Mobilink Internship Report

Introduction of Mobilink Mobilink GSM (PMCL), a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom, started its operations in 1994, and has become the market leader both in terms of growth as well as having the largest customer subscriber base in Pakistan-a base of over 30 million and growing. Mobilink is the first cellular service provider to operate on a 100% digital GSM technology in Pakistan that also provides state-of-art communication solutions to its customers. Mobilink offers exclusively designed tariff plans that cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individual to businessmen to corporate and multinationals, to achieve this objective, Mobilink offer both postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to their customers. Compared to their competitors, both the postpaid and prepaid brands are the largest brands of their kind in the Pakistan cellular industry. In addition to providing voice communication services that makes the lives of millions that much easy, they also offer a host of value added services to their customers. At the same time, Mobilink places high importance to its coverage, which is why they cover 9000+ cities and towns nationwide as well as over 120 countries on international roaming service. Organizational structure of Mobilink is geographically divided into three Divisions North, South, and Central. Each division is further divided into Business Units that are as follows
  

North is divided into North I (Islamabad and Surroundings) & North II (Peshawar, FATA) Central into Central I, II, III & IV (Consist of Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan & Gujranwala Regions) South into South I & II (Karachi, Hyderabad and Queta) Introduction of Departments In Mobilink House Multan there are 11 departments and all of these department works with integrity to achieve the organizational goals, so the importance of each department is critical at its space. The following pages discussed the major functions of these departments that I have observed during the internship at Mobilink House Multan. 1) 2) Direct Sales Indirect Sales

   Indirect Sales (JAZZ) Indirect Sales (Indigo) Sales Operations . postpaid connections and the Black Berry cell phones. The task of the Direct Sale team is that to visit different enterprises. SME’s and single customer also and to achieve sales target in the given period of time. Mostly they approach to cooperate clients and they sale them connections. They approach customer directly and they don’t use Franchise as an intermediate.3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) CNC (Credit and Collection) Finance IT Engineering Customer Services Club Indigo Administration 10) Marketing 11) Security The brief introduction of all of these departments is as follows: 1) Direct Sales: The Direct Sales Department deals with the sale of prepaid. 2) Indirect Sales: They are further three sections of indirect sales. Black Berry sets and they also give them Enterprise Service Solution (ESS). The need of this department is to give value to the Enterprise customer. The Direct Sales team makes personal relationship with the big enterprises as well as SME’s and they provide them different services like connections and Black Berry cell phone and after sale services.

Indirect Sales (Indigo) deals with managing the postpaid sales of franchise network. Assurance of Network security and give rights to the users according to their job. operations system & support. lifting of scratch card and to replace the Jazz Load Sims. in this case CNC issue waiver to them. do procurement and contracts. take the record of Jazz Load of each retailer. So. finance logistics and do the internal audit. installation of operating system and development and installation of software. Another function of CNC department is the collection of bills from those customers who are defaulter. procurement. 5) IT: IT department deals with all the issues related to computer operations. Black Berry cell phones and all the accessories related to Black Berry phones. Moreover they also maintain the inventory of all types of Sims. ensuring achievement of sales targets. Sales Operation team provides back-end support to Indirect and Direct sales. . 4) Finance: Finance department deals with the all the accounts of company. They are involved in the centralized planning and implementation.Indirect Sales (JAZZ) deals with the managing the franchise network. keep the record of sales of franchise and deals with the processing of postpaid files. Their core functions are to deal with the Networking of the entire PC in the office. They functions of Sales Operation team are to take the record of Sales of Franchise. Planning for the finance from different resources. managing retail and distribution at franchise. They also deal with processing of postpaid files. give report to franchise regarding commissions of their sales. Their functions are act as treasury. They also deals with the issuance of postpaid numbers to the franchise. training of franchise employees and to coordinate with other departments for development programs. 3) Credit and Collection: The CNC department deals with the giving credit to the corporate clients in the form of waiver of security and to give them credit limits according to their reputation and they also give waiver to individual clients like there is policy of company to give chance of getting one another connection of postpaid with the security of their previous connection to those whose previous record is very good. and is the interface of commercial to all other departments. budgeting the expenses and do the reporting of all the activities.

. Logistic: Logistic deal with the issues related to the planning of location. vii. OAN (Operation Access Network) The NOC finds the problem in the equipments. OCN (Operation Core Network) If NOC finds the problem in the equipment of Switches then OCN team will correct that problem. iv. The equipments of switches are big in comparison to that of towers and switches are fewer in number. NOC (Network Operation Center) They deal with the alarms monitoring and software maintenance of systems. and management of the performance of the equipments of tower and to maintain all the equipments in good working condition.6) Engineering: In the Engineering department there are further seven departments. Production: Production team deals with the construction of complete tower. They find the discrepancy in the equipment with the help of these alarms and then direct the concerned team to resolve that problem. ii. performance management and maintenance of Switches. v. ECN team deals with the planning. EAN (Engineering Access Network) They deal with the tower related issues like planning for the construction of new tower. Switches are basically the router which routs the calls. ECN (Engineering Core Network) They deal with the issues related to switches. site and all the legal issues related to acquiring of that particular site. The short introduction of all of the seven departments is as given below: i. if there is problem in the equipment of tower than OAN team will resolve that issue. vi. Basically there are different types of alarms in the towers and switches equipment. iii. deployment of the resources.

To inform and update customers about upcoming promos. Identify and resolve root causes of churn and strive to minimize it. Actually. 9) Administration: The basic functions of Administration are as follows:        Office Maintenance Travel & Accommodation arrangements Stationary requirements Courier services Vehicle maintenance Event management Cafeteria arrangements 10)Marketing: In Multan there is only one person for Marketing and he has to perform following functions:     Develop & execute regular promotions Brand Management Ensure successful product campaign launches Public relations .7) Customer Services: The basic responsibilities and core functions of CS (Customer Service) department are as follows:      To resolve the customer’s quires/requests and to provide optimal solution in minimum turnaround time. and to solve all the queries of corporate clients. keeping both company’s and customer’s interest in focus. To minimize churn and increase revenue. they give value to their corporate clients and they treat the corporate clients as VIP client and give them complete protocol in the form of services like issuance of new connection they do all the documentation for them. told them about new promos. 8) Club Indigo: They are deal with the issues related to corporate clients. value added services (VAS) and products. To facilitate and guide both walk-in & cooperate customers through service centers.

lost. access control doors and cameras in the whole office are the key features of the Security department. Each region has ZRO (Zonal Regional Officer) and RO (Regional . Non Performance Sims are those Sims which are not performing well which means that there are some cases like some retailer wind up their business or the relevant person discontinue the operation and the remaining person having no interest in this or retailers has not transfer the Jazz Load to any number for a particular period of time then those Sims come in Non-Performance Sims. The security alarms.g. One Master Sim has many Distributor Sims. due to stolen. Customer Service Centre. Multan Activities Performed During Internship Replacements of Jazz Load Sims: Jazz Load Sims are those Sims which are used to transfer the load from one Sims to another one. damage or Non Performance. There are three types of Jazz Load Sims 123Master Sims Distributor Sims Retailer Sims The company has issued one master sim to each of its franchise. Bhawalpur. My major task was to replace the Jazz load Sims. Each of them has one Master Sim and they get load from Mobilink regional office. there are various reasons to replace the Jazz Load Sims e.   Market research Sales analysis Advertisement in the local market 11)Security: The Security department aims to meet the security needs of the entire company by providing extensive security in the form of well-equipped guards and personnel at all offices and premises of the company. fire distinguishers. In Franchise they are many sales persons who have Distributor Sim and they get load from the Master Sim and they go to their assigned market or area in which they transfer the load to the Retailer Sim and then retailers transfer the jazz load to the jazz connections. In C-III there are seven regions these are Multan. Muzzafar Garh. Dera Ghazi Khan and Rahim Yar Khan. Mobilink have seven zones in Pakistan and Multan zone is C-III (Central 3). Hasilpur. Mobilink have 58 Franchises in Multan Region. Vehari.

50. Then we will see from which region they belong and then we will open the respective Master Sheet of that region. Retailer’s CNIC ID. Shop Name. Master Number. in Multan zone there are fix quota for each region. The ZRO’s and RO’s send me an email for the Jazz Load Replacement. In this format there are columns of Franchise ID. There are various steps in the replacement of Jazz Load Sims which are given below:    Start the MS-Outlook and open the email come from RO’s or ZRO’s. In the given request we will check some things like there should be no discrepancy in their request and all of the columns should be properly filled.Officer) and they have a target to get maximum Jazz Load in their region and to minimize the Non-Performance Sims. The Jazz Load team which is in Head Office Karachi has given Particular quota to each zone to replace the Jazz Load Sims on daily basis. We have a Master Sheet which we have made on MS-Excel in which there is a sheet for each region. Moreover. Retailer Name. All of the ZRO’s and RO’s have the similar format of our Master Sheet and they send their request according to that format. Each Sim is being replaced at the cost of Rs. So they send request to me replace the Jazz Load Sims. they e-mail the request of Jazz Load replacement numbers along with their deposit slip. The quotas of these regions are given below: Region Multan Vehari Hasilpur Bhawalpur Muzzafar Garh Dera Ghazi Khan Rahim Yar Khan Total Quantity 22 10 10 15 8 10 13 88 I have given a separate PC and login. Retailer Number. In that request there are replacement numbers and deposit slip. CTDMID. and Reason. . Distributor Number. Multan zone can replace 88 Jazz Load Sims in a day.

In that way we will paste final 88 numbers on the final replacement sheet. Type is the type of replacement number that whether it is Master. After this we have started to prepare final replacement sheet which we have to send Jazz Load team. Old ICCID is the old Sim number which we got from software VALISTA. Then we will check the deposit slip of that request. Then we count the total numbers for the replacement and then we will multiply these numbers with 50. In the deposit slips we also check the duplication of the slips that whether that slip is old or new for this there is log of slips in which we enter the deposit slip numbers and the date. We select the replacement numbers on FIFO basis and in the Master Sheet in the end of each row we will write “issued” in the status column and the Date at which we have replaced it. Distributor or Retailer. Old ICCID. In that way we paste all the requests to their respective Master Sheet till 12:00 Noon. . DO (Distributor) or Retailer Requested By is the name of the person who sends the final request to the Jazz Load team. Requested By. In the final replacement sheet we have to send only 88 numbers for the replacement in a day doesn’t matter we have a request more than 88 numbers but if we have less than 88 numbers to replace then we can replace all of these numbers in a day. If the total amount of the deposit slip mismatch with the total amount of the requested numbers then we will call and email the sender about the matter and then we resolve the matter accordingly. ID is the Id of Franchise from which there comes a request for replacement. Date is the date of that day in which we send the request for replacement. If there is come any duplication then we will check the replacement date of that number we will not replace it. MSISDN is the Jazz Load Replacement number it could be Master. Similarly. Date. it will be the total amount of the requested numbers. If there is no duplication then we will copy all the numbers from their Excel sheet to our Master Sheet of their region. In the final replacement sheet there are columns of MSISDN. New ICCID is the nineteen digit Sim number which is written on the new Sim that we will give them after replacement. the total amount must be equal to that of the requested numbers. and ID. New ICCID. we will copy the replacement numbers from the Master Sheet of all the regions according to their quota and will paste on final replacement sheet.             o o o o o o o Then we check the duplication of the requested replacement numbers from our Master Sheet that whether these numbers have been replaced before or not. Type. Then we will open the Master Sheet of Multan and copy the ID of the franchise and the replacement numbers of first 22 numbers and then paste these numbers on the new sheet which is our final sheet of replacement. if it is replaced within ten days otherwise we will replace these numbers.

Mobilink use product-mix strategies like they position their product in relation to competitor. income.  After completing the final sheet I have to recheck it that it should be no mistake in it and then I forward that sheet to my boss and after checking that sheet he send it to the Jazz Load team for the replacement. They also give different sales promotion techniques like they give free minutes. product class or attribute and by price and quality. on their credit card they give reward points which can be use in different places and to the franchiser they give .g. Jazz One is the best package for calls in prepaid connection. Radio. Then we dispatch all of the replaced Sims to their respective Franchises. The replacement numbers become active within 48 hrs. Jazz Octane target the youngsters who are heavy usage rate of SMS. Jazz Ladies First particularly target the Ladies. social class. benefits desired and usage rate basis. further they use price competition strategy in which they react according to their competitors and they charge more in indigo because they have some sort of monopoly in it. reference group. gender. Indigo are mostly used by the business users whose usage is very high. age. Franchise and Distribution Centre as in Central-III there are 58 Franchises and 2 Distribution centers.e.  Promotion: They use different methods of promotion like they advertise their products in TV’s. free air time. Jazz PCO for the commercial users. Targeting and Positioning is applicable like they have segmented the market into geographic.  Price: In the beginning they use Market-Skimming Pricing Strategy as an entry strategy. Magazines. zero connection charges. Application of Class Room Learning in the Organization The application of class room concepts that I have identified in the Mobilink are given below along with the course title: Marketing Management:   o Concept of Market Segmentation. Newspapers and Bill boards.  Placement: For the placement of their product they use the mean of middlemen i. The concepts of 4P’s are very much applied in the Mobilink like: Product: Mobilink has launched their products on the basis of segmentation e.

Data Base Management System: The concept of creating new tables. employee training. organizational communication. they also make public relations mostly with the corporate. formatting of tables. selection. de recruitment. prestige. self recognition. span of control.  Controlling: The concept of measuring. performance appraisal methods. and sorting are the concepts that use of them is highest. Introduction to Computing: The use of Excel is the basic concept that I used very much in Excel inserting record. taking managerial actions. forms and use of queries to process the data use of different filters are utilized very much. recruitment. motivation tools like appraisal. compensation and benefits and career development are applied. use of formulas. process of interpersonal communication. entity relationship.different types of commission and rewards.  Organizing: In organizing concept of departmentalization. promotions. incentives are used. bonus. Principles of Management: They are various concepts of Management that are applied here like:  Planning: In planning the concept of decision-making process. feedback control. centralization and decentralization. strategic management processes are applied. performance management and benchmarking are very much common. processes. Moreover the use of Outlook express is also the basic concept of computer concepts that I use very much. rewarding. comparing. employee performance management. Networking: . normalization. work specialization.  Leading: In leading the concept of understanding group behavior.

expiry date. I learnt how to make important decisions in critical situation. I know how to find the subscribers detail in which there is complete detail of the customer and his connection e. capacity. forecasting. routers. replacement date. I learnt how to work in high pressure conditions. VPN and remote computing are commonly used. I learn how to communicate with Franchise staff persons. Corporate Clients. I work on MS-Outlook Express on the intranet and I learnt lot of new things of that. pin code. I learnt how to make persona l relationship with people. Scheduling. There are lots of things for learning in such organization. radio and microwaves. activity sheet etc. agent’s detail etc. switches. and Zonal Regional Officers and Managers on telephone I learn how to make reports of daily replacements as I send reports on daily basis to the respective ZRO’s & ZRM’s. formation of report. Learning in the Organization Learning is the basic purpose for our internship program in the business organization. forms and queries on MS-Access and how to process the data over it. Franchise owners. I learnt how to deal with the issues related to replacement of Sims and how to report the concerned team and how to take follow up of that report. In another software I learnt how to send MPIN to retailers.In networking the concepts of routing. and memorandums. . GPRS.g. inventory management. personal relationship and communication skills are very much important and used. billing information. WAN. Wi-Fi. puk code. purchase date. As I use different software during internship so. LAN. I learnt a lot about MS-Excel as about 90% of my work is on it so now I have good hand over it. transaction report. Operations Management: The concept of location. Business Communication: The concepts of process of preparing effective business messages. I learn how to make tables. quality management. supply chain management are applied. the things that I have learnt during my internship are as follows:             Time Management is one of the basic things that everyone should adapt and during my internship I learnt how to manage the time in so much busy schedule. business letters.

Mobilink PCO. Unmatched Value Added Services. Premium brand image and Exclusive Black Berry Services. There is lack of interdepartmental communication. Only Mobilink has JSA technology through this retailers can verify the customer’s NIC from NADRA. 57 Million Minutes per day. The working environment is very good. City Mobilink Credit Card. Network problem and voice quality is still a big issue. villages and towns. Mobilink is at more competitive on experience curve. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: Following are the vital strengths of Mobilink:                     Market Leader in the Telecommunication industry with 41% market share. Billing mistakes in indigo bills is common. Mobilink is pioneer of GSM technology in Pakistan. energetic and motivated professionals. Highly skilled. . International roaming in over 120 countries with more than 300 partners operator worldwide. 91% of the companies in KSE 100 Index are powered by Mobilink Indigo. Mobilink fulfill the Corporate Social responsibilities Weaknesses: Following are the weaknesses of Mobilink:     Mobilink is expensive in comparison to other networks. Security system is very good there are separate security department for this purpose. Mobilink has largest network coverage in Pakistan and covering 9000+ cities. Helpline in different languages. By this internship my confidence level has been increased. Mobilink has good competitive processes and procedure of operations. The environment is vey conducive. Having strong brand equity across the country.

money transfer and stock exchange. Being a market leader they can make head to head competition to their competitors and to make them out of market. Although there is conducive environment but there is still a yes boss culture up to some extent. Telenor is getting the advantage of increasing subscribers in that market. They are opportunity to provide the facility of internet connectivity to your laptop or pc through Sim. By the expansion of network in that place where there is no network coverage of Mobilink. . There is no proper software available for Inventory system. By organizing events for some social causes they can improve the image of company. Fewer Advertisements now a day. Mobilink has an opportunity to add further products to its existing product line. Mobilink can increase its market share by entering new market segments. Mobilink is offering new services such as WiMax. Threats: The factors which can be threatened to Mobilink are as follows:      Due to increasing demand of HR in telecommunication sector Mobilink’s employees are switching towards their competitors. Instead of using powerful tools of database they are still using flat file system and MSAccess with some extent. Due to the arrival of Zong most of the Mobilink’s customers are switching toward it due to their exiting packages. Telenor have packages like djuice and talk shawk in prepaid connection have threatened the Jazz Octane and Jazz prepaid by their exciting offers. By revising their pre paid packages by lowering the prices of SMS and other networks they can increase the retention of customers. online transactions. Opportunities: Mobilink has the following opportunities:          They have an opportunity to provide different value added services like e-banking.      Mostly process are not efficient in the routine jobs. Here TC matters a lot. By focusing on quality they can position their product on the basis of high quality product. Wateen has installed brand new technology WiMax and though this they get USP while Mobilink is now thinking about that technology.

Most of the people dislike anything extra-ordinary or something which sabotage their culture or sub culture. Unemployment rate is going up and up with the increase of level of poverty. economic conditions are also in a very bad condition. Inflation rate is going high and high and the value of Rupee is going down and it proves as very drastic for the economics of country. Government strict the policies for the new connection and they give punishment to those retailers who have done the fake sales due to this sale of new connections are declining.   Due to intense competition Mobilink is losing its market share. Government imposes heavy taxes on telecommunication sector and they increase the taxes more than double and now it is 21% on every call. Telenor has introduced H-Stick through which by inserting the Sim in that device you can connect through internet at your laptop or PC. Pakistan is in very critical position due to this foreign trader is not interested to invest in Pakistan in these circumstances. Economical Factors: Following are the economic factors which are affecting the whole industry:     As there is instability in politics. Marketer should consider long term and short term state of a trading market. PEST ANALYSIS Political Factors: The political factors that are affecting the Mobilink’s policies are as follows:     Political environment of Pakistan is unstable in the current situation. In metropolitan cities women are doing work along with their other responsibilities but other than metropolitan it is difficult for women to convince their parents and spouses for work. In this year budget. Political and economical instability and terrorism in the country. . Mobilink should targeting upper-end of market mostly published and aired their advertisement in English language. Due to instability in Politics. Socio Cultural Factors: The Socio Cultural Factors which can affect Mobilink’s policies are as follows:     As Pakistan is an Islamic country and people are very strict in case of Islam anything against the philosophy of Islam on either print or electronic media are treated as against Pakistan.

Lower SMS rates to other networks. Ensure Network quality. Suggestions and Recommendations Following are some suggestion for the organization that should be adapt by the organization. Adaptation of value added services. To cover all of those sites where other operators have coverage while Mobilink doesn’t. Improvement in Customer Services. Mobilink is now moving towards WiMax technology through which there will be wireless telephone and broadband technology. Better customer incentive plan. . especially towards e-commerce.    As there are different languages spoken in Pakistan so. They are also doing research regarding 3G technology. Technological Factors: Following are the technological factors which company should concern:      Companies have technology with which they can compete in the Pakistan and now companies are investing in their infrastructure to not only expand but also to upgrade their existing structure. Innovation in technology. Mobilink has shifted its whole network from 900MHz to 1800MHz. they should also segment the market on the basis of age. To provide more training programs for technical employees. As most of the population of Pakistan lies in low income range therefore they should target those customers and give them cheapest possible package. Mobilink has introduced the Jazz Ladies First package which typically segments the females so. Employee retention plans needs to be more efficient. As the lifestyle of people living in big cities are changing so they need more value added services in their connections. Drastic revision in indigo tariff specifically in terms of prices. Mobilink should give their customer assistance in all of these languages. Focus on subscriber retention. Training on regular basis in order to keep employees up to date and motivated.              Establish Research and Development Department. Mobilink is providing largest variety of value added services (VAS) in Pakistan.

Try to advertise all the important roads. Make assurance that all the sales are genuine and there should be no fake sales. . backed by quality. sometimes reactive. Conduct of extracurricular activities. Provide equal opportunity for growth in each department. Mobilink values to be adapted by everyone as a habit and culture of Mobilink. I will strongly emphasize on employees retention. Conduct regular meetings on weekly basis with my staff regarding issues that they are facing and try to solve them accordingly.e. Strong interdepartmental communication which is lacking. I will change its market strategy from time to time. reliability and integrity. Eliminate the culture of “yes boss” and to encourage the two way communication with all staff members. Make continuous expansion in the network to maintain the leadership. GPRS service should be improved. Reorganize the processes of sales operations in an efficient manner to reduce wastage of time and rework. places. and chowks by name of Mobilink. Make assurance of quality of services and to assure quick response of respective team to fix the issue. If I am the Manager If I will be the Manager of Mobilink then I will take the following steps:                    Make better use of internal resources and reduce reliance on outsourcing. Conduct training and development seminars on regular basis. sometimes proactive and always active. Complete focus on customer retention by providing them better services. Changes should be what customers want the most i. I will try to make up to date my staff with the latest state of the art tools and techniques to run each business domain.  Should introduce new brands. Improve the database and different software that are using now days by using powerful tools of advanced databases. the latest technology and services.