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Helping you make better decisions


SINCE Helping you make better decisions .

Vision and Mission Our vision is to establish ourselves as an external guide which provides specialized information and know-how to executives who aspire to lead their organizations to be competitive in the global market. from updated know-how and time-tested knowledge of the different sectors in which we operate. . Our objective is to help our clients make the decisions which will improve their competitiveness and therefore generate wealth and social welfare. objective and relevant information. Our mission is to clarify our clients’ operational and strategic decision making process through accurate.

APOYO consists of a cluster of professional services firms that foster a common culture of excellence. together with policies and management systems which encourage employees not only to pursue their economic and professional interests. as well as to a sustainable environment. APOYO has maintained a position of leadership and recognition in each of its areas of operation. Since its foundation.APOYO Group About us Founded by Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos in 1977. financial indicators by themselves are insufficient to measure a company’s success adequately.5 . Our Lines of Service Economic Studies Corporate Finance Management Consulting Investment Management Strategic Communication Crisis Prevention and Management Organizational Transformation Innovation Consulting Digital Consulting Public Management 4. in which we live with constant environmental changes. Ethical Code In places and times like the present. APOYO has adopted an ethical code. but also to undertake civil responsibilities in order to contribute to political and social progress. Over its three decades of existence.

Dionisio Romero S. Venezuela Georgia Armenia Azerbaiján Senegal Guinea Bissau México Guatemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Panamá Ecuador Colombia Perú Chile El Caribe Rep. APOYO is a strategic partner that thoroughly understands its clients’ needs and does whatever it takes to provide the best service.. Its team has a high professional level and expert knowledge of the Peruvian market. invaluable source of original economic information and political and cultural commentary with an objective. penetrating view. Most important of all. it is peerless in”. It has a permanent presence in the Andean Region and maintains strategic alliances to develop specific services.We are the best local contact for global enterprises and the best global contact for local Companies APOYO Gruop Internationalization APOYO is capable of providing its services internationally.. Werner Protzel I Former Marketing Manager Transandean Region I Coca-Cola “ Our experience with APOYO has been very good. Jim Meek I Former President I Scotiabank Perú . It has a staff of professionals who offer a high level of commitment. I Former Chairman of the Board I Banco de Crédito BCP “ APOYO and its publications are a vital. It has developed several projects in over twenty countries and in three different continents. Dominicana Guyana Surinam Brasil Uruguay Bolivia Paraguay Argentina Tanzania Zambia Tailandia TESTIMONIES “ APOYO’s advisory service is vital to Peruvian companies as it allows them to perceive the economic and political horizon better before they make executive decisions”. I trust in their work and their results”. They have provided us with valuable support as advisors of our institution”. APOYO is unique. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski I Former Partner with The Rohatyn Group “ .

APOYO AC Capitales SAFI Innovación Organizacional APOYO Virtual APOYO Group AC Pública APOYO Comunicación Corporativa APOYO Instituto APOYO Gestión Operativa AC Capitales SAFI APOYO Consultoría A common business culture for different professional services 6.Companies The companies that constitute the APOYO Group interact smoothly to provide autonomous and comprehensive services in the context of a common mission and culture.7 .

Strategic decisions Who are we? We are the leading firm in business advisory services in Peru and a recognized strategic partner in decision making processes involving economics. business and public administration. Its subsidiary AC Capitales SAFI is one of the major investment fund managers in the country. finance. .

It is common practice at APOYO to use multi-disciplinary teams to handle requests from clients. TESTIMONIES “ I am satisfied to say that I have attended every SAE monthly meeting since they began years back. reliability. Our culture encourages taking advantage of synergies between service areas to benefit its clients. Investment Management: AC Capitales SAFI manages investment funds according to its clients’ needs. Applied Economics: designs and implements solutions for cases that require intensive economic analysis based on a profound knowledge of microeconomic theory and advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques. programs and projects. Juan Xavier Roca I Director General Manager I Saga Falabella “ Due to the professionalism in their work. Management Consulting: advisors on strategic decision making processes to increase sustainable profitability for clients. professional and very effective.We have more than one hundred professionals who not only are experts.9 . OUR SERVICES Economic Studies / SAE: the Business Advisory Service (SAE) offers the most complete analysis of the Peruvian economy. Rafael Chang I Former Executive Director I TOYOTA DEL PERU “ If you’re looking for rigorousness and proposals for finding solutions. the business environment and the main opportunities and risks that may arise in the short. with APOYO you’re on the right path. It makes mid and long investments in companies and private projects. The information and excellent analysis has been a big help in our planning and decision making process”. transparency and the knowledge experience that its team provides. are passionate about their work. Their assistance in the implementation of the Mining Contribution demonstrated capacity for designing a complex scheme and supporting its validity with realism and leadership”. Public Management: AC Publica offers specialized advisory services to optimize planning processes. the quality of its executives and the excellence in their service. Oscar Rivera I President of the Board I MiBanco “ The analysis conducted by APOYO to establish whether our imports have seriously damaged the industry was outstanding. but also. Corporate Finance: the investment banking services offered are characterized by quality. follow up and evaluate public services. Hans A. it was possible to depoliticize the debate and turn it into a technical debate”. APOYO Consultoría is our strategic partner in the analysis of decision making”. capacity of execution. medium and long term. execute. With their help. Flury I Legal Director I Southern Peru Copper Corporation 8.

prejudices and information habits. from the diagnosis and design of a strategy. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with an integral vision of corporate communication. .A member of: Reliable communication with key audiences Who are we? APOYO Comunicación Corporativa is dedicated to design and implement integral communication strategies for companies and institutions. we familiarize ourselves with the audiences we want to reach. through its implementation and evaluation. With this purpose. their perceptions.

We feel that the Stakeholder Analysis MAP surpassed our expectations”. Map of Communication Channels: effectiveness of the channel of communication that a company uses. Advice on Strategic Communication Only a segmented strategy makes it possible to reach each audience with effective messages through the channels they value most. organization and damage control are the key elements for overcoming the impact that a crisis affecting the reputation of a company can have. Perceptions and Attitudes A good diagnosis guarantees an effective strategy.11 . SMART Strategic Mining Analysis of Risks and Trends: monitoring of political and business occurrences that affect the mining sectors. Media Training: practice in transmitting messages within the context of an interview with a reporter. Luis Mariátegui | General Manager | KIA Import Perú 10. Advisory Service on Community Relations: management of relations between the company and the community in which it operates. Advisory Service in Times of Crisis: design and implementation of ad hoc communication strategies for crisis situations. Workshop on Risk Identification and Crisis Management: identification of potential crisis situations and development of strategies to face them. Advisory service on Stakeholder Relations: strategies that make it possible to reach stakeholders with effective messages through adequate channels.OUR SERVICES Mapping of Actors. Map of Stakeholders: identification and classification of actors who have an impact on the company. Press Office: contact with the media for effective dissemination of messages. TESTIMONIES “ …It enabled us to decide upon concrete actions in order to improve our relation with the community. Raúl Benavides | Business Development Manager | Compañía de Minas Buenaventura “ “ It is exactly what we have to know in all projects in order to plan our strategy for insertion in the community adequately”. Juan Fernando Correa | General Manager | Hipermercados TOTTUS “ “ …it is a strategic partner that has contributed greatly toward building the KIA brand through communication strategies and press management”. SNAP System for the Network of Actors and Perceptions: on-line management tool that makes it possible to follow up on stakeholder relations. Map of Company Image: analysis of prejudices regarding a company and its competition. Map of Local Impact: the community’s perception of the arrival of a factory or shopping center. Advice on Crisis Management Prevention.

By ridding participants of their natural fear of mistakes.Experiences that transforms and accelerate innovation processes Who are we? In APOYO Innovación Organizacional we design and develop innovation and organizational transformation projects for companies that wish to increase their competitiveness and profitability. the working environment that we design unleashes imaginative. helping them to continue growing and to discover new ways and experiences to innovate. We strongly believe that additional value can be accessed by bringing together diverse perspectives into the creative process. . creative and experimental processes that nurture innovative experiences. as our team. is multidisciplinary. Our methodologies and unconventional tools seek to align. strengthen and transform working teams through unique living experiences. Our approach.

we accompany you to: design new products and services. how through the different models created we aligned the understanding between workers. Innovation BootCamp (I): a formative experience of accelerated nature. “ You have to live the experience to understand how powerful this tool is to align working teams. ConsumerLab: a laboratory to explore consumers insights to design. TESTIMONIES We potentiate your skills for innovation: Ideas Generator: a creative space of simulation for the generation and landing of new ideas to be materialized in effective solutions for your organization. bosses and managers. creating multiple ideas and improvement initiatives in order to achieve the set of challenges that your organization may have ahead. Also. discover new markets and potential segments. We innovate with you: Innovation Projects: depending the challenge that you have. Rafael Chang | Former Executive Director | TOYOTA DEL PERU “ It is incredible how through unconventional methods your own consumers can provide you with powerful insights that in other traditional spaces are more difficult to obtain. Innovation BootCamp (II): a formative experience that goes further in the detection and the development of abilities and competencies needed to accelerate your own process of innovation. The results were extraordinary”. translating them into prototypes that they really value” Fernando Soriano | Brand Manager | CINE PLANET “ The aspect that impacted us the most was how the workers generate thousands of significant ideas of improvement in just a short period of time. FutureNow: a space of simulation of real life experience directed to imagine the future of your business. At the end of the day. they create ideas for you.13 .OUR SERVICES We inspire you to innovate: Innovation Radar: diagnostic tool to map and prioritize innovation sources and opportunities. Change Simulator: a space of simulation that allows to foresee and improve the perceptions of the main stakeholders of your company. In Toyota we use the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology in multiple sessions with several stakeholders. and innovate processes and initiatives in your organization. where several techniques and tools are taught and transferred to be applied within the organization. prototype. incubate and build up ideas. redesign the consumer experience.” Ysaac Cruz | Brand Manager | Sociedad Minera El Brocal 12.

has developed different educational and informative programs. and the informative programs seek to raise awareness about the challenges that Peru must face to achieve sustainable. .Our Corporate Social Responsibility As part of our social responsibility program. seeking alliances with leading companies and other institutions in order to expand their coverage. The educational projects are within the framework of business social responsibility. the APOYO Group. competitive development. a non-profit organization. through Instituto APOYO.

Padre Juan Cuquerella I National Director I Fe y Alegría 14. José Chlimper I Chairman of the Board I Sociedad Agrícola Drokasa S.MPT TESTIMONIES Matemáticas para Todos (MPT) Since 2003. Dionisio Romero S. Armando Casís I General Manager I Asociación Atocongo .20enmate. because often business leaders don’t know how to do what we want and how we should do it”. serving over 950 thousand students with a nationally and internationally validated method. Through www. I former Chairman of the Board I Banco de Crédito BCP “ I believe that Programs such as Matemáticas para Todos are the necessary tool.15 . more than 153 thousand students practice mathematics on the “ Participating in this innovative program that also had such good results was interesting to us… we have been accompanying Instituto APOYO in this project for several years now”. this program has sought to promote enthusiasm about mathematics and logical reasoning skills among public school students. which is complemented by the support of over 22 zonal sponsor companies in their respective areas of influence. Banco de Crédito (BCP) is the sponsor of the Matemáticas para Todos project.A “ … we believe that a well-educated person will have better options for a superior quality of life”.Cementos Lima “ … The Matemáticas para Todos program is very useful in the development of the set of skills proposed for the logical-mathematical area”. .