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PROJECT WORK AHEAD Project Title: A Study on cash flow statements in Kesoram Cement Industries, Karimnagar.

The information of the project is interim; the project will be carry on the basis of information required while making a project under the guidance of Project Guide.

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Finance – Cash Flow Statements.

1 lakh tones per annum went on stream in the year 1978. The said Textile Mill at Garden Reach Road was eventually demerged into a separate company.1 lakh tones per annum incorporating humble suspension preheated system was commissioner during the year 1969. It is a day process cement Plant. B. Calcutta 700 024. Garden Reach Road. Basanthnagar is 8 km away from the Ramagundram Railway station. 1986. 1919 under the Indian Companies Act. actual power is 15 mw. Kesoram has got 2 DG sets of 4 MW each installed in the year 1987.26 lakh tones per annum It is located at Basanthnagar in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh.635 metric tons per . The Company was incorporated on 18th October. 1913. It had a Textile Mill at 42. in the name and style of Kesoram Cotton Mills Ltd. 1959 and the second plant was commissioned in the year 1962 enabling it to manufacture 4. The power demand for the factory is about 21 MW. The plant capacity is 8. The name of the Company was changed to Kesoram Industries & Cotton Mills Ltd. on 30th August.Company Profile Kesoram Cement Industry is one of the leading manufactures of cement in India. Kesoram Cement has setup a 15 KW captor power plant to facilitate for uninterrupted power supply for manufacturing of cement at 24th august 1997 per hour 12 mw. West Bengal and the same was commissioned in December. The First Plant for manufacturing of rayon yarn was established at Tribeni. 1961 and the same was further changed to Kesoram Industries Limited on 9th July.Birla. HISTORY : The first unit at Basanthnagar with a capacity of 2. District Hooghly. The second unit was setup in year 1971 with a capacity of 2. linking Madras to New Delhi. The coal for this company is being supplied from Singereni Colleries and the power is obtained from APSEB.K. The Chairman of the Company is syt.

with a production capacity of 45. 2. a subsidiary company of the world famous Pirelli Group of Italy .600 metric tons per annum (mtpa) of transparent Paper.500 metric tons per annum (mtpa) capacity as on 31. U.. for manufacturing of 10 lac MT p.5 million metric tons and 4.760 crores commenced the commercial production in phases during the financial year 2008-09.2009 Kesoram Cement and Vasavadatta Cement have annual cement manufacturing capacities of 1. The Company diversified into manufacturing of cast iron spun pipes and pipe fittings at Bansberia. was commissioned by it at Sedam.3.a.000 metric tons per annum (mtpa) of cast iron spun pipes and pipe fittings in December. The Greenfield Project of 257 MT per day capacity in the State of Uttarakhand with a capex of about Rs. 1964.a pioneer in production and development of automotive tyres in the world. Dist.. The plant for manufacturing of transparent paper was also set up at the same location at Tribeni.3. West Bengal.95 million tubes and 1. commissioned a plant at Balasore known as Birla Tyres in Orissa.annum (mtpa) of rayon yarn. District Hooghly. It has the annual capacity to manufacture 3. Gulbarga (Karnataka).1 million metric tons respectively. .53 million flaps per annum in the Plants including at Uttarakhand Plant. The cement manufacturing capacities at both the plants were augmented from time to time according to the market conditions and as on 31. West Bengal. in June. This Unit has 6. The Company subsequently diversified into the manufacturing of Cement and in 1969 established its first cement plant under the name 'Kesoram Cement' at Basantnagar.K. 1961. Dist. The capacity at the said plant was further augmented during the year by 19 MT per day aggregating to 271 MT per day production facility.71 million tyres.The Company as on 31.3. The Company in March 1992. known as 'Vasavadatta Cement'.2009 had the manufacturing capacities of 3. in 1986 another cement plant. Karimnagar (Andhra Pradesh) and to take advantage of favourable market conditions. District Hooghly.2009. automotive tyres and tubes in the first phase in collaboration with Pirelli Ltd.

65 million tons of cement per annum in Vasavadatta Cement at Sedam in Karnataka as unit IV at the same site is in progress. 840 crores is under progress.e. The civil construction of both the Projects is in full swing. Rayon Yarn. a unit of the Company. A further expansion upto 1.It has small manufacturing capacities of various Chemicals at Kharda in the State of West Bengal also.190 crore. Mumbai. It has the annual manufacturing capacities of 12. Spun Pipes and Heavy Chemicals with two core business segments i.700 mtpa of Sulphuric Acid and 1. involving a capital expenditure of about Rs. 6.5 MW Captive Power Plant.410 mtpa of Caustic Soda Lye. 2008 still commences till further notice. In performance and productivity . The work for the further expansion in the Tyres Section at Uttarakhand for radial tyres with 100 MT per day capacity and bias tyres with 125 MT per day capacity involving an estimated aggregate capital outlay of about Rs. with a 17. 783. 8.620. Birla Supreme in popular brand of Kesoram cement from its prestigious plant of Basantnagar in AP which has outstanding track record..200 mtpa of Ferric Alum. The commercial production of cement in the aforesaid unit IV has commenced in June 2009.e. The Company as of now is listed on three major Stock Exchanges in India i. Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. 3. Mumbai and at the Societe de la Bourse de Luxembourg. Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd.205 mtpa of Sodium Hypochlorite. The Board has further approved a Motor Cycle Tyre Project of 70 MT per day capacity at the same site involving a capital outlay of Rs. Tyre.50 crores (including the cost of Captive Power Plant). Kolkata and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. 18. Cement and Tyres. Transparent Paper..000 m3pa of purified Hydrogen Gas.. work suspended from 2nd May.200 mtpa of Hydrochloric Acid. The Company is a well-diversified entity in the fields of Cement. In Spun Pipes & Foundries. The commercial production in both the Projects is likely to start by December 2009/ January 2010.045 mtpa of Liquid Chlorine. 5. Luxembourg.

Kesoram also bagged FAPCCI awarded for “Best Family Planning Effort in the state” for the year 1987-1988. which includes the use of news papers magazine. It also has the distinction of achieving optimum capacity utilization. Looking to the wide gap between the demand and supply of a vital commodity cement. Refractors. Samples are sent regularly to the bureau of Indian standards. The day process technology uses in the latest computerized monitoring overseas the manufacturing process. Transparent paper. which play in important role in National building activity the Government of India had de-licensed the cement industry in the year 1966 with a review to attract private entrepreneur to augment the cement production. National council of construction and building material for certification of derived quality norms.. it grew from strength to strength and spread its activities to newer fields like Rayon. pipes. has a checked and eventful history dating back to the twenties when the Industrial House of Birlas acquired it. Kesoram offers a choice of top quality portioned cement for light. . for the year 1985-1987. Kesoram cement industry distinguished itself among all the cement factories in Indian by bagging the National Productivity Award consecutively for two years i. heavy constructions and allied applications. Kesoram industry ltd.serving the nation for the last two and half decades. An award for the best industrial promotion expansion efforts in the state for the year 1984. With only a textile mill under its banner 1924. hoarding etc. The federation of Andhra Pradesh Chamber & Commerce and Industries (FAPCCI) also conferred on Kesoram Cement. One among the industrial giants in the country today. Kesoram rose to the occasions and divided to set up a few cement plants in the country. Quality is built every fact of the operations.e. tyres and other products. The limestone is rich in calcium carbonate a key factor that influence the quality of final product. It has proved its distinction by bagging several national awards. The company has vigorously undertaking different promotional measures for promoting their product through different media. The plant lay out is rational to begin with. serving the nation on the industrial front.