Summer Work Search

Planning Your Work Search
Taking the time to thoughtfully prepare a targeted marketing plan will significantly increase your chances of finding valuable summer work. Start early as summer positions can be posted as early as December.

Consider the Following Questions
What do you need from your summer work? To be successful in a summer work search, it is important to know what you want to get from your summer employment experience. Do you want to improve your transferable, work related or technical skills? Do you want to work in a job related to your future career? Is income the most important consideration? What do you have to offer? Next, think about what you have to offer to employers. List your interests, knowledge, skills and accomplishments. Consider what you have learned in your academic program, through projects, papers and study, as well as your volunteer and previous work experience. The Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC) offers a workshop called: Discover Your Skills and Career Options to help students identify their skills. Sign-up is available via the Intranet. What are employers are looking for? Whether you are searching for your first summer job or have a lot of experience, focusing on the things that employers are looking for will help you market yourself effectively. Here are the key traits all summer employers want:  Someone who is a "quick" learner and a hard worker.  Someone who is reliable, honest and needs little supervision. You may be interested to know the six main areas where people with little or no previous experience get jobs are:    Labour: construction, landscaping, manufacturing, tree planting Hospitality: hotels, restaurants, tourism Offices: data entry, receptionists, clerk    Personal Services: child/elder care, cleaner, driver, lawn maintenance Recreation: camp counsellor, special events, pool attendant Retail: store clerk, cashier, sales staff, telemarketer

Through jobs like these you can learn transferable skills that employers want including interpersonal, teamwork, verbal and written communication and leadership skills. Building these skills can help you towards your future career goals. If you are looking for specific career-related experience, employers also require additional skills such as experience with computer software, technical or job related skills and knowledge. You may gain these skills through your academic program and through volunteer or other experience related to your area of interest.

Research Advertised Work Opportunities
Once you have a basic understanding of what you have to offer and what employers are seeking, it is time to start researching work opportunities. A great place to start is by searching job boards on the internet. The following are a number of general website that you may wish to consider: Career Centre (CC) Online. Service Canada, Job Bank. TalentEgg. Workopolis (The University of Toronto (UofT) access code is 98dAX)
Academic Advising & Career Centre: A team of professionals who advise, counsel and coach individuals with their learning and career development. © July 2011, source; ml. Academic Advising & Career Centre. All Rights Reserved.

ca/special/jct-ycw The deadline for summer positions is organized.utoronto.gojobs. and Company Information Canadian Heritage – Young Canada Works www.utoronto. Ministry of Natural Resources — Summer Experience Program (SEP) Explore Program (formerly Summer Language Bursary) Deadline late February.on.html www.gc. you need to uncover those positions that are not be sure to attend the Interview Techniques to Land that Job workshop or book a one-on-one practice interview session with a Career Counsellor or Employment Coach to hone your interview skills. Be creative.000. information may change at any time.  Tell EVERYONE you know that you are looking for summer work in a particular area and ask them for contact names. Volunteer Fair. or referrals. attend AA&CC events like the Summer Job Fair.ontariocanada. interview. Also.mnr. Applications are available online.gc. Resources Available at the Academic Advising & Career Centre The AA&CC Resource Centre has a collection of print and electronic resources spanning all areas of career development and job search.asp www.myexplore. A staff member is always available to assist you in finding the best resources to meet your specific needs.gc.  Research specific organizations with employer directories. and open to all possible options. educational • 416-287-7561 • www. Industry Talks (throughout the year) Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) National Research Council (NRC) Summer Employment Ontario Public Service Careers — Youth and New Professionals Ontario Ministry of Training.utsc.tcu. Colleges and Universities — Summer Job Service Ministry of Economic Development and Trade — Summer Company Program Provides loans of up to $3.htm www. Attend the Winning Résumés and Covering Letters workshop and/or have your résumé critiqued at the AA&CC.Summer Work Search Government Programs National Capital Commission www. For more information. covering letters and interview skills are your key tools for marketing yourself to potential Waiver: While every attempt was made to provide accurate information on this tipsheet. .com/ontcan/1medt/smallbiz/en/sb_ye_ summerco_en.  For a chance to network with company representatives. please visit the Academic Advising & Career Centre AC213 • aacc@utsc. resourceful. These directories are available at the AA&CC Resource Centre Find Those Hidden Jobs Since advertised positions only account for roughly 20% of available opportunities. and industries as well as résumé.pch.jsp www. Polish Your Résumé and Interview Skills Résumé www. telephone numbers. and networking strategies. Research career organizations.  Refer to the business sections of newspapers for articles on trends to anticipate opportunities.html www.

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