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Procedure 1. The first thing to do is to download "jDownloader".

zip This comes as as .zip so you need a program to extract the application itself. Download and install the winrar. Now extract jdownloader using winrar (right-click on file -> Extract files) .

as shown below in Image .2. so you can find the application easily in the future. pick the language you want. Create a shortcut on your desktop. 3. . When you start it up.

. Next you will be asked if you want to integrate jDownloader with your browser. You will now be asked if you want to install Click’n’Load. Just select “OK”. Just select “Cancel”. 5.4.

7. .Just click „OK“ 8.Just click “YES“. Just click “OK” for any of these dialog boxes which appear. Sometimes there will be dialog boxes asking if you want to install updates. or saying that updates have been made .6.

This is the directory where the files pointed to by the file sharing links will be saved. as jDownloader fetches them. . Next you will have to select the download directory. and also where the contents of these archived files will be extracted to. as shown in Image's. So just select a directory on a drive with lots of free space.9.

. Now go to Advaced tab in Download & Connections to check if use balanced IP-Check is checked.10.

I suggest you to buy a premiumaccount for your favourite hoster.Premiumaccount To avoid any wait times and in order to speed up your downloads. The best part “Solutions to avoid this waittime” 11.1. Then use JDownloader to set up your premium account as shown in picture’s.11. .

What is a reconnect? Most internet connections are “dynamic IP address connections” this means that you'll get a different IP each time you connect to the internet. you can bypass this limitation. that this might conflict with the hosters tocs. By changing your IP address. JDownloader can do a reconnect for you. Reconnect If you have a dynamic internet connections (most DSL connections). What is a new IP address good for? Many hoster use an IP-block to force you to wait a certain time after each download. Please note. For more Infos about Router configuration see here .11. 3. If you have a dynamic IP address connection (most DSL connections) you will get a new IP. 2. The JD Team is working day and night to create an automated router detection. “Reconnect” means that you internet connection gets disconnected and connected afterwards. So the reconnect methods are different. you can perform a reconnect to get a new IP. if yes.2. JD continues downloading. Reset your connection manually (router webinterface. Do I have to configure anything? Every ISP and every router works different. With each router or modem. too.reset your modem. the reconnect process is different. So you have to config JD to work with our router. you have a dynamic connection. How can I see if I have a dynamic Ip connection? 1. After getting a new ip by reconnecting. …) See if your ip has changed. Check your ip here.

Setup reconect Picture 1 Picture 2 .

Picture 3 Picture 4 .Now you haw to create reconnection script.

Your browser should open now asking you for user name and password tryin to connect to your router Picture 5 Picture 6 .

Picture 7 Picture 8 .

Picture 10 . then right-click and select “Copy” . Note down any password. Monitoring clipboard will automatically add all copied links from warez forums in to linkgrabber as shown in picture 2 and 3. First click to make active monitoring clipboard and reconnect as shown in picture 1. as you may need it in a later step. Go to the web page containing the links you want to download.Picture 9 Now JDownloader can do a reconnect for you! Downloading: 12. select them.

Picture 2 Picture 3 .

That’s all that is crucial to know about downloading with JDownloadr. Some uploader’s put passwords in there . About that password’s.rar or . when it finishes download. 13. unrar your files. . All you have to do is to check if JD Unrar is checked as shown in picture. JDownloader can automatically.

15. DarkNova Made This . Then you have to put passwords in Passwords & Logins as shown in picture. Finally to make your life easier simply do as picture shows.14.