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The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Corpus Christi

A Catholic Faith Community Since 1908

St. Rita of Cascia

June 2, 2013

SUNDAYS: Sat. 5:30 pm (Vigil), 7:30 am, 10 am & 12 N WEEKDAYS: Mon., Tues., Fri, and Sat. 8 am (Wed. & Thurs. 8 am Communion Service) HOLY DAYS: (eve of) 5:30 pm; (day of) 8 am & 6:30 pm

(Confession) Saturdays 4-5 pm or by appointment DEVOTIONS Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Saturday 7:50 am ADORATION First Friday 8:30 am5 pm, Rectory Oratory

Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V.F.Pastor Deacon Manuel Valencia Deacon John Hull 318 North Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre Mailing Address: 50 East Alegria Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Phone: 626/355-1292 FAX: 626/355-2290


Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V. F.Pastor
626.355.1292 x. 228 Dcn. Manuel & Chela Valencia 626.355.1292 Dcn. John 626.355.1292 Weekend Presiders: 10 am MassFr. Chris Thiel, OFM Capuchin

Parish Ministries and Organizations

Liturgy & Worship
Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers: David & Jill Muhs 355.9810 Altar Servers, Youth: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302 Altar Servers, Adult: Bill Cosso 355.5656 Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Ganino 626.398.9302 Rosary Prayer Group: Susan Day 355-3835 Sacristans: Sat. Vigil: Gary Fidone/Bill & Patti Huber Sunday Masses: 7:30-Bill Cosso/David Banis; 10:00-David Muhs; 12N-Bernie Grace Weekdays: John Bigley, Margaret Duran Porter: (Evening Church Lockup) Sheila Palazzolo Environment: Denise Villalovos/Gil Lazo 355.1292

How to Contact Us
Parish Office/Mailing Address 50 East Alegria Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am to 6pm; Sat. 9 am to 1 pm. Office Email: Director of Administration
Mary Lou Butler: 355.1292

Ministries & Organizations

Bereavement Ministry: Call Parish Office 355.1292 Christian Family: Sheila Pierce 355.8332 Greeters & Ushers: Erny Henry 626.289.3504 626.446.6715 Mens Club: Nick Sotis: 358-2495 New Members/Welcome: Contact the Parish Office St. Rita Guild: Patty Sullivan 355.3707 Senior Ministry: Marilyn McKernan, Shawl Ministry: Mary Taillac 355.3179 Marilyn Delgatto 355.8717

Pastoral Council Vice Chair

George Landis: 626.792.0445

Finance Council Chair

Bill Sullivan: 355.3707

St. Rita SchoolOffice: 626.355.6114

Principal: Joanne Harabedian

Other Contacts
Archivist: Marilyn McKernan Bulletin Submissions: or drop off at Office Public Relations: Registration Information: 355.1292 Webmaster: Ralph Seymour:

Director of Liturgy & Music Paul Puccinelli: Director of Religious Education Cristina Cullen: 355.3841 Director of Youth Ministry/Confirmation Theresa Bui Costanzo: 626.590.8828 RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) Team: Deacon Manuel and Chela Valencia; Susan Blakeslee:

Let Saint Rita Be There For You . . .

Communion for Sick and Homebound Parishioners
St. Rita ministers provide Communion home visits. Contact the Parish Office 355.1292 or Jill Muhs 355.9810

For Information about the

Sacrament of Baptism
Baptismal Preparation for parents and godparents: 7 8:30 pm the last Monday of the month. Call for Reservations. Baptisms are usually the first Sunday of the month.

Anointing of the Sick

Please notify us (355.1292) as early as possible for the Anointing of the Sick, the sacrament intended for the seriously ill or dying. It is Our Lords special presence and companionship in serious time of need. Anointing may take place in the home, at the hospital or elsewhere and as often as once a month. If someone should die without anointing, remember that the desire to receive is sufficient and the Lord cares!

Sacraments of Reconciliation and first Eucharist

Preparation for children who have attained the age of reason (usually during 2nd grade) is arranged either through the Office of Religious Education or St. Rita Elementary School.

If You Should Experience the Loss of a Loved One

Please call us at 355.1292 If you feel you will be in need, or your loved one has passed, we will assist in making arrangements with your chosen funeral directors; refer you to our liturgy and music directors; and offer you helpful guidelines and a book that will aid in the selection of readings for the Mass or Memorial Service. Areas we can help you with prior to the passing may help in the planning of funeral services. We know that this can be a tough time and we want you to know that your parish is there for you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND we only have one resident priest, sometimes arrangements for another priest may be needed.

Sacrament of Matrimony
Contact the Parish Office upon engagement; at least six months is needed for preparation of this joyous sacrament!

Sacrament of Confirmation

A two-year program for freshman/sophomore age teens. Apply through the Office of Religious Education.

NOTE: Adult applicants for the sacraments should contact the Parish Office.

Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick

See adjoining column.




Dear Parishioners,
Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christalso known as the Feast of Corpus Christi. Over my 40 years as a Roman Catholic priest, from parents of children preparing for sacraments, to members of RCIA classes, to people in formation and training to become Eucharistic Ministers, to couples preparing for marriage, to those headed toward ordinationALL, at one or time or another have heard me make this claim, The Most Holy Eucharist is the most perfect thing I know. Simply put, this is why: it is because the celebration of the Holy Eucharist leads to Holy Communion. Furthermore, this is so important to bringing about Jesus kingdom and to carrying out His mission, that he saidDo this is memory of me. For me, the most striking application of Eucharist as Perfection is a couple getting married. Two people come together to offer the most basic and fundamental thing they havetheir body and their bloodtheir human lives. Is this not what Jesus did in taking the Church as His bride? For Christians, marriage and family become a HOLY COMMUNION simply by the very fact that their lives are lived with the clear understanding that they are living out Jesus instruction, Do this in memory of me. Just as every Mass, every celebration of the Eucharist recalls Jesus life, passion, death, and resurrection, so will every life lived include elements of the same. This is why marriage vows include I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness, and in health. I will love you and honor all the days of my life. When all is said and done, are these not the same promises Jesus made to us by His living, His dying, and His rising again? No wonder His Heavenly Father declared, This is my beloved Son on whom my favor rests. In the twilight of married life and a family, this is the best that could be hoped forthat the Heavenly Father would declare with Divine joy, This is a marriage and a family in whom I am well pleasedbecause they lived their lives, the best they could, in imitation and in memory of my Son. And that is why, even though it was not always, heaven on earth, it was a Holy Communion. Sometime ago, at the School Tuesday morning Mass, I told the children, Now its up to you. Take your body and your blood back to your classrooms, out to recess, and back home to live in Holy Communion. Do it because Jesus did it for you. Do it out of love as Jesus did it because He loves you. Live today and every day in memory of Him. The reason you are going to get along today or just obey is because anything else would not be a Holy Communion. This is why the celebration of The Word and The Eucharist are so important to the life of a parish. It is how we connect all the rest of our lives to Do this in memory of me. We have no other choice but to get up in the morning with our body and our bloodour own lives. We might as well do it the way Jesus did it, because the way He did it is Eucharist, a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and it leadsbest of all to Holy Communion. And that is just PERFECT. Msgr. Richard


For those of us old enough to remember David Frosts taglinethat was the week that was! The Feast of St. Rita of Cascia was a day of prayer and great joy for not only parishioners, but all those pilgrims who journeyed to our Shrine to show their great love for St. Rita. Andmore words next week, but for nowthank you so much to everyone who made the celebration of my 40th Anniversary of Ordination such an incredible memory for meit was a Holy Communion all day long. Msgr. Richard



8:00 AM 5:30 PM


Nellie Twardzick Thompson RIP Gary Cisco RIP

7:30 AM For All Parishioners 10:00 AM William Balber RIP 12 NOON Ernie Nosari RIP

Gerald Krekelberg, Cathy Fiore, Madelyn Shaull, Dorothy Van Gorden, John J. McCoy, Diane Ridley, Richard Forcione, Maria Carmen Marti, Dennis & Clare Marquardt, Rosemary Fryzm, Andy Pulley, Katherine Haderlein, Andy Heller, JoAnn E. Douglass, Kathleen Ramsey, Tonyja Blakeslee, Addie Marshall, Joanna Singleton, Jackie Bagnuolo, Mary Ellen Isoard, Tim Stanley, Antoinette Wassef, Theresa Morcos, Aspet Herapetian, Rose Mary Taquino, Selma Tuffs, David Duran, Paul Viger, Julie Meyer, Zdenka Czerny, Cliff Hancuff, Wendy Wolf Fadel, Hal Finney, Christa Owen, Ailey Gardner-Ybarra, Cathy Hundshamer, Eva Bernejo, Laurie Larkin Masella, Edith Olah, Matteo Begnoche, Lancelot Loera, Fred Mycroft, Brian Eck, Alex Arranaga, Anna Mary Hession, Mildred Vocelka, Joseph Moore, Effie DeGroot, Ned Vento.

8:00 AM 8:00 AM 8:00 AM 8:00 AM 8:00 AM


Rudy Fundter RIP

Robert Daly


Pat Hardy RIP

Communion Service Communion Service

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth Wednesday, June 5, Evening Prayer

5:30 pm Meditation 6 pm Prayer Rectory Oratory


Tage Anderson RIP

8:00 AM Rev. Thomas A. Meskill RIP 5:30 PM Mr. & Mrs. Hizon RIP 7:30 AM Sue Viola RIP 10:00 AM For All Parishioners 12 NOON Stephen Purner RIP

Thursday, June 6, Bible Study

7 pm Parish Office Meeting Room

Friday, June 7, Adoration After the 8 am Mass until 5 pm Rectory Oratory

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions

FEAST DAYS Monday, June 3

Wednesday, June 5
St. Boniface St. Norbert

This Time of Grace Entrusted to Mary: Blessed Because She Believed

During May, in this Year of Faith, Easter Time culminated in Christs Ascension and the Holy Spirits coming at Pentecost. Trinity Sunday helps us make the transition back into Ordinary Time, that long stretch of green Sundays when we celebrate the Fathers providential care, the Sons redeeming love, the Holy Spirits abiding guidance. But May is always dedicated to our Blessed Mother Mary. With Mary, the apostles and first disciples kept prayerful vigil for the Spirits coming, the culmination of Marys faith-filled lifetime. In Door of Faith, Pope Benedict celebrates Marys faith, shown forth in her acceptance of the angels word at the Annunciation, her charity in the Visitation to Elizabeth, her trust in Joseph during the flight into Egypt, her steadfast vigil beneath her Sons cross. For Marys undaunted faith and the selfless love it inspired, all generations shall call her blessed. Imitate Marys trusting faith in God and selfless charity toward others; honor Marys faith by reciting the Angelus; seek Marys intercession by praying the Rosary.

Thursday, June 6 Friday, June 7

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

First ReadingMelchizedek brought out bread and wine and blessed Abram
(Genesis 14:18-20).

PsalmYou are a priest forever, in the line of Melchizedek (Psalm 110). Second ReadingPaul gives his description of the institution of the Eucharist
(1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

GospelJesus spoke to the crowd about the kingdom of God and then fed them with five loaves and two fish (Luke 9:11b-17).


St. Rita School
Final Edge MeetingMonday, June 3, 4 pm, Gara Youth NiteWednesday, June 12, 7 pm, Gara Youth Ministry Mission to Belize We will embark on our journey on Friday, June 14. Please keep us in your prayers that we may have a safe and fruitful trip. If you would like to donate to defray our costs, please make a check payable to St. Rita (Belize Mission on the pay line), and put it in the Sunday Offering basket. Thank you for all those who have already supported us financially for this mission. Theresa Costanzo Catholic Education gives a child an advantage for life! St. Rita School Alumni

If you wish to hear all about the great things going on at the schooland receive invitations to the fun events (Texas Hold em)send your name, address and email to: or call the School Office 355-6114 This is our first publication to mark our 90th year! Fundraiser, Tuesday, June 4Cold Stone Creamery From 2-9 pm 408 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia.

Food DriveWeekend of June 8 & 9

The St. Rita Guild is sponsoring this event for benefit of our Sister Parish, St. Anthony. Check your cupboards and take advantage of sales in the next few weeks to pick up: canned vegetables & fruits, cooking oil, peanut butter, tuna, 1 lb. packages of pasta or beans, cereals. Please no glass containers. And please no food past the marked expiration/use by date.

St. Rita School Office 355-6114 St. Rita Mens Club Non-Installation Dinner
Friday, June 14, 6:00 pm St. Rita Meadow

Happy Retirement to Jos Rodriguez

After 40+ years at St. Rita School, Jos is retiring! Many parishionersand their children and grandchildren tooremember Joss smiling presence on campus. We will be saluting his years of service at a gathering on Saturday, June 15, beginning at the 5:30 pm Mass and continuing with a reception/meal in OMalley.

Join us for tacos, margaritas, beer, dessert and more as we celebrate the finish of another successful year. $10 per person, members and their spouses/significant others invited.
For more information or to RSVP Nick Sotis 626/599-8228

Thank you to all who helped!

Our parish certainly showed visitorson both the St. Rita Feast Day and our special Noon Mass to celebrate Monsignor Richards Anniversarywhat a great faith community we are! Events do not just happen! There are so many volunteers who gave of their time and their talent and their treasureto make everything come together, while building community and friendships. At the risk of leaving someone out, we will just cite the chairpersons of the celebrations but know the citation, with deep gratitude, extends to all who were involved: St. Rita Feast DayJoan Crow Ordination Anniversary CelebrationMargie Romano

Watch for more details in next weeks Bulletin. Blood DriveSunday, July 14
Mark your calendar for this next life-saving event! From 8:30 until 2:30 in OMalley Hall. To make an appointment, please contact: Marilyn McKernan 355-1292 x233

Deadline for Bulletin articles is Thursday, 10 days

before desired publication date. or bring to the Parish Office.


Meetings, Ministry & Special Events
In Pew Survey this weekendJune 1 & 2 Your opinion is vital to us and we need your participationOur parish family has
grown and thrived for generations; many of you have said that St. Rita feels like home to you. To guarantee our parish home thrives for our future generations, we are asking for your opinion in assessing and planning for its needs. This weekend, during all Masses, we will be conducting an in-pew survey to have each of you help us with the planning process. We look forward to hearing from you. Msgr. Richard Mary Lou Butler

This Week at St. Rita

This SundayJune 2
Meet and Greet Monsignor Richard
After all the Masses Coffee & Donuts too!

1:30 pm In the Church

4 pm OMalley Hall Light Refreshments

Thursday, June 6 Happy Birthday, Monsignor Richard!

This Sunday After All the Masses Were still celebrating

If you werent able to attend last Sundays event, here is your chance to meet with Msgr. Richard, write a few words in his Memory Book, or leave a congratulatory card in celebration of his 40th Anniversary of Ordination. And stay to enjoy coffee and donuts. You may also want to add birthday wishesJune 6 is the actual dayas we continue the celebration for our pastor!

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

See page 4 for more information, times, locations.

Pray the RosaryAfter weekday 8 am Mass Wednesday, June 5, Evening Prayer Thursday, June 6, Bible Study Friday, June 7, Adoration & Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Friday, June 7 St. Rita School Graduation

Catholic Community & Local Events

Journey through Griefbegins Friday, June 7. A six-week support group for those who have suffered a loss. Continues every Friday thru July 12. Arcadia Community Center, 365 Campus Drive, Arcadia, 91007. RSVP: 626/974-2045 12th Annual Sacred Heart ConferenceJune 7-8 This years theme is Journey of Faith. Join Dan Burke, Executive Director of the National Catholic Register, Rev. Michael Barry, SS.CC, co-founder of Marys Mercy Center, and Rev. Don Woznicki, co-founder of New Ethos for an inspirational faith-filled weekend. Holy Name of Mary Church, San Dimas. $35 per person. Info? Stephany 909-260-2033 FingerprintingAssumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saturday, June 15. Morning & afternoon. Appointment Required: call 626/792-1343 Marriage Encounter WeekendJune 28-30. Your love as husband and wife is a gift to one another, as well as a gift from God. Strengthen and rekindle your relationship. Info?

Save the Date

Weekend of June 8-9 Food Drive for St. Anthony
Sponsored by the St. Rita Guild See page 5 for information.

Friday, June 14Mens Club Non-Installation Dinner

See page 5 for information.

Saturday, June 15Farewell to Jos Rodriguez

See page 5 for information.

Sunday, June 16Coffee and Donuts Social

After every Mass Sponsored by The Mens Club