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PMP Exam Success Series: Quick Reference for Fourth Edition PMBOK Guide

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If used as a Brain Dump for the PMP Exam, we suggest you memorize the content to fit your study needs.
Contract Types Conflict Resolution Types (HR)

Problem Solving/ Confrontational - (Best) Compromise Forcing- (Worst) Smoothing Withdrawal

Types of Power for the Project Manager (HR)

Planning Process Groups

Collect Requirements Define Scope Create WBS Plan Risk Management Define Activities Develop Human Resource Plan

Purchase Order Time & Materials FFP, FPIF, FPEPA (Focus on Scope Design) Seller Risk CPFF, CPIF, CPPC (Focus on Scope Function) - Buyer Risk
EV Formulas (Cost)

Formal- (Given By Charter) Expert- (Earned on Your Own) Reward- (Best) Penalty - (Worst) Referent- (Presence Based)
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs (HR)
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Identify Risks

Plan Communications Estimate Costs Determine Budget Plan Quality

Sequence Activities

Estimate Activity Resources Estimate Activity Durations

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Develop Schedule

Plan Risk Responses

Develop Project Management Plan Plan Procurements

Self Actualization Esteem Belonging Safety Physiological

Earned Value (EV) = Percent Complete x Planned Value (PV) Cost Performance Index (CPI) = EV/AC Cost Variance (CV) = EV-AC Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = EV/PV Schedule Variance (SV) = EV-PV Estimate at Completion (EAC) = BAC/CPI Estimate to Complete (ETC) = EAC-AC Variance at Completion (VAC) = BAC-EAC Sum of PV = BAC To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) = (BAC-EV) / (BAC-AC) or (EAC - AC) or Remaining Work Remaining Budget

Organizational Structure Characteristics (Framework)

Expected Monetary Value (EMV) = Probability (P) * Impact (I)

Slack, Forward and Backward Pass Formulas (Time)

PM Authority Resource Availability Who Controls $ Functional Little or None Little or None Functional Mgr Weak Matrix Limited Limited Functional Mgr Balanced Matrix Low-Med Low-Med Mixed Strong Matrix Strong Strong Project Mgr

Role of PM Support Staff Part-time Part-time Full-time Full-time Part-time Part-time Part-time Full-time
Quality Processes: Q-PAC (Planning, Assurance, Control)

Forward: Duration = EF-ES+1 EF=ES+Duration-1 g


Early Finish:

Duration Task LS Slack Slack = LS-ES




High - 100% High - 100%

Project Mgr



Communication Channels = (N*(N-1)/2 (N = Number of People) Communication Model

Backward: Duration = LF-LS+1

Late Start: LS=LF-Duration+1

Slack = LF-EF

Risk Response Strategies for Positive Risks

Risk Response Strategies for Negative Risks

Various Formulas

Share Exploit Enhance

Joining with Someone to Maximize the Impact To Maximize the Impact of the Risk Taking Steps to Improve the Opportunity

Avoid Transfer Mitigate

To Eliminate the Risk To Pass the Risk to Someone Else To Minimize the Negative Impact

Sender Sender

Message Feedback

Receiver Receiver

PERT = (P+O+(4*R))/6 Stand Dev = (P-O)/6

Variance = ((P-O)/6)2 3 Point Est. = (P+O+R)/3

Cost Estimate Range Table (Old)

Cost Estimate Range Table (New)

Present-Future Value Formulas n = # of periods r = Interest Rate PV = FV / (1+r)n FV = PV x (1+r)n

Sigma Percentages

Point of Total Assumption (PTA)

Est. Name Order of Mag Budget Definitive

Process Initiation Planning Planning

Range -25 to + 75% -10 to +25% -5 to +10%

Est. Name Rough Order of Mag (Rom) Definitive (or Control)

Range +/- 50% +/- 10%

+ / - = 68.26% + / - = 95.46%

+ / - 3 = 99.73% + / - 6 = 99.9997%

(Ceiling Price - Target Price) Buyer Share

+ Target Cost

Earned Value Management Table 1 Cost


Start Here EV (BCWP) / /

Earned Value Management Table 2 Time


Earned Value EAC Formulas EAC W/ ETC at Budgeted Rate: EAC = AC + BAC - EV EAC W/ Work at Present CPI: EAC = BAC / Cumulative CPI EAC W/ Work Considering Both CPI & SPI: EAC = AC + [(BAC - EV) / Cumulative CPI x Cumulative SPI

PTA Variables




Ceiling Price = Percentage of Target Cost (TC) Target Price = Target Cost + Target Profit Target Cost = Expected Cost of the Work


= =

= =


- AC - EAC

PMP Exam Success Series: Quick Reference for Fourth Edition PMBOK Guide

For PMP CAPM and PgMP Exam Products Courses and Online Training go to:

Process Groups
Initiating Project Integration Management Develop Project Charter Planning Develop Project Management Plan Executing Direct and Manage Project Execution Monitoring & Controlling Monitor & Control Project Work Perform Integrated Change Control Project Scope Management Collect Requirements Define Scope Create Work Breakdown Structure Project Time Management Define Activities Sequence Activities Estimate Activity Resources Estimate Activity Durations Develop Schedule Project Cost Management Project Quality Management Project Human Resource Management Project Communications Management Project Risk Management Identify Stakeholders Estimate Costs Determine Budget Plan Quality Develop Human Resources Plan Perform Quality Assurance Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Manage Project Team Plan Communications Plan Risk Management Identify Risks Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Plan Risk Responses Project Procurement Management Plan Procurements Conduct Procurements Administer Procurements Close Procurements Distribute Information Manage Stakeholders Expectations Monitor and Control Risk Report Performance Perform Quality Control Control Costs Verify Scope Control Scope Control Schedule Closing Close Project or Phase

Knowledge Areas

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