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Program of the conference A man doth not live by bread only.

Food, kitchen and cuisine in antiquity Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies University of Wrocaw Wrocaw, 13-15th June 2013 Venue: Auditorium Historicum, Szewska 49 street, 1st Floor 13.06 12.30 13.00 Opening ceremony. Welcome speech. Keynote Speech Gociwit Malinowski Herpetositai, Myotroktai, Strouthophagoi some remarks on Greek compound ethnonyms 13.15 14.15 First Session. Chair: Petr Charvt Daniele Umberto Lampasona Food administration in the Ur III period Stefan Nowicki Menu of the gods. Mesopotamian supernatural powers and their nourishment in textual sources 14.30 15.30 Second Session. Chair: Karel van Lerberghe Stefania Ermidoro Food Prohibitions and Dietary Regulations in Ancient Mesopotamia Annabelle Staiger Salt Materia Magica. The ambivalent meaning of salt in ancient Mesopotamia 16.00 17.30 Third Session. Chair: ukasz Niesioowski - Span Francesca Balossi Restelli, Lucia Mori The shape of bread: baking molds and related cooking techniques in the Ancient Near East Agnese Vacca, Luca Peyronel

Food preparation at Ebla, Syria. New data from the Royal Palace G (c. 2400-2300 BC) (coauthored with Claudia Wachter) Pawe Madejski Breaking the taboo: cannibalism and revenge 14.06 9.00 10.30 Fourth Session. Chair: Josef Fischer Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme If I were hungry, I would not tell you (Ps 50:12): Perspectives on the Care and Feeding of the Gods in the Hebrew Bible ukasz Niesioowski-Spano Food or Drink; Pork or Wine? The Philistines and their Ethnic-Marker Kamilla Twardowska Eating Habits and Food of the Monks of Palestine in the 5th 6th c. 11.00 12.30 Fifth session. Chair: Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme Josef Fischer The production, distribution and consumption of food in Mycenaean Greece in the light of the Linear B evidence Magorzata Zadka When did Greeks eat the cherry for the first time? Some remarks on the Pre-Greek etymology of the names of fruits Aikaterini Mandalaki (, 37a): Social and cultural aspects of wine drinking in ancient Greece. 14.00 15.30 Sixth session. Chair: Maciej Kokoszko Paulina Komar Consumption of Greek wines in Roman Italy between literary and archaeological evidence Marcin Kotyl A List of Ingredients and One Kitchen Tool: An Unpublished Ostrakon from Giessen (O.Giss. Inv. 109 + 307) 2

Krzysztof Jagusiak Cakes and breads in Oribasius Collectiones medicae 16.00 17.00 Seventh session. Chair: Ewa Skwara Maciej Kokoszko Rice as a food and medicament in ancient and Byzantine medical literature Zofia Rzenicka Ham in Ancient and Byzantine sources 15.06 09.00 10.30 Eigth session. Chair: Jakub Pigo Ewa Skwara The Function of Food in Roman Comedy Giacomo Tabita Network of Roman Cooking Ware on the Euphrates River Joanna Pieczonka What does the Parasite Ergasilus want to eat on the Names of Fish in the Plautine Captives (vv. 850 851) 11.00 12.00 Ninth session. Chair: Gociwit Malinowski Aleksandra Krauze-Koodziej And they, () breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness () of heart (Acts 2, 46) early Christian feasts and cuisine Sawomir Torbus The Problem of Food Sacrificed to Idol in 1 Cor. 8,1-11,1 from Rhetorical Perspective 12.00 12.30 Closing Ceremony