I Whisper Your Name

Poeta Ricardo Saul LaRosa 19 July 2012 – Long Island Soliloquy

“Those jealous pathetic gods responsible for the separations of my love; those responsible for injustice, hurt, torments rendered upon our souls upon this oasis in outer space; beware ! For my Spirit for my faithful, powerful, unwavering legion of angels under my command shall find every single one of you; and we shall rip you all apart nerve by nerve ! “

My dearest beloved, No ! No, I shall not reveal your name ! I shall forevermore keep it a secret from this cruel world; from those, yet, unknown conspiring against our love; no one shall know your name, my love; life of my life; love of my love; I am sending to you this letter via the Internet; for giving it to you in person as I wish is out of the realm of our realities; for them those jealous gods still conspire against us; I know that your Spirit shall receive this note telepathically before you do; it has been months since we have last met; since I have last heard your melodious madrigal that celestial girlish voice of yours; since I have held you in my arms; since I have savored those willing plump lips of yours, my love ! This apartness this hurt this torment has torn apart at our very souls our very essence and our very hopes of our reunion of our victorious triumph; and even though I complained in my last poem about your inaction; today I shall not admonish neither thee nor me; and I am sorry, my love; if I used rash words describing you before; for I know not your situation; the details of your struggling; the finer points of the sufferings upon your soul for our separation; any wrath needs to be addressed to those jealous pathetic gods responsible for the separation of our love; those responsible for the injustice, the hurt, the vile torments

rendered upon our souls upon this oasis in outer space; those responsible for hurting you: beware ! For my Spirit; for my faithful, powerful, unwavering legion of angels under my command shall find every single one of you; and we shall rip you all apart nerve by nerve ! But tonight I do not want to talk about war for there shall be Time enough for those reckonings another day; tonight in these sacred words I want to express my love; my happiness; my sorrows; and my concerns this apartness has caused my soul; O’ my love; my sweet, sweet love; O’ how I long to be with you; O’ how I long to hear your voice; to hear the laughter of your sweetness; I miss you more than words can ever express; I wish you in my life again to revive our passions of days past; and I am scared, my love; for this distance this inferno this abyss this deep horrible darkness has cast its eerie shadow and its dubious doubts over my heart; I am weak; I feel weak without you; and tonight as I gaze upon an infinity of twinkling stars; some of them mine; some of them yours; and others beyond our grasp or understandings; in the stillness of this night I whisper your name; I call out your name; hoping; just hoping your Spirit is nearby and hears my voice; and hears my lamentations; and hears my Spirit crying; calling for your Spirit; and I wish you happiness; I wish you a timeless peace; I wish you above all else in this universe; I wish you love; an eternal love and if this love means being without me; being apart from you; then I respectfully accept this reality; but, I need to know it from you; I need to hear it from your own lips and from your own heart ! O’ Heart of mine be still and listen to her voice; for I know my birthrights; I know my rank, I know my place in this universe; I know my rights under conquest and under defeat; I respectfully invoke my absolute divine right of self-preservation; the universal right to pursue peace and perpetual life without harming others; because tonight my heart

is dying without your love, my _ _ _ _ _ ! I am tired of this Cosmic War; I am tired of the bloodshed – physically, mentally and spiritually - I am tired of these masquerades; I am tired of this charade; I am tired of pretending to be something that I am not; I am tired of pretending that I do not love you; when I do love you; my sweet, sweet princess ! I love you, fervently, beyond compare beyond this life; beyond this world ! But tonight my desperations have no limits; I am scared that I am going to lose you; lose your love; and that my heart in its hopelessness may find refuge; for better or for worse; in another’s embrace; for Fate’s dice has been thrown again towards this poet’s path bringing with it mysterious beings from other worlds; bringing him love and happiness or hurt and more loneliness…

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