Attenuation Channel separation Standby control voltage (The Pin 5 voltage) Input resistance Symbol ISTB ICCO PO THD VG VNO Att Sep. VSTB-H VSTB-L Ri Amplifier off Rg = 0, Volume = 0V THD = 10% PO = 1W VO = 0dBm Rg = 0, Volume = 0V, BPF = 20Hz to 20kHz VIN = 100mV, Vcont = 0V, with 1k-BPF Rg = 10k, VO = 0dBm Amplifier on Amplifier off 70 48 2.5 0 14 20 80 55 10 0.5 26 dB dB V V k 32.5 35 4 Conditions min Ratings typ 1 65 5 0.1 34.5 0.13 0.8 36.5 0.4 max 10 130 A mA W % dB mVrms Unit

*0dBm = 1mW (600) = 774.6mVrms

Package Dimensions
unit : mm 3107B


Block Diagram
Standby 5 VCC 7

Ri = 20k Input amplifier IN1 2 Output amplifier 12 OUT1 Volume 1 13


3 Thermal protection circuit Ri = 20k

11 NF1

10 Input amplifier Output amplifier 8

Power GND



Volume 2

9 Ripple Filter Block 1 Ripple Filter


Sample Application Circuit

Ripple Filter 1 C3 + 47F /25V PRE GND 3 PWR GND 10

IN1 2

IN2 4


Vol 2 6

VCC 7 +5V

OUT2 8

NF2 9

NF1 11 +

OUT1 12

Vol 1 13 +5V

C1 1.0F /10V

C2 1.0F /10V

C4 1000F /25V +

R3 10k

C9 + 47F /16V

C10 47F /16V

+ CPU C7 0.1F R1 2.2 C5 470F /16V

+ C6 470F /16V C8 0.1F R2 2.2




Pin Descriptions
Pin No 1 Symbol RF Pin Voltage VCC = 18V 17.6 Equivalent Circuit Description Ripple filter reference

2 4



Input pin

3 5


0 0 to 5V (Input voltage)

Pre GND pin Standby pin The standby function is on when this pin at ground level

6 13

Vol 2 Vol 1

0 to 5V (Input voltage)

Control Volume



Power supply

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Pin No 8 12 Symbol OUT2 OUT1 Pin Voltage VCC = 18V 8.9 Equivalent Circuit Output pin Description

9 10



Negative feedback pin at Power amplifier Connect NF capacitor



Power GND pin

Description of External parts C1, C2 C3 : Input capacitors. A value of 1.0F is recommended for capacitors. Note that the low-frequency area characteristics can be adjusted by changing fL. : Ripple filter capacitor. A value of 47F is recommended for capacitors. Decreasing the capacitance value excessively or removing this capacitor causes ripple to occur. However, increasing the capacitance value does not always cause ripple to reduced. Decreasing the capacitance value makes the starting time earlier. : Power capacitor. : Output capacitors. A value of 470F is recommended for capacitors. : Oscillation blocking capacitor. Use a polyester film capacitor that is good in high frequency response and temperature characteristic. : Feedback capacitor. A value of 47F is recommended for capacitors. Decreasing the capacitance value lowers the low frequency response. Increasing the capacitance value makes the starting time later. : Resistor connected in series with oscillation blocking capacitor. Prevents phase shift attributable to the oscillation blocking capacitor so that oscillation is hard to occur. : Standby switch current limiting resistor. A value of 10k is recommended for resistance (when the applied voltage for the standby switch is 3V to 10V). This resistor cannot be removed.

C4 C5, C6 C7, C8 C9, C10 R1, R2 R3


Features of IC Inside and Usage Note Standby function Pin 5 is the standby switch pin. The amplifier is turned on by applying approximately 3V or more to this pin through an external resistor (R3). If voltage in excess of 10V is to be applied to the standby switch, calculate the value of R3 using the following formula so that the current flowing into pin 5 is 500A or less: R3 = (Applied voltage 2VBE (1.4V)) 15k 500A

Protector In order to prevent damage or degradation which may be caused by abnormally heated IC, the LA42352 has a thermal shutdown protector. Accordingly, if the IC junction temperature (Tj) climbs to around 160C due to inadequate heat dissipation, the thermal shutdown protector will operate to control the output gradually into attenuation.







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