 TechCon, The Radio Academy's conference on radio technology, is held in Birmingham on 21st October. Speakers include Quentin Howard (GWR Group), Richard Lawley ('Pirate FM') and conference chairman Simon Shute (BBC). Info: 071-323-3837.  The Radio '92 Conference, co-ordinated by journalist Emma Freud, is held in Deauville, France 21st-23rd October. James Gordon (Radio Clyde), Richard Eyre (Capital Radio) and Paul Brown (Radio Authority) are amongst the speakers. Info: 071-799-1565.  The Community Radio Association's National Conference & AGM is held this Saturday (19th) in Sheffield. Keynote speaker is Michel Delorne, President of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters. Info: 0742-795219.  The rocking Reverend Steve Flashman, who rides a Yamaha motorbike and wears "the latest gear", has joined London's LBC to present a Sunday night talk show. Flashman says the programme gives him "the opportunity to scratch where people itch".  South London's Choice FM has signed sponsorship deals with American black haircare company Carsons for its Saturday night Jenni Francis show, and with the Gaymer Group's drink 'Pink Lady' for Daddie Ernie's weekday reggae show.  British Airways are sponsoring a 13-week, one-hour advertorial called 'The Travel Hour' on easy listening Melody Radio. It includes six minutes of travel information, special offers on flights and holidays, and information for BA shareholders and staff.  Jazz FM is to launch a £0.5m one-month London TV advertising campaign in January, supported by a further £0.5m spent during the rest of the year. The station is aiming to increase its weekly reach from 597,000 to one million.  Harlow Radio has been awarded the FM licence for the Essex town, ending uncertainty caused by The Radio Authority's announcement in May that its decision had been postponed. The sole applicant is now backed by neighbouring 'Essex Radio'.  A new 84-page colour book '25 Years Of Pop' (£3.25) is published by BBC Magazines to commemorate 'Radio 1's 25th birthday. Included are a history of the station, an interview with John Peel and musical highlights selected by eleven of its DJs.

[Submitted to 'Broadcast' magazine, unpublished]

News: UK Radio Broadcasting Industry News Snippets ©1992 Grant Goddard

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News: UK Radio Broadcasting Industry News Snippets ©1992 Grant Goddard

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