Miss Nagi Spring 2009 MG Research Unit

Once again, we are going to be counting on our well developed PUBLIC SPEAKING skills, this time to deliver a thoughtful and intriguing DEBATE! In order to argue our points sufficiently, and correctly we are going to be doing a little bit of… yep, you guessed it! The big R! BUT! DON’T WORRY! IT’S GOING TO BE FUN! The type of research we are going to be doing is called MULTI-GENRE research…which means interviewing your Grandma can be considered a research artifact! It is ok if you do not exactly know what this mean… we are going to be creating our own definitions and criteria. I would encourage all of you to go home today and look up multi-genre research to see what you can find! 

The Assignment Requirements •Must work in pairs or groups of 4 (i.e. PAIRS= 1 person for + 1 person against; GROUPS= 2 people for + 2 people against) •Each person must turn in a hard copy compilation of their assigned research that is alphabetized, and organized along with a bibliography of all sources found in compilation •Each person will be responsible for their own work and will receive a ZERO if they do not hold up to their part •Each group or pair will provide me with a “Research Plan” so I can see who will be responsible for what (we will be doing this FRIDAY!) The Topic •Must be school relevant, and if possible a current issue you feel strongly compelled to research and debate •Must have a concrete basis for argument and provide for possible research sources •Some examples… 1. “Is it acceptable for girls to wear tuxes and boys to wear dresses to school dances?” (Concrete Basis: equal rights, gay rights, etc.) … 2. “Should the pop machines and vending machines be removed

Miss Nagi Spring 2009 MG Research Unit

from school?” (Concrete Basis: child obesity, growing obesity in America, etc.) The Components Each group or pair is responsible for providing the amount of research listed below. Must be divided up equally so that each person is engaged in each of the categories simultaneously (i.e. Susie cannot do all web-based and pop-culture research while Bobby does all hard copy and outside sources research). Also, each person must turn in a hard copy compilation of the research they were responsible for…
•10 Web-Based Resources:

*Something that is most viewed or accessed on the internet Examples include- podcasts, videos, blogs, digital stories, websites, wikispaces, livejournals, personal webpages, twitters, recordings, iMovies, etc.
•15 Hard Copy Resources:

*Something that is most viewed or accessed in hard copy format Examples include- books, magazines, articles, journals, essays, newspapers, encyclopedias, book jackets, obituary, resume, letters, etc.
•5 Pop Culture Resources:

*Something that is deemed a facet in pop culture Examples include- commercials, movies, television shows, ads, campaigns, plays, talk shows, news, etc.
•5 Outside Resources:

*Something that is produced from another individual Examples include- drawings, sketches, monologues, photos, diaries, speeches, interviews, etc.
(The bolded modes are ones that we will be experimenting with in class so feel free to repeat this mode if desired) ***NOTE: Each group or pair does not have to necessarily have 10 different web-based resources or 15 different hard copy resources and so on, BUT each group or pair should have a variety of them.

Miss Nagi Spring 2009 MG Research Unit

On the scheduled day of your group’s or pair’s debate you will be following this exact schedule. How you divide up who talks when is solely up to you, but remember each person must have an active speaking role throughout the debates. We will be working on these as your debates near and you have found the appropriate research. So do not lose this sheet!

Introductions 1) Mediator Introduces Topic Opening Arguments

2) Side 1 states position and brief claim as to why 3) Side 2 states position and brief claim as to why

4) Side 1: Point One _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 5) Side 2: Rebuttal _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 6) Side 2: Point One _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 7) Side 1: Rebuttal _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 5 Minute Break

Miss Nagi Spring 2009 MG Research Unit 8) Side 1: Point Two

_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 9) Side 2: Rebuttal _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 10) Side 2: Point Two _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 11) Side 1: Rebuttal _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________
Closing Arguments

12) Side 1 restates position and gives concluding statement 13) Side 2 restates position and gives concluding statement

Miss Nagi Spring 2009 MG Research Unit

Name:__________________________________ Please list what you are planning to research in each of the given categories. Although it is understandable that your specific pieces of research might change you are expected to be engaging in each of the various modes bellow, AND will be responsible for turning in research from each field! Happy Researching!  Web-Based Resources:

Hard Copy Resources:

Pop-Culture Resources:

Outside Resources:

Miss Nagi Spring 2009 MG Research Unit
**If there are any changes please let me know!

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