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The Bible is the holy book of Christians.

It consists of two major parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Bible contains 66 books which were written by about 40 different people who were inspired by God.

聖經是基督徒的神聖書籍。 它由兩個主要部分組成: 舊約全書和新約全書。聖 經包含了66本書,其作者 大約有40位,他們全是受 到上帝鼓舞的作者。

The books of the Bible were written during a 1,500-year period. That 1,500-year period began with Moses about 3,400 years ago and ended with the book of Revelation about 1900 years ago.

聖經裡的不同書卷前後經過1,500 年 才寫成。 這1,500 年的時間,從摩 西時代也就是大約3,400 年前算起, 以大約是在1900 年前寫成的啟示錄做 為結尾。

The Old Testament has many prophecies about a Messiah or Anointed One, who would be a “son” who would be called “Mighty God,” or “Eternal Father.” These prophecies were written hundreds of years before Jesus Christ was born.

舊約全書有很多和彌 賽亞或救世主有關的 預言,祂被稱為「偉 大上帝」或「永久父 親」的「兒子」。這 些預言在耶穌基督誕 生前數百年就被寫下 來了。

The New Testament contains the sacred writings of the early Christian period.  The first four books are the Gospels, and these are four separate accounts of the life of Jesus.  Next is the book of the Acts of the Apostles that tells the story of the early Christians after Jesus’ ascension to Heaven.  Most of the remaining books are epistles, or letters, written by the early Christian leaders to individuals or groups of followers.  The final book is Revelation, a prophetic vision of the future.

新約全書包含早期基督徒時期的神 聖作品。  前四本書是福音,這四本書分別 敘述了耶穌的生活。  下一本是敘述耶穌上升到天堂後, 早期基督徒的故事之使徒行傳。  其餘大多數的書卷,是早期基督 徒領袖寫給個人或不同隨從者的使 徒書或信。  最後一本書是啟示錄,這是本充 滿有關未來的預言之意象。

If you read the fourth Gospel first, the Gospel of John, you will find that it is one of the easiest to understand, contains the most words of Jesus, and outlines His loving plan for your life.

如果你先讀第四部福音書, 即約翰福音的話,你會發 現這是一篇最容易懂的福 音,它包含了最多耶穌所 曾說過的話語,並勾勒出 祂爲你的生命所作出的愛 之規劃!

The Bible is the most marvelous book in the world. It not only tells us where we’re going, but also how we got here, why we’re here, how to survive and be happy while here, and how to have love, happiness, joy, and peace forever. But most important, the Bible contains the very Spirit and life of God Himself. It’s the means by which God activates us with His life, light, and power.

聖經是全世界最神奇的一本「書」!它 不但告訴我們將來會到那裡去,也告訴 我們當初是如何來到這個世上,以及我 們活在世上的目的為何,還有在世上時 該如何存活並得到快樂,並如何擁有永 遠的愛、幸福、喜悅和平安。但最重要 的是,聖經包含上帝本人的靈與生命。 上帝藉著它使我們充滿祂的生命、光和 力量。
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