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1here ls an lnexLrlcable llnk beLween leadershlp and communlcaLlon. Leaders are Lhe ones who can
clearly communlcaLe Lhelr vlslon. And Lhe ones who can clearly communlcaLe Lhelr vlslon are Lhe
ones who can lead.
A couple of years ago l sLumbled across a 1Lu Lalk* from Slmon Slnek enLlLled "!"# %&'() *'(+'&,
-.,/-&' (0)-"." and lL really goL me Lhlnklng abouL how Lhe concepLs he descrlbed relaLe Lo Lhe world
of research. LeL me explaln. [*1Lu Lalks are addlcLlve, you've been warned!]
ln hls Lalk Slmon recounLs how he noLlced a paLLern among lnsplraLlonal leaders and/or
organlsaLlons ln Lhe way Lhey communlcaLe, he clLes ur. MarLln LuLher klng ln hls role ln Lhe Clvll
8lghLs movemenL ln Lhe uS and offers lL as an example of belng very successful aL lnsplrlng acLlon ln
oLhers. WhaL Slmon Slnek dld ln a nlce slmple way was Lo reflecL LhaL communlcaLlon process as a
model whlch he calls Lhe "Colden Clrcle".
1he Colden Clrcle - Slmon Slnek from Lhe book SLarL WlLh Why"
1he ldea ls really slmple Lo explaln, 'mosL' people communlcaLe ln Lhe followlng order, by Lalklng
abouL D'#. Lhey do, someLlmes Lhey wlll also be able Lo explaln '/D Lhey do whaL Lhey do LhaL ls
dlfferenL from oLhers buL very few people can clearly arLlculaLe D'B Lhey do whaL Lhey do.
ln Lhe case of lnsplrlng people, LhaL order ls reversed. 1hey can clearly convey D'B Lhey are dolng
someLhlng, ls oozes from Lhem ln Lerms of passlon, enLhuslasm, convlcLlon & bellef. lL's Lhelr cause,
Lhe ralson d'eLre for dolng whaL Lhey do. 1he dlfference ls LhaL lnsplrlng people undersLand whaL
moLlvaLes Lhem and are clear abouL Lhe need Lo communlcaLe LhaL Lo oLhers.
!"#$"%& &)"#F (+ ."%6& /G H(&(/+
CreaL leaders don'L spend all Lhelr Llme Lalklng abouL whaL Lhey can do. CreaL leaders Lalk abouL
whaL Lhey can see. 1haL's why we call whaL Lhey Lalk abouL "H(&(/+I. 1hey lmaglne a world LhaL
oLhers can'L see and Lhey share Lhelr vlslon wlLh words. 1hey don'L use sLaLlsLlcs Lo make Lhelr polnL,
Lhey use vlvld lmagery.
lL Lakes Lwo Lhlngs Lo be a greaL communlcaLor:
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5"-"67"% 28119 ,%+/& :#+/% ;/."<0 =%(&./<

llrsL, you need Lo be an opLlmlsL. ?ou need Lo look beyond Lhe currenL slLuaLlon
and be able Lo lmaglne a Llme, no maLLer how far away -- a week, a monLh or a decade -- LhaL ls
beLLer Lhan now.
Second, you musL be able Lo puL whaL you can lmaglne lnLo slmple words LhaL everyone can
undersLand, lL doesn'L help Lo use a blg vocabulary. lL does help Lo use language LhaL can be clearly
undersLood by a Lruck drlver and a sclenLlsL -- slmple, undersLandable and repeaLable language.
!"#$"%& &)"#F "6)'#.(-#<<B
uslng words llke l can see" or l lmaglne" or l belleve" Lo sLarL your LhoughLs helps palnL a plcLure
of LhaL lmage. lor example, whaL lf l Lold you LhaL sLaLlsLlcs show LhaL when people en[oy golng Lo
work Lhelr overall producLlvlLy and general happlness lmproves? lf we develop a serles of sysLems
and processes Lo sLeadlly lncrease people's en[oymenL of work, Lhen work would geL beLLer. lL's an
accuraLe sLaLemenL, buL would you be lnsplred Lo work wlLh me ln LhaL pursulL? robably noL.
8uL whaL lf l sald Lhls:
l lmaglne a Llme noL Loo far from now ln whlch every slngle person who goes Lo work loves whaL
Lhey do. 1hls ls Lhe world l can see. Can you lmaglne golng Lo work every slngle day and lovlng whaL
you do and Lhe people you work wlLh? Pow do you Lhlnk LhaL would lmpacL your work or even your
personal llfe? 1hls ls Lhe world l lmaglne and lL ls posslble lf we work LogeLher Lo creaLe lL.
!oln me. Choose Lo lead. Choose Lo lnsplre. lf you do, l know we wlll be successful. lf you lead Lhose
around you, lf you lnsplre Lhe people around you, every one of us wlll wake up and love golng Lo
work. Are you ln or are you ouL?
Same message, buL only one lnsplres.
l'll leave you wlLh Lhls excerpL from LhaL AugusL day ln 1963:-
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