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Vital Life Foundation The Four Principles


Cellular Communication Cellular Communication refers to the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional aspects of life. Spiritual: Mental: Emotional: Attitude of Gratitude. Conscious Breathing. Stay Present. Recognize we are spiritual electrical, unlimited beings. Every experience is a lesson and an opportunity to learn and grow. Learn to love life, be joyful, be radiant, accepting and non-judgemental of yourself and others, and create peace and harmony everywhere you go.

Prayer, meditation, and the communication between the self and the Higher Self is one of the most valuable tools to have to live a GREAT LIFE! In each moment we have the choice to love or hate, condemn or encourage, destroy or create. Once we make a Declaration to live an incredible life, that declaration then can begin to govern our life. So it's important to ask ourselves, how do I want to live? What am I committed to? How to I want to feel and think? What do I want to believe? How do I want to conduct my life? Vital Tools to apply the Principle of "Cellular Communication"

The love triangle .

Visit the ocean. It is one of billions of stars that gives of that omnipresent vibration of service. detoxification and more energy. spirit. drink pure. mineral and enzyme rich soil to balance the electro-magnetic matrix of the human body-system. and so-on. Be aware that if your body is still toxic to go slow with it. Skin Cancer is simply toxins coming out of the skin. clarity. life-force. If you have access to geothermal water created by Mother Earth you are in good shape.Fresh air. • Air . inspiration. This energy is called prana.Sunlight on your body. alkaline. harmony. However the next best step is to get a powerful ionization device with proper filtration. abundant powerhouse of a star. balance and strength. The ancients have known for thousands of years what scientist are now proving to be an unlimited amount of potential energy existing between the particles than we can see with our naked eye. chi. slow deep rhythmic breathing for detoxification. . We could not sustain life on planet earth without this incredible. antioxidant.Walk in nature. Just standing directly on the earth without shoes or socks and being present to your breath and the elements around you can recharge your body-energy. 30 to 60 minutes a day for vitamin D. and serene the more you will be able to sun bathe without any ill effects. There is more to the air than just the oxygen. Once the temple becomes more lean. clean. long. The Sun is a great source of energy and life.Cellular Environment The four elements of life • Sun . • Earth . structured water at your best. eat plants from organic. energy. • Water . peace.

That is why when we are inspired we take a breath in. Water is a vital element to gain overstanding about in our life as it relates to our health and well-being. It is wise to do our best to be exposed to the sun at least a little bit each day. . If you are someone who aims to become masterful at the art of living a radiant. Without water there is no life. slow and deep. are those who are devoting plenty of time under the sun.The sun just gives and gives and gives. we cannot live and have our being on earth without water. Plus there is vital pranic energy within the air that sustains all life. Air is also known as the Breath of Life. then the practice and understanding of the power of conscious breathing is important. and our breathing mechanism is called the respiratory system. espiritus.which translates to spirit. Next to air. vibrant and healthy lifestyle. One of the most important things to master is the breath. The people who are living the longest on the planet right now. So therefore the more we consciously breath long. be cautious about when you go into the sun and for how long. So the more we bring this into our being the less deadly things can live in our mind. Especially while being grounded on the earth. If you are dealing with detoxification or some sort of illness. heart and body. The sun is a great source of positive energy. it allows us to have communication between our cells. And the quality of the water that we choose to put into our body will contribute to the quality of our communication. and when we expire we stop breathing. and when we breath together we conspire. The word breath comes from Latin. vitamins and vital-life-force. Without water plants cannot grow. the more we live abundantly inspired lives.

Whether it be going for a walk.And what allows us to bring ourselves to the best water ever is knowing and believing first off. Or possibly just going out in your yard and standing on the grass for 30 minutes. The soil is our natural grounding station. Also water therapy can be applied through the application of colon hydro therapy or colon irrigation. It is vital to connect with the earth each day. a water that is micro-clustered (structured). And beyond the oxygen and even more important is the pranic vital life force within the air we breathe. that it is possible. Mother Earth provides magnetic energy that helps to balance and harmonize our cells. Cellular Exercise The picture above is a picture of one of the most important organs in the body. There is an eletro-magnetic field that projects from the earth and cleanses and balances the energy systems within our bodies and minds. power. and creationary ability. is through a Medical Grade Ionizer. As Mother Earth provides us with unlimited abundance of water that comes from deep within the ground. Organic soil is superior to conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. Nature produces the most perfect water to hydrate our bodies. and flush and cleanse our cells . And the more we breath consciously the more we get oxygen into the depths of our cells. as well as parasites and other toxic critters. undigested food particles. This process is an ancient way to cleanse and rid the large colon of toxic build-up such as mucoid plaquing and putrefied. an anti-oxidant and alkaline.this water is called geothermal water.this is the key element to longevity. locally grown foods. The best way to create this type of water. or swimming in a lake or the ocean.. energy.. . Breath is life. However if one does not have access to this type of water. And beyond organic is bio-dynamic. from what we have discovered is. It is also essential to consume plant-based living foods from soils that are enzyme and mineral rich at best. THE LUNGS.

your life will be transformed. And most importantly choosing what we eat because we love and honor ourselves. what begins to happen is that it will govern your life.deep rythmic breathing Cellular Nutrition Cellular Nutrition is one of the most creative areas we like to focus on. Declaration Creating a Declaration Creating your own Declaration for you life is a huge factor in setting up direction for where you want your life to go.There are two forms of exercise but of the two the internal for is the most important. fatty acids. glucose and other simple and complex sugars. amino acids. minerals. Once you create a powerful declaration for yourself and you read it aloud to yourself and become so familiar with it that you begin to own it. . :-) Not only is Cellular Nutrition about supplying the body with the most bio-available nutrients. when it comes to deliberately creating a radiant. absorbed. If all you do is breath more consciously. get a rebounder and start oscillating those cells. vitamins. mentally emotionally and physically. trace minerals and phyto-nutrients to start.Swimming . Running – Capoeira . On a physical level our bodies require enzymes.Bicycle Yoga . It automatically begins to manifest itself in your reality. as every cell is the body gets oscillated or exercised. utilized and metabolized out of the system with efficiency and grace. healthy and joyful life spiritually. The concept of Cellular Nutrition is to supply every cell of our bodies with the essential elements and vital nutrients to support and regenerate all 33 trillion cells in our body. stretch a little everyday. but it also incorporates the ability to properly break down the food into it's simplest forms so that it can be assimilated.

6. 2. 3. How do I want to think? How do I want to feel? How do I want to believe? How do I want to conduct myself? What do I want to put into my body? What is my purpose? . 4. 5.Things to consider when creating a Declaration: 1.