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ICT Lesson Plan Key Stage/Syllabus Reference (14-19): Date: Period & Time: Lesson No: 23/11/2012 3-4

11.00-12.40 2 -

Teaching Group: 7P

No. of Pupils: Boys:15

Girls: 14

G & T/SEN: SEN - 11

Trainee Target(s) coming into lesson from previous taught lessons/ observations: Issues from previous lesson pupil/ content/ delivery/ completion etc:

NC Key Processes (from POS) to be covered (if applicable):

Behavioural management strategies using (inc. attached seating plan): Seating plan attached under document Behaviour Monitors off when teaching talking RM tutor to be used No hands up policy (when teacher asking questions) Use Red and Green card in student diaries to check student understanding Green understand/yes/true etc Red No/false/dont understand etc Morpeth Achievement policy Students who work well (students who may normally not perform well or SEN students planners can be signed or postcards sent home If the class does well give them a good score on their score sheet Write down student names on day sheet who work exceptionally well (praising students who dont normally work well) SEN student/s Saleh Ahmed Statemented place him with Emma when doing group work as he struggles with group work generally, or with Ishaq, needs support from well achieving peers really enjoys ICT, ensure he engages with starters and plenaries Parvez Ask questions to Parvez in the lesson monitor his progress when working Rahima Struggles when answering questions once work has been set, ask Rahima about what he is doing get him to explain how he will complete the work Aklakur Brayden Monitor him on a class basis, struggles with home life and brother, show him praise for the work he does/be positive with him Archie - Struggles with attendance, a fairly slow learner, extreme problems at home, needs to be shown praise and encouragement ensure he sits next to students who are role models as he has trouble concerntrating/behaviour issues

NC Level(s) targeting (inc. AT/ APP statement(s) for level) (if applicable): GCSE grade/ standard(s) targeting: -

Tahira lack confidence show her praise, ask her questions, give her extra work as can sometimes work ahead (needs to be challenged) Jake severely dyslexic help him with written tasks/get peer to help him with written tasks normally very tired in class, try to get him to complete work that is set with a goal Masuma has friendship issues, get her to work with well achieving students in class/who she seems to be comfortable with Devki struggles to process information/instructions help her when work has been set as she work well if shown how to do something being assessed for ADHD Md Abdul Give Abdul clear instructions ensure he understands instructions after they have been set to class monitor his behaviour as fairly emotional Overall Lesson Objective (must be clear and specific and LEARNING LED): All students will be able to input information on their power point slides (About Me) and be able to identify the dos/donts in power point

Resources needed, including the role of additional adults: Earphones Power point Who wants to be a millionaire starter activity (powerpoint) Pats poor presentation slides Interactive whiteboard Active Inspire Answer for plenary Websites

Intended Learning Outcomes/Success Criteria: (What will pupils have achieved by the end of the lesson refer to AT link to level/ grade outcomes where possible) All students MUST: All students able to create presentation suitable for their target audience suitable for their target audience which includes information and relevant images Most students SHOULD: Most students should be able to add animation, transitions and hyperlinks to their slides by peer teaching/doing it individually Some students COULD: Some students will be able to add video, sound and 3D graphics to their presentation

Specialist subject terminology that you will introduce to pupils:

Lesson phase & time

Learning & Teaching Tasks & Activities

Teaching Points to Improve


Assessment Criteria


Pupil Activity

Learning (What will you tell them?) Teacher Activity/ Questions

How can you make the learning easier/ more challenging?

(How do you know they have learnt? What will they show/ do to prove learning?)

(Evidence of research, team work, independent learning, reflection, creative thinking etc.)

Starter 10-minutes

Who wants to be a millionaire 10 questions students to selected answer by standing up for A, sitting down for B, hand on head for C, hand on stomach for D Each student that gets the answer wrong needs to sit their quietly and help the teacher look for other students who get the answers wrong 4 Steps to a better power point student to take notes After the video, students need to pick out the negative points from Pats presentation and what to not include on theirs ..\..\Specs KS3-KS5 Morpeth\KS3\New Curriculum\Year 7\001 - PowerPoint\Lesson Plans\Lesson 3\7.1T3a Pat's poor presentation stage 3.ppt

15 minutes

20 minutes

About Me following on from the previous lesson, students to continue to develop their about me presentations put checklist up whilst students are working Show how to hyperlink pages in power point 3D effects using power point Show students one thing they can do using a 3D effect in power point Students who are working ahead will be shown where to access the how to instructions for this Students to continue with their presentations teacher to assist students that are struggling through the lesson Youtube videos on customisation shortcut available in Mr Parker folder Active inspire Dos/Donts will be listed on the board, students from the class to come up and put dos/donts under the right column students in the class to identify if the student put the sentence under the correct column Do's and Don's powerpoint plenary.flipchart

5 minutes 5 minutes

20 minutes

Plenary & Reflection 10 minutes

Homework Activities:

Create a new presentation suited for an adult audience about Morpeth School Minimum of 5 slides images can be taken from google or Morpeths website Background design Use minimum of 2 images per slide Use relevant tools to customise the power point slides

Other relevant information required for the lesson:

Initial thoughts for evaluation how did it go?: (Completed full evaluation Y/N ) :