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五言古诗 Five-character-ancient-verse 张九龄 Zhang Jiuling 感遇其一 THOUGHTS I 孤鸿海上来,A lonely swan from the sea flies, 池潢不敢顾;To alight on puddles it does not deign. 侧见双翠鸟,Nesting in the poplar of pearls 巢在三珠树。It spies and questions green birds twain: 矫矫珍木巅, "Don't you fear the threat of slings, 得无金丸惧?Perched on top of branches so high? 美服患人指, Nice clothes invite pointing fingers, 高明逼神恶。High climbers god's good will defy. 今我游冥冥,Bird-hunters will crave me in vain, 弋者何所慕?For I roam the limitless sky." 张九龄 Zhang Jiuling 感遇其二 ORCHID AND ORANGE I 兰叶春葳蕤,Tender orchid-leaves in spring 桂华秋皎洁;And cinnamon- blossoms bright in autumn 欣欣此生意, Are as self- contained as life is, 自尔为佳节 Which conforms them to the seasons. 谁知林栖者?Yet why will you think that a forest-hermit, 闻风坐相悦,Allured by sweet winds and contented with beauty, 草木有本心,Would no more ask to-be transplanted 何求美人折?THan Would any other natural flower? 张九龄 Zhang Jiuling 感遇其三 THOUGHTS III 幽人归独卧,The hermit in his lone abode 滞虑洗孤清,Nurses his thoughts cleansed of care, 持此谢高鸟,Them he projects to the wild goose 因之传远情。For it to his distant Sovereign to bear. 日夕怀空意, Who will be moved by the sincerity 人谁感至精?Of my vain day-and-night prayer? 飞沈理自隔,What comfort is for my loyalty 何所慰吾诚? When fliers and sinkers can compare? 张九龄 Zhang Jiuling 感遇其四 ORCHID AND ORANGE II 江南有丹橘, Here, south of the Yangzi, grows a red orangetree. 经冬犹绿林;All winter long its leaves are green, 岂伊地气暖?Not because of a warmer soil,

自有岁寒心。But because its' nature is used to the cold. 可以荐嘉客, Though it might serve your honourable guests, 奈何阻重深?You leave it here, far below mountain and river. 运命惟所遇,Circumstance governs destiny. 循环不可寻。Cause and effect are an infinite cycle. 徒言树桃李, You plant your peach-trees and your plums, 此木岂无阴? You forget the shade from this other tree. 李白 Li Bai 下终南山过斛斯山人宿置酒 DOWN ZHONGNAN MOUNTAIN TO THE KIND PILLOW AND BOWL OF HUSI 暮从碧山下,Down the blue mountain in the evening, 山月随人归;Moonlight was my homeward escort. 却顾所来径,Looking back, I saw my path 苍苍横翠微。Lie in levels of deep shadow.... 相携及田家,I was passing the farm-house of a friend, 童稚开荆扉;When his children called from a gate of thorn 绿竹入幽径, And led me twining through jade bamboos 青萝拂行衣。Where green vines caught and held my clothes. 欢言得所憩, And I was glad of a chance to rest 美酒聊共挥;And glad of a chance to drink with my friend.... 长歌吟松风, We sang to the tune of the wind in the pines; 曲尽河星稀。And we finished our songs as the stars went down, 我醉君复乐,When, I being drunk and my friend more than happy, 陶然共忘机。Between us we forgot the world. 李白 Li Bai 月下独酌 DRINKING ALONE WITH THE MOON 花间一壶酒,From a pot of wine among the flowers 独酌无相亲;I drank alone. There was no one with me -举杯邀明月,Till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon 对影成三人。To bring me my shadow and make us three. 月既不解饮,Alas, the moon was unable to drink 影徒随我身;And my shadow tagged me vacantly; 暂伴月将影,But still for a while I had these friends 行乐须及春。To cheer me through the end of spring.... 我歌月徘徊, I sang. The moon encouraged me. 我舞影零乱;I danced. My shadow tumbled after. 醒时同交欢,As long as I knew, we were boon companions. 醉后各分散。And then I was drunk, and we lost one another. 永结无情游, ...Shall goodwill ever be secure? 相期邈云汉。 I watch the long road of the River of Stars.

李白 Li Bai 春思 IN SPRING 燕草如碧丝, Your grasses up north are as blue as jade, 秦桑低绿枝;Our mulberries here curve green-threaded branches; 当君怀归日,And at last you think of returning home, 是妾断肠时。Now when my heart is almost broken.... 春风不相识, O breeze of the spring, since I dare not know you, 何事入罗帏?Why part the silk curtains by my bed? 杜甫 Du Fu 望岳 A VIEW OF TAISHAN 岱宗夫如何? What shall I say of the Great Peak? -齐鲁青未了。The ancient dukedoms are everywhere green 造化钟神秀,Inspired and stirred by the breath of creation, 阴阳割昏晓。With the Twin Forces balancing day and night. 荡胸生层云,...I bare my breast toward opening clouds, 决眥入归鸟。I strain my sight after birds flying home. 会当凌绝顶,When shall I reach the top and hold 一览众山小。All mountains in a single glance? 杜甫 Du Fu 赠卫八处士 TO MY RETIRED FRIEND WEI 人生不相见, It is almost as hard for friends to meet 动如参与商, As for the morning and evening stars. 今夕复何夕? Tonight then is a rare event, 共此灯烛光。 Joining, in the candlelight, 少壮能几时? Two men who were young not long ago 鬓发各已苍。But now are turning grey at the temples. 访旧半为鬼, ...To find that half our friends are dead 惊呼热中肠。Shocks us, burns our hearts with grief. 焉知二十载,We little guessed it would be twenty years 重上君子堂。Before I could visit you again. 昔别君未婚, When I went away, you were still unmarried; 儿女忽成行;But now these boys and girls in a row 怡然敬父执,Are very kind to their father's old friend. 问我来何方。They ask me where I have been on my journey; 问答乃未已, And then, when we have talked awhile, 驱儿罗酒浆。They bring and show me wines and dishes, 夜雨剪春韭, Spring chives cut in the night-rain 新炊间黄粱。And brown rice cooked freshly a special way. 主称会面难, ...My host proclaims it a festival,

在山泉水清,The brook was pure in its mountain source. 采柏动盈掬。And lets pine-needles fall through her fingers. 万事随转烛。Hope goes out.Tomorrow the mountains will separate us. 兄弟遭杀戮;Her brothers and close kin were killed. 官高何足论? What use were their high offices. 君今在罗网, I wondered if it were really you. 摘花不插发, She picks a few flowers. 自云良家子,She tells me she came from a good family 零落依草木。Which is humbled now into the dust.When trouble arose in the Kuan district. like the light of a candle.Waiting for her maid to come from selling pearls 牵萝补茅屋。For straw to cover the roof again. with a vagrant heart. 侍婢卖珠回, . no longer for her hair.From the poisonous damps of the southern river 逐客无消息。You had sent me not one sign from your exile -故人入我梦,Till you came to me last night in a dream.. 何以有羽翼?Venturing so long a journey. 不得收骨肉。Not even shielding their own lives? -世情恶衰歇, The world has but scorn for adversity. 生别常恻恻。But life has its partings again and again. 新人美如玉。Seeks a new face like a new piece of jade. 但见新人笑, All he can see is the smile of the new love. 江南瘴疠地,. 关中昔丧乱, . 那闻旧人哭?While the old love weeps unheard. 出山泉水浊。But away from the mountain its waters darken... 恐非平生魂, You came to me through the green of a forest.. 世事两茫茫。After tomorrow-who can say? 杜甫 Du Fu 佳人 ALONE IN HER BEAUTY 绝代有佳人, Who is lovelier than she? 幽居在空谷;Yet she lives alone in an empty valley.. 日暮倚修竹。 She leans in the sunset by a tall bamboo. 合昏尚知时, And when morning-glories furl at night 鸳鸯不独宿;And mandarin-ducks lie side by side. 天寒翠袖薄, And. forgetting her thin silk sleeve and the cold... 夫婿轻薄儿,Her husband. .一举累十觞;He urges me to drink ten cups -十觞亦不醉, But what ten cups could make me as drunk 感子故意长。As I always am with your love in my heart? 明日隔山岳,. 明我长相忆;Because I am always thinking of you. 杜甫 Du Fu 梦李白之一 SEEING Li Bai IN A DREAM I 死别已吞声,There are sobs when death is the cause of parting..

. they were wild and tossing. 白云无尽时。 White clouds pass there without end. that has drifted all day through the sky.A thousand years' fame. 斯人独憔悴。While you are alone and helpless and poor. and the low moon's glimmer on a rafter 犹疑照颜色。Seemed to be your face.. 苦道来不易。You told me the perils of adventure 江湖多风波, By river and lake-the storms. 游子久不至;May.Our capital teems with officious people. of picking herbs way to the Gate of Gold -- . 告归常局促, And then.. 出门搔白首, And... intimate and real as though I were awake. abruptly rising to go. 君言不得意, And you answer: "I am discontent 归卧南山陲。And would rest at the foot of the southern mountain. ten thousand years' fame寂寞身后事。 What good.路远不可测。You disappeared by a shadowy fortress. 魂来枫林青, Yet out of the midmost mesh of your snare." 王维 Wang Wei 送綦毋潜落第还乡 TO QIWU QIAN 圣代无隐者, In a happy reign 英灵尽来归,The wise and able 遂令东山客, So you. 冠盖满京华, .... 无使蛟龙得。 If you fell. when you are dead and gone. a man of 不得顾采薇。Gave up your life 既至金门远, And came all the BOUND HOME AFTER FAILING IN AN EXAMINATION there should be no hermits. 杜甫 Du Fu 梦李白之二 SEEING Li Bai IN A DREAM II 浮云终日行,This cloud.There were waters to cross. the eastern mountains.. 舟楫恐失坠。The fears that are borne on a little boat. here in my doorway..I woke. there were dragons and river monsters. 但去莫复闻, So give me leave and ask me no questions... the wrecks. 水深波浪阔, . 魂返关塞黑;How could you lift your wings and use them? 落月满屋梁, ... like a wanderer.... should consult together. you rubbed your white head 若负平生志。As if there were something puzzling you. 千秋万岁名, . 王维 Wang Wei 送别 AT PARTING 下马饮君酒,I dismount from my horse and I offer you wine 问君何所之?And I ask you where you are going and why. still floating in the air. 三夜频梦君,Three nights now I have dreamed of you -情亲见君意。As tender. never come back. 孰云网恢恢? Who says that the heavenly net never fails? 将老身反累!It has brought you ill fortune. old as you are.

蚕眠桑叶稀。Silk-worms asleep.. to go Back Again! 王维 Wang Wei 西施咏 THE BEAUTIFUL XI SHI 艳色天下重, Since beauty is honoured all over the Empire... 京洛缝春衣。You have mended your spring clothes here in these northern cities..What though your purpose happened to fail.. 置酒长安道, I pour you the farewell wine as you set out from the capital -同心与我违;Soon I shall be left behind here by my bosomfriend. 色静深松里;But where light grows dim in the thick pines. 随山将万转, Rounding ten thousand turns through the mountains 趣途无百里。On a journey of less than thirty miles... 远树带行客, Led along by distant trees 孤城当落晖。To a sunset shining on a far-away town. 声喧乱石中, Rapids hum over heaped rocks. 相见语依依。Hail one another familiarly. 江淮度寒食, . 漾漾泛菱荇, The surface of an inlet sways with nut-horns 澄澄映葭苇。And weeds are lush along the banks. 王维 Wang Wei 青溪 A GREEN STREAM 言入黄花川, I have sailed the River of Yellow Flowers.孰云吾道非?But you found your devotion unavailing. 雉雊麦苗秀, There are whirring pheasants? full wheat-ears.Down in my heart I have always been as pure 清川澹如此。As this limpid water is. 我心素已闲, .No wonder I long for the simple life 怅然吟式微。 And am sighing the old song. 吾谋适不用, . Oh. ... 行当浮桂棹, In your sail-boat of sweet cinnamon-wood 未几拂荆扉。You will float again toward your own thatch door. to remain on a broad flat rock 垂钓将已矣! And to cast a fishing-line forever! 王维 Wang Wei 渭川田家 A FARM-HOUSE ON THE WEI RIVER 斜光照墟落, In the slant of the sun on the country-side 穷巷牛羊归。Cattle and sheep trail home along the lane. the herdboy...To spend the Day of No Fire on one of the southern rivers. 请留盘石上, Oh.. returning with hoes on their shoulders.. 每逐青溪水;Borne by the channel of a green stream. 田夫荷锄立, And the farmers. 勿谓知音稀? Doubt not that some of us can hear high music. 野老念牧童, And a rugged old man in a thatch door 倚杖候荆扉。Leans on a staff and thinks of his son.. pared mulberry-leaves. 即此羡闲逸, .

贵来方悟稀。The next day exalted. the lovelier she looked. 中宵劳梦想。O troubler of my midnight dreams ! 孟浩然 Meng Haoran . 时见归村人, I look down at the river bank. 恨无知音赏。But. 散发乘夜凉, I loosen my hair to enjoy the evening coolness 开轩卧闲敞。And open my window and lie down in peace. 竹露滴清响。And bamboo-leaves drip with a music of dew. no different from the others. with homeward-bound villagers 沙行渡头歇。Resting on the sand till the ferry returns. 君怜无是非。Blinding him away from wisdom.. who here would understand? 感此怀故人, And so I think of you. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 秋登兰山寄张五 ON CLIMBING ORCHID MOUNTAIN IN THE AUTUMN TO ZHANG 北山白云里,On a northern peak among white clouds 隐者自怡悦;You have found your hermitage of peace.. bringing a basket of wine -共醉重阳节。 And we'll celebrate together the Mountain Holiday. 欲取鸣琴弹, I would take up my lute and I would play. 天边树若荠, There are trees at the horizon like a row of grasses 江畔洲如月。And against the river's rim an island like the moon 何当载酒来, I hope that you will come and meet me. 相望始登高, And now.. 君宠益娇态, And the more the King loved her.. 当时浣纱伴, .. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 夏日南亭怀辛大 IN SUMMER AT THE SOUTH PAVILION THINKING OF XING 山光忽西落, The mountain-light suddenly fails in the west. everyone praising her. 心随雁飞灭。High with the wildgeese flies my heart. 持谢邻家子, And none of the girls in her neighbours' houses 效颦安可希?By pursing their brows could copy her beauty.西施宁久微? How could Xi Shi remain humbly at home? -朝为越溪女, Washing clothes at dawn by a southern lake -暮作吴宫妃。And that evening a great lady in a palace of the north: 贱日岂殊众? Lowly one day. 池月渐东上。In the east from the lake the slow moon rises.Girls who had once washed silk beside her 莫得同车归。Were kept at a distance from her chariot. 荷风送香气, The wind brings me odours of lotuses. as I climb this mountain to see you. 愁因薄暮起, The quiet dusk might seem a little sad 兴是清秋发。If this autumn weather were not so brisk and clear. old friend. 邀人傅脂粉, No more would her own hands powder her face 不自著罗衣,Or arrange on her shoulders a silken robe. alas.

fresh with rain. altering new to old. is now by a limpid river -是夜越吟苦。Singing. without stopping. 开帷月初吐;We have lifted the curtain-and we see the rising moon 清辉淡水木, Brighten with pure light the water and the grove 演漾在窗户。And flow like a wave on our window and our door. 微风吹兰杜 。And yet a breath of orchids comes along the wind.. a plaintive eastern song. 虽无宾主意, And though there be neither host nor guest. beyond our wisdom. 邱为 Qiu Wei 寻西山隐者不遇 AFTER MISSING THE RECLUSE ON THE WESTERN MOUNTAIN 绝顶一茅茨, To your hermitage here on the top of the mountain 直上三十里;I have climbed. 澄澄变今古。Calmly. 之子期宿来, And still -. 颇得清净理。Have I not reasoned a visit complete? 兴尽方下山, ..Our chosen one.. our friend.After enough.. 烟鸟栖初定。Birds have settled on their perches in the quiet mist. in some autumn pool. 黾勉空仰止。You have become my meditation -草色新雨中, The beauty of your grasses. 若非巾柴车? Perhaps you are out riding in your canopied chair.. these ten miles. 美人清江畔, . 扣关无僮仆, I have knocked at your door. 千里其如何? He is far. 风泉满清听。And my ears feel pure with the sound of wind and water 樵人归欲尽, Nearly all the woodsmen have reached home. 及兹契幽绝, I take into my being all that I see and hear.. perhaps. 应是钓秋水。Or fishing. full moon and then crescent again.. waiting. 窥室惟案几。I have peeped into your room. three hundred miles away. more likely. 苒苒几盈虚? It will move through the cycle. 松声晚窗里;And close beside your window the music of your pines. I have gone down the mountain. quieting my heart. 王昌龄 Wang Changling 同从弟南斋玩月忆山阴崔少府 WITH MY BROTHER AT THE SOUTH STUDY THINKING IN THE MOONLIGHT OF VICE-PREFECT CUI IN SHANYIN 高卧南斋时, Lying on a high seat in the south study. 差池不相见, Sorry though I am to be missing you. 松月生夜凉, And now through pine-trees come the moon and the chill of evening.. 群壑倏已暝;Valley after valley is shadowy and dim. 何必待之子。 Why should I wait for you any longer? . 自足荡心耳。Soothing my senses. 孤琴候萝径。 Playing lute under a wayside vine. far away from us. at your seat beside the table.I am waiting for you... and no one answered.because you promised -.宿业师山房待丁大不至 AT THE MOUNTAIN-LODGE OF THE BUDDHIST PRIEST YE WAITING IN VAIN FOR MY FRIEND DING 夕阳度西岭, Now that the sun has set beyond the western range.

綦毋潜 Qiwu Qian 春泛若耶溪 A BOAT IN SPRING ON RUOYA LAKE 幽意无断绝, Thoughtful elation has no end: 此去随所偶;Onward I bear it to whatever come. rising abruptly from earth. 磴道盘虚空。With the steps we look down on hung from space. out of the west. 隔山望南斗。Where I watch the south star over the mountain 潭烟飞溶溶, And a mist that rises. 常建 Chang Jian 宿王昌龄隐居 AT WANG CHANGLIN' S RETREAT 清溪深不测, Here. 奔凑如朝东。Appear to be curving and flowing like rivers. beside a clear deep lake. 药院滋苔纹。Your dewy herbs flourish in their bed of moss. 余亦谢时去, Let me leave the world. 松际露微月, Or soft through the pine the moon arrives 清光犹为君。To be your own pure-hearted friend. 突兀压神州, It overtops a holy land 峥嵘如鬼工;And can only have been built by toil of the spirit. entering the lake. . toward the east. 际夜转西壑, Turn at nightfall toward the western valley. we seem to have left the world behind us. 孤高耸天宫;Reaches to the very Palace of Heaven. 晚风吹行舟, And my boat and I. 俯听闻惊风。And the rapid wind below our hearing. 茅亭宿花影, You rest under thatch in the shadow of your flowers.. 下窥指高鸟, Birds fly down beyond our sight.. Let me alight. 西山鸾鹤群 。 On your western mountain with phoenixes and cranes. 连山若波涛, Mountain-ranges. 生事且弥漫, And I choose to put away from me every worldly matter 愿为持竿叟。And only to be an old man with a fishing-pole. like you. before the evening breeze 花路入溪口。Passing flowers. 林月低向后。And the low moon slanting through the trees. 七层摩苍穹。Its seven stories cut the grey clouds. 隐处唯孤云;You live accompanied by clouds. 四角碍白日, Its four sides darken the bright sun. 秋色从西来, Colours of autumn. hovering soft. 登临出世界,Climbing. 青槐夹驰道, Far green locust-trees line broad roads 宫馆何玲珑?Toward clustered palaces and mansions.. 岑参 Cen Can 与高适薛据登慈恩寺浮图 ASCENDING THE PAGODA AT THE TEMPLE OF KIND FAVOUR WITH GAO SHI AND XUE JU 塔势如涌出, The pagoda.

.苍然满关中。Enter advancing through the city.. 泉源在庭户, The pure stream running past my yard.... 引竿自刺船,Let me be a lone fisherman in a small boat 将家就鱼麦, And support my family on fish and wheat . set fire. because they pitied us. Yong. 昔岁逢太平, I still remember those days of peace -山林二十年。Twenty years among mountains and forests. 明年,贼又攻永州,破邵,不犯此州边鄙而退,岂力能制敌欤?盖蒙其伤怜而已! The next year the bandits came again and.For years now I have been serving in the army.Henceforth I put my official hat aside. 净理了可悟, Those who know life's final meaning 胜因夙所宗。Which all humankind must learn. 元结 Yuan Jie 贼退示官吏并序 TO THE TAX-COLLECTORS AFTER THE BANDITS RETREAT 癸卯岁, 西原贼入道州, 焚烧杀掠, 几尽而去。 In the year Kuimao the bandits from Xiyuan entered Daozhou. 觉道资无穷。 To find the Eternal Way is the only happiness.. 人贫伤可怜。And the people so poor and so pitiable 是以陷邻境, That all other districts were looted 此州独见全。And this one this time let alone. The whole district was almost ruined. It was not because we were strong enough to defend ourselves. 以作时世贤。Just to be known as able collectors? -思欲委符节, . 万古青蒙蒙。Calm forever under dewy green grass. let me fling down my official seal. 使臣将王命, . killed. 日晏犹得眠。And I could sleep soundly and late in the morning忽然遭时变, Till suddenly came a sorry change. and looted.Oh. 井税有常期, Taxes were light and regular then. 誓将挂冠去, . 洞壑当门前。The caves and valleys at my door.. 谁能绝人命? And how can you sacrifice human lives. 城小贼不屠, But the town was so small it was spared by the thieves. 诸史何为忍苦徵敛!故作诗一篇以示官吏。 And how now can these commissioners bear to impose extra taxes? I have written this poem for the collectors' information. passed this one by. raided. attacking the neighbouring prefecture. 数岁亲戎旃。.. 山夷又纷然。The mountain bandits were rising again.Do you imperial commissioners 岂不如贼焉?Mean to be less kind than bandits? 令彼徵敛者, The people you force to pay the poll 迫之如火煎。Are like creatures frying over a fire. 今来典斯郡, When I began here as an official. 五陵北原上, And northward there lie. in five graveyards. but. probably.

.Ashamed though I am of my high position 未睹斯民康。While people lead unhappy lives. 理会是非遣, Let us reasonably banish care 性达形迹忘。And just be friends.. we take our cups of wine. enjoying nature. 泛泛入烟雾;Through mist and fog I float and float 归棹洛阳人, With the sail that bears me toward Loyang. shown in state.. 方知大蕃地, Prove that the name of a great land 岂曰财赋强? Is made by better things than wealth. coming here. 今朝为此别, Marking the day and the place of our parting.Suzhou is famed as a centre of letters.. 何处还相遇?When shall we meet again and where? 世事波上舟, .. 鲜肥属时禁, Though we have to go without fish and meat. beyond our will.. 自惭居处崇, . 仰聆金玉章。We give our attention to beautiful poems. 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 寄全椒山中道士 A POEM TO A TAOIST HERMIT CHUANJIAO MOUNTAIN 今朝郡斋冷, My office has grown cold today..We bow. 逍遥池阁凉。Have cooled this pavilion above the lake 烦痾近消散, And driven the feverish heat away 嘉宾复满堂。From where my eminent guests are gathered... 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 初发扬子寄元大校书 SETTING SAIL ON THE YANGZI TO SECRETARY YUAN 凄凄去亲爱, Wistful. 群彦今汪洋。And all you writers... 宴寝凝清香。But here are sweet incense-clouds. 残钟广陵树。In Yangzhou trees linger bell-notes of evening.归老江湖边。 And content my old age with rivers and lakes! 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 郡斋雨中与诸文士燕集 ENTERTAINING LITERARY MEN IN MY OFFICIAL RESIDENCE ON A RAINY DAY 兵卫森画戟, Outside are insignia. 蔬果幸见尝。There are fruits and vegetables aplenty. quietly ours. 俯饮一杯酒, . away from my friends and kin. the body is lightened 意欲淩风翔。And feels as if it could float in the wind. 海上风雨至, Wind and rain. 忽念山中客;And I suddenly think of my mountain friend 涧底束荆薪, Gathering firewood down in the valley .Destiny is a boat on the waves. coming in from sea. 吴中盛文史, . 沿洄安得住。 Borne to and fro. 神欢体自轻, When the mind is exalted.

.Mists have wet the fragrant meadows... 乐幽心屡止, . 慕陶真可庶。 As Tao Qian built one long ago. 遵事迹犹遽;But beset with affairs.With quiet surroundings. 春鸠鸣何处?A spring dove calls from some hidden place......Hidden deep in a haze of blossom. 衣上灞陵雨。With the rain of Baling still on your clothes. 微雨霭芳原, . 冥冥日沈夕。The sun is growing dim now and sinks in the dusk. 扬扬燕新乳。Swallow fledglings chirp at ease 昨别今已春, As they did when we parted.. 独夜忆秦关, . 鬓丝生几缕。How grey our temples have grown since them! 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 夕次盱眙县 MOORING AT TWILIGHT IN YUYI DISTRICT 落帆逗淮镇, Furling my sail near the town of Huai. 采山因买斧。You say: "To buy an ax for cutting wood in the mountains" 冥冥花正开, . 终罢斯结庐, Here I shall finally build me a cabin.归来煮白石。Or boiling white stones for potatoes in his hut. 何处寻行迹。How should I ever find his footprints! 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 长安遇冯著 ON MEETING MY FRIEND FENG ZHU IN THE CAPITAL 客从东方来, Out of the east you visit me. a year ago. 听钟未眠客。 And I hear a bell tolling between me and sleep. 问客何为来? I ask you what you have come here for.At midnight I think of a northern city-gate. The bright mountain-peak darkens. 依丛适自憩, I lean by a tree and rest myself 缘涧还复去。Or wander up and down a stream. 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 东郊 EAST OF THE TOWN 吏舍跼终年, From office confinement all year long.. 出郊旷清曙。I have come out of town to be free this morning 杨柳散和风, Where willows harmonize the wind 青山澹吾虑。And green hills lighten the cares of the world.. 停舫临孤驿。I find for harbour a little cove 浩浩风起波, Where a sudden breeze whips up the waves... 韦应物 Wei Yingwu . it grows restless again.. the mind is at peace.. 人归山郭暗, People are coming home. 欲持一瓢酒, I wish I might take him a cup of wine 远慰风雨夕;To cheer him through the evening storm. 落叶满空山, But in fallen leaves that have heaped the bare slopes.. 雁下芦洲白。Wildgeese fly down to an island of white weeds..

步出东斋读。I recite. 自小阙内训, . 归来视幼女, When I turn and see my younger daughter 零泪缘缨流。 With the tears running down her cheek..After this morning we separate. .. 大江溯轻舟。Is the launching of a little boat on a great river. 事姑贻我忧;How will you honour your mother-in-law? 赖兹托令门, It's an excellent family. 道人庭宇静, Here in the quiet of the priest's templecourtyard. 居闲始自遣, I always try to hide my feelings -临感忽难收。They are suddenly too much for me.. slowly turning pages in the Tree-Leaf Book. 抚念益慈柔;Which made me the more tender of you. 真源了无取, . 柳宗元 Liu Zongyuan 晨诣超师院读禅经 READING BUDDHIST CLASSICS WITH ZHAO AT HIS TEMPLE IN THE EARLY MORNING 汲井漱寒齿, I clean my teeth in water drawn from a cold well.You were very young when your mother died.送杨氏女 TO MY DAUGHTER ON HER MARRIAGE INTO THE YANG FAMILY 永日方戚戚, My heart has been heavy all day long 出行复悠悠。Because you have so far to go.. 青松如膏沐。And pines that seem to be new-bathed. out of mist and fog. 苔色连深竹;Mosses add their climbing colour to the thick bamboo. 对此结中肠, This makes my grief the harder to bear. 悟悦心自足。 Leaving the single unison. 见尔当何秋?There's no knowing for how long...Having had from childhood no mother to guide you. along the path to the eastern shelter. 闲持贝叶书, Then. I purify my mind. 别离在今晨, . as a woman should be.. 义往难复留。Yet it is right that you should go.. 尔辈苦无恃, . they will be kind to you.. 两别泣不休。And now you are both crying and cannot part. observant of good example.. and reading.. 缮性何由熟?I look for the simplest way to sow and reap my nature. 仁恤庶无尤。They will forgive you your mistakes -贫俭诚所尚,Although ours has been so pure and poor 资从岂待周!That you can take them no great dowry. speech goes. 澹然离言说, And everything is gone from me. 日出雾露余, And now comes the sun.The world has forgotten the true fountain of this teaching 忘迹世所逐;And people enslave themselves to miracles and fables. 容止顺其猷。Careful of word and look. 孝恭遵妇道, Be gentle and respectful. 清心拂尘服,And while I brush my clothes. 幼为长所育, Your elder sister has looked out for you. away from her parents. 遗言冀可冥, Under the given words I want the essential meaning. 女子今有行, The marriage of a girl.

. 晓耕翻露草, I plough in the morning. 昔日长城战, Old battles. 出塞复入塞, Through the gate and back again. 处处黄芦草。There is nothing anywhere but yellow reeds and grasses 从来幽并客, And the bones of soldiers from You and from Bing 皆向沙场老;Who have buried their lives in the dusty sand.. 黯黯见临洮。Far.Let never a cavalier stir you to envy 矜夸紫骝 With boasts of his horse and his horsemanship 昌龄 Wang Changling 塞下曲 UNDER A BORDER-FORTRESS 饮马渡秋水, Drink. 莫学游侠儿, . 长歌楚天碧。 And sing a long poem and gaze at the blue sky. 白骨乱蓬蒿。Confusing in the grasses its ruins and white bones. 咸言意气高;Once were proud on all men's tongues. 李白 Li Bai 关山月 THE MOON AT THE FORTIFIED PASS 明月出天山, The bright moon lifts from the Mountain of Heaven 苍茫云海间;In an infinite haze of cloud and sea. shadowy Lingtao. 平沙日未没, As we watch against the sunset on the sandy plain. waged by those long walls. 来往不逢人, Back and forth I go.. scarcely meeting anyone. 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 王昌龄 Wang Changling 塞上曲 AT A BORDER-FORTRESS 蝉鸣空桑林, Cicadas complain of thin mulberry-trees 八月萧关道;In the Eighth-month chill at the frontier pass.柳宗元 Liu Zongyuan 溪居 DWELLING BY A STREAM 久为簪组累, I had so long been troubled by official hat and robe 幸此南夷谪。That I am glad to be an exile here in this wild southland. 夜榜响溪石,And at evening tie my fisher-boat. turning dewy grasses. 偶似山林客。I am a guest of the mountains and woods. my horse. that has come a thousand miles. far away. 吹度玉门关。Beats at the Jade Pass battlements. 闲依农圃邻, I am a neighbour now of planters and reapers. 长风几万里, And the wind. while we cross the autumn water!水寒风似刀。The stream is cold and the wind like a sword. all along the road. breaking the quiet stream... 汉下白登道, China marches its men down Baideng Road . 黄尘足今古, But antiquity now is a yellow dust.

何日平胡虏? Oh. she sends it far away. 一夜絮征袍。She sews a warrior's gown all night. 万户捣衣声;Ten thousand washing-mallets are pounding. when will the Tartar troops be conquered. 红妆白日鲜。In golden sunshine her rosy robe is dyed. 秋风吹不尽, And the autumn wind is blowing my heart 总是玉关情。For ever and ever toward the Jade Pass. 蚕饥妾欲去, "my silkworms are hungry.. 素手抽针冷, Her fingers feel the needle cold. 白 Li Bai 子夜四时歌 秋歌 A SONG OF AN AUTUMN MIDNIGHT 长安一片月, A slip of the moon hangs over the capital. 李白 Li Bai 子夜四时歌 春歌 BALLADS OF FOUR SEASONS: SPRING 秦地罗敷女, The lovely Lo Fo of the western land 采桑绿水边。Plucks mulberry leaves by the waterside..胡窥青海湾。While Tartar troops peer across blue waters of the bay. with wistful eyes. looking toward the border 思归多苦颜;And think of home. 回舟不待月, Her boat turns back without waiting moonrise 归去越王家。To yoyal house amid amorous sighs. 人看隘若耶。Watchers o'erwhelm the bank of Yuoye Stream. 由来征战地, And since not one battle famous in history 不见有人还。Sent all its fighters back again. 五月西施采, In fifth moon Xi Shi gathers them with smiles.." 李白 Li Bai 子夜四时歌 夏歌 BALLADS OF FOUR SEASONS: SUMMER 镜湖三百里, On Mirror Lake outspread for miles and miles.. 菡萏发荷花。The lotus lilies in full blossom teem. 戍客望边邑, The soldiers turn round. 良人罢远征。And my husband come back from the long campaign 李白 Li Bai 子夜四时歌 冬歌 BALLADS OF FOUR SEASONS: WINTER 明朝驿使发, The courier will depart next day. 高楼当此夜, And of those tonight in the upper chambers 叹息未应闲。 Who toss and sigh and cannot rest.. she's told. 素手青条上, Across the green boughs stretches out her white hand. I cannot stay. 五马莫留连。Tarry not with your five-horse cab.. I pray. 那堪把剪刀。How can she hold the scissors tight? 裁缝寄远道, The work is done. 几日到临洮。When will it reach the town where warriors stay? .

折花门前剧;I was picking flowers. 郎骑竹马来,When you.. when you return through the three Pa districts. 舍生亦如此。In a life as faithfully lived as theirs. every one of them. two by two. 十五始展眉, But at fifteen I straightened my brows and laughed.. 愿同尘与灰;Learning that no dust could ever seal our love. 落叶秋风早。And the first autumn wind added fallen leaves. 两小无嫌猜。Both of us young and happy-hearted. 五月不可触, And then came the Fifth-month. 十四为君妇, .李白 Li Bai 长干行 A SONG OF CHANGGAN 妾发初覆额, My hair had hardly covered my forehead. of rock and whirling water. 门前迟行迹, Your footprints by our door. 预将书报家;Send me a message home ahead! 相迎不道远, And I will come and meet you and will never mind the distance. because of all this. in our west-garden grasses 感此伤妾心,And. 直至长风沙。 All the way to Chang-feng Sha. my lover. 苔深不能扫,Hidden under moss too deep to sweep away.Then when I was sixteen. yellowing butterflies 双飞西园草。Hover.. 孟郊 Meng Jiao 烈女操 A SONG OF A PURE-HEARTED GIRL 梧桐相待老,Lakka-trees ripen two by two 鸳鸯会双死;And mandarin-ducks die side by side. 一一生绿苔;Were hidden. lest they fade. 低头向暗壁, And I lowered my head toward a dark corner 千唤不一回,And would not turn to your thousand calls. at last. 十六君远行,. under green moss. paying by my door. in the Eighth-month. on a bamboo horse. 猿鸣天上哀。And I tried to hear the monkeys in your lofty far-off sky..At fourteen I became your wife. 早晚下三巴,.Oh. 同居长干里, We lived near together on a lane in Ch'ang-kan. 常存抱柱信, That even unto death I would await you by my post 岂上望夫台? And would never lose heart in the tower of silent watching. more than I could bear. 羞颜未尝开;So bashful that I dared not smile. where I had watched you go. 绕床弄青梅。Came trotting in circles and throwing green plums. my heart is breaking 坐愁红颜老。And I fear for my bright cheeks. you left on a long journey 瞿塘滟滪堆; Through the Gorges of Ch'u-t'ang. 八月蝴蝶来, And now. 波澜誓不起, What troubling wave can arrive to vex 妾心井中水。A spirit like water in a timeless well? .. 贞妇贵殉夫, If a true-hearted girl will love only her husband..

使我三军泪如雨。 李颀 Li Qi 送陈章甫 A FAREWELL TO MY FRIEND CHEN ZHANGFU 四月南风大麦黄, In the Fourth-month the south wind blows plains of yellow barley. are the coming generations? 念天地之悠悠, I think of heaven and earth. 今为羌笛出塞声, . expert in dance and song. sent on military missions. without end..She seems to be fluting. Filling every soldier's eyes with homesick tears. 少小幽燕客,A wanderer. a girl of fifteen years. 杀人莫敢前, Would slay whoever dared confront 须如蝟毛磔。Those moustaches that bristled like porcupinequills. there were white clouds above them. . 临行密密缝, Carefully she sews and thoroughly she mends.. recklessly risking his seven-foot body. 未得报恩不能归。But before a man has served full time. on the You and Yan frontiers. 赌胜马蹄下, Under the horses' hoofs he would meet his foes 由来轻七尺;And. even now. are the ages that have gone? 后不见来者;And where. a reed-song of home. 黄云陇底白雪飞, . behind me.There were dark clouds below the hills. 惯弹琵琶解歌舞,Deft with a guitar. before me.. 独怆然而涕下。And I am all alone and my tears fall down. without limit. 谁言寸草心, But how much love has the inch-long grass 报得三春辉?For three spring months of the light of the sun? 陈子昂 Chen Ziang 登幽州台歌 ON A GATE-TOWER AT YUZHOU 前不见古人, Where. how can he go back? 辽东小妇年十五, In eastern Liao a girl was waiting. 七言古诗 Seven-character-ancient-verse 李颀 Li Qi 古意 AN OLD AIR 男儿事长征, There once was a man. 意恐迟迟归。Dreading the delays that will keep him late from home.孟郊 Meng Jiao 游子吟 A TRAVELLER'S SONG 慈母手中线, The thread in the hands of a fond-hearted mother 游子身上衣;Makes clothes for the body of her wayward boy. from youth..

. . 一弹一十有八拍。When long ago one by one she sang its eighteen stanzas. and then The Queen of Chu... 一声已动物皆静, Once it has begun to play. 清淮奉使千余里, But three hundred miles from here. tipsy.Chen.. 虬须虎眉仍大颡。With your dragon's moustache. forgetting the white sun. here at the eastern gate. 大荒沈沈飞雪白。And the wilderness is shadowed with white new-flying snow. 李颀 Li Qi 听董大弹胡笳声兼寄语弄房给事 ON HEARING DONG PLAY THE FLAGEOLET A POEM TO PALACE-ATTENDANT FANG 蔡女昔造胡笳声, When this melody for the flageolet was made by Lady Cai.After buying us wine and pledging us.. 有时空望孤云高。But now and then you open your eyes and gaze at a high lone cloud. 月照城头乌半飞, Toward the moon that whitens the city-wall.. 东门酤酒饮我曹, .. under cloudy mountains. 不肯低头在草莽。You have held your head high. never bowed it in the dust. 敢告云山从此始 。And so it's farewell. in Huai. 古戍苍苍烽火寒, . 胡人落泪沾边草, Even the Tartars were shedding tears into the border grasses. providing abundant wine to make the night mellow. 醉卧不知白日暮, Flat you lie. 郑国游人未及家, And people on their way from Cheng cannot go home..Cold fires now of old battles are grey on ancient forts. 霜凄万树风入衣;Frost is on ten thousand trees. 先拂声弦后角羽, . 汉使断肠对归客。And the envoy of China was heart-broken. 罢官昨日今如何。 Yesterday you were dismissed.. eager to turn homeward. Are they your friends today? 李颀 Li Qi 琴歌 A LUTE SONG 主人有酒欢今夕, Our host. official duties await him. 铜炉华烛烛增辉, But a copper stove has added its light to that of flowery candles 初弹渌水后楚妃。And the lute plays The Green Water.. 陈侯立身何坦荡? . It has grown too late to sail. 请奏鸣琴广陵客。Asks his guest from Yangzhou to play for us on the lute.. 洛阳行子空叹息。And people from Loyang sigh with disappointment. 腹中贮书一万卷, In your bosom you have shelved away ten thousand volumes. and the road again.枣花未落桐叶长。Date-flowers have not faded yet and lakka-leaves are long. 青山朝别暮还见, The green peak that we left at dawn we still can see at evening. my friend.. while the stars grow thin. turning back home with his escort. you have always been a great and good man. tiger's eyebrows and your massive forehead. 嘶马出门思故乡。While our horses whinny on the road. black crows are flying.The tide-head of the lone river joins the darkening sky. 长河浪头连天黑, . 闻道故林相识多, I have heard about the many friends around your wood land dwelling.When the player first brushes the Shang string and the Jue and then the Yu. and the wind blows through our clothes. 津口停舟渡不得;The ferryman beaches his boat. 心轻万事皆鸿毛,And taking things as lightly as a wild goose feather. there is no other sound: 四座无言星欲稀。A spell is on the banquet..

川为静其波, Then river waves are calmed 鸟亦罢其鸣;And birds are mute that were singing. 黄云萧条白日暗。And when yellow clouds grow thin and the white sun darkens. left behind. 万里浮云阴且晴。Three thousand miles of floating clouds darken and lighten.Suddenly the low sound leaps to a freer tune. then quick. 此乐本自龟兹出。And its music.. 深山窃听来妖精。Demons come from the deep pine-wood and stealthily listen 言迟更速皆应手,To music slow.. now near again. 万籁百泉相与秋。Then in a hundred waterfalls ten thousand songs of autumn 忽然更作渔阳掺, Are suddenly changing to The Yuyang Lament... 空山百鸟散还合, A hundred birds from an empty mountain scatter and return.. trembling in its chill. 乌孙部落家乡远, And Wuzu tribes are homesick for their distant land. according to his heart. 凤凰池对青琐门,Phoenix Lake lies opposite the Gate of Green Jade.四郊秋叶惊摵摵。Autumn-leaves in all four quarters are shaken with a murmur. 变调如闻杨柳春, They are changing still again to Spring in the Willow Trees. He is running among the mansions 长安城连东掖垣, In the corner of the capital by the Eastern Palace wall. 世人解听不解赏, Many like to listen.. blowing it for me. a downpour breaking tiles. that was introduced from Persia first of all. cries for its flock. 傍邻闻者多叹息, Drawing a sigh from whosoever hears it. 枯桑老柏寒飕飗, Dry mulberry-trees. 嘶酸雏雁失群夜, A wildgoose fledgling. but few understand. 岁夜高堂列明烛, Are the high-hall candles we have lighted this cold night. brightening the eye with beauty. ... 将往复旋如有情。Now far away. 流传汉地曲转奇, Has taken on new magic through later use in China. flying over tree-tops. 野鹿呦呦走堂下。. 幽音变调忽飘洒,. 董夫子,通神明, Dong. outcrying one another. 九雏鸣凤乱啾啾。There are nine baby phoenixes.A wild deer calls to his fellows. 断绝胡儿恋母声。And a Tartar child for the mother he loves. 美酒一杯声一曲。 And with every cup of wine goes another round of music. 李颀 Li Qi 听安万善吹觱篥歌 ON HEARING AN WANSHAN PLAY THE REED-PIPE 南山截竹为觱篥, Bamboo from the southern hills was used to make this pipe. 迸泉飒飒飞木末, A cascade through the air. 长飙风中自来往。To and fro at will there's a long wind flying. 上林繁花照眼新。Like Imperial Garden flowers. the master. 远客思乡皆泪垂。Is bringing to a wanderer's eyes homesick tears. 长风吹林雨堕瓦;Like a long wind swaying a forest.. 逻娑沙尘哀怨生。And out of the dust of Siberian steppes rises a plaintive sorrow.. old cypresses. Must have been taught in heaven. 凉州胡人为我吹;And now the Tartar from Liangzhou. 高才脱略名与利, But how can fame and profit concern a man of genius? 日夕望君抱琴至。 Day and night I long for him to bring his lute again. following his hand. 龙吟虎啸一时发, A dragon and a tiger spring up at the same moment.

. without a thought of distance. 渔梁渡头争渡喧;I hear people at the fishing-town stumble aboard the ferry. 先期汗漫九垓上,And so. 李白 Li Bai 庐山谣寄卢侍御虚舟 A SONG OF LU MOUNTAIN TO CENSOR LU XUZHOU 我本楚狂人, I am the madman of the Chu country 凤歌笑孔丘。Who sang a mad song disputing Confucius. 朝别黄鹤楼;I have crossed.孟浩然 Meng Haoran 夜归鹿门山歌 RETURNING AT NIGHT TO LUMEN MOUNTAIN 山寺钟鸣昼已昏,A bell in the mountain-temple sounds the coming of night. 遥见仙人彩云里, Far away I watch the angels riding coloured clouds 手把芙蓉朝玉京。Toward heaven's Jade City. ... 好为庐山谣, And so I am singing a song of Lu Mountain.Holding in my hand a staff of green jade.. with hibiscus in their hands. 兴因庐山发。A song that is born of the breath of Lu Mountain. 五岳寻仙不辞远, All five Holy Mountains.. 银河倒挂三石梁, A silver stream is hanging down to three stone bridges 香炉瀑布遥相望。Within sight of the mighty Tripod Falls. 一生好入名山游。According to the one constant habit of my life. 回崖沓障淩苍苍, Ledges of cliff and winding trails lead to blue sky 翠影红霞映朝日,And a flush of cloud in the morning sun. 黄云万里动风色, Yellow clouds that winds have driven hundreds of miles 白波九道流雪山。And a snow-peak whitely circled by the swirl of a ninefold stream. 鸟飞不到吴天长。Whence no flight of birds could be blown into Wu.I also take a boat and am bound for Lumen Mountain -鹿门月照开烟树, And soon the Lumen moonlight is piercing misty trees. before I know it. 闲窥石镜清我心,. 早服还丹无世情, I have eaten the immortal pellet and. rid of the world's troubles. I survey the whole world. the solitude. 忽到庞公栖隐处;I have come. 大江茫茫去不黄。I see the long river that runs beyond return. 琴心三叠道初成;Before the lute's third playing have achieved my element. 手持绿玉杖, . 影落明湖青黛光, With its shadows in a crystal lake deepening the green water. 惟有幽人自来去。Where a hermit lives and moves. when I have traversed the nine sections of the world.Where the Stone Mirror makes the heart's purity purer 谢公行处苍苔没。And green moss has buried the footsteps of Xie. the quiet.I climb to the top. 庐山秀出南斗傍, Lu Mountain stands beside the Southern Dipper 屏风九叠云锦张;In clouds reaching silken like a nine-panelled screen.. 金阙前开二峰长。The Golden Gate opens into two mountain-ranges. since morning at the Yellow Crane Terrace... 登高壮观天地间, . never needing a companion. upon an ancient hermitage. 余亦乘舟归鹿门。. the piney path. 岩扉松径长寂寥, The thatch door. 人随沙路向江村, While others follow the sand-bank to their homes along the river.

霓为衣兮风为马, And. tempestuous on mountain and river. rocks ease me. 迷花倚石忽已暝。Flowers lure me. 云之君兮纷纷而来下;Come the queens of all the clouds. 水澹澹兮生烟。Streams pale with pallor of mist. my soul goes flying. 天姥连天向天横, In a straight line to heaven. 云霓明灭或可睹。Still seen through its varying deeps of cloud. 虎鼓瑟兮鸾回车。 With tigers for their lute-players and phoenixes for dancers.My heart and my dreams are in Wu and Yueh 一夜飞渡镜湖月。And they cross Mirror Lake all night in the moon. 势拔五岳掩赤城;Tops the five Holy Peaks. 青冥浩荡不见底, An impenetrable shadow.But now the sun and moon illumine a gold and silver terrace.. 熊咆龙吟殷岩泉, Bears. 湖月照我影, And the moon lights my shadow 送我至剡溪;And me to Yan River -谢公宿处今尚在, With the hermitage of Xie still there 渌水荡漾清猿啼。And the monkeys calling clearly over ripples of green water. 仙之人兮列如麻。Row upon row. begins turning southeast. 对此欲倒东南倾。Which. 半壁见海日, Sunny ocean half-way. 日月照耀金银台。.. its summit enters heaven. 越人语天姥, But Yueh people talk about Heavenly Mother Mountain. 李白 Li Bai 梦游天姥吟留别 TIANMU MOUNTAIN ASCENDED IN A DREAM 海客谈瀛洲, A seafaring visitor will talk about Japan. 列缺霹雳, The Gods of Thunder and Lightning 邱峦崩摧,Shatter the whole range. 烟涛微茫信难求。Which waters and mists conceal beyond approach.. just at this point. clad in rainbow garments. 怳惊起而长嗟。I wake with a long sigh. Day suddenly ends.愿接卢敖游太清。I will follow Saint Luao up the Great Purity. 栗深林兮惊层巅。Startle the forest and make the heights tremble. dragons. 我欲因之梦吴越, . 空中闻天鸡。Holy cock-crow in space. like fields of hemp. 忽魂悸以魄动, I move. 惟觉时之枕席, My pillow and my matting . descending one by one. range the fairy figures. riding on the wind. and casts a shadow through China 天台四万八千丈, With the hundred-mile length of the Heavenly Terrace Range. 千岩万壑路不定, Myriad peaks and more valleys and nowhere a road. 云青青兮欲雨, Clouds darken with darkness of rain. 脚著谢公屐, I wear his pegged boots 身登青云梯。Up a ladder of blue cloud. 洞天石扇, The stone gate breaks asunder 訇然中开;Venting in the pit of heaven..

岑参 Cen Can 走马川行奉送封大夫出师西征 A SONG OF RUNNING-HORSE RIVER IN FAREWELL TO GENERAL FENG OF THE WESTERN EXPEDITION 君不见走马川行雪海边, Look how swift to the snowy sea races Running-Horse River! -平沙莽莽黄入天。And sand. go and ask this river running to the east 别意与之谁短长?If it can travel farther than a friend's love! 李白 Li Bai 宣州谢朓楼饯别校书叔云 A FAREWELL TO SECRETARY SHUYUN AT THE XIETIAO VILLA IN XUANZHOU 弃我去者, 昨日之日不可留;Since yesterday had to throw me and bolt.And this is the way it always is with human joy: 古来万事东流水。Ten thousand things run for ever like water toward the east.But let me. I say to him in parting. 请君试问东流水, Oh. 安能摧眉折腰事权贵,Oh. on my green slope. fill with the broken boulders 随风满地石乱走。 That downward. 长风万里送秋雁, The autumn wildgeese have a long wind for escort 对此可以酣高楼。As I face them from this villa. though we cut it with our swords. how can I gravely bow and scrape to men of high rank and men of high office 使我不得开心颜? Who never will suffer being shown an honest-hearted face! 李白 Li Bai 金陵酒肆留别 PARTING AT A WINE-SHOP IN NANJING 风吹柳花满店香, A wind. follow the wind. great mountain. 轮台九月风夜吼, This Ninth-month night is blowing cold at Wheel Tower.. though we drown them with wine.失向来之烟霞。Are the lost clouds I was in. 中间小谢又清发,And I am a Lesser Xie growing up by your side. 欲行不行各尽觞。And as each of them drains his cup. when I have need of you. 俱怀逸兴壮思飞, We both are exalted to distant thought. 别君去兮何时还? And so I take my leave of you. urges me to share it 金陵子弟来相送, With my comrades of the city who are here to see me off.. 吴姬压酒唤客尝;And a girl from Wu. 一川碎石大如斗,And valleys. 欲上青天览明月。Aspiring to the sky and the bright moon. bringing willow-cotton. drinking my wine 蓬莱文章建安骨, The bones of great writers are your brushes. sweetens the shop. headlong. not knowing for how long. pouring wine. . 举杯销愁愁更愁。And sorrows return. 且放白鹿青崖间。. raise a white deer 须行即骑访名山, And ride to you.. up from the desert. 抽刀断水水更流, But since water still flows. like peck measures. 世间行乐亦如此, . flies yellow into heaven.. 明朝散发弄扁舟。 I will loosen my hair tomorrow and take to a fishing boat. 人生在世不称意, Since the world can in no way answer our craving. 乱我心者, 今日之日多烦忧。Today has hurt my heart even more. in the School of Heaven.

the Tartar chieftain has halted 戍楼西望烟尘黑, We can see. come up in the night. from an inkstand of ice. through a biting wind.. at the Sand Mouth line.In spite of grey grasses. 汉家大将西出师。O General of the Chinese troops. 幕中草檄砚水凝。Your challenge from camp. 沙口石冻马蹄脱。Horseshoes. the dust and black smoke 汉兵屯在轮台北。Where Chinese troops are camping. Tartar horses are plump. in the darkness. in the Green Books. 古来青史谁不见? We have read. 誓将报主静边尘。Commanded to settle the dust along the border. .. 五花连钱旋作冰, Freezing a pattern of five-flower coins. 岑参 Cen Can 白雪歌送武判官归京 A SONG OF WHITE SNOW IN FAREWELL TO FIELD-CLERK WU GOING HOME 北风卷地白草折, The north wind rolls the white grasses and breaks them. 虏塞兵气连云屯, Clouds and the war-wind whirl up in a point 战场白骨缠草根。Over fields where grass-roots will tighten around white bones. 单于已在金山西。Where. 轮台城北旄头落。Though the flag at the northern end hangs limp.Our flags now beckon the General farther west平明吹笛大军行。With bugles in the dawn he rouses his Grand Army.. 四边伐鼓雪海涌, Drums like a tempest pound on four sides 三军大呼阴山动。And the Yin Mountains shake with the shouts of ten thousand.匈奴草黄马正肥,.. here at the western pass! 岑参 Cen Can 轮台歌奉送封大夫出师西征 A SONG OF WHEEL TOWER IN FAREWELL TO GENERAL FENG OF THE WESTERN EXPEDITION 轮台城头夜吹角, On Wheel Tower parapets night-bugles are blowing. 胡天八月即飞雪;And the Eighth-month snow across the Tartar sky 忽如一夜春风来, Is like a spring gale. 金山西见烟尘飞, West of the Hill of Gold. 亚相勤王甘苦辛, . from the look-out. 马毛带雪汗气蒸,And snowy sweat steams on the horses' backs. 千树万树梨花开。Blowing open the petals of ten thousand peartrees. 羽书昨夜过渠黎, Scouts. 上将拥旄西出征, . 料知短兵不敢接,You will have no more need of an actual battle! -车师西门伫献捷。 We await the news of victory.. smoke and dust gather. every hardship..Our General endures every pain. mightier than the dead. break on icy boulders. west of the Hill of Gold.. start your campaign! 将军金甲夜不脱, Keep your iron armour on all night long. are passing Quli. 半夜军行戈相拨,Send your soldiers forward with a clattering of weapons! 风头如刀面如割。 . 散入珠帘湿罗幕, It enters the pearl blinds. north of Wheel Tower. 虏骑闻之应胆慑, Has chilled the barbarian chieftain's heart.. it wets the silk curtains.While the sharp wind's point cuts the face like a knife. 剑河风急雪片阔, In the Dagger River mist. tales of old days今见功名胜古人。 But here we behold a living man.

狐裘不暖锦衾薄。A fur coat feels cold. 其余七匹亦殊绝, And the seven others with them are almost as noble 迥若寒空杂烟雪;Mist and snow are moving across a cold sky. the deep firm breath. 愁云黪淡万里凝。And darkness masses its endless clouds.. for the Guos. 曾貌先帝照夜白, He painted the late Emperor's luminous white horse. 借问苦心爱者谁? . Either could face ten thousand. 忆昔巡幸新丰宫, . 山回路转不见君, And then he disappears at the turn of the pass. a lion-spotted horse. 瀚海阑干百丈冰, The sand-sea deepens with fathomless ice. 缟素漠漠开风沙。They make the white silk stretch away into a vast desert. 内府殷红玛瑙盘, And a pink-agate plate was sent him from the palace婕妤传诏才人索。The talk of the court-ladies. have followed Cao.Who understands distinction? Who really cares for art? 后有韦讽前支盾。You. 昔日太宗拳毛騧, . Zhidun preceded him. guitars. harps.. 可怜九马争神骏, See how these nine horses all vie with one another顾视清高气深稳。The high clear glance. the marvel of all eyes. 纷纷暮雪下辕门, Till at dusk. 龙池十日飞霹雳,For ten days the thunder flew over Dragon Lake. 此皆骑战一敌万, They are war.. 中军置酒饮归客, But we drink to our guest bound home from camp. can hardly be drawn 都护铁衣冷犹著。And the metal of armour congeals on the men. for royal steeds. 盘赐将军拜舞归, The General danced.. 近时郭家狮子花。Then. Prince Jiangdu -将军得名三十载, And then to General Cao through his thirty years of fame 人间又见真乘黄。The world's gaze turned. 轮台东门送君去, We watch him through Wheel-Tower Gate going eastward.. when the drifts are crushing our tents 风掣红旗冻不翻。And our frozen red flags cannot flutter in the wind. a cotton mat flimsy. Wei Feng. 霜蹄蹴踏长楸间, And hoofs are cleaving snow-drifts under great trees马官厮养森成列。With here a group of officers and there a group of servants.. 胡琴琵琶与羌笛。And play him barbarian lutes. requesting that his art 始觉屏障生光辉。Lend a new lustre to their screens. 杜甫 Du Fu 韦讽录事宅观曹将军画马图 A DRAWING OF A HORSE BY GENERAL CAO AT SECRETARY WEI FENG'S HOUSE 国初以来画鞍马, Throughout this dynasty no one had painted horses 神妙独数江都王。Like the master-spirit. 去时雪满天山路;Into the snow-mounds of Heaven-Peak Road. 复令识者久叹嗟,A sobering sight for whosoever knew them.. receiving it in his honoured home 轻纨细绮相追飞;After this rare gift.I remember when the late Emperor came toward his Summer Palace. 将军角弓不得控, Bows become rigid. followed rapidly fine silks 贵戚权门得笔迹, From many of the nobles. 雪上空留马行处。 Leaving behind him only hoof-prints. 今之新图有二马, But now in this painting I see two horses.First came the curly-maned horse of Emperor Taizong.....horses.. .

your follower.. used your art divinely- . 圉人太仆皆惆怅,While officers and men of the stud hung about and stared. commanded to proceed with your work. 凌烟功臣少颜色, When the spirit left great statesmen.. prancing... 画工如山貌不同。Whom artists had copied in various poses. 皆与此图筋骨同。Fashioned. 猛将腰间大羽箭。You fitted all commanders with arrows at their girdles. General. swept from the eastern sky -腾骧磊落三万匹, Thirty thousand horses. 良相头上进贤冠, You crowned all the premiers with coronets of office. 是日牵来赤墀下, They led him one day to the red marble stairs 迥立阊阖生长风。With his eyes toward the palace in the deepening air. like the horses in this picture. descended from Wei's Emperor Wu. 玉花却在御榻上, There was one Jade Flower standing on the dais 榻上庭前屹相向;And another by the steps.翠花拂天来向东;The procession.. 富贵于我如浮云。Letting wealth and fame drift by like clouds.. 一洗万古凡马空。Had banished earthly horses for ten thousand generations. 君不见, 金粟堆前松柏里,Where you see his Great Gold Tomb.The late Emperor had a horse. you may hear among the pines 龙媒去尽鸟呼风。 A bird grieving in the wind that the Emperor's horses are gone. 弟子韩干早入室, . in green-feathered rows. has likewise grown proficient 亦能画马穷殊相;At representing horses in all their attitudes.Han Gan. 丹青不知老将至, Faithful to your art.. 文采风流今尚存。But masters of beauty live forever. 诏谓将军拂绢素, Then. 褒公鄂公毛发动, You fitted all commanders with arrows at their girdles.. 无复射蛟江水中。For the Emperor hunts crocodiles no longer by the streams. every one of them. you know no age.. on walls of the Hall of Fame 将军下笔开生面。The point of your brush preserved their living faces.. 将军画善盖有神,You. galloping. when your dragon-horse.. 开元之中常引见, . he fails to draw the bone忍使骅骝气凋丧。So that even the finest are deprived of their spirit. beyond the mere skill. and they marvelled at each other. 自从献宝朝河宗, But now the Imperial Ghost receives secret jade from the River God. 干惟画肉不画骨,But picturing the flesh.... 先帝天马玉花骢, . with every hair alive.. 英雄割据虽已矣! Conquerors and their velour perish. 杜甫 Du Fu 丹青引赠曹霸将军 A SONG OF A PAINTING TO GENERAL CAO 将军魏武之子孙, O General. 于今为庶为青门;You are nobler now than when a noble.. 至尊含笑催赐金, The Emperor rewarded you with smiles and with gifts. 意匠惨淡经营中;You centred all your being on a piece of silk. 学书初学卫夫人, . 英姿飒爽犹酣战。You made the founders of this dynasty. 承恩数上南熏殿,Accompanied him often to the Court of the South Wind.. known as Jade Flower.In the years of Kaiyuan you were much with the Emperor.With your brush-work learned from Lady Wei 但恨无过王右军。And second only to Wang Xizhi's. born of the sky. 斯须九重真龙出, And later.

行人刁斗风沙暗, And when the throb of watch-drums hangs in the sandy wind. 黄昏饮马傍交河。At yellow dusk we water our horses in the boundaryriver. My thoughts are in Youzhou.. and others unicorns. 今我不乐思岳阳,I am sad.. to seize you from beyond the autumn waters 焉得置之贡玉堂。 And to place you as an offering in the Court of Imperial Jade. never could be happy. 南极老人应寿昌。May the star of long life accord him its blessing! 美人胡为隔秋水? . 国家成败吾岂敢? . 美人娟娟隔秋水, .What are a country's rise and fall? 色难腥腐餐枫香。Can flesh-pots be as fragrant as mountain fruit?. wandering in a world of disorder 屡貌寻常行路人。And sketching from time to time some petty passerby 涂穷反遭俗眼白,People note your case with the whites of their eyes.. 即今漂泊干戈际, Yet here you are. 玉京群帝集北斗, Angels bound for the Capital of Heaven.From the Wizard of the Red Pine this word has come for me: 恐是汉代韩张良;That after his earlier follower he has now a new disciple 昔随刘氏定长安, Who.. 身欲奋飞病在床。I would hurry there-but I am sick in bed.. 星宫之君醉琼浆, Till the Queen of the Stars. we scan the sky for a war-torch. 濯足洞庭望八荒。Oh. sun and moon both white.. 羽人稀少不在旁。Would forget the winged men on either side of her! 似闻昨者赤松子, . 芙蓉旌旗烟雾落, With banners of hibiscus and with melodies of mist.Beauty would be facing me across the autumn waters.. 世上未有如公贫;There's nobody purer. there's nobody poorer.. My thoughts are in Youzhou... 但看古来盛名下, .. to wash my feet in Lake Dongting and see at its eight corners 鸿飞冥冥日月白, Wildgeese flying high. from earliest times. some of them phrenixes.O purity. 杜甫 Du Fu 寄韩谏议 I am sad..偶逢佳士亦写真;And expressed. 周南留滞古所惜, I grieve that he is lost far away in the south. .. but the life of a good man. 或骑麒麟翳凤凰。Riding. 七言乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李颀 Li Qi 古从军行 AN OLD WAR-SONG 白日登山望烽火, Through the bright day up the mountain. 帷幄未改神惨伤。In spite of great successes.. drowsy with her nectar.. formerly at the capital as Emperor Liu's adviser. 终日坎壈缠其身。 How hard it is to be a great artist. not only horses. 青枫叶赤天雨霜。Green maples changing to red in the frosty sky. near the North Star. 影动倒景摇潇湘。Their shadows dancing upside-down in the southern rivers..Read in the records.

胡儿眼泪双双落。And children of the Tartars have many tears to shed. 胡雁哀鸣夜夜飞, With their plaintive calls. 谁怜越女颜如玉? . 雨雪纷纷连大漠。Till the heavy sky joins the wide desert in snow. washing silk? 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 王维 Wang Wei 老将行 SONG OF AN OLD GENERAL 少年十五二十时,When he was a youth of fifteen or twenty. 自怜碧玉亲教舞, He favours this girl of lowly birth. 射杀山中白额虎, He shot the white-browed mountain tiger. poor. she may be a little older. 贫贱江头自浣纱。 Humble. 步行夺得胡马骑。He chased a wild horse.. 侍女金盘脍鲤鱼。Her handmaid brings her cod-fish in a golden plate. 红桃绿柳垂檐向。Cornices are pink and green with peach-bloom and with willow. 良人玉勒乘骢马, . 才可容颜十五余;She looks fifteen. 日夜经过赵李家。And day and night she is visiting the hosts of the gayest mansions. 肯数邺下黄须儿。He defied the yellow-bristled Horseman of Ye. by the river. 闻道玉门犹被遮,But we hear that the Jade Pass is still under siege. 妆成祇是薰香坐。No sooner is she dressed again than incense burns before her.. 宝扇迎归九华帐。And rare fans shade her. 罗帷送上七香车, Canopies of silk awn her seven-scented chair. he has her taught to dance. alone. 城中相识尽繁华, Those she knows in town are only the rich and the lavish.Who notices the girl from Yue with a face of white jade. 狂夫富贵在青春, Her lord. 野云万里无城郭,Three thousand miles without a town.公主琵琶幽怨多。We hear the guitar of the Chinese Princess telling her endless woe. he caught him and rode him... . home to her nine-flowered curtains.. 一身转战三千里, Fighting single. nothing but camps. barbarian wildgeese fly from night to night.. 九微片片飞花璅。Those nine soft lights like petals in a flying chain of flowers. 画阁朱楼尽相望, On her painted pavilions. 年年战骨埋荒外, Each year we bury in the desert bones unnumbered. with rank and wealth and in the bud of life. 意气骄奢剧季伦。Exceeds in munificence the richest men of old.handed for a thousand miles.While her master rides his rapid horse with jade bit an bridle. 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 王维 Wang Wei 洛阳女儿行 A SONG OF A GIRL FROM LOYANG 洛阳女儿对门居,There's a girl from Loyang in the door across the street. 戏罢曾无理曲时, Between dances she has barely time for singing over the songs. 不惜珊瑚持与人。And he gives away his coral-trees to almost anyone. 应将性命逐轻车。And soon we stake our lives upon our light warchariots. 空见葡萄入汉家。Yet we only watch for grape-vines coming into China.. 春窗曙灭九微火, The wind of dawn just stirs when his nine soft lights go out. facing red towers.

the governors call young men -诏书五道出将军。And five imperial edicts have summoned the old general. 今日垂杨生左肘。Now knotted veins and tendons make his left arm like an osier. 近入千家散花竹。And thousands of houses shadowed round with flowers and bamboos. 李广无功缘数奇。And General Li Guang's thwarted effort was his fate.There once was an aged Prefect.. 贺兰山下阵如云, . 试拂铁衣如雪色, So he dusts his iron coat and shines it like snow聊持宝剑动星文。Waves his dagger from its jade hilt in a dance of starry steel. day and night. above the Wuling River. . enjoying the spring mountains. 坐看红树不知远, Watching the fresh-coloured trees. 卫青不败由天幸, General Wei Qing's victory was only a thing of chance. the waters would come gushing for his men 不似颍川空使酒。And never would he wanton his cause away with wine. 自从弃置便衰朽, Since this man's retirement he is looking old and worn: 世事蹉跎成白首。Experience of the world has hastened his white hairs. 寥落寒山对虚牖。His vacant window looks upon the far cold mountains 誓令疏勒出飞泉, But.. 王维 Wang Wei 桃源行 A SONG OF PEACH-BLOSSOM RIVER 渔舟逐水爱山春, A fisherman is drifting.. 汉兵奋迅如霹雳, Granted that the troops of China were as swift as heaven's thunder 虏骑崩腾畏蒺藜。And that Tartar soldiers perished in pitfalls fanged with iron..一剑曾当百万师。With his naked dagger he could hold a multitude. 莫嫌旧日云中守, . not his fault. under the Helan Range. 还从物外起田园。 On farms and in gardens that are like a world apart. 愿得燕弓射大将, He is ready with his strong northern bow to smite the Tartar chieftain -耻令越甲鸣吾君。That never a foreign war-dress may affront the Emperor. forgotten and far away. 苍茫古木连穷巷, His lonely lane is shut away by a dense grove. he never thinks of distance 行尽青溪不见人。 Till he comes to the end of the blue stream and suddenly.. 犹堪一战取功勋。Who still could manage triumph with a single stroke. 昔时飞箭无全目, Though once his quick dart never missed the right eye of a bird.. 路旁时卖故侯瓜, He is sometimes at the road-side selling melons from his garden. if he prayed.strange men! 山口潜行始隈隩, It's a cave-with a mouth so narrow that he has to crawl through. 月明松下房栊静, Their dwellings at peace under pines in the clear moon. go feathered messages. 门前学种先生柳。He is sometimes planting willows round his hermitage.War-clouds are spreading. 居人未改秦衣服。And clothes of the Qin Dynasty are worn by all these people 居人共住武陵源, Living on the uplands. 羽檄交驰日夕闻。Back and forth. 樵客初传汉姓名, Woodsmen tell him their names in the ancient speech of Han. 两岸桃花夹古津。And the peach-trees on both banks lead him to an ancient source. 节使三河募年少, In the three River Provinces.. 山开旷望旋平陆。 But then it opens wide again on a broad and level path -遥看一处攒云树, And far beyond he faces clouds crowning a reach of trees.

westward. 竞引还家问都邑。And each of them invites him home and asks him where he was born. 安知峰壑今来变。And forgets that cliffs and peaks may vary their appearance. we have to turn nine turns among its mound -扪参历井仰胁息, Panting.. 蚕丛及鱼凫, 开国何茫然。. to find that hidden source? 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李白 Li Bai 蜀道难 HARD ROADS IN SHU 噫吁戏, 危乎高哉!Oh. 辞家终拟长游衍。Intending some time to return.. 上有六龙回日之高标, .The fisherman.. 青溪几曲到云林? A green river leads you. 猿猱欲度愁攀援。So pity the poor monkeys who have only paws to use. 峡里谁知有人事, No one in the cave knowing anything outside.. 及至成仙遂不还。They have lived like angels ever since.Until two rulers of this region 尔来四万八千岁, 始与秦塞通人烟。Pushed their way through in the misty ages. 世中遥望空云山。Outsiders viewing only empty mountains and thick clouds. 下有冲波逆折之回川。While the river. still has only a bird's . 春来遍是桃花水, But now. holding our chests with our hands and sinking to the ground with a groan. 初因避地去人间, They had left the world long ago. 以手抚膺坐长叹。Then..High. as on a tall flag. they had come here seeking refuge. with spring-floods everywhere and floating peachpetals -不辨仙源何处寻? Which is the way to go. Forty-eight thousand years had passed path Up to the summit of Emei Peak -地崩山摧壮士死, 然后天梯石栈方钩连。Which was broken once by an earthquake and there were brave men lost.... into a misty wood. past mountains and past rivers. six dragons drive the sun. blessedly far away. unaware of his great good fortune. 尘心未尽思乡县。Begins to think of country. 薄暮渔樵乘水入。And fishermen and farmers bring him their loads at dusk. 出洞无论隔山水, Finds his way out of the cave again. but it is high and very dangerous! 蜀道之难难于上青天!Such travelling is harder than scaling the blue sky. 西当太白有鸟道, 可以横绝峨眉巅。And the Great White Mountain. 黄鹤之飞尚不得, Such height would be hard going for even a yellow crane. 不疑灵境难闻见, .It is certain that to enter through the deepness of the mountain.At news of a stranger the people all assemble... 问君西游何时还? We wonder if this westward trail will never have an end. 青泥何盘盘, The Mountain of Green Clay is formed of many circles百步九折萦岩峦,Each hundred steps. of home. lashes its twisted course. With nobody arriving across the Qin border.. far below. fixes it well in mind. 平明闾巷扫花开, Alleys and paths are cleared for him of petals in the morning. 自谓经过旧不迷, He studies every step he takes. 当时只记入山深, .. of worldly ties. 惊闻俗客争来集, . when he has told his kin.. Just finishing the stone rungs of their ladder toward heaven.日出云中鸡犬喧。 Until sunrise fills the low sky with crowing and barking. we brush Orion and pass the Well Star.

所守或匪亲, What if he be not loyal.Insects hum of autumn by the gold brim of the well. 胡为乎来哉? 剑阁峥嵘而崔嵬, 一夫当关, And while one man guards it 万夫莫开;Ten thousand cannot force it.. 天长路远魂飞苦, Heaven is high. 下有渌水之波澜。Below. 不如早还家。Such travelling is harder than scaling the blue sky.There are ravenous tigers to fear in the day 夕避长蛇,And venomous reptiles in the night 磨牙吮血, With their teeth and their fangs ready 杀人如麻。To cut people down like hemp. 又闻子规啼, And there come to us the melancholy voices of the cuckoos 夜月愁空山。Out on the empty mountain... 其险也如此! Why do people come here who live at a safe distance? 嗟尔远道之人,. 砯崖转石万壑雷。With all this danger upon danger. I see the blueness and deepness of sky. 锦城虽云乐, Though the City of Silk be delectable. centred from the clouds. I would rather turn home quickly.. gaze upon the moon.. following the females. earth wide. 蜀道之难难于上青天!Such travelling is harder than scaling the blue sky. from the face of the cliffs. bitter between them flies my sorrow. 但见悲鸟号古木, With nothing heard but the call of birds hemmed in by the ancient forest. 侧身西望常咨嗟。 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李白 Li Bai 长相思之一 ENDLESS YEARNING I 长相思, "I am endlessly yearning 在长安。To be in Changan. . 卷帷望月空长叹。I lift the shade and... 枯松倒挂倚绝壁。And a thousand plunging cataracts outroar one another 飞湍瀑流争喧豗, And send through ten thousand valleys a thunder of spinning stones.. I see the greenness and the restlessness of water.Though Dagger-Tower Pass be firm and grim.. 连峰去天不盈尺, Dry pines hang.. head down. 使人听此凋朱颜。Even to hear of it turns the cheek pale. 雄飞雌从绕林间;Male birds smoothly wheeling. 蜀道之难难于上青天,But I still face westward with a dreary moan. and.. 孤灯不明思欲绝, The high lantern flickers. 化为狼与豺,But a wolf toward his fellows? 朝避猛虎, .畏途巉岩不可攀。The formidable path ahead grows darker. with many a sigh. deeper grows my longing. 美人如花隔云端, Single as a flower. 络纬秋啼金井阑, . 上有青冥之长天,Above. under the lonely moon. darker still. 微霜凄凄簟色寒。A thin frost glistens like little mirrors on my cold mat.....

beyond the blue sky. 蜀琴欲奏鸳鸯弦。And a Shu lute begins to sound its mandarin-duck strings. if ever you should doubt this aching of my heart. over the mountain? 长相思, Endless longing 摧心肝。Breaks my heart. 行路难!Journeying is hard.. 多歧路, There are many turnings -今安在?Which am I to follow?.. 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李白 Li Bai 行路难之二 HARD IS THE WAY OF THE WORLD II . 行路难! Journeying is hard.. and a mist is in the flowers. sailing for the sun. 此曲有意无人传, Since nobody can bear to you the burden of my song. I cannot eat nor drink. 不信妾肠断, . 归来看取明镜前。 Here in my bright mirror come back and look at me!" 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李白 Li Bai 行路难之一 THE HARD ROAD 金樽清酒斗十千, Pure wine costs.. 愿随春风寄燕然。Would that it might follow the spring wind to Yanran Mountain. 忆君迢迢隔青天, I think of you far away.. 闲来垂钓碧溪上, I would sit and poise a fishing-pole.梦魂不到关山难。Can I dream through the gateway. 将登太行雪暗天。I would climb the Taihang Mountains..Oh. 昔日横波目,And my eyes that once were sparkling 今成流泪泉。Are now a well of tears. deep sea. but ice chokes the ferry. 欲渡黄河冰塞川, I would cross the Yellow River. ten thousand coppers a flagon. lazy by a brook -忽复乘舟梦日边。But I suddenly dream of riding a boat. 玉盘珍羞值万钱。And a jade plate of dainty food calls for a million coins. 月明欲素愁不眠。And the moon grows very white and people sad and sleepless.. I peer four ways in vain...... but the sky is blind with snow.... 拔剑四顾心茫然。I pull out my dagger.. 赵瑟初停凤凰柱, A Zhao harp has just been laid mute on its phoenix holder. 停杯投箸不能食, I fling aside my food-sticks and cup. for the golden cup.." 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李白 Li Bai 长相思之二 ENDLESS YEARNING II 日色已尽花含烟, "The sun has set. 长风破浪会有时, I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves 直挂云帆济沧海。 And set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep.

华亭鹤唳讵可闻? Minister Li regretted not to have retired 上蔡苍鹰何足道。To hunt with falcon gray as he had long desired. 子胥既弃吴江上, The head of General Wu was hung o'er city gate. 君不见, Have you not heard of King of Yan in days gone by. 行路难, Hard is the way. 归去来? Go back without delay! 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李白 Li Bai 行路难之三 HARD IS THE WAY OF THE WORLD III 有耳莫洗颍川水, Don't wash your ears on hearing something you dislike 有口莫食首阳蕨。Nor die of hunger like famous hermits on the Pike! 含光混世贵无名, Living without a fame among the motley crowd. 昔时燕家重郭隗, Who venerated talents and built Terrace high 拥彗折节无嫌猜; On which he offered gold to gifted men 剧辛乐毅感恩分, And stooped low and swept the floor to welcome them? 输肝剖胆效英才。 Grateful. 淮阴市井笑韩信, General Han was mocked in the market-place. both full of stratagem. 谁人更扫黄金台? The King's bones were now buried. Ju Xin and Yue Yi came then 昭王白骨萦蔓草, And served him heart and soul.大道如青天, The way is broad like the blue sky. 汉朝公卿忌贾生。The brilliant scholar Jia was banished in disgrace. 赤鸡白狗赌梨栗。 Gambling on fighting cocks and dogs for pears and nuts. 何用孤高比云月?Why should one be as lofty as the moon or cloud? 吾观自古贤达人, Of ancient talents who failed to retire. 陆机雄才岂自保? The highly talented scholar wished in vain 李斯税驾苦不早。To preserve his life to hear the cry of the crane. 我独不得出。But no way out before my eye. having no fish to eat. 曳裾王门不称情。 Zhou did not think to bow to noblemen was meet. 屈原终投湘水滨。In the river was drowned the poet laureate. 秋风忽忆江东行。To go home to eat his perch with high glee? 且乐生前一杯酒, Enjoy a cup of wine while you're alive! 何须身后千载名? Do not care if your fame will not survive! 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 李白 Li Bai . 弹剑作歌奏苦声, Feng would go homeward way. there's none 功成不退皆殒身。But came to tragic ending after glory's won. carefree. 君不见, 吴中张翰称达生,Have you not heard of Zhang Han who resigned. 羞逐长安社中儿, I am ashamed to follow those who have no guts.

.To the old master. have changed by night to snow. they tug at your sleeves. 行人弓箭各在腰。Each man of you has a bow and a quiver at his belt. . 惟有饮者留其名。And only the great drinkers are famous for all time. 呼儿将出换美酒, Hand them to the boy to exchange for good wine. 马萧萧, The war-horses whinny. never to return. all of them come back! 烹羊宰牛且为乐, Cook a sheep. kill a cow... 与尔同消万古愁。 And we'll drown away the woes of ten thousand generations! 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 杜甫 Du Fu 兵车行 A SONG OF WAR-CHARIOTS 车辚辚, The war-chariots rattle. 耶娘妻子走相送, Father. whet the appetite. 主人何为言少钱? Why say. that your money is gone? 径须沽取对君酌。Go and buy wine and we'll drink it together! 五花马, My flower-dappled horse. my host.. 人生得意须尽欢,. 牵衣顿足拦道哭, They run with you. son. Cen. Danqiu. 尘埃不见咸阳桥。Till dust shall have buried the bridge beyond Changan. 奔流到海不复回?Entering the ocean. let a man of spirit venture where he pleases 莫使金樽空对月, And never tip his golden cup empty toward the moon! 天生我材必有用,Since heaven gave the talent. 会须一饮三百杯。And make me.. with many a laugh and quip. 丹丘生!And the young scholar. of three hundred bowls.Prince Chen paid at a banquet in the Palace of Perfection 斗酒十千恣欢谑。Ten thousand coins for a cask of wine. rare dishes and treasure? 但愿长醉不愿醒。Let me be forever drunk and never come to reason! 古来圣贤皆寂寞, Sober men of olden days and sages are forgotten. let it be employed! 千金散尽还复来。Spin a thousand pieces of silver. stare at you going. 将进酒;Bring in the wine! 君莫停。Let your cups never rest! 与君歌一曲, Let me sing you a song! 请君为我侧耳听。Let your ears attend! 钟鼓馔玉不足贵, What are bell and drum. 朝如青丝暮成雪? Though silken-black at morning. 千金裘。My furs worth a thousand. mother. 陈王昔时宴平乐, .将进酒 BRINGING IN THE WINE 君不见, 黄河之水天上来,See how the Yellow River's waters move out of heaven.Oh.. 君不见, 高堂明镜悲白发,See how lovely locks in bright mirrors in high chambers. one long drink! 岑夫子! . crying. wife.

Men of China are able to face the stiffest battle... 去时里正与裹头, The mayor wound their turbans for them when they started out.. sweet-mannered. 君不闻, 汉家山东二百州,.We have learned that to have a son is bad luck反是生女好;It is very much better to have a daughter 生女犹得嫁比邻, Who can marry and live in the house of a neighbour.. 边亭流血成海水, At the border where the blood of men spills like the sea -武皇开边意未已。And still the heart of Emperor Wu is beating for war. 归来头白还戍边。With their turbaned hair white now. 道旁过者问行人, And every time a bystander asks you a question. 头上何所有? And hanging far down from their temples 翠微盍叶垂鬓唇。Are blue leaves of delicate kingfisher feathers. 役夫敢申恨;Dare they complain? 且如今年冬, For example.. 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 杜甫 Du Fu 丽人行 A SONG OF FAIR WOMEN 三月三日天气新, On the third day of the Third-month in the freshening weather 长安水边多丽人。 Many beauties take the air by the Chang’an waterfront... 行人但云点行频。You can only say to him that you have to go. 县官急索租, Challenged for taxes.We remember others at fifteen sent north to guard the river 便至四十西营田。And at forty sent west to cultivate the campfarms. in two hundred districts 千村万落生荆杞? And in thousands of villages..Go to the Blue Sea. 禾生陇亩无东西。East and west the furrows all are broken down? 况复秦兵耐苦战, . 或从十五北防河, . east of China's mountains. sincere. this winter 未休关西卒。Held west of the gate. 生男埋没随百草。While under the sod we bury our boys.Do you know that. 绣罗衣裳照暮春, Their embroidered silk robes in the spring sun are gleaming -蹙金孔雀银麒麟。 With a mass of golden peacocks and silver unicorns.. 肌理细腻骨肉匀。 With soft fine skin and well-balanced bone. 背后何所见? And following behind them . 天阴雨湿声啾啾。 Loudest in the dark sky of a stormy day. nothing grows but weeds. 态浓意远淑且真, Receptive..哭声直上干云霄。And the sound of their sorrow goes up to the clouds. 长者虽有问, Whatever is asked of them. 纵有健妇把锄犁, And though strong women have bent to the ploughing. 租税从何出?How could they pay? 信知生男恶, . 君不见, 青海头,. they are still at the border. look along the shore 古来白骨无人收?At all the old white bones forsaken -新鬼烦冤旧鬼哭, New ghosts are wailing there now with the old. aloof. 被驱不异犬与鸡。But their officers drive them like chickens and dogs.

宾从杂遝实要津。Guests and courtiers gather.While a solemn sound of flutes and drums invokes gods and spirits.Mounted Tartars. through the cleft on Dagger. 清渭东流剑阁深, And clear Wei waters running east. 黄昏胡骑尘满城, .. 紫驼之峰出翠釜, Red camel-humps are brought them from jade broilers. 明眸皓齿今何在? . rhythmic with bearers.Where are those perfect eyes.. 水精之盘行素鳞。And sweet fish is ordered them on crystal trays. for whom are you so green? 忆昔霓旌下南苑; . 去住彼此无消息。 Carry neither there nor here any news of her. are wishing with tears 江水江花岂终极? That she were as eternal as the river and the flowers.. stirring no dust. 青鸟飞去衔红巾。Bluebirds find their way with vermilion handkerchiefs -炙手可热势绝伦, But power can be as hot as flame and burn people's fingers. 杨花雪落覆白苹, In a snow of flying willow-cotton whitening the duckweed. from the Palace of the Bright Sun. 御厨络绎送八珍。Bring precious dishes constantly from the imperial kitchen. 春日潜行曲江曲; As I steal like a spring-shadow down the Winding River. 翻身向天仰射云, And an archer.Tower Trail. heightening one another. a dignified horseman 当轩下马入锦茵。Dismounts at the pavilion on an embroidered rug.Since the palaces ashore are sealed by a thousand gates -细柳新蒲为谁绿? Fine willows. 人生有情泪沾臆, People. but I linger-gazing northward toward the throne. all of high rank.... 箫鼓哀吟感鬼神, . shooting through the clouds 一箭正坠双飞翼。 And felling with one dart a pair of flying birds. 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 杜甫 Du Fu 哀江头 A SONG OF SOBBING BY THE RIVER 少陵野老吞生哭, I am only an old woodsman. 苑中景物生颜色。 And ten thousand colours. has nowhere to return. new rushes.. champing at bits of yellow gold. in the yellow twilight. each with bow and arrows. 同辇随君侍君侧。 Attendant on the Emperor in his royal chariot. compassionate. . 昭阳殿里第一人, And the Kingdom's first Lady. 犀箸餍饫久未下, Though their food-sticks of unicorn-horn are lifted languidly 鸾刀缕切空纷纶。And the finely wrought phoenix carving-knife is very little used. cloud the town with dust. watch for his frown.珠压腰衱稳称身。Is a pearl-laden train. 黄门飞鞚不动尘, Fleet horses from the Yellow Gate.. 辇前才人带弓箭, And the horsemen before them.. riding slow. 后来鞍马何逡巡? And finally.. 江头宫殿锁千门, . breast skyward. 白马嚼啮黄金勒。 And the snowy horses. 就中云幕椒房亲, Some of them are kindred to the Royal House -赐名大国虢与秦。The titled Princesses Guo and Qin. 欲往城南望城北。 I am fleeing south. whispering a sob. where are those pearly teeth? 血污游魂归不得。 A blood-stained spirit has no home. 慎莫近前丞相嗔。 Be wary of the Premier.I remember a cloud of flags that came from the South Garden.

金鞭断折九马死, With his golden whip now broken. bitterly sobbing. I beg you. 五言律诗 Five-character-regular-verse 司空曙 Sikong Shu 云阳馆与韩绅宿别 A FAREWELL TO HAN SHEN AT THE YUNYANG INN 故人江海别, Long divided by river and sea. hoping for employment. his nine war-horses dead 骨肉不待同驰驱。And his own flesh and bone scattered to the winds. 哀哉王孙慎勿疏, Unhappy Prince. be very careful of your most sacred person! 不敢长语临交衢, I dare not address you long..杜甫 Du Fu 哀王孙 A SONG OF A PRINCE DEPOSED 长安城头头白乌, Along the wall of the Capital a white-headed crow 夜飞延秋门上呼; Flies to the Gate where Autumn Enters and screams there in the night. 龙种自与常人殊。These Dragons look different from ordinary men. 昨夜东风吹血腥, Last night with the spring-wind there came a smell of blood. be constantly on guard -五陵佳气无时无。 Till power blow to your aid from the Five Imperial Tombs. 高帝子孙尽隆准, But.. all with hooknoses. 朔方健儿好身手, Our northern warriors are sound enough of body and of hand -昔何勇锐今何愚? Oh. 东来橐驼满旧都。The old Capital is full of camels from the east. a mighty mandarin. 腰下宝玦青珊瑚, There's a rare ring of green coral underneath the vest 问之不肯道姓名, Who has to give a false name to anyone who asks him. 但道困苦乞为奴。Just a poor fellow. has fled before the Tartars. 又向人家啄大屋, Then turns again and pecks among the roofs of a tall mansion 屋底达官走避胡。Whose lord. we hear.. 慎勿出口他人狙。But still be careful-keep yourself well hidden from the dagger. 且为王孙立斯须。Nor even to stand beside you for more than these few moments. has given his son the throne 圣德北服南单于。And the southern border-chieftains are loyally inclined 花门剺面请雪耻, And the Huamen and Limian tribes are gathering to avenge us. 已经百日窜荆棘,A hundred days' hiding in grasses and thorns 身上无有完肌肤。Show on his body from head to foot. . why so brave in olden times and so craven now? 窃闻天子已传位, Our Emperor. 豺狼在邑龙在野, Wolves are in the palace now and Dragons are lost in the desert -王孙善保千金躯。O Prince.Of a Prince at a street-corner. here by the open road. since their first Emperor.

The moon goes down behind a ruined fort. 孤灯寒照雨, ...几度隔山川。For years we two have failed to meet -乍见翻疑梦,And suddenly to find you seems like a dream. 处处伴愁颜。 Whichever way I turn my face. 雨中黄叶树,And as raindrops brighten yellow leaves.. 得相能开国, You chose a great premier to magnify your kingdom. 相悲各问年。With a catch in the throat. without me. lifelong friend. 刘禹锡 Liu Yuxi 蜀先主庙 IN THE TEMPLE OF THE FIRST KING OF SHU 天地英雄气, Even in this world the spirit of a hero 千秋尚凛然。Lives and reigns for thousands of years. 时清独北还。Now you go north in safety.. 灯下白头人。The lamp illumines my white head. 旧国见青山。When you look on the blue of the mountains of home. we ask how old we are. 更有明朝恨, But forgetting the sadness that will come with tomorrow. 平生自有分, But you cannot come too often.Our single lamp shines. 愧君相访频。I am ashamed to receive you here. 况是蔡家亲。 More than brother. 司空曙 Sikiong Shu 贼平后送人北归 TO A FRIEND BOUND NORTH AFTER THE REBELLION 世乱同南去, In dangerous times we two came south. through cold and wet. 晓月过残垒, . 司空曙 Sikong Shu 喜外弟卢纶见宿 WHEN LU LUN MY COUSIN COMES FOR THE NIGHT 静夜四无邻, With no other neighbour but the quiet night.. 以我独沉久, Out of the world these many years. 深竹暗浮烟。On a bamboo... 寒禽与衰草, There are shivering birds and withering grasses. 业复五铢钱。It was you who maintained the honour of the currency..... 离杯惜共传。Let us share the comfort of this farewell wine.thicket sheathed in rain. 荒居旧业贫。Here I live in the same old cottage. 势分三足鼎, You were the firmest of the pot's three legs..... 繁星宿故关。Leaving star-clusters above an old gate. .. 他乡生白发, But remember my head growing white among strangers.

又送王孙去, O Prince of Friends... 蕃汉断消息, News was cut off between the two worlds 死生长别离。As between the living and the dead. 城下没全师。And when your men had vanished beyond the citywall.. I might serve you in the temple. 欲祭疑君在, If only I knew. 杜牧 Du Mu 旅宿 A NIGHT AT A TAVERN 旅馆无良伴, Solitary at the tavern.. you are gone again. news from home -沧江好烟月, And I remember the moon like smoke on the river 门系钓鱼船。 And a fisher-boat moored there. 远芳侵古道, Sweet they press on the old high. under my door... a year late.Roused at dawn from a misty dream. 家书到隔年。I read. 张籍 Zhang Ji 没蕃故人 THINKING OF A FRIEND LOST IN THE TIBETAN WAR 前年伐月支, Last year you went with your troops to Tibet. 萋萋满别情。 I hear them sighing after you. 天涯哭此时。Instead of these tears toward the far sky. or any trace of you. 野火烧不尽, Wildfire never quite consumes them -春风吹又生。They are tall once more in the spring wind. 寒灯思旧事, Under the cold lamp. .road 晴翠接荒城。And reach the crumbling city-gate. 白居易 Bai Juyi 赋得古原草送别 GRASSES 离离原上草, Boundless grasses over the plain 一岁一枯荣。Come and go with every season.生儿不象贤。And yet you had a son so little like his father 凄凉蜀故妓, That girls of your country were taken captive 来舞魏宫前。 To dance in the palace of the King of Wei. 断雁警愁眠。I am kept awake by a lost wildgoose. 远梦归侵晓, . 凝情自悄然。I am shut in with loneliness and grief. 无人收废帐, No one has come upon a faithful horse guarding 归马识残旗。A crumpled tent or torn flag. I brood on the past...

许浑 Xu Hun 秋日赴阙题潼关驿楼 INSCRIBED IN THE INN AT TONG GATE ON AN AUTUMN TRIP TO THE CAPITAL 红叶晚萧萧, Red leaves are fluttering down the twilight 长亭酒一瓢。Past this arbour where I take my wine; 残云归太华, Cloud-rifts are blowing toward Great Flower Mountain, 疏雨过中条。And a shower is crossing the Middle Ridge. 树色随山迥, I can see trees colouring a distant wall. 河声入海遥。I can hear the river seeking the sea, 帝乡明日到, As I the Imperial City tomorrow -犹自梦渔樵。 But I dream of woodsmen and fishermen.

许浑 Xu Hun 早秋 EARLY AUTUMN 遥夜泛清瑟, There's a harp in the midnight playing clear, 西风生翠萝。While the west wind rustles a green vine; 残萤栖玉露, There's a low cloud touching the jade-white dew 早雁拂银河。And an early wildgoose in the River of Stars.... 高树晓还密, Night in the tall trees clings to dawn; 远山晴更多。Light makes folds in the distant hills; 淮南一叶下, And here on the Huai, by one falling leaf, 自觉老烟波。 I can feel a storm on Lake Dongting.

李商隐 Li Shangyin 蝉 A CICADA 本以高难饱, Pure of heart and therefore hungry, 徒劳恨费声。All night long you have sung in vain -五更疏欲断, Oh, this final broken indrawn breath 一树碧无情。Among the green indifferent trees! 薄宦梗犹泛, Yes, I have gone like a piece of driftwood, 故园芜已平。I have let my garden fill with weeds.... 烦君最相警, I bless you for your true advice 我亦举家清。 To live as pure a life as yours.

李商隐 Li Shangyin 风雨 WIND AND RAIN 凄凉宝剑篇, I ponder on the poem of The Precious Dagger.

羁泊欲穷年。My road has wound through many years. 黄叶仍风雨, ...Now yellow leaves are shaken with a gale; 青楼自管弦。Yet piping and fiddling keep the Blue Houses merry. 新知遭薄俗, On the surface, I seem to be glad of new people; 旧好隔良缘。But doomed to leave old friends behind me, 心断新丰酒, I cry out from my heart for Xinfeng wine 销愁斗几千。 To melt away my thousand woes.

李商隐 Li Shangyin 落花 FALLING PETALS 高阁客竟去, Gone is the guest from the Chamber of Rank, 小园花乱飞。And petals, confused in my little garden, 参差连曲陌,Zigzagging down my crooked path, 迢递送斜晖。Escort like dancers the setting sun. 肠断未忍扫, Oh, how can I bear to sweep them away? 眼穿仍欲归。To a sad-eyed watcher they never return. 芳心向春尽, Heart's fragrance is spent with the ending of spring 所得是沾衣。 And nothing left but a tear-stained robe.

李商隐 Li Shangyin 凉思 THOUGHTS IN THE COLD 客去波平槛, You are gone. The river is high at my door. 蝉休露满枝。Cicadas are mute on dew-laden boughs. 永怀当此节, This is a moment when thoughts enter deep. 倚立自移时。I stand alone for a long while. 北斗兼春远, ...The North Star is nearer to me now than spring, 南陵寓使迟。And couriers from your southland never arrive -天涯占梦数, Yet I doubt my dream on the far horizon 疑误有新知。That you have found another friend.

李商隐 Li Shangyin 北青萝 NORTH AMONG GREEN VINES 残阳西入崦, Where the sun has entered the western hills, 茅屋访孤僧。I look for a monk in his little straw hut; 落叶人何在? But only the fallen leaves are at home, 寒云路几层。And I turn through chilling levels of cloud 独敲初夜磬, I hear a stone gong in the dusk,

闲倚一枝藤。I lean full-weight on my slender staff 世界微尘里, How within this world, within this grain of dust, 吾宁爱与憎。 Can there be any room for the passions of men?

温庭筠 Wen Tingyun 送人东游 TO A FRIEND BOUND EAST 荒戍落黄叶, The old fort brims with yellow leaves.... 浩然离故关。You insist upon forsaking this place where you have lived. 高风汉阳渡, A high wind blows at Hanyang Ferry 初日郢门山。And sunrise lights the summit of Yingmen.... 江上几人在? Who will be left for me along the upper Yangzi 天涯孤棹还。After your solitary skiff has entered the end of the sky? 何当重相见? I ask you over and over when we shall meet again, 樽酒慰离颜。 While we soften with winecups this ache of farewell.

马戴 Ma Dai 灞上秋居 AN AUTUMN COTTAGE AT BASHANG 灞原风雨定, After the shower at Bashang, 晚见雁行频。I see an evening line of wildgeese, 落叶他乡树, The limp-hanging leaves of a foreign tree, 寒灯独夜人。A lantern's cold gleam, lonely in the night, 空园白露滴, An empty garden, white with dew, 孤壁野僧邻。The ruined wall of a neighbouring monastery. 寄卧郊扉久, ...I have taken my ease here long enough. 何年致此身?What am I waiting for, I wonder.

马戴 Ma Dai 楚江怀古 THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME ON THE CHU RIVER 露气寒光集, A cold light shines on the gathering dew, 微阳下楚丘。As sunset fades beyond the southern mountains; 猿啼洞庭树, Trees echo with monkeys on the banks of Lake Dongting, 人在木兰舟。Where somebody is moving in an orchid-wood boat. 广泽生明月, Marsh-lands are swollen wide with the moon, 苍山夹乱流。While torrents are bent to the mountains' will; 云中君不见,And the vanished Queens of the Clouds leave me 竟夕自悲秋。 Sad with autumn all night long.

If they caught you in a net or with a shot. 穷边有客游。The border is open to travel again. toward the south. . 大漠无兵阻, For now. 乱山残雪夜,Through pale snow-patches in the jagged nightmountains -孤独异乡春。A stranger with a lonely lantern shaken in the wind.. 羁危万里身。I have come three thousand miles.. on grey plains done with war. 片影独何之?Where are you headed all by yourself? 暮雨相呼失, In the evening rain you call to them -寒塘欲下迟。And slowly you alight on an icy pond. all of them. 未必逢矰缴, . 征人倚戍楼。Soldiers.. watch at ease today 春风对青冢,The spring wind blowing across green graves 白日落梁州。And the pale sun setting beyond Liangzhou..张乔 Zhang Qiao 书边事 ON THE BORDER 调角断清秋, Though a bugle breaks the crystal air of autumn. in the look-out. so far adrift. 明日岁华新。 New Year's Day. 渚云低暗渡, The low wet clouds move faster than you 关月冷相随。Along the wall toward the cold moon. 渐与骨肉远, . 孤飞自可疑。 Would it be worse than flying alone? 杜荀鹤 Du Xunhe 春宫怨 A SIGH IN THE SPRING PALACE 早被婵娟误, Knowing beauty my misfortune.Separation from my kin 转于僮仆亲。Binds me closer to my servants -那堪正飘泊, Yet how I dread. 崔涂 Cui Tu 巴山道中除夜有怀 ON NEW YEAR'S EVE 迢递三巴路, Farther and farther from the three Ba Roads. anxious and watchful. 蕃情似此水, And Tartars can no more choose than rivers: 长愿向南流。They are running. tomorrow morning! 崔涂 Cui Tu 孤雁 A SOLITARY WILDGOOSE 几行归塞尽, Line after line has flown back over the border.

. how did the world repay 栖栖一代中。Your life of long solicitude? -地犹鄹氏邑, The Lords of Zou have misprized your land. a bugle-call -残月下章台。And beyond Terrace Tower down goes the moon. 扣门无犬吠, .. 日高花影重。Flower-shadows climb when the sun is high -年年越溪女, And year after year girls in the south 相忆采芙蓉。 Are picking hibiscus. 乡书不可寄, There are no more messengers I can send him.. no answer. moved beyond the city. 教妾若为容?How shall I array myself?. 近种篱边菊, To a new-set hedge of chrysanthemums -秋来未著花。Not yet blooming although autumn had come. 欲去问西家。I waited to ask your western neighbour. 报到山中去, But he told me that daily you climb the mountain. 宅即鲁王宫。And your home has been used as the palace of Lu..I knocked.. 唐玄宗 Tang Xunzong 经邹鲁祭孔子而叹之 I PASS THROUGH THE LU DUKEDOM WITH A SIGH AND A SACRIFICE FOR CONFUCIUS 夫子何为者, O Master. not even a dog......欲妆临镜慵。I face my mirror with a sigh. 野径入桑麻。A wide path led me... 叹凤嗟身否, You foretold that when phoenixes vanished. your fortunes too would end.. 僧皎然 Seng Jiaoran 寻陆鸿渐不遇 NOT FINDING LU HONGXIAN AT HOME 移家虽带郭, To find you.Fragrant grasses have changed and faded 故人殊未来。While still I have been hoping that my old friend would come. 归来每日斜。 Never returning until sunset. 秋雁又南回。 Now that the wildgeese have turned south.. . 风暖鸟声碎, Birds flock and sing when the wind is warm. dreaming of love! 韦庄 Wei Zhuang 章台夜思 A NIGHT THOUGHT ON TERRACE TOWER 清瑟怨遥夜, Far through the night a harp is sighing 绕弦风雨哀。With a sadness of wind and rain in the strings. 芳草已云暮, ... 承恩不在貌, To please a fastidious emperor. 孤灯闻楚角, There's a solitary lantern. by mulberry and hemp.

同是宦游人。We two officials going opposite ways. while China holds our friendship... 情人怨遥夜, Brings to separated hearts 竟夕起相思。The long thoughtfulness of night.. 无人信高洁, Who knows if he be singing still? . grown full now over the sea. 海内存知己, And yet.. hoping for dreams. 灭烛怜光满, It is no darker though I blow out my candle. 风烟望五津。Through a mist that makes five rivers one. 露重飞难进, His flight is heavy through the fog. 那堪玄鬓影, Yet it needed the song of those black wings 来对白头吟。To break a white-haired prisoner's heart. 儿女共沾巾。 Wiping your eyes like a heart-broken child? 骆宾王 Lo Bingwang 在狱咏蝉并序 A POLITICAL PRISONER LISTENING TO A CICADA 西路蝉声唱, While the year sinks westward.. 当与梦时同。Be the selfsame omen of death you dreamed of long ago? 张九龄 Zhang Jiuling 望月怀远 LOOKING AT THE MOON AND THINKING OF ONE FAR AWAY 海上生明月, The moon. 风多响易沉。His pure voice drowns in the windy world. 王勃 Wang Bo 送杜少府之任蜀州 FAREWELL TO VICE-PREFECT DU SETTING OUT FOR HIS OFFICIAL POST IN SHU 城阙辅三秦, By this wall that surrounds the three Qin districts. 天涯共此时。Brightening the whole of heaven.. 今看两楹奠, Can this sacrifice I watch.. 与君离别意, We bid each other a sad farewell.. 披衣觉露滋。It is no warmer though I put on my coat...伤麟怨道穷。You knew that the captured unicorn would be a sign of the dose of your teaching. I hear a cicada 南冠客思侵。Bid me to be resolute here in my cell.. 无为在歧路, Why should you linger at the fork of the road. here between two temple pillars..谁为表予心。 Who listens any more to me? . 天涯若比邻。And heaven remains our neighbourhood. 不堪盈手赠, So I leave my message with the moon 还寝梦佳期。 And turn to my bed.

林昏瘴不开。And the woods are thick with clinging mist -明朝望乡处, But tomorrow morning. 忽闻歌古调, Suddenly an old song fills 归思欲沾巾。 My heart with home. 谁能将旗鼓, In a great attack. 可怜闺里月, And girls here watch the same melancholy moon 长在汉家营。That lights our Chinese warriors -少妇今春意, And young wives dream a dream of spring.. 淑气催黄鸟, I watch a yellow oriole dart in the warm air. 梅柳渡江春。Of spring in the wild-plum and river-willow. .The river is pausing at ebb-tide..plant reflected by the sun. I wonder? 江静潮初落, . with flags and drums. 王湾 Wang Wan 次北固山下 A MOORING UNDER NORTH FORT HILL 客路青山外, Under blue mountains we wound our way. 一为取龙城? Captured the City of the Yellow Dragon.. 传闻至此回,Here turn back. over the mountain. 宋之问 Song Zhiwen 题大庾岭北驿 INSCRIBED ON THE WALL OF AN INN NORTH OF DAYU MOUNTAIN 阳月南飞雁, They say that wildgeese..... 应见陇头梅。 Dawn will be white with the plum-trees of home. 我行殊未已, Shall my own southward journey 何日复归来?Ever be retraced. 沈佺期 Shen Quanqi 杂诗 LINES 闻道黄龙戍, Against the City of the Yellow Dragon 频年不解兵。Our troops were sent long years ago. flying southward. 云霞出海曙, Of white cloud and red cloud dawning from the sea.杜审言 Du Shenyan 和晋陵路丞早春游望 ON A WALK IN THE EARLY SPRING HARMONIZING A POEM BY MY FRIEND LU STATIONED AT CHANGZHOU 独有宦游人, Only to wanderers can come 偏惊物候新。Ever new the shock of beauty. this very month. 良人昨夜情。That last night their heroic husbands. 晴光转绿苹。And a green water.. my eyes with tears.

行舟绿水前。My boat and 1. I hail you from my heart. 海日生残夜, . homing to Loyang. and now. 白首卧松云。You chose pine-trees and clouds. whitehaired.. nothing goes wrong. near the old temple. 分曹限紫微。To be parted by the purple walls. 自觉谏书稀。 There have been almost no petitions. 醉月频中圣, Drunk with the moon. 潮平两岸阔, Until the banks at low tide widened. 岑参 Cen Can 寄左省杜拾遗 A MESSAGE TO CENSOR Du Fu AT HIS OFFICE IN THE LEFT COURT 联步趋丹陛, Together we officials climbed vermilion steps. 建 Chang Jian 题破山寺后禅院 A BUDDHIST RETREAT BEHIND BROKEN-MOUNTAIN TEMPLE 清晨入古寺, In the pure morning. to a Buddhist retreat.Grey heads may grieve for a fallen flower. 风正一帆悬。With no wind stirring my lone sail. 乡书何处达? At last I can send my messengers -归雁洛阳边。 Wildgeese.. 初日照高林。Where early sunlight points the tree-tops. 李白 Li Bai 赠孟浩然 A MESSAGE TO MENG HAORAN 吾爱孟夫子, Master. 晓随天仗入, Our procession. through a sheltered hollow 禅房花木深。Of boughs and flowers.. 暮惹御香归。Leaves fragrant now at dusk with imperial incense.. 江春入旧年。And the old year melts in freshets. 万籁此俱寂, And a thousand sounds are quieted 惟闻钟磬音。 By the breathing of a temple-bell. 圣朝无阙事, But this reign is of heaven. which entered the palace at dawn. 山光悦鸟性, Here birds are alive with mountain-light.Night now yields to a sea of sun.. . 红颜弃轩冕, Renouncing in ruddy youth the importance of hat and chariot.. a sage of dreams. along green water. 曲径通幽处, My path has wound. 白发悲花落, . 青云羡鸟飞。Or blue clouds envy a lilting bird... 潭影空人心。And the mind of man touches peace in a pool... 风流天下闻。And your fame arisen to the skies.

..bewitched. 云生结海楼。Sea-clouds gleam like palaces. 落日故人情。So in the sunset think of me... .. you are deaf to the Emperor. 徒此挹清芬。 Breathing your sweetness even here! 李白 Li Bai 渡荆门送别 BIDDING A FRIEND FAREWELL AT JINGMEN FERRY 渡远荆门外, Sailing far off from Jingmen Ferry. 高山安可仰? High mountain. 李白 Li Bai 听蜀僧浚弹琴 ON HEARING JUN THE BUDDHIST MONK FROM SHU PLAY HIS LUTE 蜀僧抱绿绮, The monk from Shu with his green silk lute-case... 李白 Li Bai 送友人 A FAREWELL TO A FRIEND 青山横北郭, With a blue line of mountains north of the wall. 来从楚国游。Soon you will be with people in the south. 山随平野尽, Where the mountains end and the plains begin 江入大荒流。And the river winds through wilderness. 仍怜故乡水, And the water has brought you a touch of home 万里送行舟。 To draw your boat three hundred miles. 白水绕东城。And east of the city a white curve of water. 此地一为别, Here you must leave me and drift away 孤蓬万里征。Like a loosened water-plant hundreds of miles. 浮云游子意, I shall think of you in a floating cloud.. 为我一挥手, Has brought me by one touch of the strings 如听万壑松。The breath of pines in a thousand valleys.. 余响入霜钟。I hear him in the icy bells.We wave our hands to say good-bye..迷花不事君。Flower. 萧萧班马鸣。 And my horse is neighing again and again.. 西下峨眉峰;Walking west down Omei Mountain. 挥手自兹去, . 月下飞天镜, The moon is lifted like a mirror. 客心洗流水, I hear him in the cleansing brook. how I long to reach you. 不觉碧山暮, And I feel no change though the mountain darken 秋云暗几重 And cloudy autumn heaps the sky.

After the war-fires of three months. 烽火连三月, . 余亦能高咏, I have poems. 清辉玉臂寒。Her cloudy hair is sweet with mist. poor little babes. hills and rivers endure.. 空忆谢将军。Vainly remembering old General Xie. with no more tears. 枫叶落纷纷。 With fallen maple-leaves behind me... 登舟望秋月, As I watch from my deck the autumn moon. 未解忆长安。Are too young to know where the Capital is. Her jade-white shoulder is cold in the moon.Tomorrow I shall hoist my sail. 闺中只独看。Watching it alone from the window of her chamber遥怜小儿女, For our boy and girl. 何时倚虚幌, .. 杜甫 Du Fu 春宿左省 A NIGHT-VIGIL IN THE LEFT COURT OF THE PALACE 花隐掖垣暮, Flowers are shadowed. 明朝挂帆席, .. It has grown too thin 浑欲不胜簪。 To hold the hairpins any more.... 斯人不可闻。He heard others. . I can read. 白头搔更短, . the palace darkens. but not mine.. 杜甫 Du Fu 月夜 ON A MOONLIGHT NIGHT 今夜鄜州月, Far off in Fuzhou she is watching the moonlight. 城春草木深。And spring comes green again to trees and grasses 感时花溅泪, Where petals have been shed like tears 恨别鸟惊心。And lonely birds have sung their grief.When shall we lie again..李白 Li Bai 夜泊牛渚怀古 THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME FROM A NIGHT-MOORING UNDER MOUNT NIU-ZHU 牛渚西江夜, This night to the west of the river-brim 青天无片云;There is not one cloud in the whole blue sky. 家书抵万金。One message from home is worth a ton of gold. 香雾云鬟湿, Her cloudy hair is sweet with mist.I stroke my white hair. 双照泪痕乾。 Watching this bright light on our screen? 杜甫 Du Fu 春望 A SPRING VIEW 国破山河在, Though a country be sundered..

西郊胡正繁。When the rebels had reached the west end of the city.. I rein in my horse 驻马望千门。 For one last look at the thousand gates. has clutched at my vitals 应有未招魂。Lest some of my soul should never return... 星临万户动, Heaven's ten thousand windows are twinkling..啾啾栖鸟过。Birds twitter by for a place to perch. 移官岂至尊。But the Emperor sends me away again. 至今残破胆, And terror. filling the capital... Friends and relatives gathered and saw me leave by the same gate. 秋边一雁声。By the first call of autumn from a wildgoose at the border.. 数问夜如何。 All night I ask what time it is. I was appointed as official to Huazhou from my former post of Censor. In the first year of Qianyuan..The court has come back now.While I wait for the golden lock to turn. 不寝听金钥, . 露从今夜白, He knows that the dews tonight will be frost.. 明朝有封事, I have a petition to present in the morning. And I wrote this poem. 月傍九霄多。And nine cloud-terraces are gleaming in the moonlight. 无才日衰老, Useless and old... 近得归京邑, . I escaped from the capital through the Gate of Golden Light and went to Fengxiang. 因风想玉珂。I hear jade pendants tinkling in the wind. 月是故乡明。. lost and scattered..How much brighter the moonlight is at home! 有弟皆分散, O my brothers. . 杜甫 Du Fu 月夜忆舍弟 REMEMBERING MY BROTHERS ON A MOONLIGHT NIGHT 戍鼓断人行, A wanderer hears drums portending battle. 此道昔归顺, This is the road by which I fled. 杜甫 Du Fu 至德二载甫自京金光门出,问道归凤翔。乾元初从左拾遗移华州掾。与亲故别,因出此门。有悲往事。 In the second year of Zhide. ever since. 无家问死生。What is life to me without you? 寄书长不达, Yet if missives in time of peace go wrong -况乃未休兵。 What can I hope for during war? 杜甫 Du Fu 天末怀李白 TO LI BAI AT THE SKY SEND 凉风起天末, A cold wind blows from the far sky.

. 文章憎命达, ... 月涌大江流。And the moon comes running up the river. 驻马别孤坟。I dismount beside your lonely tomb. 对棋陪谢傅, I who played chess with the great Premier 把剑觅徐君。Am bringing to my lord the dagger he desired. 星垂平野阔, The stars lean down from open space.. 应共冤魂语, Ask an unhappy ghost. 青山空复情。Turning at the foot of these purple mountains. old friend? 鸿雁几时到, The wildgeese never answer me.. 江湖秋水多。Rivers and lakes are flooded with rain. to my motionless tall mast. 几时杯重把, When shall we lift our cups again. 危樯独夜舟。Through the night.君子意如何。What are you thinking of.. 莺啼送客闻 I hear only linnets answering.. 将村独归处, And back I go now to my river-village. 低空有断云。The sky is dark with broken clouds.... 杜甫 Du Fu 别房太尉墓 ON LEAVING THE TOMB OF PREMIER FANG 他乡复行役, Having to travel back now from this far place.If only my art might bring me fame .. 杜甫 Du Fu 旅夜书怀 A NIGHT ABROAD 细草微风岸, A light wind is rippling at the grassy shore.A poet should beware of prosperity. 昨夜月同行。As we did last night and walk in the moon? 列郡讴歌惜, The region is murmuring farewell 三朝出入荣。To one who was honoured through three reigns. 名岂文章著, .. 唯见林花落, But I find only petals falling down. I wonder. 杜甫 Du Fu 奉济驿重送严公四韵 A FAREWELL AT FENGJI STATION TO GENERAL YAN 远送从此别, This is where your comrade must leave you. throw poems to him 投诗赠汨罗。Where he drowned himself in the Milo River. 寂寞养残生。 Into the final solitude.. 魑魅喜人过。Yet demons can haunt a wanderer. 近泪无乾土, The ground where I stand is wet with my tears.

王孙自可留。 While you are here. flitting. 竹喧归浣女, Bamboos whisper of washer-girls bound home. 复值接舆醉, .Oh.官应老病休。And free my sick old age from office! -飘飘何所似, Flitting. O Prince of Friends? . 清泉石上流。Stones of crystal in its brooks. 乾坤日夜浮。I can see heaven and earth endlessly floating. 墟里上孤烟。Supper-smoke floats up from the houses. 临风听暮蝉。I listen to cicadas in the evening wind.. 老病有孤舟。I am old and sick and alone with my boat... 亲朋无一字, . when shall I pledge the great Hermit again 狂歌五柳前。And sing a wild poem at Five Willows? 王维 Wang Wei 山居秋暝 AN AUTUMN EVENING IN THE MOUNTAINS 空山新雨后, After rain the empty mountain 天气晚来秋。Stands autumnal in the evening. 戎马关山北, North of this wall there are wars and mountains -凭轩涕泗流。 And here by the rail how can I help crying? 王维 Wang Wei 辋川闲居赠裴秀才迪 A MESSAGE FROM MY LODGE AT WANGCHUAN TO PEI DI 寒山转苍翠, The mountains are cold and blue now 秋水日潺湲。And the autumn waters have run all day. leaning on my staff. 渡头余落日, Sunset lingers at the ferry. 吴楚东南坼, With Wu country to the east of me and Chu to the south. 明月松间照, Moonlight in its groves of pine.But no word has reached me from kin or friends. what am I like 天地一沙鸥 But a sand-snipe in the wide.. 倚杖柴门外, By my thatch door. wide world! 杜甫 Du Fu 登岳阳楼 ON THE GATE-TOWER AT YOUZHOU 昔闻洞庭水, I had always heard of Lake Dongting -今上岳阳楼。And now at last I have climbed to this tower. 莲动下渔舟。Lotus-leaves yield before a fisher-boat -随意春芳歇, And what does it matter that springtime has gone.

. 欲投人处宿, . . 君问穷通理, You ask me about good and evil fortune?. on the lake there's a fisherman singing! 王维 Wang Wei 过香积寺 TOWARD THE TEMPLE OF HEAPED FRAGRANCE 不知香积寺, Not knowing the way to the Temple of Heaped Fragrance.. 青霭入看无。Mists. 分野中峰变, A central peak divides the wilds 阴晴众壑殊。And weather into many valleys.. give me but peace. past its bushes 车马去闲闲。Running slowly as my chariot. 王维 Wang Wei 酬张少府 ANSWERING VICE-PREFECT ZHANG 晚年惟好静, As the years go by.Far away. are gone. 流水如有意, Becomes a fellow voyager 暮禽相与还。Returning home with the evening birds. 归来且闭关。I shall close my door and be at peace. 荒城临古渡, A ruined city-wall overtops an old ferry.王维 Wang Wei 归嵩山作 BOUND HOME TO MOUNT SONG 清川带长薄, The limpid river. close behind me. 白云回望合, Clouds. when I enter them.. 渔歌入浦深。Hark.Needing a place to spend the night. 隔水问樵夫。 I call to a wood-cutter over the river. 王维 Wang Wei 终南山 MOUNT ZHONGNAN 太乙近天都, Its massive height near the City of Heaven 连山接海隅。Joins a thousand mountains to the corner of the sea. 万事不关心。Freedom from ten thousand matters. 迢递嵩高下, . 自顾无长策, I ask myself and always answer: 空知返旧林。What can be better than coming home? 松风吹解带, A wind from the pine-trees blows my sash.. beside Mount Song. 山月照弹琴。And my lute is bright with the mountain moon.. 落日满秋山。Autumn sunset floods the peaks. when I look back..

after a night of mountain rain.... 荆门九派通。And its nine streams touching the gateway of Jing. 江流天地外, This river runs beyond heaven and earth.数里入云峰。Under miles of mountain-cloud I have wandered 古木无人径, Through ancient woods without a human track. 王维 Wang Wei 送梓州李使君 A MESSAGE TO COMMISSIONER LI AT ZIZHOU 万壑树参天, From ten thousand valleys the trees touch heaven. 汉女输橦布, . 晚家南山陲。And I came to dwell at the foot of this mountain... 泉声咽危石, A rillet sings over winding rocks. close to an emptying pool. 树杪百重泉。From each summit come hundreds of silken cascades. 不敢倚先贤。 Is fame to be only for the ancients? 王维 Wang Wei 汉江临眺 A VIEW OF THE HAN RIVER 楚塞三湘接, With its three southern branches reaching the Chu border. 文翁翻教授, Preside as wisely as Wenweng did. 巴人讼芋田。Or farmers quarrel over taro fields. 安禅制毒龙。 Thought can conquer the Passion-Dragon. 山色有无中。Where the colour of mountains both is and is not. 兴来美独往, When the spirit moves. 郡邑浮前浦, The dwellings of men seem floating along 波澜动远空。On ripples of the distant sky -襄阳好风日, These beautiful days here in Xiangyang 留醉与山翁。 Make drunken my old mountain heart! 王维 Wang Wei 终南别业 MY RETREAT AT MOUNT ZHONGNAN 中岁颇好道, My heart in middle age found the Way.. I wander alone 胜事空自知。Amid beauty that is all for me.. 行到水穷处, I will walk till the water checks my path. 日色冷青松。The sun is tempered by green pines... 山中一夜雨, And. .If girls are asked in tribute the fibre they weave. 薄暮空潭曲, And at twilight... 深山何处钟。But now on the height I hear a bell. 千山响杜鹃。On a thousand peaks cuckoos are calling.

. 开轩览物华。I lifted up the curtain on a pathway of flowers. 往来成古今。Ancient. 天寒梦泽深。Where the air grows colder. but I can find no boat. 端居耻圣明。. 气蒸云梦泽, And a mist from the Yun and Meng valleys 波撼岳阳城。Has beleaguered the city of Youzhou. to and fro. 江山留胜迹, Rivers and mountains are changeless in their glory 我辈复登临。And still to be witnessed from this trail. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 清明日宴梅道士房 AT A BANQUET IN THE HOUSE OF THE TAOIST PRIEST MEI 林卧愁春尽, In my bed among the woods..坐看云起时。Then sit and watch the rising clouds -偶然值林叟, And some day meet an old wood-cutter 谈笑无还期。 And talk and laugh and never return.What a flame for his golden crucible -仙桃正发花。Peach-trees magical with buds ! -童颜若可驻, And for holding boyhood in his face.. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 望洞庭湖赠张丞相 A MESSAGE FROM LAKE DONGTIN TO PREMIER ZHANG 八月湖水平, Here in the Eighth-month the waters of the lake 涵虚混太清。Are of a single air with heaven. 水落鱼梁浅, Where a fisher-boat dips by a waterfall. 何惜醉流霞。The rosy-flowing wine of clouds! . reading the words. 欲济无舟楫, I should like to cross. deep in the valley. 丹灶初开火, . 读罢泪沾襟。 And we have wept. 忽逢青鸟使, And a flashing bluebird bade me come 邀入赤松家。To the dwelling-place of the Red Pine Genie. 羊公碑字在, The monument of Yang remains. grieving that spring must end.. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 与诸子登岘山 ON CLIMBING YAN MOUNTAIN WITH FRIENDS 人事有代谢, While worldly matters take their turn. 坐观垂钓者, As I sit here and watch a fisherman casting 空有羡鱼情。 And emptily envy him his catch. modern.How ashamed I am to be idler than you statesmen.

Like ashes of gold in a cinnamon-flame. 壮志逐年衰。My youthful desires have been burnt with the years日夕凉风至, And tonight in the chilling sunset-wind 闻蝉但益悲。A cicada.孟浩然 Meng Haoran 岁暮归南山 ON RETURNING AT THE YEAR'S END TO ZHONGNAN MOUNTAIN 北阙休上书, I petition no more at the north palace-gate. my master.Wait till the Mountain Holiday -还来就菊花。 I am coming again in chrysanthemum time. singing.. 南山归敝庐。. 邀我至田家。You entertain me at your farm. weighs on my heart..To this tumble-down hut on Zhongnan Mountain 不才明主弃, I was banished for my blunders. 把酒话桑麻。To talk mulberry and hemp with our cups in our hands.. old friend. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 宿桐庐江寄广陵旧游 FROM A MOORING ON THE TONGLU TO A FRIEND IN YANGZHOU 山暝听猿愁, With monkeys whimpering on the shadowy mountain. 开轩面场圃, We open your window over garden and field.. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 秦中感秋寄远上人 FROM QIN COUNTRY TO THE BUDDHIST PRIEST YUAN 一丘尝欲卧, How gladly I would seek a mountain 三径苦无资。If I had enough means to live as a recluse! 北土非吾愿, For I turn at last from serving the State 东林怀我师。To the Eastern Woods Temple and to you. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 过故人庄 STOPPING AT A FRIEND'S FARM-HOUSE 故人具鸡黍, Preparing me chicken and rice. 待到重阳日, . 青阳逼岁除。Like pale beams ending the old year. 白发催年老, My white hairs hasten my decline. 永怀愁不寐, Therefore I lie awake and ponder 松月夜窗墟。 On the pine-shadowed moonlight in my empty window. by a wise ruler.. 绿树村边合, We watch the green trees that circle your village 青山郭外斜。And the pale blue of outlying mountains. 多病故人疏。I have been sick so long I see none of my friends.. 黄金燃桂尽, . .

云峰水隔深。Up from the lake. 当路谁相假, The Lords of the Realm are harsh to us 知音世所稀。And men of affairs are not our kind. 野寺人来少, Few pilgrims venture climbing to a temple so wild. 月照一孤舟。And the moon athwart my solitary sail. 建德非吾土, I. It's growing dark.Sunset clings in the old defences. 孤帆天际看。I see a sail in the far sky. 乡泪客中尽, I go forward. but the Xiang River's curves 遥隔楚云端。Are walled by the clouds of this southern country. old friend. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 留别王侍御维 TAKING LEAVE OF WANG WEI 寂寂竟何待, Slow and reluctant. a stranger in this inland district. 还将两行泪, Send eastward two long streams of tears 遥寄海西头。To find the nearest touch of the sea. 维扬忆旧游。Homesick for my Yangzhou friends.. 北风江上寒。And the water is cold with a wind from the north. I weep till my tears are spent. for leaves are now falling. I have waited 朝朝空自归。Day after day. 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 早寒江上有怀 MEMORIES IN EARLY WINTER 木落雁南渡, South go the wildgesse. in the mountain clouds. 我家襄水曲, I remember my home. 欲寻芳草去, How sweet the road-side flowers might be 惜与故人违。If they did not mean good-bye.. 祗应守寂寞, I will turn back home. 夕阳依旧垒,. I will say no more.沧江急夜流。And the river rushing through the night.. .. 迷津欲有问, Where is the ferry? Will somebody tell me? 平海夕漫漫。It's growing rough. 刘长卿 Liu Changqing 秋日登吴公台上寺远眺 CLIMBING IN AUTUMN FOR A VIEW FROM THE TEMPLE ON THE TERRACE OF GENERAL WU 古台摇落后, 秋日望乡心。So autumn breaks my homesick heart. 风鸣两岸叶, And a wind in the leaves along both banks.. till now I must go. 还掩故园扉。 I will close the gate of my old garden.

刘长卿 Liu Chanqing 送李中丞归汉阳别业 A FAREWELL TO GOVERNOR LI ON HIS WAY HOME TO HANYANG 流落征南将, Sad wanderer. 独立三边静, Once. where do you go? 刘长卿 Liu Changing 饯别王十一南游 ON SEEING WANG LEAVE FOR THE SOUTH 望君烟水阔, Toward a mist upon the water 挥手泪沾巾。Still I wave my hand and sob. 长江一帆远, But now the long river.. . what remains? 长江独至今。 Nothing but the great River. 落日五湖春。five lakes. when you stood. mingling with Truth among the flowers. 惆怅南朝事, . 随山到水源。A brook that comes from a mountain source -溪花与禅意, And. 老去恋明时。In your old age you remember glory. 轻生一剑知。Your dagger was the scale of life.. 日暮复何之。On their ways in the evening.Of the Southern Dynasty. the far lone sail. 白云依静渚,A while cloud low on the quiet lake. once you conquered the South. 刘长卿 Liu Changing 寻南溪常山道人隐居 WHILE VISITING ON THE SOUTH STREAM THE TAOIST PRIEST CHANG 一路经行处, Walking along a little path. 相对亦忘言。 I have forgotten what to say. dismissed and dispossessed. 茫茫江汉上, Now.寒磬满空林。A stone gong shivers through the empty woods. 莓苔见履痕。I find a footprint on the moss. 罢归无旧业, Today. 飞鸟没何处? For the flying bird is lost in space 青山空向人。Beyond a desolate green mountain. 春草闭闲门。Grasses that sweeten an idle door.. 过雨看松色, A pine grown greener with the rain. 曾驱十万师。Commanding a hundred thousand men. three borders were still.. watching the great rivers.. 谁见汀洲上, And down an island white with duckweed 相思愁白苹?Comes the quiet of communion. gleam like spring in the sunset. the Jiang and the Han.

惟怜一灯影, And the eye still watches beyond the horizon 万里眼中明。The holy light of your single lantern. 春归在客先。Is left here by the homing spring. who taught here and died here从今又几年。 And I wonder what my term shall be. 去世法舟轻。You wane from the world in your fragile boat. 江柳共风烟。I bend like a willow.刘长卿 Liu Changqing 新年作 NEW YEAR'S AT CHANGSHA 乡心新岁切, New Year's only deepens my longing. 闲鹭栖常早, Cranes drift early here to rest 秋花落更迟。And autumn flowers are slow to fade. 来途若梦行。Now. when it rains on the river. 已似长沙傅, I think of Jia Yi.. 岭猿同旦暮, Monkeys come down from the mountains to haunt me. A MESSAGE TO CENSOR YANG 泉壑带茅茨, At a little grass-hut in the valley of the river. growing old and still in harness.... 家童扫萝径, I have bidden my pupil to sweep the grassy path 昨与故人期。For the coming of my friend. 钱起 Qian Qi 送僧归日本 FAREWELL TO A JAPANESE BUDDHIST PRIEST BOUND HOMEWARD 上国随缘住, You were foreordained to find the source. 竹怜新雨后, You will love the bamboos new with rain. 钱起 Qian Qi 谷口书斋寄杨补阙 FROM MY STUDY AT THE MOUTH OF THE VALLEY. tracing your way as in a dream 浮天沧海远, There where the sea floats up the sky. .. 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 淮上喜会梁川故人 A GREETING ON THE HUAI RIVER TO MY OLD FRIENDS FROM LIANGCHUAN 江汉曾为客, We used to be companions on the Jiang and the Han... 鱼龙听梵声。Fishes and dragons follow your chanting. 水月通禅寂, The water and the moon are as calm as your faith. 天畔独潸然。Adds to the lonely tears of an exile 老至居人下, Who. 云霞生薜帷。Where a cloud seems born from a viney wall. 山爱夕阳时。And mountains tender in the sunset...

向来吟秀句, I have found your poem so beautiful 不觉已鸣鸦。That I forget the homing birds. 刘脊虚 Liu Jixu 阙题 A POEM 道由白云尽, On a road outreaching the white clouds. 节候看应晚, But. then. 流水十年间。Ten years have run like water-till at last we join again. 漠漠帆来重, Your wet sail drags and is loath to be going 冥冥鸟去迟。And shadowy birds are flying slow. 韩翃 Han Hong 酬程延秋夜即事见赠 AN AUTUMN EVENING HARMONIZING CHENG QIN'S POEM 长簟迎风早, While a cold wind is creeping under my mat. thousands of washing mallets. all of us together. 心期卧亦赊。To bear me also far away. floating apart like clouds. 萧疏鬓已斑。Except that the hair on our heads is tinged now with grey. ..建业暮钟时。The evening bell comes to us from Nanjing. 海门深不见, We cannot see the deep ocean-gate -浦树远含滋。Only the boughs at Pukou. we were likely to be tipsy. 相送情无限, Likewise. 春与青溪长。By a spring outrunning the bluest river. 淮上对秋山。And face the autumn mountains and sail along the Huai? 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 赋得暮雨送李胄 A FAREWELL IN THE EVENING RAIN TO LI CAO 楚江微雨里, Is it raining on the river all the way to Chu? -. 沾襟比散丝。There are threads of water on our faces. 浮云一别后, Since we left one another. as it goes. 闲门向山路, My quiet gate is a mountain-trail.相逢每醉还。And as often as we met. instead of wishing the season. on stone in the night.. 何因北归去? Why not come along. 星河秋一雁, I see a lone wild-goose crossing the River of Stars. 欢笑情如旧, And we talk again and laugh again just as in earlier days. 时有落花至, Petals come drifting on the wind 远隋流水香。And the brook is sweet with them all the way.. newly dripping. 砧杵夜千家。And I hear. 空城澹月华。And the city's naked wall grows pale with the autumn moon. because of our great love.

翻疑梦里逢。Dreaming doubters of a dream.. 别来沧海事, All that has happened with the tides 语罢暮天钟。We have told and told till the evening bell. 清辉照衣裳。 Distillations of the sun.. 卢纶 Lu Lun 李端公 A FAREWELL TO LI DUAN 故关衰草遍, By my old gate. peak after peak. What can I wish you. we say nothing. 风尘何处期。 In this blowing wintry world? 李益 Li Yi 喜见外弟又言别 A BRIEF BUT HAPPY MEETING WITH MY BROTHER-IN LAW "MEETING BY ACCIDENT. south of the river. I remembered your young face. 少孤为客早, Your father died.. I thought you a stranger -称名忆旧容。Then hearing your given name. ONLY TO PART" 十年离乱后, After these ten torn wearisome years 长大一相逢。We have met again. . 风枝惊暗鹊, In the trees a wind has startled the birds. 羁旅长堪醉, But wayfarers at least have wine 相留畏晓钟。And nothing to fear -... through the shadowy noon. 戴叔伦 Dai Shulun 江乡故人偶集客舍 CHANGING ON OLD FRIENDS IN A VILLAGE INN 天秋月又满, While the autumn moon is pouring full 城阙夜千重。On a thousand night-levels among towns and villages. 明日巴陵道, Tomorrow you journey to Youzhou. 掩泪空相向, We cry. 秋山又几重。Leaving autumn between us. 还作江南会, There meet by chance. sick at heart. 路出寒云外, The way you must follow through cold clouds 人归暮雪时。Will lead you this evening into snow.. among yellow grasses.深柳读书堂。And the willow-trees about my cottage 幽映每白日, Sift on my sleeve.. We were both so changed 问姓惊初见, That hearing first your surname.. 多难识君迟。Nobody knew of your misfortunes.. 露草覆寒虫。And insects cower from cold in the grass. 离别正堪悲。Still we linger.till the morning bell. you left home young.

驿树西连汉畤平。Whence roads and trails lead downward into China. 此地空余黄鹤楼。Nothing is left now but the Yellow Crane Terrace. 李颀 Li Qi 送魏万之京 A FAREWELL TO WEI WAN . and twilight grows dark 烟波江上使人愁。 With a mist of grief on the river waves. sharp. 借问路傍名利客, ..Every tree in Hanyang becomes clear in the water. 沙场烽火侵胡月, War-torches invade the barbarian moonlight... 三边曙色动危旌。Tall flags on three borders rise up like a dawn.Though no youthful clerk meant to be a great general. 万里寒光生积雪, . 少小虽非投笔吏, . 芳草萋萋鹦鹉洲。And Parrot Island is a nest of sweet grasses. 武帝祠前云欲散, Clouds are parting above the Temple of the Warring Emperor. 黄鹤一去不复返, The yellow crane never revisited earth. 河山北枕秦关险, Ranges and rivers are the strength of this western gate.In an endless cold light of massive snow. 仙人掌上雨初晴。Rain dries on the mountain. 海畔云山拥蓟城。Mountain-clouds like chairmen bear the Great Wall from the sea.. I throw aside my writing-brush -论功还欲请长缨。Like the student who tossed off cap for a lariat. 崔颢 Cui Hao 行经华阴 PASSING THROUGH HUAYIN 岧峣太华俯咸京, Lords of the capital. on the Giant's Palm. 无如此处学长生。 Why not remain here and lengthen your days? 祖咏 Zu Yong 望蓟门 LOOKING TOWARD AN INNER GATE OF THE GREAT WALL 燕台一去客心惊, My heart sank when I headed north from Yan Country 箫鼓喧喧汉将营。To the camps of China echoing ith bugle and drum. unearthly. I challenge what may come.七言律诗 Seven-character-regular-verse 崔颢 Cui Hao 黄鹤楼 THE YELLOW CRANE TERRACE 昔人已乘黄鹤去, Where long ago a yellow crane bore a sage to heaven..O pilgrim of fame.. 天外三峰削不成。The Great Flower's three points pierce through heaven. 晴川历历汉阳树, . 日暮乡关何处是? But I look toward home.. 白云千载空悠悠。And white clouds are flying without him for ever.. O seeker of profit.

so that the place was named for them. that poet.. .. 长安不见使人愁。To hide his city from my melancholy heart. 河上仙翁去不回,Or where the Magician of the River Bank is. 空令岁月易蹉跎。 Where the months and the years so vainly go by? 崔曙 Cui Shu 九日登望仙台呈刘明府 A CLIMB ON THE MOUNTAIN HOLIDAY TO THE TERRACE WHENCE ONE SEES THE MAGICIAN A POEM SENT TO VICE-PREFECT LU 汉文皇帝有高台, The Han Emperor Wen bequeathed us this terrace 此日登临曙色开。Which I climb to watch the coming dawn.Who knows but me about the Guard at the Gate. 凤去台空江自流。Have abandoned it now to this desolate river..朝闻游子唱骊歌, The travellers' parting-song sounds in the dawn.Like this green horizon halving the Three Peaks.. 关门令尹谁能识? . 三晋云山皆北向, Cloudy peaks run northward in the three Jin districts. 总为浮云能蔽日, A cloud has arisen between the Light of Heaven and me. 昨夜微霜初度河。Last night a first frost came over the river. 且欲竟寻彭泽宰, Or how to find that magistrate. 晋代衣冠成古邱。The garments of Qin are ancient dust.. 高适 Gao Shi 送李少府贬峡中王少府贬长沙 TO VICE-PREFECTS LI AND WANG DEGRADED AND TRANSFERRED TO XIAZHONG AND CHANGSHA 嗟君此别意何如? What are you thinking as we part from one another. 吴宫花草埋幽径, The paths of Wu Palace are crooked with weeds. 二陵风雨自东来。And rains are blowing westward through the two Ling valleys. day will flush cold 御苑砧声向晚多。And washing-flails quicken by the gardens at twilight -莫见长安行乐处, How long shall the capital content you. 三台半落青山外, . 鸿雁不堪愁里听, And the crying of the wildgeese grieves my sad heart 云山况是客中过。Bounded by a gloom of cloudy mountains.. 陶然共醉菊花杯。 Who was as fond as I am of chrysanthemums and winecups? 李白 Li Bai 登金陵凤凰台 ON CLIMBING IN NANJING TO THE TERRACE OF PHOENIXES 凤凰台上凤凰游, Phoenixes that played here once.. 关城树色催寒近, Here in the Gate City. 二水中分白鹭洲。Like this Island of White Egrets dividing the river.

日色才临仙掌动, Sunshine has entered the giants' carven palms. 九天阊阖开宫殿, Heaven's nine doors reveal the palace and its courtyards. the Purple Road cold in the dawn.. 莺啭皇州春色阑。Linnet songs.. 黄山旧绕汉宫斜。And Yellow Mountain foot-hills enclose the Court of China.. 万国衣冠拜冕旒。And the coats of many countries bow to the Pearl Crown. 銮舆迥出千门柳, Past the South Gate willows comes the Car of Many Bells . 衡阳归雁几封书。Or wildgeese returning with news from Heng Mountain?.驻马衔杯问谪居。Pulling in our horses for the stirrup-cups? 巫峡啼猿数行泪, Do these tear-streaks mean Wu Valley monkeys all weeping.. court roofs tinted with April. 王维 Wang Wei 和贾舍人早朝大明宫之作 AN EARLY AUDIENCE AT THE PALACE OF LIGHT HARMONIZING SECRETARY JIA ZHI POEM 绛帻鸡人送晓筹, The red-capped Cock-Man has just announced morning. Stars have gone down.. we shall soon be together again! 岑参 Cen Can 奉和中书舍人贾至早朝大明宫 AN EARLY AUDIENCE AT THE PALACE OF LIGHT HARMONIZING SECRETARY JIA ZHI'S POEM 鸡鸣紫陌曙光寒, Cock-crow. 王维 Wang Wei 奉和圣制从蓬莱向兴庆阁道中留春雨中春望之作应制 LOOKING DOWN IN A SPRING-RAIN ON THE COURSE FROM FAIRY-MOUNTAIN PALACE TO THE PAVILION OF INCREASE HARMONIZING THE EMPEROR'S POEM 渭水自萦秦塞曲, Round a turn of the Qin Fortress winds the Wei River.. alone on the Lake of the Phoenix... 金阙晓钟开万户, At the Golden Gate morning bell.. 柳拂旌旗露未乾。Willows are brushing the dew from the flags -独有凤凰池上客, And. 玉阶仙仗拥千官。And up the jade steps float a thousand officials 花迎剑佩星初落, With flowery scabbards. 圣代即今多雨露, But the year is bound to freshen us with a dew of heavenly favour -暂时分手莫踌躇。 Take heart. 白帝城边古木疏。There are only a few old trees by the wall of the White God City. 香烟欲傍衮龙浮。Incense wreathes the Dragon Robe: 朝罢须裁五色诏, The audience adjourns-and the five-coloured edict 佩声归向凤池头。 Sets girdle-beads clinking toward the Lake of the Phoenix. 青枫江上秋帆远, On the river between green maples an autumn sail grows dim. countless doors open. 尚衣方进翠云裘。The Keeper of the Robes brings Jade-Cloud Furs. a guest 阳春一曲和皆难。Is chanting too well The Song of Bright Spring.

为乘阳气行时令, And now. 夕奉天书拜琐闱。You will bring the word of Heaven from the closing gates at night. 雨中春树万人家。The foliage of spring shelters multitudes from rain. 长使英雄泪满襟。 And heroes have wept on their coats ever since. 出师未捷身先死,But before he could conquer. he was dead. .阁道回看上苑花。On the upper Palace-Garden Road-a solid length of blossom. 晨摇玉佩趋金殿, Your morning-jade will tinkle as you thread the golden palace. 杜甫 Du Fu 蜀相 THE TEMPLE OF THE PREMIER OF SHU 丞相祠堂何处寻? Where is the temple of the famous Premier? -锦官城外柏森森,In a deep pine grove near the City of Silk. 禁里疏钟官舍晚, You have heard in your office the court-bell of twilight. 三顾频烦天下计, . 野老与人争席罢, To yield the post of honour to any boor at all. 海鸥何事更相疑? Why should I frighten sea gulls.. 漠漠水田飞白鹭, Over the quiet marsh-land flies a white egret.. 隔叶黄鹂空好音。And birds chirping happily under the leaves.. 将因卧病解朝衣。 I have taken off official robes and am resting from my troubles. officials head for home. even with a thought? 王维 Wang Wei 酬郭给事 HARMONIZING A POEM BY PALACE-ATTENDANT GUO 洞门高阁霭余辉, High beyond the thick wall a tower shines with sunset 桃李阴阴柳絮飞。Where peach and plum are blooming and the willowcotton flies..The third summons weighted him with affairs of state 两朝开济老臣心。And to two generations he gave his true heart.. 云里帝城双凤阙, A Forbidden City roof holds two phoenixes in cloud. 王维 Wang Wei 积雨辋川庄作 IN MY LODGE AT WANG CHUAN AFTER A LONG RAIN 积雨空林烟火迟, The woods have stored the rain. but being full of years. 山中习静观朝槿, I have learned to watch in peace the mountain morningglories. 松下清斋折露葵。To eat split dewy sunflower-seeds under a bough of pine. 省中啼鸟吏人稀。Birds find perches. when the heavens are propitious for action. 强欲从君无那老, And I should serve there with you. 不是宸游玩物华。 Here is our Emperor ready-no wasteful wanderer. and slow comes the smoke 蒸藜炊黍饷东灾。As rice is cooked on faggots and carried to the fields. 阴阴夏木啭黄鹂。And mango-birds are singing in the full summer trees.... 映阶碧草自春色, With the green grass of spring colouring the steps.

and pour the jar dry? 杜甫 Du Fu 野望 A VIEW OF THE WILDERNESS 西山白雪三城戍, Snow is white on the westward mountains and on three fortified towns. south of me. 南浦清江万里桥。And waters in this southern lake flash on a long bridge. I am so far away.白日放歌须纵酒, And loud my song and deep my drink 青春作伴好还乡。On the green spring-day that starts me home. 唯将迟暮供多病, I have nothing to expect now but the ills of old age. spring is in flood. 跨马出郊时极目, I ride out to the edge of town. 隔篱呼取尽余杯。 Call him through the fence. 天涯涕泪一身遥。And I cannot help crying. past another mountain... I watch on the horizon. the chaos of the world.I have swept it for no others. 盘飧市远无兼味, It's a long way to the market. north again-to my own town! 杜甫 Du Fu 登高 A LONG CLIMB . 但见群鸥日日来。Day after day I have seen only gulls. 海内风尘诸弟隔, But wind and dust from sea to sea bar me from my brothers. 便下襄阳向洛阳。Up from the south. I pack my books and poems.杜甫 Du Fu 客至 A HEARTY WELCOME TO VICE-PREFECT CUI 舍南舍北皆春水, North of me. 即从巴峡穿巫峡, Back from this mountain. I can offer you little -樽酒家贫只旧醅。Yet here in my cottage there is old wine for our cups.. 杜甫 Du Fu 闻官军收河南河北 BOTH SIDES OF THE YELLOW RIVER RECAPTURED BY THE IMPERIAL ARMY 剑外忽传收蓟北, News at this far western station! The north has been recaptured! 初闻涕泪满衣裳。At first I cannot check the tears from pouring on my coat -却看妻子愁何在? Where is my wife? Where are my sons? 漫卷诗书喜欲狂。Yet crazily sure of finding them. 未有涓埃答圣朝。I am of less use to my country than a grain of dust. 不堪人事日萧条。Day after day. 肯与邻翁相对饮, Shall we summon my elderly neighbour to join us. 蓬门今始为君开。My thatch gate has been closed -. 花径不曾缘客扫, My path is full of petals -.but opens now for you.

锦江春色来天地, The Silken River. bright with spring. 强移栖息一枝安。 Find here a perch. Sad now with autumn 百年多病独登台。And with my hundred years of woe. as high as my window. 北极朝庭终不改, . 永夜角声悲自语, I hear the lonely notes of a bugle sounding through the dark. 关塞萧条行陆难。City-gates are closed to a traveller. mountains are walls in my way -已忍伶俜十年事, Yet. 杜甫 Du Fu 登楼 FROM AN UPPER STORY 花近高楼伤客心, Flowers. from this high vantage. but there's no one to share it with me. floats between earth and heaven 玉垒浮云变古今。Like a line of cloud by the Jade Peak. 不尽长江滚滚来。While I watch the long river always rolling on. hurt the heart of a wanderer 万方多难此登临。For I see.Though the State is established for a while as firm as the North Star 西山寇盗莫相侵。And bandits dare not venture from the western hills. 杜甫 Du Fu 阁夜 NIGHT IN THE WATCH-TOWER 岁暮阴阳催短景, While winter daylight shortens in the elemental scale 天涯霜雪霁寒霄。And snow and frost whiten the cold-circling night. 日暮聊为梁父吟。 I am singing the song his Premier sang when still unestranged from the mountain. . 渚清沙白鸟飞回。Birds are flying homeward over the clear lake and white sand. 风尘荏苒音书绝, My messengers are scattered by whirls of rain and sand. 五更鼓角声悲壮, Stark sounds the fifth-watch with a challenge of drum and bugle. 万里悲秋常作客, I have come three thousand miles away. I who have borne ten years of pitiable existence.风急天高猿啸哀, In a sharp gale from the wide sky apes are whimpering.. 独宿江城蜡炬残。I am lying forlorn in the river-town. 中天月色好谁看?The moon is in mid-heaven. I climb this height alone. between ancient days and now. I watch my guttering candle. 可怜后主还祠庙, Yet sorry in the twilight for the woes of a longvanished Emperor.. 无边落木萧萧下, Leaves are dropping down like the spray of a waterfall. 杜甫 Du Fu 宿府 STAYING AT THE GENERAL'S HEADQUARTERS 清秋幕府井梧寒, The autumn night is clear and cold in the lakka-trees of this courtyard. and am safe for this one night. 潦倒新停浊酒杯。Heart-ache and weariness are a thick dust in my wine. sadness everywhere. 艰难苦恨繁霜鬓, Ill fortune has laid a bitter frost on my temples. a little branch.

五溪衣服共云山。Sharing clouds and mountains with the costumes of the Five Streams. 卧龙跃马终黄土, . 独留青冢向黄昏。She has now become a green grave in the yellow dusk. are no generals now.empty his writings. 云雨荒台岂梦思。Deserted terrace of cloud and rain -. 羯胡事主终无赖, The barbarian serving the ruler in the end was unreliable 词客哀时且未还。The wandering poet lamenting the times had no chance to return. 一去紫台连朔漠, She went out from the purple palace into the desertland. 庾信平生最萧瑟, Yu Xin throughout his life was most miserable. he too is my teacher. . 夷歌数处起渔樵。I see barbarian fishermen and woodcutters in the dawn. O tumult of the world.. 杜甫 Du Fu 咏怀古迹五首之二 POETIC THOUGHTS ON ANCIENT SITES II 摇落深知宋玉悲, "Decay and decline": deep knowledge have I of Sung Yu's grief..surely not just imagined in a dream? 最是楚宫俱泯灭, Utterly the palaces of Chu are all destroyed and ruined. 怅望千秋一洒泪, Sadly looking across a thousand autumns.. 暮年诗赋动江关。In his waning years his poetry stirred the land of rivers and passes.Sleeping-Dragon. 野哭千家闻战伐, I hear women in the distance. 漂泊西南天地间。Drifting in the southwest between heaven and earth. 风流儒雅亦吾师。Romantic and refined. 分明怨恨曲中论。 Telling her eternal sorrow.The stars and the River of Heaven pulse over the three mountains. wailing after the battle.三峡星河影动摇。. they are dust -人事音书漫寂寥。Hush for a moment. 江山故宅空文藻, Among rivers and mountains his old abode -. 杜甫 Du Fu 咏怀古迹五首之三 THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME III 群山万壑赴荆门, Ten thousand ranges and valleys approach the Jing Gate 生长明妃尚有村。And the village in which the Lady of Light was born and bred. 三峡楼台淹日月,Lingering for days and months in towers and terraces at the Three Gorges. 萧条异代不同时。Melancholy in different epochs.. 杜甫 Du Fu 咏怀古迹五首之一 POETIC THOUGHTS ON ANCIENT SITES I 支离东北风尘际, Forlorn in the northeast among wind and dust. not at the same time. 舟人指点到今疑。The fishermen pointing them out today are unsure. one shower of tears. Plunging-Horse. 画图省识春风面, Her face ! Can you picture a wind of the spring? 环佩空归月下魂。Her spirit by moonlight returns with a tinkling 千载琵琶作胡语, Song of the Tartars on her jade guitar.

at my age. 翠华想像空山里, The blue-green banners can be imagined on the empty mountain. 一体君臣祭祀同。 In union. 玉殿虚无野寺中。The jade palace is a void in the deserted temple. 运移汉祚终难复, Though he knew there was no hope for the House of Han. 刘长卿 Liu Changqing 长沙过贾谊宅 ON PASSING JIA YI'S HOUSE IN CHANGSHA .. 三分割据纡筹策, Yet his will.. 崩年亦在永安宫。In the year of his demise. sovereign and minister share the sacrifices together. 志决身歼军务劳。Yet he wielded his mind for it. he was in the Palace of Eternal Peace.. yielded his life.杜甫 Du Fu 咏怀古迹五首之四 POETIC THOUGHTS ON ANCIENT SITES IV 蜀主征吴幸三峡, The ruler of Shu had his eyes on Wu and progressed as far as the Three Gorges. 顾影无如白发何!But what am I good for in that world... 宗臣遗像肃清高。There is only reverence for his face.. 寄身且喜沧洲近, I ought to be glad to take my old bones back to the capital. 刘长卿 Liu Changquing 江州重别薛六柳八二员外 ON LEAVING GUIJIANG AGAIN TO XUE AND LIU 生涯岂料承优诏? Dare I. the wider the southern mountains. 岁时伏腊走村翁。At summer and winter festivals the comers are village elders. 淮南木落楚山多。And the thinner the leaves along the Huai. 今日龙钟人共老, As bent and decrepit as you are. 杜甫 Du Fu 咏怀古迹五首之五 THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME V 诸葛大名垂宇宙, Zhuge's prestige transcends the earth. 万古云霄一羽毛。Was only as one feather against a flaming sky. accept my summons. 武侯祠屋常邻近, The Martial Marquis's memorial shrine is ever nearby. 古庙杉松巢水鹤, In the pines of the ancient shrine aquatic cranes nest. 伯仲之间见伊吕, He was brother of men like Yi and Lu 指挥若定失萧曹。And in time would have surpassed the greatest of all statesmen. too.. 世事空知学醉歌。Knowing of the world's ways only wine and song?. among the Three Kingdoms at war. I am ashamed to thank you. 江上月明胡雁过, Over the moon-edged river come wildgeese from the Tartars. 愧君犹遣慎风波。 When you caution me that I may encounter thunderbolts. with my few white hairs?...

like me. 阳和不散穷途恨, But spring is no help to a man bewildered. 怜君何事到天涯?When you came. where you spent your three years' exile. among flowers we parted. 洞庭秋水远连天。And the autumn sky mingles with Lake Dongting. 孤城背岭寒吹角, . 秋草独寻人去后, Can I trace your footprint in the autumn grass -寒林空见日斜时。Or only slanting sunlight through the bleak woods? 汉文有道恩犹薄, If even good Emperor Wen was cold-hearted. . 万古惟留楚客悲。To be mourned in Chu ten thousand years. 钱起 Qian Qi 赠阙下裴舍人 TO MY FRIEND AT THE CAPITAL SECRETARY PEI 二月黄鹂飞上林,Finches flash yellow through the Imperial Grove 春城紫禁晓阴阴。Of the Forbidden City. to be an exile. are shaming 羞将白发对华簪。 These white hairs held by the petalled pin. pale with spring dawn.From a bleak mountain wall the cold tone of a bugle 独戍临江夜泊船。Reminds me. moored by a ruined fort. ten years refused. no mist on the islands. 霄汉长怀捧日心。Who would be like a cloud upholding the Light of Heaven.. 楚客相思益渺然。Yet the landscape is blurred toward my friend in Chu. 长乐钟声花外尽, Flowers muffle a bell in the Palace of Bliss 龙池柳色雨中深。And rain has deepened the Dragon Lake willows. these taciturn mountains.. 献赋十年犹未遇, Yet whose poems. so far away? 七言律诗 Seven-character-regular-verse 刘长卿 Liu Changqing 自夏口至鹦洲夕望岳阳寄源中丞 AN EVENING VIEW OF THE CITY OF YOUZHOU AFTER COMING FROM HANKOU TO PARROT ISLAND A POEM SENT TO MY FRIEND GOVERNOR YUAN 汀洲无浪复无烟, No ripples in the river. 湘水无情吊岂知?Could you hope that the dull river Xiang would understand you.. 寂寂江山摇落处, These desolate waters. 贾谊上书忧汉室, That Jia Yi's loyal plea to the House of Han 长沙谪去古今怜。 Banned him to Changsha..三年谪宦此栖迟, Here.. 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 寄李儋元锡 TO MY FRIENDS LI DAN AND YUANXI 去年花里逢君别, We met last among flowers. 汉口夕阳斜渡鸟, Birds in the slanting sun cross Hankou.

西楼望月几回圆。I have watched the full moons come and go. 细草香闲小洞幽。And grasses blow their fragrance into my little cave... from these walls and Han Gardens. with ways of the world too strange to foretell. 闻道欲来相问讯, .今日花开又一年。And here.... 估客昼眠知浪静, Though a river-merchant ought to sleep in this calm weather. like the triple Xiang streams.My thin hair grows wintry. 为问天戎窦车骑, Oh. 何用别寻方外去? . among men. ask General Dou when his flags will come home 何时返旆勒燕然。 And his triumph be carved on the rock of Yanran mountain! 卢纶 Lu Lun 晚次鄂州 A NIGHT-MOORING AT WUCHANG 云开远见汉阳城, Far off in the clouds stand the walls of Hanyang.Who need be craving a world beyond this one? 人间亦自有丹丘。Here. after the long rain. 心随明月到胡天。That the moon takes my heart to the Tartar sky. a year later. 风物凄凄宿雨收。And I see a countryside blue and still. 楼上花枝笑独眠。Yet this petal-bough is smiling now on my lonely sleep. .. 砧声近报汉宫秋。And Had Palace washing-stones make their autumnal echoes... 机中锦字论长恨, I have woven in the frame endless words of my grieving. 疏松影落空坛静, Thin pine-shadows brush the outdoor pulpit. 韩翃 Han Hong 同题仙游观 INSCRIBED IN THE TEMPLE OF THE WANDERING GENIE 仙台初见五城楼, I face.In my western tower... are the Purple Hills 皇甫冉 Huangfu Ran 春思 SPRING THOUGHTS 莺啼燕语报新年, Finch-notes and swallow-notes tell the new year. 马邑龙堆路几千。But so far are the Town of the Horse and the Dragon Mound 家住层城邻汉苑, From this our house. there are flowers again. 世事茫茫难自料, But.... 山色遥连秦树晚, The distant peaks and trees of Qin merge into twilight.. 春愁黯黯独成眠。Spring only brings me grief and fatigue.. high over this enchanted lodge. 三湘愁鬓逢秋色, . 身多疾病思田里, I am sick. 犹是孤帆一日程。Another day's journey for my lone sail. 舟人夜语觉潮生。I listen to the tide at night and voices of the boatmen. the Court of the Five Cities of Heaven. because of your promise. and I think of my home in the country邑有流亡愧俸钱。Ashamed to take pay while so many are idle.

wilderness begins.Today they are paying me a hundred thousand -与君营奠复营斋。 And all that I can bring to you is a temple sacrifice. 惊风乱飐芙蓉水, Hibiscus-flowers by the moat heave in a sudden wind. to keep us in touch with home. 自嫁黔娄百事乖。Who unluckily married this penniless scholar. this land of tattooed people -犹自音书滞一乡。 And not even letters. 刘禹锡 Liu Yuxi 西塞山怀古 THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME AT WEST FORT MOUNTAIN 王浚楼船下益州, Since Wang Jun brought his towering ships down from Yizhou. 野蔬充膳甘长藿, For dinner we had to pick wild herbs -落叶添薪仰古槐。And to use dry locust-leaves for our kindling. 元稹 Yuan Zhen 遣悲怀之一 AN ELEGY I 谢公最小偏怜女, O youngest. to buy wine with... 山形依旧枕寒流。While still this mountain dignity has commanded the cold river... 泥他沽酒拔金钗。And I coaxed off your hairpins of gold. 密雨斜侵薜荔墙。And vines along the wall are whipped with slanting rain. 海天愁思正茫茫。And our longing has as far to go as the ocean or the sky. 顾我无衣搜荩箧, You patched my clothes from your own wicker basket. 岭树重遮千里目, Nothing to see for three hundred miles but a blur of woods and mountain -江流曲似九回肠。And the river's nine loops. 金陵王气黯然收。The royal ghost has pined in the city of Nanjing.万里归心对月明。Three thousand miles my heart goes. DING. 共来百越文身地, This is where they have sent us. homesick with the moon. twisting in our bowels.. 故垒萧萧芦荻秋。And the old forts fill with ruin and with autumn reeds.. 旧业已随征战尽, But the war has left me nothing of my heritage -更堪江上鼓鼙声。And oh. FENG. 人世几回伤往事, Cycles of change have moved into the past. best-loved daughter of Xie.. . 今日俸钱过十万, .. the pang of hearing these drums along the river! 柳宗元 Liu Zongyuan 登柳州城楼寄漳汀封连四州刺史 FROM THE CITY-TOWER OF LIUZHOU TO MY FOUR FELLOW-OFFICIALS AT ZHANG... 千寻铁锁沈江底, Ten thousand feet of iron chain were sunk here to the bottom -一片降旛出石头。And then came the flag of surrender on the Wall of Stone. AND LIAN DISTRICTS 城上高楼接大荒, At this lofty tower where the town ends.. 从今四海为家日, And now comes the day of the Chinese world united.

同穴窅冥何所望? What have I to hope for in the darkness of our tomb? 他生缘会更难期。You and I had little faith in a meeting after death惟将终夜长开眼, Yet my open eyes can see all night 报答平生未展眉。 That lifelong trouble of your brow.. 时难年荒世业空, My heritage lost through disorder and famine. My fifteen brother at Wujiang and my younger brothers and sisters at Fuli and Xiagui. long ago. mourning for us both. and my tears run down 一夜乡心五处同。For hearts.. I express my thoughts in this poem. 诚知此恨人人有, . 百年都是几多时?How many years do I lack now of my three score and ten? 邓攸无子寻知命, There have been better men than I to whom heaven denied a son. about one of us dying. 尚想旧情怜婢仆, I continue your bounty to our men and our maids -也曾因梦送钱财。Sometimes. 针线犹存未忍开。Your needlework is sealed. you are gone.. I bring you gifts. 潘岳悼亡犹费词。There was a poet better than I whose dead wife could not hear him. 田园寥落干戈后, My fields and gardens wrecked by the war. 辞根散作九秋蓬。I am torn from my root like a water-plant in autumn: 共看明月应垂泪, I gaze at the moon.元稹 Yuan Zhen 遣悲怀之二 AN ElEGY II 昔日戏言身后事, We joked. in a dream. 吊影分为千里雁, I moan to my shadow like a lone-wandering wildgoose. 元稹 Yuan Zhen 遣悲怀之三 AN ELEGY III 闲坐悲君亦自悲, I sit here alone. which I send to my eldest brother at Fuliang. my brothers and sisters have been scattered. 骨肉流离道路中。 My own flesh and blood become scum of the street.. I dare not look at it. 弟兄羁旅各西东。 My brothers and sisters flung eastward and westward. 白居易 Bai Juyi TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS ADRIFT IN TROUBLED TIMES THIS POEM OF THE MOON 自河南经乱,关内阻饥,兄弟离散,各在一处。因望月有感,聊书所怀,寄上浮梁大兄,于潜七兄,乌江 十五兄,兼示符离及下邽弟妹。 Since the disorders in Henan and the famine in Guannei. in five places. my seventh brother at Yuqian. Looking at the moon. 衣裳已施行看尽, Almost all your clothes have been given away.This is a sorrow that all mankind must know -贫贱夫妻百事哀。 But not as those know it who have been poor together.. 今朝都到眼前来。But suddenly. all sick with one wish. . before my eyes.

there underground.coloured phoenix. 身无彩凤双飞翼, . group by group.The sage Chuangzi is day-dreaming... calls me to my duties 走马兰台类转蓬。 And I mount my horse and ride away. 庄生晓梦迷蝴蝶, . 隔座送钩春酒暖, Across the spring-wine.. 望帝春心托杜鹃。The spring-heart of Emperor Wang is crying in a cuckoo.. 沧海月明珠有泪, Mermen weep their pearly tears down a moon-green sea. like a water-plant cut adrift.. 欲取芜城作帝家。As he would have taken all Yangzhou to be his private domain 玉玺不缘归日角, But for the seal of imperial jade being seized by the first Tang Emperor.If he meets.. 地下若逢陈后主, . 于今腐草无萤火, Fire-flies are gone now. 岂宜重问后庭花?Do you think that they will mention a Song of Courtyard Flowers? 李商隐 Li Shangyin 无题之一 TO ONE UNNAMED I . we are throwing dice in the light of a crimson lamp.李商隐 Li Shangyin 锦瑟 THE INLAID HARP 锦瑟无端五十弦, I wonder why my inlaid harp has fifty strings. while it warms me.. alas. the Later Chen Emperor. 李商隐 Li Shangyin 无题 TO ONE UNNAMED 昨夜星辰昨夜风, The stars of last night and the wind of last night 画楼西畔桂堂东。Are west of the Painted Chamber and east of Cinnamon Hall. 李商隐 Li Shangyin 隋宫 THE PALACE OF THE SUI EMPEROR 紫泉宫殿锁烟霞, His Palace of Purple Spring has been taken by mist and cloud. 一弦一柱思华年。Each with its flower-like fret an interval of youth. 锦帆应是到天涯。He would have bounded with his silken sails the limits of the world. bewitched by butterflies. 蓝田日暖玉生烟。Blue fields are breathing their jade to the sun. 心有灵犀一点通。Yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn.. 嗟余听鼓应官去, Till the rolling of a drum.Though I have for my body no wings like those of the bright. have left the weathered grasses. 此情可待成追忆, And a moment that ought to have lasted for ever 只是当时已惘然。 Has come and gone before I knew. 终古垂杨有暮鸦。But still among the weeping-willows crows perch at twilight.. I prompt you how to bet 分曹射覆蜡灯红。Where.

更隔蓬山一万重。 And you are on the other side. favoured a poor youth.. 春心莫共花争发, . 春蚕到死丝方尽, And the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die .. and you left me with no other trace 月斜楼上五更钟。Than the moonlight on your tower at the fifth-watch bell.Must human hearts blossom in spring.. on its cord. 金蟾啮璅烧香入, . 李商隐 Li Shangyin 无题之二 TO ONE UNNAMED II 飒飒东风细雨来, A misty rain comes blowing with a wind from the east. 他年锦里经祠庙, And.. like all other flowers? 一寸想思一寸灰。 And of even this bright flame of love. 终见降王走传车。But your Emperor. ten thousand peaks away. rode the prison-cart. 芙蓉塘外有轻雷。And wheels faintly thunder beyond Hibiscus Pool. though at your birth-place a temple has been built to you. 关张无命欲何如?Yet less fortunate than the two Shu generals who were killed in action..来是空言去绝踪,You said you would come.. 宓妃留枕魏王才。A fairy queen brought a bridal mat once for the ease of a prince and then vanished.Round the golden-toad lock. but is longer since we parted. 梦为远别啼难唤, I cry for you forever gone.. 东风无力百花残。And the east wind has arisen and a hundred flowers are gone. 书被催成墨未浓。I try to read your hurried note. 蜡照半笼金翡翠, . 刘郎已恨蓬山远, But far beyond my reach is the Enchanted Mountain. 梁父吟成恨有余。 You never finished singing your Song of the Holy Mountain 李商隐 Li Shangyin 无题之三 TO ONE UNNAMED III 相见时难别亦难, Time was long before I met her.You were master of the brush. and a sagacious general. of water being drawn 贾氏窥帘韩掾少, A great lady once. but you did not. from behind a screen. shall there be only ashes? 李商隐 Li Shangyin 筹笔驿 IN THE CAMP OF THE SKETCHING BRUSH 猿鸟犹疑畏简书, Monkeys and birds are still alert for your orders 风云常为护储胥。And winds and clouds eager to shield your fortress. I cannot waken yet. 玉虎牵丝汲井回。The jade tiger tells. 徒令上将挥神笔, . I find the ink too pale.. 管乐有才原不忝, You were abler than even the greatest Zhou statesmen.Blue burns your candle in its kingfisher-feather lantern 麝熏微度绣芙蓉。And a sweet breath steals from your hibiscus-broidered curtain. incense is creeping. defeated.

.The long road ahead will be full of new hardship... 白门寥落意多违。But am thinking only of the White Gate City where I cannot be. 未妨惆怅是清狂。 Yet how it serves to ease my heart! .It is not so very far to her Enchanted Mountain 青鸟殷勤为探看。 O blue-birds. 商隐 Li Shangyin 无题之五 TO ONE UNNAMED V 重帷深下莫愁堂, There are many curtains in your care-free house.. 碧文圆顶夜深缝。Lines your green canopy. 蓬莱此去无多路, .. 卧后清宵细细长。Where rapture lasts the whole night long. closed for the night. 远路应悲春晼晚, . 断无消息石榴红。How far can a pomegranate-blossom whisper? 斑骓只系垂杨岸, . 玉珰缄札何由达, Oh. hidden by the rain. late in the nights. 残宵犹得梦依稀。With. 扇裁月魄羞难掩, Will your shy face peer round a moon-shaped fan. 珠箔飘灯独自归。And a lantern on a pearl screen swaying my lone heart homeward. 夜吟应觉月光寒。Yet she dares the chill of moonlight with her evening song. brief intervals of dream. 红楼隔雨相望冷, .I will tether my horse to a river willow 何处西南任好风? And wait for the will of the southwest wind.Storms are ravishing the nut-horns.There are two red chambers fronting the cold. 李商隐 Li Shangyin 无题之四 TO ONE UNNAMED IV 凤尾香罗薄几重, A faint phoenix-tail gauze. this pair of jade earrings! -万里云罗一雁飞。 I watch a lonely wildgoose in three thousand miles of cloud. be listening!-Bring me what she says! 李商隐 Li Shangyin 春雨 SPRING RAIN 怅卧新春白袷衣, I am lying in a white-lined coat while the spring approaches. 月露谁教桂叶香。Moon... to send you this message.What are the lives of angels but dreams 小姑居处本无郎。If they take no lovers into their rooms? 风波不信菱枝弱, .... 晓镜但愁云鬓改, Mornings in her mirror she sees her hair-cloud changing.dew sweetening cinnamon-leaves 直道相思了无益, I know well enough naught can come of this union. 车走雷声语未通。And your voice be heard hushing the rattle of my carriage? 曾是寂寥金烬暗, It is quiet and quiet where your gold lamp dies.蜡炬成灰泪始乾。And every night the candles will weep their wicks away... fragrant and doubled.. 神女生涯原是梦, ...

these trees endure.Returning. decked for the day. he found his country changed 去时冠剑是丁年。Since with youthful cap and sword he had left it. never wearing fragrant silk.. A boat goes by. like an ancient wise lover. tilting a mirror.. 曲岛苍茫接翠微。And little blue islands are one with the sky. 万顷江田一鹭飞。Over the wide river-lands flies an egret. 袍裤宫人扫御床。 Eunuchs in court-dress preparing a bed. forgetting words? 温庭筠 Wen Tingyun 苏武庙 THE TEMPLE OF SU WU 苏武魂销汉使前, Though our envoy. is gone. 秦韬玉 Qin Taoyu 贫女 A POOR GIRL 蓬门未识绮罗香, Living under a thatch roof. 茂陵不见封侯印, His bitter adventures had won him no title. deep in the palace. between screen-panels. 回日楼台非甲帐, .. combs her cloud of hair 罗衣欲换更添香。And chooses new scent and a change of silk raiment.. 云边雁断胡天月, Wildgeese through the clouds are still calling to the moon there 陇上羊归塞草烟。And hill-sheep unshepherded graze along the border. 五湖烟水独忘机。 Through the misty Five Lakes.. 薛逢 Xue Feng 宫词 A PALACE POEM 十二楼中尽晓妆, In twelve chambers the ladies.温庭筠 Wen Tingyun 利洲南渡 NEAR THE LIZHOU FERRY 澹然空水对斜晖, The sun has set in the water's clear void.clump and wait for the ferry.. 锁衔金兽连环冷, The golden toad guards the lock on the door-chain.. 谁解乘舟寻范蠡? . 波上马嘶看棹去, On the bank a horse neighs...Can you guess why I sail. 遥窥正殿帘开处, For she sees. 空向秋波哭逝川。 Autumn-waves endlessly sob in the river. 柳边人歇待船归。People gather at a willow. 数丛沙草群鸥散, Down by the sand-bushes sea-gulls are circling.. 水滴铜龙昼漏长。And the bronze-dragon water-clock drips through the morning 云髻罢梳还对镜, Till one of them. Su Wu. 望仙楼上望君王。Peer afar for their lord from their Fairy-View Lodge. body and soul. 古祠高树两茫然。This temple survives. .

返景入深林, Where sunlight.Here in the City of the Red Phoenix autumn nights are long.拟托良媒益自伤。She longs to arrange a marriage. 弹琴复长啸。I am playing my lute and humming a song 深林人不知, Too softly for anyone to hear -明月来相照。Except my comrade. 更教明月照流黄。Sees only moonlight on the yellow-silk wave of her loom. 复照青苔上。 Shines back to me from the green moss. 丹凤城南秋夜长。.. 谁为含愁独不见, Where one who is heart-sick to see beyond seeing.. 九月寒砧催木叶, Hears the washing-mallets' cold beat shake the leaves down. entering a grove.. 十年征戍忆辽阳。.. the bright moon.. 苦恨年年压金线, And year after year she has sewn gold thread 为他人作嫁衣裳。 On bridal robes for other girls. 五言绝句 Five-character-quatrain 王维 Wang Wei 鹿柴 DEER-PARK HERMITAGE 空山不见人, There seems to be no one on the empty mountain. 但闻人语响。And yet I think I hear a voice. 白狼河北音书断,And messages are lost in the White Wolf River. 王维 Wang Wei . 王维 Wang Wei 竹里馆 IN A RETREAT AMONG BAMBOOS 独坐幽篁里, Leaning alone in the close bamboos. but how could she dare? 谁爱风流高格调,Who would know her simple face the loveliest of them all 共怜时世俭梳妆。When we choose for worldliness. 不把双眉斗画长。But she cannot vie with painted brows. 乐府之二 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 沈佺期 Shen Quanqi 古意呈补阙乔知之 BEYOND SEEING 卢家少妇郁金香, A girl of the Lu clan who lives in Golden-Wood Hall. not for worth? 敢将十指夸针巧, Her fingers embroider beyond compare.. 海燕双栖玳瑁梁。Where swallows perch in pairs on beams of tortoiseshell.The Liaoyang expedition will be gone ten years..

when you passed my silken window. . 应知故乡事。Tell me what has happened there ! -来日绮窗前, Was the plum. 春草明年绿, Grasses return again green in the spring.. let them brim your heart with wonder!. 莫学武陵人,Remember the fisherman from Wuling 暂游桃源里。 Who had only a day in the Peach-Blossom Country... 须尽丘壑美。Oh. 王维 Wang Wei 杂诗 LINES 君自故乡来, You who have come from my old country. 寒梅著花未。 Opening its first cold blossom? 裴迪 Pei Di 送崔九 A FAREWELL TO CUI 归山深浅去, Though you think to return to this maze of mountains. 愿君多采撷, Take home an armful. for my sake. 王孙归不归。 But O my Prince of Friends..送别 A PARTING 山中相送罢, Friend.. do you? 王维 Wang Wei 相思 ONE-HEARTED 红豆生南国, When those red berries come in springtime. 此物最相思。 As a symbol of our love. I have watched you down the mountain 日暮掩柴扉。Till now in the dark I close my thatch door.. 春来发几枝。 Flushing on your southland branches. 祖咏 Zu Young 终南望余雪 ON SEEING THE SNOW-PEAK OF ZHONGNAN 终南阴岭秀, See how Zhongnan Mountain soars 积雪浮云端。With its white top over floating clouds -林表明霁色, And a warm sky opening at the snow-line 城中增暮寒。 While the town in the valley grows colder and colder.

. 李白 Li Bai 夜思 IN THE QUIET NIGHT 床前明月光, So bright a gleam on the foot of my bed -疑是地上霜。Could there have been a frost already? 举头望明月,Lifting myself to look. and how troubled her brow is! 但见泪痕湿, You may see the tears now. how close the trees to heaven.. have been bound by his greatness. divided. old memories begin. 不知心恨谁。 But not the man she so bitterly loves.. 江流石不转, Beside the changing river. 处处闻啼鸟。Everywhere round me the singing of birds -夜来风雨声, But now I remember the night. the storm. 低头思故乡。Sinking back again. 花落知多少。 And I wonder how many blossoms were broken. 李白 Li Bai 怨情 A BITTER LOVE 美人卷珠帘, How beautiful she looks. 江清月近人。 And how clear in the water the nearness of the moon! 孟浩然 Meng Haoran 春晓 A SPRING MORNING 春眠不觉晓, I awake light-hearted this morning of spring. opening the pearly casement.. 野旷天低树, How wide the world was. bright on her cheek. 日暮客愁新。And daylight wanes. 名成八阵图。The Eight-Sided Fortress is founded on his fame. 深坐蹙蛾眉。And how quiet she leans. it stands stony as his grief 遗恨失吞吴。That he never conquered the Kingdom of Wu. I thought suddenly of home. I found that it was moonlight. 杜甫 Du Fu 八阵图 THE EIGHT-SIDED FORTRESS 功盖三分国, The Three Kingdoms.孟浩然 Meng Haoran 宿建德江 A NIGHT-MOORING ON THE JIANDE RIVER 移舟泊烟渚, While my little boat moves on its mooring of mist.

刘长卿 Liu Changqing 弹琴 ON HEARING A LUTE-PLAYER 泠泠七弦上, Your seven strings are like the voice 静听松风寒。Of a cold wind in the pines. 杳杳钟声晚。Comes the low sound of an evening bell. 空山松子落, I hear a mountain pine-cone fall. 刘长卿 Liu Changqing 送上人 FAREWELL TO A BUDDHIST MONK 孤云将野鹤, Can drifting clouds and white storks 岂向人间住。Be tenants in this world of ours? -莫买沃洲山, Or you still live on Wuzhou Mountain. 时人已知处。 Now that people are coming here? 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 秋夜寄邱员外 AN AUTUMN NIGHT MESSAGE TO QIU 怀君属秋夜, As I walk in the cool of the autumn night. 欲穷千里目,But you widen your view three hundred miles 更上一层楼。 By going up one flight of stairs.王之涣 Wang Zhihuan 登鹳雀楼 AT HERON LODGE 白日依山尽,Mountains cover the white sun.. 荷笠带斜阳, While the hat of a pilgrim carries the sunset 青山独归远。Farther and farther down the green mountain. singing my poem. 幽人应未眠。 You also seem to be awake. . 刘长卿 Liu Changqing 送灵澈 ON PARTING WITH THE BUDDHIST PILGRIM LING CHE 苍苍竹林寺, From the temple. 黄河入海流。And oceans drain the golden river.. deep in its tender bamboos. 古调虽自爱, Singing old beloved songs 今人多不弹。 Which no one cares for any more.. 散步咏凉天。Thinking of you.

taking my place to cook. 今朝蟢子飞。And this morning a luck-beetle flew over my bed. . 柳宗元 Liu Zongyuan 江雪 RIVER-SNOW 千山鸟飞绝, A hundred mountains and no bird. 铅华不可弃, So here are my paints and here are my powders -莫是□砧归。And a welcome for my yoke again. 万径人踪灭。A thousand paths without a footprint. 王建 Wang Jian 新嫁娘 A BRIDE 三日入厨下, On the third day. 元稹 Yuan Zhen 行宫 THE SUMMER PALACE 寥落古行宫,In the faded old imperial palace. 权德舆 Quan Deyu 玉台体 THE JADE DRESSING-TABLE 昨夜裙带解, Last night my girdle came undone. 孤舟蓑笠翁, A little boat. 独钓寒江雪。 An old man fishing in the cold river-snow. a bamboo cloak.李端 Li Duan 听筝 ON HEARING HER PLAY THE HARP 鸣筝金粟柱, Her hands of white jade by a window of snow 素手玉房前。Are glimmering on a golden-fretted harp -欲得周郎顾, And to draw the quick eye of Chou Yu. 时时误拂弦。 She touches a wrong note now and then. 洗手作羹汤。Washing my hands to make the bridal soup. 未谙姑食性, I decide that not my mother-in-law 先遣小姑尝。 But my husband's young sister shall have the fiat taste.

贾岛 Jia Dao 寻隐者不遇 A NOTE LEFT FOR AN ABSENT ECLUSE 松下问童子, When I questioned your pupil. 双泪落君前。See how she tries to hold back her tears. 只是近黄昏。 Buried by the coming night. through all these clouds ?" 李频 Li Pin 渡汉江 CROSSING THE HAN RIVER . 言师采药去。"My teacher. with the first few words of it. 白居易 Bai Juyi 问刘十九 A SUGGESTION TO MY FRIEND LIU 绿螘新醅酒, There's a gleam of green in an old bottle. 晚来天欲雪, There's a feeling of snow in the dusk outside -能饮一杯无。 What about a cup of wine inside? 张祜 Zhang Hu 何满子 SHE SINGS AN OLD SONG 故国三千里, A lady of the palace these twenty years. 云深不知处。 How can I tell.. but no one comes to see them. 白头宫女在, The ladies-in-waiting have grown white-haired 闲坐说玄宗。 Debating the pomps of Emperor Xuanzong. 红泥小火炉。There's a stir of red in the quiet stove.. for all his glory. " went for herbs." he answered.. under a pine-tree. 只在此山中, But toward which corner of the mountain. 深宫二十年。She has lived here a thousand miles from her home一声何满子, Yet ask her for this song and.宫花寂寞红。Peonies are red. 李商隐 Li Shangyin 登乐游原 THE LEYOU TOMBS 向晚意不适, With twilight shadows in my heart 驱车登古原。I have driven up among the Leyou Tombs 夕阳无限好, To see the sun.

同是长干人, Both of us born in Changgan. 啼时惊妾梦, When she dreamed that she went to Liaoxi Camp 不得到辽西。 To join him there. with its seven high stars.." 崔颢 Cui Hao 长干行二首之二 A SONG OF CHANGGAN II 家临九江水, "Yes. 不敢问来人。I dare not ask a single question. let's see 或恐是同乡。If we belong in the same town. nor their horses. where do you live? -妾住在横塘。Near here. nearing my village. meeting people. 金昌绪 Jin Changzu 春怨 A SPRING SIGH 打起黄莺儿,Drive the orioles away.岭外音书绝, Away from home. I live here. I was longing for news 经冬复立春。Winter after winter. 不敢过临洮。 Dare ford the river boundary. spring after spring. you and I! 生小不相识。Why haven't we always known each other?" . 哥舒夜带刀。Is Ge Shu lifting his sword in the night: 至今窥牧马, And no more barbarians.. 来去九江侧。I have sailed on it many and many a time. 乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 崔颢 Cui Hao 长干行二首之一 A SONG OF CHANGGAN I 君家何处住, "Tell me. by the river.. they wakened her 西鄙人 Xibiren 哥舒歌 GENERAL GE SHU 北斗七星高, This constellation. by the fishing-pool? 停船暂借问, Let's hold our boats together. nor cattle. 近乡情更怯, Now. 莫教枝上啼。All their music from the trees.

. let us dance in our golden armour! 雷鼓动山川。 Let us thunder on rivers and hills with our drums! .李白 Li Bai 玉阶怨 A SIGH FROM A STAIRCASE OF JADE 玉阶生白露, Her jade-white staircase is cold with dew. with horses lightly burdened 大雪满弓刀。 And a burden of snow on our bows and our swords. wildgeese are soaring.. 独立扬新令, One man. why is she still waiting.. 卢纶 Lu Lun 塞下曲四首之二 BORDER-SONGS II 林暗草惊风, The woods are black and a wind assails the grasses. 夜久侵罗袜。Her silk soles are wet. 燕尾绣蝥弧。His embroidered silk flag has a tail like a swallow. 卢纶 Lu Lun 塞下曲四首之四 BORDER-SONGS IV 野幕蔽琼筵, Let feasting begin in the wild camp! 羌戎贺劳旋。Let bugles cry our victory! 醉和金甲舞,Let us drink. 单于夜遁逃。Tartar chieftains are fleeing through the dark -欲将轻骑逐, And we chase them. she lingered there so long. 玲珑望秋月。Watching through its crystal pane the glow of the autumn moon? 卢纶 Lu Lun 塞下曲四首之一 BORDER-SONGS I 鹫翎金仆姑, His golden arrow is tipped with hawk's feathers. 却下水晶帘, Behind her closed casement. gives a new order 千营共一呼。 To the answering shout of a thousand tents. 将军夜引弓。Yet the general tries night archery -平明寻白羽, And next morning he finds his white-plumed arrow 没在石棱中。Pointed deep in the hard rock. 卢纶 Lu Lun 塞下曲四首之三 BORDER-SONGS III 月黑雁飞高,High in the faint moonlight. arising.

七言绝句 Seven-character-quatrain 贺知章 He Zhizhang 回乡偶书 COMING HOME 少小离家老大回, I left home young. meeting me. 桃花尽日随流水, Oh.. I return old. 遍插茱萸少一人。 Each of them a branch-and my branch missing. if they ask of me at Luoyang: .. 乡音无改鬓毛衰;Speaking as then. 儿童相见不相识, And my children. 嫁与弄潮儿。 I might rather have chosen a river-boy. 石矶西畔问渔船;Yet here are the rocks and the fisherman's boat. 洛阳亲友如相问, Answer. do not know me. 每逢佳节倍思亲。I am twice as homesick on this day 遥知兄弟登高处, When brothers carry dogwood up the mountain. you will be starting for the mountains of Chu. but with hair grown thin. 平明送客楚山孤。In the level dawn. 王昌龄 Wang Changling 芙蓉楼送辛渐 AT HIBISCUS INN PARTING WITH XIN JIAN 寒雨连江夜入吴, With this cold night-rain hiding the river. 早知潮有信, Had I thought how regular the tide is. you have come into Wu.. 笑问客从何处来。They smile and say: "Stranger. where do you come from?" 张旭 Zhang Xu 桃花溪 PEACH-BLOSSOM RIVER 隐隐飞桥隔野烟, A bridge flies away through a wild mist. if only this river of floating peach-petals 洞在清溪何处边? Might lead me at last to the mythical cave! 王维 Wang Wei 九月九日忆山东兄弟 ON THE MOUNTAIN HOLIDAY THINKING OF MY BROTHERS IN SHANDONG 独在异乡为异客, All alone in a foreign land. all alone.李益 Li Yi 江南曲 A SONG OF THE SOUTHERN RIVER 嫁得瞿塘贾, Since I married the merchant of Qutang 朝朝误妾期。He has failed each day to keep his word.

she climbs to her high chamber... 李白 Li Bai 下江陵 THROUGH THE YANGZI GORGES 朝辞白帝彩云间, From the walls of Baidi high in the coloured dawn . 欲饮琵琶马上催。They strum on horseback their guitars. for her dancing. while a gust blew peach-petals open 未央前殿月轮高。And the moon shone high on the Palace Beyond Time. 醉卧沙场君莫笑, ." 王昌龄 Wang Changling 闺怨 IN HER QUIET WINDOW 闺中少妇不知愁, Too young to have learned what sorrow means. 平阳歌舞新承宠, The Emperor gave Pingyang.. on its way to heaven. 烟花三月下扬州。On your way to visit Yangzhou in the misty month of flowers. 忽见陌头杨柳色,The new green of the street-willows is wounding her heart -悔教夫婿觅封侯。Just for a title she sent him to war. 帘外春寒赐锦袍。 Brocades against the cold spring-wind.Why laugh when they fall asleep drunk on the sand ? -古来征战几人回。 How many soldiers ever come home? 李白 Li Bai 送孟浩然之广陵 A FAREWELL TO MENG HAORAN ON HIS WAY TO YANGZHOU 故人西辞黄鹤楼, You have left me behind.一片冰心在玉壶。 "One-hearted as ice in a crystal vase. 孤帆远影碧空尽, Your sail. 王翰 Wang Han 凉州词 A SONG OF LIANGZHOU 葡萄美酒夜光杯, They sing. a single shadow. becomes one with the blue sky. 王昌龄 Wang Changling 春宫曲 A SONG OF THE SPRING PALACE 昨夜风开露井桃, Last night. 惟见长江天际流。 Till now I see only the river.. they drain their cups of jade. old friend. at the Yellow Crane Terrace. 春日凝妆上翠楼。Attired for spring..

I have no means of writing. from the temple on Cold Mountain. a long way east. Far down the river now. a crow caws through the frost. 江枫渔火对愁眠。Under the shadows of maple-trees a fisherman moves with his torch. 凭君传语报平安。 Tell them three words: "He is safe..千里江陵一日还。To Jiangling by night-fall is three hundred miles. 双袖龙钟泪不乾。I am old and my sleeve is wet with tears. 马上相逢无纸笔, We meet on horseback. 韩翃 Han Hong 寒食 AFTER THE DAY OF NO FIRE . 落花时节又逢君。 I find you alone under falling petals.. 岑参 Cen Can 逢入京使 ON MEETING A MESSENGER TO THE CAPITAL 故园东望路漫漫, It's a long way home. 夜半钟声到客船。 Ringing for me. here in my boat. from beyond Suzhou.Spring passes.. 韦应物 Wei Yingwu 滁州西涧 AT CHUZHOU ON THE WESTERN STREAM 独怜幽草涧边生, Where tender grasses rim the stream 上有黄鹂深树鸣。And deep boughs trill with mango-birds. the midnight bell. 正是江南好风景, . 春潮带雨晚来急, On the spring flood of last night's rain 野渡无人舟自横。 The ferry-boat moves as though someone were poling. 两岸猿声啼不住, Yet monkeys are still calling on both banks behind me 轻舟已过万重山。 To my boat these ten thousand mountains away. 张继 Zhang Ji 枫桥夜泊 A NIGHT-MOORING NEAR MAPLE BRIDGE 月落乌啼霜满天, While I watch the moon go down." 杜甫 Du Fu 江南逢李龟年 ON MEETING LI GUINIAN DOWN THE RIVER 岐王宅里寻常见, I met you often when you were visiting princes 崔九堂前几度闻。And when you were playing in noblemen's halls.. 姑苏城外寒山寺, And I hear..

今夜偏知春气暖, I can fed the first motions of the warm air of spring 虫声新透绿窗沙。In the singing of an insect at my green-silk window. 刘方平 Liu Fangping 月夜 A MOONLIGHT NIGHT 更深月色半人家, When the moon has coloured half the house. 日暮汉宫传蜡烛, And at dusk. from a jade chamber. they are facing the River of Stars. 李益 Li Yi . 三春白雪归青冢, We have watched the green graves change to snow 万里黄河绕黑山。 And the Yellow Stream ring the Black Mountain forever. 金屋无人见泪痕。She weeps alone in her chamber of gold 寂寞空庭春欲晚, For spring is departing from a desolate garden. to guard the Jade Pass and the River of Gold. 朝朝马策与刀环。With our hands on our horse-whips and our swordhilts.. and you hear a water-clock drip in the Court of the Moon. 刘方平 Liu Fangping 春怨 SPRING HEART-BREAK 纱窗日落渐黄昏, With twilight passing her silken window. 顾况 Gu Kuang 宫词 A PALACE POEM 玉楼天半起笙歌, High above. 梨花满地不开门。 And a drift of pear-petals is closing a door.. 水晶帘卷近秋河。 They have opened the curtain wide. 风送宫嫔笑语和。The palace-girls' gay voices are mingled with the wind -月殿影开闻夜漏, But now they are still.春城无处不飞花, Petals of spring fly all through the city 寒食东风御柳斜。From the wind in the willows of the Imperial River. from the palace. 北斗阑干南斗斜。With the North Star at its height and the South Star setting.. candles are given out 轻烟散入五侯家。 To light first the mansions of the Five Great Lords. 柳中庸 Liu Zhongyong 征人怨 A TROOPER'S BURDEN 岁岁金河复玉关,For years. songs float half-way to heaven.

斜倚薰笼坐到明。 She leans till dawn on her incense-pillow. reaching a tree by the gate. but no dreams come. 媚眼惟看宿鹭窠。Shows her a quiet bird on its nest. 刘禹锡 Liu Yuxi 春词 A SPRING SONG 新妆宜面下朱楼, In gala robes she comes down from her chamber 深锁春光一院愁。Into her courtyard. 斜拔玉钗灯影畔,She removes her jade hairpins and sits in the shadow 剔开红焰救飞蛾。 And puts out a flame where a moth was flying. 蜻蜓飞上玉搔头。 On her hairpin of jade a dragon-fly poises. in Blacktail Row 旧时王谢堂前燕, Where once they visited great homes. 受降城外月如霜。And the moon like frost beyond the city-wall. 红颜未老恩先断, She has lost his love. 一夜征人尽望乡。 Has made the soldiers homesick all night long.. at sunset. 刘禹锡 Liu Yuxi 乌衣巷 BLACKTAIL ROW 朱雀桥边野草花, Grass has run wild now by the Bridge of Red-Birds. enclosure of spring. playing a flute. Alone with her beauty. 飞入寻常百姓家。 Dip among doorways of the poor.夜上受降城闻笛 ON HEARING A FLUTE AT NIGHT ROM THE WALL OF SHOUXIANG 回乐峰前沙似雪, The sand below the border-mountain lies like snow. 行到中庭数花朵, When she tries from the centre to count the flowers... 不知何处吹芦管, And someone somewhere. . 夜深前殿按歌声。She can hear the others singing through the night. 白居易 Bai Juyi 后宫词 泪湿罗巾梦不成, Her tears are spent. 乌衣巷口夕阳斜。And swallows' wings. 张祜 Zhang Hu 赠内人 OF ONE IN THE FORBIDDEN CITY 禁门宫树月痕过, When the moonlight.

平明骑马入宫门。In the morning. 却嫌脂粉污颜色, Disdainful of the paint that might have marred her beauty. 妆罢低声问夫婿, She has finished preparing. 朱庆余 Zhu Qingyu 近试上张水部 ON THE EVE OF GOVERNMENT EXAMINATIONS TO SECRETARY ZHANG 洞房昨夜停红烛, Out go the great red wedding-chamber candles. 张祜 Zhang Hu 集灵台之二 ON THE TERRACE OF ASSEMBLED ANGELS II 虢国夫人承主恩, The Emperor has sent for Lady Guoguo. 含情欲说宫中事, Abrim to the lips with imperial gossip 鹦鹉前头不敢言。 But not daring to breathe it with a parrot among them. 待晓堂前拜舅姑。Tomorrow in state the bride faces your parents. 美人相并立琼轩。Ladies file out to their pavilion of jade. . 张祜 Zhang Hu 题金陵渡 AT NANJING FERRY 金陵津渡小山楼, This one-story inn at Nanjing ferry 一宿行人自可愁。Is a miserable lodging-place for the night -潮落夜江斜月里, But across the dead moon's ebbing tide.张祜 Zhang Hu 集灵台之一 ON THE TERRACE OF ASSEMBLED ANGELS I 日光斜照集灵台, The sun has gone slanting over a lordly roof 红树花迎晓露开。And red-blossoming branches have leaned toward the dew 昨夜上皇新授箓, Since the Emperor last night summoned a new favourite 太真含笑入帘来。And Lady Yang's bright smile came through the curtains. 朱庆余 Zhu Qingyu 宫词 A SONG OF THE PALACE 寂寂花时闭院门,Now that the palace-gate has softly closed on its flowers. she asks of you meekly 画眉深浅入时无。 Whether her eyebrows are painted in fashion. riding toward the palace-gate. 两三星火是瓜州。 Lights from Guazhou beckon on the river. 淡扫蛾眉朝至尊。To meet him she smooths her two moth-tiny eyebrows.

how can I serve? 闲爱孤云静爱僧。The lone cloud rather.. 东风不与周郎便, Except for a wind aiding General Zhou Yu... 欲把一麾江海去, Once more. 商女不知亡国恨, Where girls. . with no thought of a perished kingdom. 杜牧 Du Mu 泊秦淮 A MOORING ON THE QIN HUAI RIVER 烟笼寒水月笼沙,Mist veils the cold stream. before crossing river and sea. 乐游原上望昭陵。 I face the great Emperor's mountain-tomb.杜牧 Du Mu 将赴吴兴登乐游原 I CLIMB TO THE LEYOU TOMBS BEFORE LEAVING FOR WUXING 清时有味是无能, Even in this good reign. 铜雀春深锁二乔。 Spring would have sealed both Qiao girls in CopperBird Palace. the Buddhist peace. and moonlight the sand. 秋尽江南草未凋。And grasses in this river region not yet faded by autumn.. 隔江犹唱后庭花。Gaily echo A Song of Courtyard Flowers. 夜泊秦淮近酒家。As I moor in the shadow of a river-tavern. 杜牧 Du Mu 寄扬州韩绰判官 A MESSAGE TO HAN CHO THE YANGZHOU MAGISTRATE 青山隐隐水迢迢, There are faint green mountains and far green waters. 十年一觉扬州梦, I awake.. watching by river and lake 楚腰纤细掌中轻。For a lady so tiny as to dance on my palm.. 杜牧 Du Mu 赤壁 BY THE PURPLE CLIFF 折戟沈沙铁未销,On a part of a spear still unrusted in the sand 自将磨洗认前朝。I have burnished the symbol of an ancient kingdom. even in the Street of Blue Houses. 二十四桥明月夜, And clear in the moon on the Twenty-Four Bridges 玉人何处教吹箫。 Girls white as jade are teaching flute-music. after dreaming ten years in Yangzhou. 赢得青楼薄幸名。 Known as fickle. 杜牧 Du Mu 遣怀 A CONFESSION 落魄江湖载酒行, With my wine-bottle.

豆蔻梢头二月初。The young spring-tip of a cardamon-spray. 替人垂泪到天明。 Weeps. feeling our sadness. I do not know. 日暮东风怨啼鸟, At sunset. at a farewell feast? 蜡烛有心还惜别, Even the candle.. But there's no one like her. .. 轻罗小扇扑流萤。Her little silk fan is for fireflies. 坐看牵牛织女星。 And two stars parted by the River of Heaven. 杜牧 Du Mu 赠别之二 Parting II 多情却似总无情,How can a deep love seem deep love. 唯觉樽前笑不成。How can it smile. all night long. when birds cry in the wind. 流水无情草自春。Calm water. 李商隐 Li Shangyin 夜雨寄北 NOTE ON A RAINY NIGHT TO A FRIEND IN THE NORTH 君问归期未有期, You ask me when I am coming. as we do.. 落花犹似坠楼人。 Petals are falling like a girl s robe long ago.杜牧 Du Mu 秋夕 IN THE AUTUMN NIGHT 银烛秋光冷画屏, Her candle-light is silvery on her chill bright screen. 杜牧 Du Mu 赠别之一 PARTING I 娉娉袅袅十三余, She is slim and supple and not yet fourteen. 杜牧 Du Mu 金谷园 THE GARDEN OF THE GOLDEN VALLEY 繁华事散逐香尘, Stories of passion make sweet dust. 春风十里扬州路, On the Yangzhou Road for three miles in the breeze 卷上珠帘总不如。 Every pearl-screen is open. grasses unconcerned. 天阶夜色凉如水, She lies watching her staircase cold in the moon.

八骏日行三万里,Where is Emperor Mu. 春风举国裁宫锦, His whole empire cut brocades. blowing cold in the palace. in her window by the Jade Pool.Absent this autumn from the Prince's garden. exquisite always凤城寒尽怕春宵。Yet she dreads the spring. 李商隐 LI SHANGYIN 瑶池 THE JADE POOL 瑶池阿母绮窗开, The Mother of Heaven. when shall we be trimming wicks again.巴山夜雨涨秋池。I dream of your mountains and autumn pools brimming all night with the rain. a long way from trees in Qin. together in your western window? 却话巴山夜雨时。 When shall I be hearing your voice again. 何当共剪西窗烛, Oh. 黄竹歌声动地哀。Hears The Yellow Bamboo Song shaking the whole earth. with his eight horses running 穆王何事不重来。 Ten thousand miles a day? Why has he never come back? 李商隐 Li Shangyin 嫦娥 TO THE MOON GODDESS . 半作障泥半作帆。 Half for wheel-guards. half for sails. 茂陵秋雨病相如。 There's a poet at Maoling sick in the rain. to be early at court. 无端嫁得金龟婿, When her husband. 李商隐 Li Shangyin 为有 THERE IS ONLY ONE 为有云屏无限娇, There is only one Carved-Cloud. all night in the rain? 李商隐 Li Shangyin 寄令狐郎中 A MESSAGE TO SECRETARY LINGHU 嵩云秦树久离居, I am far from the clouds of Sung Mountain. 李商隐 Li Shangyin 隋宫 THE SUI PALACE 乘兴南游不戒严, When gaily the Emperor toured the south 九重谁省谏书函。Contrary to every warning. 双鲤迢迢一纸笔。And I send to you a message carried by two carp: 休问梁园旧宾客, -. a Knight of the Golden Tortoise. 辜负香衾事早朝。 Will leave her sweet bed.

云母屏风烛影深, Now that a candle-shadow stands on the screen of carven marble 长河渐落晓星沈。And the River of Heaven slants and the morning stars are low, 嫦娥应悔偷灵药, Are you sorry for having stolen the potion that has set you 碧海青天夜夜心。 Over purple seas and blue skies, to brood through the long nights?

李商隐 Li Shangyin 贾生 JIASHENG 宣室求贤访逐臣, When the Emperor sought guidance from wise men, from exiles, 贾生才调更无伦。He found no calmer wisdom than that of young Jia 可怜夜半虚前席, And assigned him the foremost council-seat at midnight, 不问苍生问鬼神。 Yet asked him about gods, instead of about people.

温庭筠 Wen Tingyun 瑶瑟怨 SHE SIGHS ON HER JADE LUTE 冰簟银床梦不成, A cool-matted silvery bed; but no dreams.... 碧天如水夜云轻。An evening sky as green as water, shadowed with tender clouds; 雁声远过潇湘去, But far off over the southern rivers the calling of a wildgoose, 十二楼中月自明。 And here a twelve-story building, lonely under the moon.

郑畋 Zheng Tian 马嵬坡 ON MAWEI SLOPE

玄宗回马杨妃死, When the Emperor came back from his ride they had murdered Lady Yang -云雨难忘日月新。That passion unforgettable through all the suns and moons 终是圣明天子事,They had led him to forsake her by reminding him 景阳宫井又何人。Of an emperor slain with his lady once, in a well at Jingyang Palace.

韩偓 Han Wu 已凉 COOLER WEATHER 碧阑干外绣帘垂,Her jade-green alcove curtained thick with silk, 猩色屏风画折枝。Her vermilion screen with its pattern of flowers, 八尺龙须方锦褥, Her eight- foot dragon-beard mat and her quilt brocaded in squares 已凉天气未寒时。Are ready now for nights that are neither warm nor cold.

韦庄 Wei Zhuang 金陵图 A NANJING LANDSCAPE 江雨霏霏江草齐, Though a shower bends the river-grass, a bird is singing, 六朝如梦鸟空啼。While ghosts of the Six Dynasties pass like a dream 无情最是台城柳, Around the Forbidden City, under weeping willows 依旧烟笼十里堤。 Which loom still for three miles along the misty moat.

陈陶 Chen Tao 陇西行 TURKESTAN 誓扫匈奴不顾身,Thinking only of their vow that they would crush the Tartars- 五千貂锦丧胡尘。On the desert, clad in sable and silk, five thousand of them fell.... 可怜无定河边骨, But arisen from their crumbling bones on the banks of the river at the border, 犹是深闺梦里人。 Dreams of them enter, like men alive, into rooms where their loves lie sleeping.

张泌 Zhang Bi 寄人 A MESSAGE 别梦依依到谢家, I go in a dream to the house of Xie 小廊回合曲阑斜。Through a zigzag porch with arching rails 多情只有春庭月, To a court where the spring moon lights for ever 犹为离人照落花。 Phantom flowers and a single figure.

无名氏 Wumingshi 杂诗 THE DAY OF NO FIRE 尽寒食雨草萋萋, As the holiday approaches, and grasses are bright after rain, 著麦苗风柳映堤。And the causeway gleams with willows, and wheatfields wave in the wind, 等是有家归未得, We are thinking of our kinsfolk, far away from us. 杜鹃休向耳边啼。 O cuckoo, why do you follow us, why do you call us home?

乐府 Folk-song-styled-verse 王维 Wang Wei 渭城曲 A SONG AT WEICHENG 渭城朝雨邑轻尘, A morning-rain has settled the dust in Weicheng; 客舍青青柳色新。Willows are green again in the tavern dooryard.... 劝君更尽一杯酒, Wait till we empty one more cup -西出阳关无故人。 West of Yang Gate there'll be no old friends.

乐府 Wang Wei 王维 A SONG OF AN AUTUMN NIGHT 秋夜曲 A SONG OF AN AUTUMN NIGHT 桂魄初生秋露微, Under the crescent moon a light autumn dew 轻罗已薄未更衣。Has chilled the robe she will not change -银筝夜久殷勤弄, And she touches a silver lute all night, 心怯空房不忍归。Afraid to go back to her empty room.

王昌龄 Wang Changling 长信怨 A SIGH IN THE COURT OF PERPETUAL FAITH 奉帚平明金殿开, She brings a broom at dawn to the Golden Palace doorway 且将团扇共徘徊。And dusts the hall from end to end with her round fan, 玉颜不及寒鸦色, And, for all her jade-whiteness, she envies a crow 犹带昭阳日影来。 Whose cold wings are kindled in the Court of the Bright Sun.

王昌龄 Wang Changling 出塞 OVER THE BORDER 秦时明月汉时关, The moon goes back to the time of Qin, the wall to the time of Han, 万里长征人未还。And the road our troops are travelling goes back three hundred miles.... 但使龙城飞将在, Oh, for the Winged General at the Dragon City -不教胡马渡阴山。That never a Tartar horseman might cross the Yin Mountains!

王之涣 Wang Zhihuan 出塞 BEYOND THE BORDER 黄河远上白云间, Where a yellow river climbs to the white clouds, 一片孤城万仞山。Near the one city-wall among ten-thousand-foot mountains, 羌笛何须怨杨柳, A Tartar under the willows is lamenting on his flute 春风不度玉门关。 That spring never blows to him through the Jade Pass


云想衣裳花想容, Her robe is a cloud, her face a flower;

through the heart. glimmering with the bright spring dew.春风拂槛露华浓。Her balcony. 云雨巫山枉断肠。And a mist. 杜秋娘 Du Qiuniang 金缕衣 THE GOLD-THREADED ROBE 劝君莫惜金缕衣, Covet not a gold-threaded robe. 劝君惜取少年时。Cherish only your young days! 花开堪折直须折, If a bud open. his lady and his flowers 常得君王带笑看。Lighten for ever the Emperor's eye. gather it -莫待无花空折枝。 Lest you but wait for an empty bough. 若非群玉山头见, Is either the tip of earth's Jade Mountain 会向瑶台月下逢。 Or a moon.edged roof of paradise. from the magical Hill of Wu. 李白 Li Bai 清平调之二 A SONG OF PURE HAPPINESS II 一枝红艳露凝香, There's a perfume stealing moist from a shaft of red blossom. . 解释春风无限恨, As he listens to the sighing of the far spring wind 沈香亭北倚阑干。Where she leans on a railing in the Aloe Pavilion.借问汉宫谁得似, The palaces of China have never known such beauty可怜飞燕倚新妆。 Not even Flying Swallow with all her glittering garments. 李白 Li Bai 清平调之三 A SONG OF PURE HAPPINESS III 名花倾国两相欢, Lovely now together.

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