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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Market segmentation: The preparatory point for discussing market segmentation is mass-marketing. The market for any product is normally made up of several segments. A market after all is the aggregate of consumers of a given product. And, consumer (the end user), ho makes a market, ithin a are of varying characteristics and !uying !ehaviour. There are different factors contri!uting for varying mind set of consumers. "t is thus natural that many differing segments occur market. "n order to capture this heterogeneous market for any product, marketers usually divide or disintegrate the market into a num!er of su!-markets#segments and the process is kno n as market segmentation. Attributes of effective market segmentation: "dentifia!le, measura!le, su!stantial, accessi!le, differentia!le, profita!le, dura!le, compati!le, actiona!le. $o e ill descri!e %&A$ 'uice market segmentation under the um!rella of age, gender, ith different packages to customers at a occupation, income, location, social class, lifestyle, personality and !ehavioural varia!les: A()* (%&A$) company+ offers !est ,uality 'uice very competitive price. -epending on the market researchers information and considering the gro ing depend of different 'uices %&A$ is in the top position. Age %&A$s primary target 2ut it is not limited noticea!ly as as only the young generation here the age may vary from ./-01. ithin this age. "t has also spread out among the children

ell as the people a!ove 01 years

Gender 2oth young !oys and girls are the target market for the %&A$ 'uice. "t is not specially made for any particular gender Occupation 3ccupation is not clearly defined for the target market of %ran 'uice4 ho ever here the age varies ithin the young generation as ell as c h i l d r e n s o i t c a n e a s i l y !e understood that most of them i l l ! e hether student or doing any 'o! or !usiness

Income %&A$ 'uice preserve 566ml, and 766 ml 3range, (ango, )ocktail 8pecial 'uices hich ill !e totally sugar free !ut s eet. They keep their price relatively lo than other soft drinks and fruit 'uice. The hole production process is in strict conformity ith international standards, and constant research and development all products. %ran 9uice provided superior value to their customer ho they promised thro ing advertising. ocation Almost all the places of ur!an and rural area are under the %&A$s distri!ution. :specially in each and every part of the -haka and )hittagong city %&A$ is availa!le. The company has emphasi;ed on - h a k a h e r e m o r e t h a n h a l f o f t o t a l s a l e s ( 5 0 < ) c o m e s f r o m o n l y -haka. Social !lass % & A $ i s t a r g e t e d f o r t h e u p p e r p a r t o f t h e l o e r c l a s s , m i d d l e c l a s s , upper middle class, and lo er part of the upper class of the society. ifestyle The targeted market of %&A$ is !asically young generation ho like gossiping, chatting, hanging ith friends, making fun, atching movies, listening music etc. %&A$ has also focused on their customers lifestyle in product, advertising and packaging. "ersonality T h e c u s t o m e r s o f t h e % & A $ a r e m o s t l y a c t i o n o r i e n t e d p e o p l e hich include especially the e=periences. "t also focuses the p e r s o n a l i t y o f t h e s t a t u s o r i e n t e d p e o p l e i n c l u d i n g a c h i e v e r s a n d strivers.

#arget Market of "$A% &uice

'(1 Age Age is the ma'or determinants in targeting the consumers. %&A$ r e f l e c t s t h e 2 a n g l a d e s h i c u l t u r e a n d i t r e p r e s e n t s y o u t h . > r o m o u r survey, e have found that %&A$ is most preferred in the age group !et een 06-05 years (?5< of .66). (oreover, the least %&A$ preference comes from t o age groups: 05-@5 years and @5-A5 years, a!out .<. '(2 Se) 2everage is used for thirst-,uenching purpose and this product is gender neutral, meaning there is no such kind of o!ligation to consume the product for male or female. Bo ever, from our survey outcome, eve found that 1.< of the consumers are male and 07< are female from .66. All the respondents are from ur!an location. '(* Occupation + Income

)onsumers purchasing pattern, lifestyle and status largely depend on their occupation and average monthly income of the family. T h e s o c i a l c l a s s o f t h e t a r g e t r e s p o n d e n t s a s d e t e r m i n e d ! y t h e i r income or taking from family. %&A$ is a lo involvement product and it i s g o o d e n o u g h t o c o n s u m e ! y u p p e r a n d m i d d l e c l a s s . > r o m t h e survey respondents, students are the most ho purchase %&A$ and t h e i r i n c o m e l e v e l i s l e s s t h a n 5 6 6 6 t a k a . 2 u s i n e s s p e o p l e , p r i v a t e service personnel and other earning people consume less amount of %&A$ although their income is comparatively high than the students

,rand position of "$A%

PRAN is currently one of the most admired food & beverages brand among the millions of people of Bangladesh and other 82 countries of the orld here PRAN Products are regularly being e!ported"

All the PRAN products are produced as per international standards maintaining highest level of #uality at every stages of its production process"

PRAN is currently producing more than 2$$ food products under %$ different categories i"e" &uices' (rin)s' *ineral +ater' Ba)ery' ,arbonated beverages' -nac)s' ,ulinary' ,onfectionery' Biscuits & (airy" .he company has adopted /-0 1$$% as a guiding principle of its management system" .he company is complaint to 2A,,P & certified ith 2A3A3 hich ensures only the best #uality products are reaches to the consumers table across the 4lobe"