Week 3: June 10

Introduction Start up and review bike fit and basics of safety 5min Discuss selfsustaining bike and mechanics 10min 0:15


Physical, Skills, Riding Sense


Post Ride

Session 1: CLINIC

Dynamic activation 7min Easy ride 6min Break 2min

Pedaling 20min Braking 20min

Easy ride 15min

Questions, discuss upcoming week 5min

Session 2: INTENSITY

Session 3: LONG RIDE

Other Training Coach's Comments

1:05 1:30 Long slow Easy ride Easy ride distance 10min 10min 1h50min 0:10 2:00 2:10 Keep focus on the ground-based back bending Hatha postures. These will strengthen your back needed for longer riding in the saddle. Keep up the upper body strength work with weights, and add in components of core fitness: supine bridge, plank, ab roll-out. This is the last week of the first adaptation and build phase for your program. Make it through this week and then focus on recovery and adaptation. The first benchmark will be met at the end of this week!

0:30 Dynamic activation 10min Easy ride 10min 0:20

1:10 Brisk ride aiming for 20km OR 45-50min

1:25 Easy ride 25min


6 My First Fondo Training Guide  2013 Powerful Good Society

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