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Subject: Buckman VVVV requests your volunteer assistance From: Bumstead Buckman" <buckmanvvvv@yahoo.

com> Date: Tue, July 16, 2013 7:31 pm Greetings! We are a group of concerned neighbors in your very backyard, Buckman district. We are a historic, beautiful community thats family friendly and affordable for the Ninety-Nine Percent, and we want to keep it that way. Unfortunately urban blight invites crimes and deterioration of our neighborhood, which also makes us a target for urban renewal, aka gentrification. This is already starting: old Foursquare parking lot is now Linden, and St. Francis homeless park will soon become another residential-commercial development. At the same time, urban blight is also lowering property values in Buckman, making it more challenging for some of our long-time residents to secure refinancing or to sell their properties. This leads to our founding of Buckman Volunteer Vigilantes enforcing Victory against Vagrants (Quad-V). We are starting all-volunteer street patrol to clean up our neighborhood and streets day and night, and remove all undesirable criminal elements off our community. In particular: We are organizing a targeted blitzkreig to remove the illegal homeless structures on SE 12th and 11th, and around the Franz bread factory. Some homelesses there are stealing and vandalizing bicycle parts to operate sidewalk chop shops to sell bicycles to buy booze and drugs. We are also organizing a picket in front of St. Francis soup kitchen and Red-n-Black Cafe, both of which have very lax homeless security policy and are magnet for crimes, drugs, and filth. We are also looking for a few strong men to patrol our streets several times at night to catalog all illegal homeless encampments and homelesses, and report them to the authorities for removal and civil commitment. They do not need to be enabled by the soup kitchen, they need psychiatric help and laborforce retraining. We really hope this is a great neighborhood-based partnership opportunity for Occupy Portland. Cheers, Chief M. Freeman Buckman VVVV Original Message -Subject: Homeless out of control

From: Bumstead Buckman <> Date: Mon, July 29, 2013 11:30 am To: Dear Sirs, We represent the resident families of Buckman district, which is your immediate neighbor. We live here and our children go to school in Buckman. Many of us walk and bike through the vicinity of your businesses often at night. It is our interest to secure a safe and livable community. Sadly, the homeless problem is now out of control and we allege that you are all responsible for enabling and creating hospitable environment that attracts these homelesses. At the last street count we conducted we noted: * One illegal camp structure (which is expanding recently) on SE 12th Avenue between Oak and Stark on west sidewalk, adjoining St. Francis homeless park. * Two homelesses sleeping and one additional one loitering in the doorway of Red & Black Cafe and its outside picnic table. * Five homelesses sleeping on the curb side of north sidewalk, on SE Oak Street between SE 12th and 13th Avenues. * Numerous structures, stolen shopping carts, and general mess along SE 11th Avenue in front of St. Francis soup kitchen, with no less than 15 vagrants. * Even more around the Franz Bakery buildings, on all sides.

Please stop avoiding responsibility. Your existence and the homeless problems are not correlated but is a direct cause-and-effect. If you do not, we will need to take appropriate actions to the maximum extent the law allows to end this once and for all. You are a nuisance. Chief M. Freeman Buckman Volunteer Vigilantes enforcing Victory against Vagrants (Buckman 4-V)

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