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Summer 2009

back at the Ranch
Sometime around the end of May, Jenny & I made our way back to Lake Luzerne, NY in the Adirondacks. Our mission: to work at Double H Ranch for the summer. If you don’t know, Double H is one of Paul Newman’s ‘Hole in the Wall’ camps. This is a network of camps all over the world which serves chronically ill children ages 6-16. Summer ‘09 is divided up into 7, 5 day sessions. Every session a new group of kids lands at HH for, what they describe as, the best week of their year. The camp can accommodate approximately 150 kids a session. When I think of summer jobs, there is no better one I can imagine than employment with HH. To be paid to work with kids who are usually outcasted from society in many ways brings me great joy. Many of these children have endured lives that none of us can relate to, but at a superficial level, a child is a child. Here, all they want to do is run around, have fun, and meet new people who aren’t going to stare at them or make fun of their disability. Almost every child who comes here says that this is their favorite place in the world. It’s not hard to see why. Please continue to pray for Jenny & I as we finish up our final two sessions at the Ranch and seek direction for the Fall.

a Hole in th Wall Camp

Double H Ranch

staff housing at the Ranch

Blessed Margaret of Castello
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Itinerary for the after HH:
 Aug 19-26: Visit Mama Deane in Virginia  Aug 26-Sep3: Visit Paul & Racheal Adams, Kevin & Joy Moore in New Mexico  Sep 3-8: Visit Jenny’s Dad in Windsor, Ontario  Sep 8-11: 1 Yr Anniversary in Las Vegas  Sep 11-26(or so): Ontario (Windsor, St Catharines, Toronto)  End of Sep—mid Oct: PEI, then overseas

the Duffy’s @ HH

You are our letter, written in our hearts and known and read by everyone.
Apostle Paul (1Corinthians 3:2 ISV)

Mattae, Josh, & Kansas playing ‘Crazy 8 Coutdown’ at the HH Island Party

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Jenny with Lake George and the Adirondack mountains in the background

Where is My love?
There's something about being with 15 fourteen year old girls all day for 6 days, that makes you realize that perhaps you're not as patient as you thought you were. When their requests (ok, maybe demands) start to irk you, you wonder if you're as compassionate as you've set out to be. Don't get me wrong. A week in the 'Fox Cabin' taking care of these young teenage girls is fun from the cheers in the dining hall on the first day, to the carefully choreographed group dances in the talent show on the last day of camp-but there are those moments where you wonder where your love is. Is your love found in your time off when you can just do whatever you want? Is your love found when you get to sit down for a meal that some one else has cooked for you? Is your love found in times when those around you are the kind of people you like? I've found that in the times where my love is most needed, I have found selfishness instead. In the midst of stress, I haven't found mercy but rather a craving for my own comfort and convenience. To put a smile on and pretend to love, is completely different from that love actually being real and present in my heart and being the root of all my actions. My greatest relief in this dilemma is that God has put His own supernatural love inside of me (John 17:25-26). I don't need to try and pull out of my own supply of love, which is conditional and has limits. I can draw from God's love which is perfect, neverending, always ready and never failing. On our own, we are uncapable of loving people the way that we want to. Our love is not perfect, but God's love is the only love that is pure. As we mature as Christians we see love and the rest of the fruits of the spirit cultivating in our lives. The Holy Ghost implores us daily to surrender so that we may walk in the spirit and exemplify the very nature of Jesus which is all the fruit of the spirit. So here at camp, when I feel like I can't love, I remember that it is true. I cannot love on my own, but God has given me His very love that I may touch people with His beauty and gentleness that draws people to Him. and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:5

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