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Ephraim, Wisconsin
April 2005

In This Issue
Commodore’s Comments
Comments……………Page 1 Ready, get set, GO! The 2005 summer
season is just around the corner and what
Lessons……………….Page 2
a season it will be. In the following
EYC Centennials.....…Page 4 articles you will learn about the 100th
Junior Activities……..Page 5 Ephraim Regatta and all its historical
events. Your centennial staff has been
First Mates…………...Page 6 working hard and will need all your help
Bridge………………...Page 6 and participation to make this
celebration a great success. Mark your
Dock Improvements....Page 7 calendars early. The summer’s schedule
EYC Merchandise….. Page 8 is printed at the back of this letter where
you will see slight changes for various
Officers and Directors of the Ephraim Yacht Club
activities. Please take note so you won’t
miss out on anything.
George Carey (Commodore)
Max Robinnette (Vice Commodore)
John Peterson (Rear Commodore) As you know, it’s been a winter to
Diane Taillon (Secretary)
Paul Pillat (Treasurer) remember. As I write, Ephraim still has
Suzanne Lisle two feet of snow on the ground. The
Barbara Hambleton
David Sauter winter meeting of the Board of Directors
Brud Sturgis even had to be changed from a
Ryan Malmgren
George Reynolds Milwaukee location to an electronic
Scott Pearson meeting by phone. The high tech.
The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the Ephraim Yacht
Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. For all questions
equipment that saved our meeting was
regarding this correspondence, e-mail us at or
visit our website at
provided through the courtesies of
Copyright 2005 by Ephraim Yacht Club. Photocopying, reproduction
Mr. Charles Pearson. Thanks, Chuck!
or quotation is strictly prohibited without the express written consent
of the publisher.
Even though I will be your Commodore Lessons
throughout the summer, this will be my By: David Sauter
last chance to address you in this forum.
It has been a real pleasure for me to We are coming off a terrific year and
serve you these past two years as rolling into 2005 with some great
Commodore. The Club is in good shape enhancements to what we offer. The
physically and financially, and with all Intro to Sailing and Watersports
the tremendous efforts of our large group Safety, using our new Optimist Dinghys,
of volunteers, EYC will march into the was a huge hit last summer, so we are
next 100 years with its head held high scheduling 2 groups per session, 3 days a
and its banner flying proudly. I want to week in the afternoons, and lowering the
thank the Board of Directors, our eligibility requirement to those who have
summer sailing staff, all the committee completed first grade. If they can sit
chairs, and all of the volunteers for through class they can certainly get out
making my term as Commodore such on the water with us.
a wonderful experience. We will continue our morning lessons as
in the past. We are always improving
Please read on to learn all that’s new for the curriculum and we anticipate great
2005, and have a great summer. participation again this summer.
Eligibility was slightly modified for
George Carey these classes, to anyone either age 9, or
Commodore completion of 3rd grade.

2005 Staffing We are adding an exciting new offering.
By: George Carey Advanced Racing Tactics or “ART”
will meet in the afternoons on Monday,
I would like to begin by thanking all the Wednesday and Thursday from
members of our 2004 teaching staff. 1:30 to 4:30. We really want to step up
With Skipper Harsch as director, a the level of race training we provide, and
wonderful summer of lessons was are thrilled to get this program on the
conducted for 204 students. It was a water. We encourage any students who
pleasure, for me, to work with all of feel they are ready, to sign up, or contact
them. This year’s staff will be me to discuss it. I can be reached at:
composed mostly of veterans from last
year plus two new people. Returning
staff members are Skipper Harsch as or 920-217-5851.
director, and as instructors: Hugh
Haggerty, JP Pillat, Christian Pillat, We will continue to offer private lessons
Jason Brown, and Allison Chase. Also and encourage our veteran sailors to take
returning from the 2003 staff is Sarah new sailors out to race or just cruise on
Lisle. Our new instructor is Robin our beautiful harbor. We do have a
Reger, and our new Junior Staff maximum number of students we can
member is Matt Zingshiem. I wish you accommodate for each session, so get
well for this historic year. your enrollments in now, to guarantee a

spot. If you do not have the forms you until Bill could arrive for the rest of the
can get them at our website: weekend.
On Saturday while we were racing, there
were many activities for the children.
How the Claim of My daughters, Nancy and Sandra,
“100 Continuous Regatta’s” entered their three-year old brother in the
Baby Beauty Contest, and he won! His
Almost Didn’t Happen
By: Virginia Claypool prize was a green tractor.

In the 1950s we were looking for a At the end of the regatta, Sandy
family sport. One Sunday at a cocktail Douglass sold #363 to David Rodenkirk
party, a couple walked in wearing white and #364 to Bill Wilson.
shorts and gym shoes. Through the
picture window we could see a sailboat We had had such a delightful time in
behind their car. The next thing I knew, Door County that Gabrielle and Merritt
we were driving to Philadelphia to Hayes (#207) decided to return with us
purchase a Penguin (11ft. 6in.). My for the regatta in 1963. When we
husband had sailed with his uncle when arrived, Bill Wilson, the Commodore,
growing up, but sailing was new to me. told us they hadn’t planned to have a
We joined the Leatherlips Yacht Club in regatta that year. However, because we
Columbus, Ohio. had come so far, they hastily arranged
In 1958, we moved to Milwaukee. The one. There were four boats: Wilson’s,
friend who had introduced us to sailing Hanselmann’s, Hayes, and Claypool’s.
sent literature about the Flying Scot. On After the regatta, the Wilson’s, at their
Labor Day weekend of 1959, Sandy beach home on Little Sister Bay,
Douglass, the designer, delivered Flying provided hospitality for the out-of-town
Scot #105 to us at the Milwaukee Yacht participants. We sat in hanging basket
Club. It was the first fiberglass boat in chairs over a floor of smooth Door
the yard. We campaigned the boat and County stones.
built up a growing fleet of enthusiastic
Scot sailors. The Claypool’s have been coming to
Door County ever since.
In 1962, the fleet decided to participate
in the Ephraim Regatta. Sandy Douglass The Ephraim Regatta is hailed as the
brought two new boats -- #363 and #364 oldest continuous regatta in the United
–and, with his wife, Mary, as crew, States. This fond memory became
raced one of them in the regatta. My special when I realized that, without our
husband, Bill, was at Camp McCoy for 1963 trip to EYC, there would not be a
his annual two weeks of Army Reserve 100th consecutive regatta to be
training. David Rodenkirk (an celebrated.
experienced “big boat” racer from MYC
but who was boatless at the moment)
came up to skipper #105 while I crewed

EYC Centennials, 100th Regatta We will be sending out a special mailing
By: Nancy Claypool detailing the 100th activities with sign-
Regatta plans are under way. The up sheets. It will cover items for this
regatta will be held the weekend of year's 100th regatta as well as next year's
August 5-7, 2005. Based on past 100th anniversary year events. Get in
participation and early indications from touch with Nancy Claypool, Don Nelson
Flying Scot sailors in the Midwest or Ryan Malmgren at any time to offer
District, we are expecting at least 30 your help or suggestions.
boats. Harry Carpenter, the current
Nancy Claypool
builder of Flying Scots, will also be Home: (504) 899-0935
racing in the regatta. He will be driving Home E-mail:
to Ephraim directly after the Flying Scot Work: (504) 593-0875
North American Championships in Work E-mail:
Houston, Texas at the end of July.
Excitement is building. Over the winter,
Don Nelson
our very own Deep Float has been Home Until June 15th: (517) 263-5192
moving around the Door Peninsula Door County After June 15th: (920)
keeping tabs on Flying Scot activity. 854-7248
Deep Float advises that one new Flying E-mail:
Scot has been added to the fleet. At least
two members have purchased previously Ryan Malmgren
owned Flying Scots and some members Home: (608) 255-0236\
are purchasing new sails. Activity is E-mail:
heating up in anticipation of the 100th
regatta. There is still time to get your
boat in shape so it can be on the starting A Gentle Reminder:
line for the regatta. By the way, if any Please submit your dues payments early
boat owners need Flying Scot parts and to make sure that you are included in the
can wait until the regatta, put your order directory and that your changes, if any,
in with Flying Scot, Inc. and Harry can may be made in time. Your prompt
deliver the merchandise when he arrives response helps to curb mailing and
in Ephraim. copying costs as we do send out second
requests for members who have not
We are looking forward to a great responded. Thank you.
regatta. Those of you who are in contact
with former EYC members who may not Barb Hambleton
be active or live out-of-state, please 877 Hill Road
invite them and encourage them to sail Winnetka, IL 60093
in the regatta. (847) 501-3965

EYC JUNIOR ACTIVITES planner, snack/drink
By: Debby Heidler providers,
additional BOAT(s) – sail and
We all look forward to a new season power
of EYC JUNIOR events! The July 19 American Folklore Theater
gatherings are for EYC youth, ages 9 (Tentative…AFT schedule not
and up, and are always yet determined at this
enthusiastically attended. printing date.)
NEEDED: Coordinator,
The activities are successful as a dessert/drink providers, drivers
result of the many volunteers who July 27 Progressive Dinner
contribute their time and talent to the Coordinator: Debby Heidler
events! YOU can be a part of Junior NEEDED: Homes, drivers,
Activities! Your support of the meal/drink providers
program is needed on several levels: August 3 To be announced
event coordinator, driver, meal/drink
provider, etc. Please check your (630) 655-2548 [prior to June 16]
calendar—let me know when you’re (920) 854-7427… in Sister Bay
available and which event you’d like Email:
to help with, and how (maybe you
have a suggestion for a new activity)—
The EYC Explorer’s
Please call, or email me, at your very
earliest convenience…it makes EYC EXPLORERS NEEDS YOU!!
planning these events so much easier.  This group must have a coordinator in
order to continue.
Following is a tentative schedule.
Activities are planned on most The summer of 2005 could be the 5th
Wednesdays throughout the summer. season of activities for the EYC
Times vary. Look for details for each EXPLORERS, but only if a
event to be posted at the club prior to all coordinator steps forward. The
activities. EXPLORERS was created to provide
group activities for kids who are not yet
June 22 Dinner at EYC, old enough to take sailing lessons, but
Red Putter want to join in the EYC fun. Parents, or
Coordinator: Debby Heidler grandparents, must accompany their
NEEDED: drivers, meal/drink child/children during the scheduled
providers activities.
June 29 To be announced
July 6 To be announced Questions? Please call Debby Heidler at
July 13 Sailing Picnic (630) 655-2548 before June 16, and at
(weather permitting) (920) 854-7427 for the remainder of the
NEEDED: Coordinator, game summer.

First Mates calendars now, and be at the Club House
By: Linda Carey at 9:30 a.m. on June 13th and July 11th.
See you there!
Soon the annual trek will begin, bringing
EYC members back to Door County,
where we will all converge and happily EYC History
greet one another. I hope that all of you By: George & Linda Carey
First Mates (that’s ALL of the EYC
ladies) are looking forward to the LAST and final CALL
coming summer with special
anticipation, as we will be enjoying the
Time is running out for our research on
100th consecutive running of the
the EYC History book. Your chance to
Ephraim Regatta. Even though the
participate will conclude by June 1st.
Regatta is more important this year than
Please send any stories, old photos or
usual, we will still be enjoying all the
other memorabilia ASAP. The book
other events to which we look forward.
will be ready for purchase at the
The help provided at each of our events
Commodore’s Anniversary Reunion
is much appreciated, and those who do
Banquet, August 2006. The Banquet
the work probably have more fun than
will be combined with the Commodore’s
anyone, because of the camaraderie they
Cocktail Party, probably at an earlier
enjoy. I hope you will want to be one of
date. Keep tuned for details.
these special ladies. The first date to
And speaking of history,
remember is our first coffee, on June
remember those great boat parades?
12th. The first party is always the
Well, 2006 will see a tremendous old-
Champagne Opening Social, held this
fashioned boat parade being chaired by
year on June 25th. To continue, we will
Malcolm “Weed” Vail. If you have
consume calories at the Ice Cream
anything that floats, contact Weed.
Social, the Founders Day Cookout, and
at the First Mate’s Potluck Dinner. An
extra opportunity to help will occur
when the 100th Regatta Committee will By: Suzanne Lisle
present the “fun and games of
yesteryear”. We’ll cheer for the women Bridge will have a busy schedule again
who sail in the Ladies Regatta, help this summer for EYC members. Open
prepare for the Bratfest, sell lunches at play and lessons are planned, per the
the Annual Regatta, and finish the information mailed with the dues and
season with the Commodores’ Cocktail membership packet in February.
Party on August 13th.. I invite and urge
ALL THE LADIES of EYC to join us at Remember, no signup is necessary for
both of the FIRST MATE’S COFFEES, the open play sessions on Monday
where we make the plans that carry our afternoons and Tuesday mornings,
events to fruition. We always have a beginning the 6th and 7th of June.
good time, seeing old friends and
meeting new ones. Please mark your

Boats and Motors put this on hold until we get the
By: George Reynolds/George Carey/Scott Pearson agreements signed. Once this happens,
the program can resume full speed.
Our fleet will be on hand and ready for
the summer. Over the winter, some of CLUBHOUSE
our equipment has been repaired or By: Suzanne Lisle
replaced as needed. As you know, this
can be expensive. It has been the policy Late in the summer, the last table in the
over the years, for qualified members of blue wicker furniture group was
EYC to use some of the boats at no delivered. It completes the “living
charge. This policy will continue, room” and will be a welcome addition.
however, the rules for use of club boats
will be stricter. There has been an Special thanks for the extra donations
increase of abuse and damage to the that helped with the furnishings.
boats, so brush up on, and be ready to
demonstrate, your seamanship. The oldest card tables and chairs were
replaced during the season, so for the
Attention Power Boaters! first time in a long while the porch room
will be color coordinated with
Your club would like very much to comfortable chairs and matching tables.
provide boating activities for you in the We appreciate the extra donation from a
way of social cruises or other events that member that enabled us to add the last
would be fun for our non sailors. All we two of six new sets.
need are some volunteers to get the ball
rolling. Please contact George Reynolds The upgrading of our building has also
if interested. continued, with extra attention given to
the bathrooms after the close of the
Dock Improvements season. We hope you’ll enjoy our new
By: George Carey spruced up look!

The quest for an extension to our dock
creating a beneficial breakwater for our ANNIVERSARY AUCTION
harbor continues to be a top priority. By: Suzanne Lisle
Several meetings were conducted over
the winter with representatives of the As you undoubtedly are aware, the
EYH, the Village of Ephraim and EYC. celebration of the founding of EYC will
All of the pieces for a joint agreement be marked by numerous special events in
are in place to move forward. Once the both 2005 and 2006. While 2006 sounds
various agreements have been like a long time in the future, many
formalized and signed, an application to things are in active planning stages.
DNR can be made. One of the evening events will include a
silent auction fundraiser, and we are
I want to thank everyone who has asking your help to begin thinking of
responded to our fundraising program, items, services, and activity
headed up by Bill Hoag. We have had to opportunities that could be donated or

procured. The items don’t need to be Wants & Needs
collected yet, but we are already By: George Carey
accepting offers from members. Please
let Suzanne Lisle know of any items or Your Club has now received the IRS tax
ideas you may have for this segment of status of 501 c 3 which allows for
our celebration. members to make tax deductible
donations to the EYC. Here are some
A: We could use a working lap top
EYC Merchandise for 2005
By: Susan Reynolds-Smith computer for the office and race scoring.
B: Extra life jackets ( PDF’s…sailing
The samples are in and they look type)
terrific! New for this year are short C: Sailing books or videos.
sleeve ringer tees in great colors with a D: Last year, through the generosity of
brand new design. Back by popular two members, we received two Optimist
demand are “Hoodies” in two new colors class boats as gifts. By donating, you
and a new design. We will again offer get to name the boat too. We need two
pigment-dyed youth tees, pigment-dyed more for this summer. If interested,
long sleeve adult tees, men’s and ladies please contact George Carey. For any
polos, Optimist Sailing Dinghy tees, and all gift tax issues, please contact
hats, mugs and totes. Your registration Paul Pillat.
packet that you received contains the
pre-season order forms. Be sure not to
miss this years commemorative 100th
Regatta shirts available in August. This Who’s going to win the
is a great fundraiser with all the proceeds
going to the Club. It’s so much fun to Baby Beauty Contest This
see EYC logos moving about the county. Year?
If you have any questions, please call me
at (816) 350-2653 or e-mail me at

Sadly, we report the death of Peter Foote.
Peter was a long time member of the EYC
and past President of the Ephraim
Historical Foundation. Our loving thoughts
and sympathy are with his family.

Can you identify these children?


MAY 28 Sat 9:00 AM EYC Spring Clean-up
28 Sat 12:00 PM Spring Board Meeting

JUNE 4 Sat 9:00 AM Club opens!
6 Mon 12:00 PM Start Monday Ladies Bridge
7 Tues 9:00 AM Start Tuesday Ladies Bridge
13 Mon 9:00 AM Start Group Lessons: (Session A)
Mon 9:30 AM First Mates Coffee #1
Mon 1:30 PM Session A: Youth Introduction to Sailing begins, M/W/Th
Mon 1:30 PM Session A: Advanced Racing Tactics begins, M/W/Th
Mon 5:30 PM Skippers Meeting: Mon/Thurs Flying Scot Series A
14 Tues 1:30 PM Skippers Meeting: Tues/Fri Opti Racing Series A
14 Tues 1:00 PM Begin Intermediate Bridge Lessons
16 Thurs 1:00 PM Begin Intermediate/Advanced Bridge Lessons
18 Sat 9:30 AM Skippers Meeting: Flying Scot Sat Series & Fyr Bal Regatta
19 Sun 12:30 PM Skippers Meeting: Start Sunday JY Racing Series
22 Wed TBD Start of Junior Activities (Check schedule at club)
25 Sat 6:00 PM Opening Social Fundraiser (Bring Hors d’ouevres)
27 Mon 9:00 AM Start of Group Lessons (Session B)
Mon 1:30 PM Session B: Introduction to Sailing, M/W/Th
Mon 1:30 PM Session B: Advanced Racing Tactics, M/W/Th

JULY 3 Sun 7:00 PM Ice Cream Social (Bring a topping)
10 Sun 9:30 AM Skippers Meeting: Annual Optimist/Sunfish Regatta**
11 Mon 9:00 AM Start of Group Lessons (Session C)
Mon 9:30 AM First Mates Coffee #2
Mon 1:30 PM Session C: Introduction to Sailing, M/W/Th
Mon 1:30 PM Session C: Advanced Racing Tactics M/W/Th
Mon 5:30 PM Skippers Meeting: Mon/Thurs Flying Scot Series B
12 Tues 1:30 PM Skippers Meeting: Tues/Fri Opti Boat Series B
14 Thurs 6:30 PM EYC Founders Day Cookout
20 Wed 6:00 PM 1st Mates Potluck Dinner
25 Mon 9:00 AM Start Group Lessons (Session D)
Mon 1:30 PM Session D: Introduction to Sailing, M/W/Th
Mon 1:30 PM Session D: Advanced Racing Tactics M/W/Th
31 Sun 8:45 AM Richie Hall Junior Regatta

AUG 3 Wed 1:00 PM EYC Ladies Regatta
6 Sat 9:00 AM 100th Ephraim Regatta / Midwest Districts
Sat 6:00 PM Brat Fest
7 Sun 8:30 AM 100th Ephraim Regatta / Midwest Districts
13 Sat 11:30 AM EYC Sailing Awards / Junior Awards Ceremony
Sat 1:00 PM Annual Membership Meeting
Sat 2:00 PM EYC Board of Directors Meeting
Sat 6:00 PM Commodores Cocktail Party

SEP 19/20 Mon/Tues Ladies Bridge Concludes
OCT 2 Sun 6:00 PM All dock facilities close for the season

** EYC staff will provide race committee personnel for the following classes of three or
more entered boats: Optimist and/or Sunfish

Notice: Adult sailing lessons by appointment, Contact Staff Director at 854-7107