King David of Mann Obtains Support of Historical Preservation Society Press Release: January 2012 King David of the

Independent Kingdom of Mann has recruited ancient and medieval historians from the Historical Preservation Society (HPS), to join and support the royal mission of fully developing various areas of “lost” history, with the goal of empowering the Kingdom of Mann to best apply its diverse ancient Celtic and medieval knightly tradition, culture and values towards solving problems of the modern world. The HPS has Registered United Nations (UN) Civil Society Organization (CSO) and NonGovernmental Organization (NGO) status with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, as an autonomous subdivision of a UN registered non-profit institution. The non-profit Historical Preservation Society (HPS) was founded in 2007 by European and American historians and archaeologists, specializing in areas of ancient and medieval history, and “lost history” of royalty and nobility, related to secret societies that have been influential in the development of world civilization, including the Order of the Knights Templar. The HPS concentrates on “applied archaeology”, focusing on history that is relevant to solving problems of modern society in the present day. HPS operations are based in Luxor Egypt amongst the temples, near the Valley of the Kings. The wealth of highly developed knowledge from Pharaonic archaeology and Egyptology has many applications to ancient and medieval history, spirituality and culture of Celtic and Christian peoples in Western Europe. While Celtic and medieval European civilization developed in its own right, there are overwhelming similarities of fundamental human nature in the context of ancient beliefs and practices. There are also many theories of partial influence of Pharaonic Egypt on ancient Celtic kingdoms, and also influence of certain Celtic tribes on ancient Egyptian culture. Those theories are worthy of being fully explored, and may result in deeper understanding of additional dimensions of the history and heritage of the Independent Kingdom of Mann. King David has also tasked the HPS to help explore “meritocracy” principles that were a part of medieval royalty and nobility practices and protocols, to more fully develop the context for the appropriate role of the Kingship of Mann in the modern world. There are some theories and some historical facts suggesting that medieval European royalty was influenced by or modeled after ancient Egyptian royalty, the principles of which have been greatly misunderstood by many historians. The Royal House of the Kingdom of Mann hopes that this cooperation in historical research, backed by a professional operation of archaeology, will eventually result in non-profit cooperation with educational institutions and universities, as well as with major religious institutions. The official website of the Historical Preservation Society can be viewed at: