General information Qatar is a peninsula situated halfway along the West Coast of the Arabian Gulf. It has a number of islands, the most important of which are Halool, Shira'aw, Al-Ashat and others. Its topography consists of a rocky flat surface with some limestone outcrops in Dukhan area in the west and Fuwairit area in the north. The surface is full with characteristic depressions called Rawdat, particularly in the north and central plants.

Land Area: 11, 437 square km. Population: 1,625,723 ( till 28 February, 2009 ) According Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA)

Capital City: Doha city, capital of Qatar, on the east coast of the Qatar Peninsula, in the Arabian Gulf. About three-fifths of Qatar's population lives within the city's limits. Situated on a shallow bay

Official Language: Arabic is the official language in Qatar, and English is widely spoken.


Islam is the official religion of the country, and the Shariah (Islamic Law) is the principal source of legislation in the country.

Climate: Qatar has a moderate desert climate with long hot summers and short pleasant winters with little rain in winter. The strong northwest wind, which often brings dust storms, is known as the shamal. Major Towns: Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Khor, Dukhan, Al Shamal, Mesaieed, Ras Lafan and others.

Currency Qatari riyal (QAR). Each Qatari riyal is divided into 100 dirhams. Notes in circulation: QAR1, QAR5, QAR10, QAR50, QAR100 and QAR500. QAR0.50 (fifty dirhams) and QAR0.25. Smaller Coins are also legal Tender but are rarely seen. Independence: Qatar gained independence on 3rd September 1971. On the 27Th of June 1995 His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani assumed the rule of the State of Qatar supported by the ruling family and the Qatari people. Public Holidays: National Day : 18 December Eid Al-Fitr: At the 1st of Shawwal for four days. Eid Al- Adha: starts at 9th of Zilhijjah for five days.

National flag:

The national flag is maroon colour with a broad vertical white stripe at the pole, the two colours being separated with a nine-point serrated line.

Meaning of the flag: A-The white colour reflects the internationally recognized symbol of peace. B-The maroon colour symbolizes the bloodshed during the several wars Qatar had undergone, particularly in the second half of the 19th century. C-The nine-point serrated line indicates that Qatar is the 9th member of the "reconciled Emirates" of the Arabian Gulf in the wake of concluding the Qatari-British treaty in 1916. This information on design and colour of Qatar flag was mentioned in the Archives of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1931. Work Hours: Government offices: 7 am to 2 pm. Private establishments: 8 am to 12 noon, and 4 pm to 8 pm. Friday and Saturday are the weekend holidays. Shopping Center: 10 am to 10 pm Local Time: 3 hours + Greenwich Mean Time.

Main Cities
As your aircraft descends into Qatar, you are welcomed by a spectacular view of the capital city, Doha. The completely landscaped, crescent-shaped Corniche, the sparkling blue waters of the Arabian Gulf and the sandy desert backdrop provide the first glimpse of what experiences await you. This sun-kissed country is filled with possibilities – desert escapades and shopping extravaganzas; natural attractions and water sports; state-of-the-art sporting facilities and historical museums; all combined with fine dining and luxurious accommodations. Welcome to the heart of the Arabian Gulf. Come … experience Qatar. Doha The capital of Qatar, Doha is situated halfway down the east coast of the peninsula. It is an important cultural and commercial centre and enjoys excellent communications with the outside world through its modern seaport, airport, and telephone links.

Al Wakra Halfway between Doha and Umm Said about 17 km, you will find the town of Al Wakra. Originally a tiny fishing and pearling village, it has evolved into a small town with a population of less than 30,000. The Al Wakra Museum has been established in one of the town’s old forts and displays the marine life and the natural history of the area. There are also fine examples of the art and architecture included in the exhibits. Umm Said Umm Said is the heart of Qatar’s industry. Situated 37 km south of Doha on the east coast of the peninsula, it has both a commercial port and an oil-exporting port. There are refineries in Umm Said as well as other industrial establishments producing steel, natural gas liquids, fertilizers, and petrochemicals. Umm Said also has fine beaches. Al Khor About 58 km north of Doha on the east coast, Al Khor is famous for its harbour filled with small craft and fishing boats. It has excellent beaches, an historic tower, and interesting mosques. Madinat Al-Shamal A relatively new town on the northern tip of the peninsula, Madinat Al-Shamal is about 107km north of Doha. It serves as an administrative centre for a number of coastal villages. Al Ruwais Located on the northern tip of the peninsula this town is a fine example of the traditional Bedouin lifestyle as it merges with the modern world, it's about 110 km from Doha Al Zubara Situated just 113 km North West of Doha lays the town of Al Zubara, an important archeological site famous for its old fort. This fort-turned-museum was constructed in 1938 during the reign of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani and was erected on the ruins of a neighbouring fort. The fort itself is square-shaped with circular towers in three of its corners and a rectangular tower in the fourth. With high, thick walls, this fort also served as a coast guard station and, until the mid-1980s, was used by the military. Dukhan Situated on the west coast of the peninsula, Dukhan is about 89 km across the country from Doha. It became important when oil was discovered in the surrounding area. Like Umm Said and Al-Wakrah, the town also has fine beaches.

Qatar overview
Evidence of early habitation in Qatar that can be traced as far back as to the 4th century BC appeared in many artifacts such as inscriptions, rock carvings, flint spearheads and examples of pottery which were all uncovered by the Danish (1965), the British (1973) and the French (1976) expeditions. Researchers knew alWasil hills since 1957 as an important site of Stone Age archeology. About 200 archeological sites of the prehistoric age were discovered during the eight years of the work of the Danish expedition from 1965 to 1975. Several sites of various periods in the Stone Age were discovered to the east of Um Bab. Other sites were found in the southernmost border near Soudanthil. An important site for the manufacture of flint tools, which probably goes back to the Mesolithic Stone Age, was discovered at Umm Tag to the south west of Dukhan; and new sites were discovered to the south east of Mesaieed. In the 5th century BC, the Greek historian Herodotus referred to the seafaring canaanites as the original inhabitants of Qatar. Further, the geographer Ptolemy showed in his map of the Arab world 'gatara' as believed to refer to the Qatari town of Zubarah, which has acquired the fame of being one of the most important trading ports in the gulf region at the time. Qatar in the Islamic History In the Islamic history in the middle of the 7th century AD, the Qatar peninsula and the surrounding region were under the rule of the Al Munzir Arabs. Their king, alMunzir Ibn Sawi al-Tamimi, embraced Islam, and Qatar entered the realm of Islamic civilization and has participated in all its successive stages and eras. Spears. Under the Abbasid state during the 8th century AH (14th century AD), Qatar experienced great economic prosperity and pledged a great deal of financial support towards maintaining the Caliphate in Baghdad. Evidence of such support can be gleaned from the inscriptions of Murwab fort on the western coast of the peninsula, which bears the marks of the Abbasid architectural style. During the 10th century AH (16th century AD), Education The Regular governmental education had been introduced in 1952 The Ministry of Education was one of the first ministries to be established in Qatar; it was set up in 1956.The Qatar university inception in 1973 and today is an educational edifice for country’s national higher education in It is comprised of six colleges For more information please visit Qatar Continue with the ongoing success to establish itself on the international map of Education by established Qatar Foundation for Education, Science

Community Development in1995. It is a private, non-profit chartered organization, founded in It aims to develop and utilize human potential through a network of centers and a unique Education City, with branch campuses of some of the world's leading universities For more information please visit

Health Qatar has very good public medical facilities, with an extensive network of public hospitals and healthcare centres covering the whole country, run by the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). Doha has four public hospitals providing a wide range of specialized medical services. The government has also encouraged the development of the private health sector, and there are now many private hospitals and clinics which charge on a fee per consultation basis For more information please visit: & Leisure Qatar is a place whose independent spirit makes it a destination endless variety .the Entertainment and leisure facilities are attractive for both residents and visitors. Souq Waqif is the most attractive old souq area with shop frontages featuring traditional architecture, while falconry shops selling traditional crafts. Within Doha there are a number of interesting museums The Museum of Islamic Art, which open to public 1, December 2008. Attract specialist visitors from overseas . Many travelers make day trips into the desert, to the beaches outside Doha and to local forts. One of the main attractions is the Inland Sea, a huge lake jutting into the desert and surrounded by towering sand dunes, which offers opportunities for bathing and scuba diving. Qatar has a very child-friendly environment, with numerous playgrounds and a number of theme parks. Especially popular with children are Palmtree Island in Doha Bay, with its beaches and camel and pony rides, and Aladdin's Kingdom, an entertainment park with many exciting rides, in the West Bay area. There is also a popular zoo around 20 km from Doha along the Salwa Road. There are facilities and clubs for virtually all forms of sport, including horseracing, camel racing, boat racing, soccer and falconry. Golf is particularly popular, with excellent 18-hole and 9-hole courses available at the famous Doha Golf Club. Qatar has become world-renowned for its hosting of many high profile sporting events such as Exxon/Mobil Open 2009, and the Qatar Masters 2009 presented by Dolphin Energy. For details that are more valuable, please

Quality of Life

Climate in Qatar According to its geographical location and climate, Qatar is classified as a hot subtropical desert; very hot and muggy between June and August and pleasant between November and February. It has arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers The average annual rainfall is 81 mm, average maximum temperature is 31oC and average minimum temperature 22oC

Language Arabic (official), English commonly used as a second language

Social Customs The importation and consumption of alcohol is strictly regulated. However, liquor permits may be obtained by foreign employees and the major hotels are allowed to serve alcohol to guests in restricted areas. Qatar prohibits the brewing and trafficking in alcohol. Drunken behavior in public or driving under the influence of alcohol is an offense punishable by imprisonment, a fine or both and revocation of the offender’s driving license. Importing and using narcotics is illegal and punishable by heavy penalties. The possession of material deemed obscene is also punishable by a prison sentence. Qatar bans all pork products. Finance & banking Economic growth has naturally brought increasing demand for banking & financial products and services. The Total domestic credit facilities increased by 24.4% during the first half of 2008 to reach QR 182,038 million, compared to QR 146,329 million as at year-end 2007. The Qatari banking sector comprises of a combination of national and foreign banks. A total of 17 banks currently operate in Qatar, nine of which are Qatari institutions, including six commercial banks and three Islamic institutions also represented is the local branches of seven foreign banks the Work, is now underway to ensure all financial institutions active in Qatar can operate in a high-quality legal and financial services environment, benchmarked to international standards the Government of Qatar announced an ambitious plan to integrate all banking, insurance, capital markets, securities, asset management and other financial services into a single, on-shore jurisdiction under the control of a sole financial regulatory body that, after a suitable transition period, will apply a single set of laws to all regulated institutions .

Education The State of Qatar has adopted an ambitious educational reform program that is designed to give Qatari students the necessary skills and knowledge that are required for pursuing advanced studies in Qatar and abroad and provide the state with qualified human resources for the local job market. Reform is underway and started with the creation of the Supreme Education Council (SEC), which is tasked with directing education policy at all stages. One of its first steps was to set up independent schools, which is a government-funded school that is granted autonomy to carry out its educational mission and objectives while being held accountable to terms agreed to in an operating contract. All Independent Schools must meet established curriculum standards in Arabic, English, mathematics and science, as well as comply with periodic financial audits. Tuition is free for Qatari’s and others eligible for public education. Along with this The State of Qatar, establish Qatar Foundation which using innovative strategies and programs focusing on capacity building and character development at the heart of Education City are six universities, Qatar Science and Technology Park, which is situated there, as a base for research, turning the dream of a knowledge-based economy into a reality. For benefits that are more valuable, please visit: & & Health Care Besides being distinguished by its comprehensiveness, diversity and efficiency in terms of equipment and human resources, health care in the State of Qatar is based on the sober philosophy that medical care should be available for all residents of Qatar, citizens and expatriates alike. Health care establishments, cadres, curative and preventive medical services, and equipment have undergone substantial upgrading and improvements. Qatar has an opportunity to create a health care system that will provide the most effective and advanced health care to its people and to become a model for the world to follow. His Highness the Emir created the NHA in 2005 and gave it responsibility to guide reform in Qatar in order to establish one of the world's most admired and renowned health systems. for more information please visit: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the premier non-profit health care Established by Emiri decree in 1979 has rapidly developed highly specialized medical facilities capable of providing state of the art diagnosis and treatment of diseases that previously could only be managed in overseas medical centers. for more information please visit Sports

the Football is the national sport, the national team have achieve several achievements by win the 15th Asian games gold medal in 2006 & the gulf cup in Doha2004 . On Oct. 25 2007 Doha launched its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics , and hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Doha in 2016 will extend the Olympic ideals to millions of new hearts and minds. This would unleash the power of the Olympic Movement and peaceful sport to create understanding, hope and change that could unite the entire region with the rest of the world. For more information, please visit As part of the State’s commitments for hosting the 2006 Asian Games the games Qatar build a $700 million ‘sports city’ which include 5,000 apartments for athletes and sports officials to This have herald the first ever major sporting event of such a magnitude in the region. The Government also has started to sponsor many premier sporting events to attract. World-class sports personalities and supporters. The Khalifa Tennis and Squash Complex annually host Qatar ExxonMobil Open 2009 commencing from 5th - 10th January 2009 , for more details please see . Housing & Utilities The State of Qatar attempts to create the optimum living conditions for its citizens. This is done through raising health, economic and social standards and providing suitable housing that is appropriate to the size, needs and social customs and traditions of each family. The Credit facilities extended by commercial banks to the land, housing and construction sector increased by 77.6% during the year 2007 to reach QR 27,966 million, compared to QR 15,745 million in 2006. The Government provides housing for citizens . It consists of the following facilities purchased The size of the plot in Doha be a minimum of 625 square meters, and outside the capital city the minimum size has been fixed at 1000 square meters The limit for Doha is QR1280 per square meters, while on the city outskirts it is QR800 per square meter & The area of the plot should have prior approval of Urban Planning and Development Authority. The housing loan amount, has been raised to QR1.2m from QR600,000. For benefits that are more valuable, please visit: & Barwa Real Estate has announced Barwa Housing Program (which is located in two separate areas one in "West Al Saliya" and the other at "Musaimeer" in South Doha). with 1984 housing units are constructed in the two locations. The Mesaimeer area will have 992 double bedroom and triple bedroom apartments, have been signed with more than 650 beneficiary families that are getting ready for occupation. The delivery of these units will happen in February, 2009. For benefits that are more valuable, please visit: Transport

The Transport Company “Mowasalat” started its activities by providing land transport services and solutions in October 2004. By providing Airport Taxi, Standard Taxi, VIP Limousine, Standard Limousine, Public Bus Service, School Bus Service, and Private Hire Bus and Coach Services. for mor information please visit Cars Cars can be rented on most foreign licenses. Foreigners resident in GCC countries can rent a car if they can show a residence visa from their country of residence. Avis, Budget and Euro car rates per day for a small car, including insurance and unlimited mileage, is about QR150. There are rental desks at the airport and also in some hotels. There is also an agency in Doha -- Al-Muftah Rent-A-Car on Musheireb Street -- which often gives rates cheaper than QR150 per day.

Qatar Major Projects

Ras Laffan Industrial City RasGas Education City New Doha International Airport Qatar -Bahrain Friendship Bridge Doha Expressway project Doha Convention Centre and Tower National Railway System Project The Pearl-Qatar Project Barwa Al-Khor Lusail City Museum of Islamic Art Qatar Entertainment City

Twin Hotel Towers Sports Museum

Ras Laffan Industrial City was once a wild desert to a hub of thriving energy related industrial base. Inaugurated on 24 February 1997 with mission situated along the northeast coast of Qatar covers an area of 106 square km expected to expand to nearly 250 square kilometers in the near future. is an ideal investment centre for international investors which having some of the elite names in the world of energy such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Dolphin Energy and Qatar's pride- Qatar-gas and RasGas LNG production facilities. Strategically located at the centre of the Arabian Gulf sandwiched between the Far East and Europe on the international maritime shipping route, energy products can reach markets all over the world in quick time. For more information, please visit

RasGas :RasGas is one of the premier integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) enterprises in the world established in 2001 by Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil who are 70 per cent and 30 per cent shareholders respectively. RasGas currently operates fifth natural gas liquefaction train put Qatar in a position of undisputed leadership in world LNG. With production capacity of 20.7 million tonnes per annum (Mta). It is expected that this year the production will be in the region of 37m tonnes per annum (Mta). which represents asizeable proporation of qatar's target of 77 (Mta) by 2012. The train 6 is to be expected to be online be the second quarter of this year and completion of train 7 is expected later this year. RasGas in extracting and distributing those resources continues to grow. Industry experts estimate that by 2010 Qatar will supply 30 per cent of the world's LNG For more information, please visit .

Education City :Education city is dedicated to building human capital in a part of the world where the need and potential for human development are considerable, set up under the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development it provide a higher educational institutions at the university level, specialised training in design arts and languages, and sporting .The education city sets out to be an asset not just for Qatar but for the entire Middle East region and beyond, and it

already touches communities and individuals well beyond the country's borders. For more information, please visit .

New Doha International Airport :The 5 billion USD to construct New Doha International Airport with a land area in excess 22 square kilometers the new Doha International Airport expected to become one of the most sophisticated airports glob wide, & a regional pioneering aviation centre. And the first airport in the world to be design specifically to house the six airplanes of Airbus A380-800 super jumbo ,On the opining date 2010, the opining airport annual capacity to handle for 24 millions passengers and 750,000 tones of cargo. & over 100 hectares alongside have been reserved for commercial development. & Private development opportunities include free trade zone, office and Business Park, hotels, and retail mall. This will arising investment opportunities for more details, please visit: Qatar -Bahrain Friendship Bridge :The 3 Billion USD for Construction work Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Bridge When completed in 2013 it will be the longest marine causeway in the world and will link the two nations via a twin carriageway spanning more than 40km. The bridge will be one of the most important infrastructure projects in the region it will strengthening the economic development and social ties between the two nations, and GCC states in particular, The Causeway will provide both rail and road connections between Bahrain island, and Qatari peninsula. Construction work is expected to start at the end of January 2009. Doha Expressway project :Multi-Billion-Riyal project that links the north and south of the country through capital Doha. The Doha Expressway project is One of the major road projects of public work authority (Ashghal) , within its Five Year Plan to establish a modern road network to cope with the urban boom in the state. The Doha Expressway's entire project will comprises 13 phases. With total length of the street is about 6 kilometres .The public work authority (Ashghal) has announced the opening of the main street of "22 February Interchange" project in June 2009.which is part of the Doha Expressway and is being implemented by the German company Bilfinger Berger AG Civil and Emirate company Al Hamed Development and Construction. For more information, please visit :

Doha Convention Centre and Tower :1.2 billon US world-class architecture Doha Convention Centre and Tower with covering area of 100,000 square the Tower will soar 105 storey’s into the sky and

offer panoramic city views from its prestigious central location on the Corniche. It will be home to a hotel with 300 guest rooms, 80 serviced apartments and 300 residential apartments. For more information, please visit :

National Railway System Project :With a Multi-Billion Dollar US the Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Germany-based Deutsche Bahn, to developing a conceptual design for integrating Qatar's various planned railways into a comprehensive and consolidated national railway system. The project will also include a passenger and freight railway linking Qatar and Bahrain. For more information, please visit :

The Pearl-Qatar Project :The Pearl-Qatar, an island, which will redefine an entire nation a destination of qualities that are unique in the region. It an investment in a place of outstanding beauty This is the multi billion dollars man-made island covering 985 acres (400 hectares) of reclaimed land offshore The Pearl-Qatar largest urban development and the first to offer international investors freehold. It is a four-phase mixed-use development comprising 10 distinct, themed districts to be developed housing beachfront villas, elegant town homes, luxury apartments, exclusive penthouses, 5 star hotels, marinas, schools as well as upscale retail and restaurant offerings. will be a destination in its own right - a lavish, secure and exclusive island retreat with a Riviera-style community. In 2009, there will be a residential population of more than 41,000 people along with guests at the three 5 star hotels and other tourists and visitors. the a target completion date end of 2011 . United Development Company (UDC), the developer of The Pearl-Qatar project & the country's largest private sector shareholding company with a mission to identify and invest in long-term projects that contribute to Qatar's growth and provide good shareholder value. Barwa Al-Khor :30QR Billion Qatari Rial project covers an enormous area totalling 5, 459, 168 square metres approximately. The built up area of the project is 3,621,458 square metres. Al Khor city is to feature creatively inspired designs of villas and town houses, terraces, flats and mixed use areas2 sprawling hotels; one being a five star and the other four stars, a superior shopping mall, 4 top schools, 250, 000 sq m space for offices, a mosque and an international golf course. The project anticipates offering 24,114 units as homes to the elite with 5 star quality services to surround them.The project will be completed in 2015. for more details and more other barwa's local project please visit :

Lusail City :Lusail will be the ultimate in living experience for around 200,000 people. The new city in Qatar will be located about 15 km north of the city centre of Doha on the coast, in the northern part of the municipality of ''UmmSalal''.The development will have two marinas, residential areas, island resorts, commercial districts, luxury shopping and leisure facilities, including two golf courses and an entertainment district. It will be built in phases with the whole project slated for completion by 2010. Museum of Islamic Art :The Museum of Islamic Art , its symbol of culture. it being the largest dedicated Islamic Art Museum in the world & It has a very large collection of Islamic art , the Museum of Islamic Art Designed by I.M. Pei, the Chinese-born creator of such landmarks as the Louvre pyramid, the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington , DC , the simple. The museum opened to the public on December 1, 2008. . Qatar Entertainment City :$1.5bn to build over 50% of Qatar Entertainment City at the upscale Lusail city. with covering area of 1 million. The project is a holistic, fully integrated family entertainment destination covering a total sqm of development and 180,000sqm of international leisure, retail entertainment and restaurants.4,500 residential units including villas and sea-view apartments with full community facilities the project will embark on 2009 it is expected to be complied between 2015- 2016. Twin Hotel Towers :$500m to build twin hotel towers in the Lusail City by Qatar National Hotels (QNH) Company the two towers with unique designs will be constructed in the Marina district of Lusail City, located north of Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The two forty five storey towers. The first among the twin tower will house a hotel of 720 king and twin rooms, 16 executive suites, 98 junior suites, an executive lounge and a specialty restaurant. The hotel will have seven-star and five-star facilities at the top and bottom floors. The second tower encompasses single, double and three bedroom serviced apartments facing the sea, and a penthouse on the top floor. Along with that, the towers will comprise two floors exclusively dedicated to a shopping mall consisting of restaurants, a wide array of luxury shops, and a cinema covering 31,000 square meters in area.'' Hadi Samaan'', a renowned architect in the US ,

designs the towers. The construction is expected to be complete by 2010. For more information, please visit: . Sports Museum :8,000sqm area will display Qatar history and heritage.The museum will add value to the existing facility and will help in promoting sports tourism in Qatar. The “Aspire Zone” will be the venue for setting up the museum to attract lot of visitors. The museum consist several of section such as Qatar’s achievements in different sports, GCC, international, Olympics sports, in additional to that, there will be special educational section for the benefit of school students. It is expected to be open before January 2011.

Important Websites
Ministries & Government Organizations Ministry of Economy & Commerce Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Interior Ministry of Education Qatar Tourism Authority Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affaires Center for Geographic Information Systems Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture Hamad Medical Corporation Qatar Central Bank Qatar National Olympics Committee Planning Council E- Government ictQatar www.baladiya.go

Business Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry Qatari Businessmen Association Gulf Organization for Industrial Consultancies Doha Securities Market Qatar Financial Center The pearl Qatari Diyar Real Estate Investment Company Barwa Real Estate

Banks Qatar National Bank Qatar Islamic bank Doha Bank Commercial Bank International Bank of Qatar Qatar International Islamic Bank Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Industrial Qatar Petrochemical Company Qatar Petroleum Rasgas Qatar Fertilizer Company Qatargas Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Co. Service Industries Qatar Telecom (Q-Tel) Qatar Airways

Educational Establishment Qatar Foundation Qatar University Doha College

Hotels Doha Sheraton Hotel & Resort Inter-Continental Doha Sofitel Doha Hotel Doha Marriott Gulf Hotel

Media & Public Relations Al Sharq Newspaper Al Watan Newspaper Al Jazeera satellite Channel Al Rayah Newspaper Gulf Times Newspaper

Sports and Leisure Aspire Academy Doha Golf Club

For more information please refer to the link below were all above information has been gathered from. Qatar Investment Promotion Department (IPD) is an Official Department entrusted with catalyzing the growth and development of Qatar's economy by attracting corporate and private investors and by stimulating the growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Qatar. IPD is a division of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce .

IPD provides investors with extensive information related to business environment, including current investment projects, procedures related to setting up businesses, and government incentives.

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