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Accessing the heavenly books

In Christian folk magic
A course in biblical cartomancy
By Doc. Jaesin St. Croix

It allows the minister (as all are ministers of Christ1) to peer into the books of the heavenly realms for guidance of all issues. not of the letter. and Bibliomancy being one of the earliest). Cartomancy with ordinary playing cards in Christian folk magic systems are seen as the “books” kept in heaven2. to check the progress of a work. The Bible gives us a clue as to what some of these are. the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble. While Cartomancy is a modern addition to Christian folk magic.In Christian folk magic. and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set. we will be focusing on the playing cards (Cartomancy). to give direction in a time of need. While there are many types of divination practices available to the Christian folk magic practitioner (Holy water scrying.” (Holman Christian Standard Bible) 2 Daniel 7:10 “A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him. For the letter kills. it is by far one of the most useful additions to its practices. The Book of Life will be opened up in the last days for examination of the resurrection of the just. The deck of cards can be left out in the open. if a person is cursed.” (KJV) 3 Daniel 12:1 “And at that time shall Michael stand up. such as the “Book of Life”3. and to tell if the work is finished or not (to name a few reasons). All those written in this book will be delivered from eternal death 1 2 Corinthians 3:6 “He has made us competent to be ministers of a new covenant. giving the minister the ability to acquire the knowledge of these books for guidance. rosary pendulum. such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered. or carried on the person without any question of one’s motives or beliefs. but the Spirit produces life. and the books were opened. every one that shall be found written in the book. For this reason. It is magic hidden in plain sight. but of the Spirit. Divination is utilized as a way to see if a work is justified. divination plays a large part in its practices. For this lesson. the cards are referred to as “the heavenly books” Just what are these heavenly “books” we are taking about? Do we see any evidence of them in the Bible itself? There are numerous books of heaven.” (KJV) .

21:17. Phil.” (KJV) 7 Isaiah 65:6-7 “Behold. Rev. The Book of Record records the bad deeds one has done in their life. and gain the information sought after! I will now begin by discussing the combined method taught to me by my teachers through 3 stages (Beginner. and that thought upon his name. 15. 22:19. Heb. it is written before me: I will not keep silence. but will recompense. and future). and not be written with the righteous. 20:12. and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD. and blasphemed me upon the hills: therefore will I measure their former work into their bosom. Obscure events. Your iniquities. and wipe not out my good deeds that I have done for the house of my God. Our acts of faithfulness and kindness.” 6 Nehemiah 13:14 “Remember me. The Book of Remembrance is a book recording the good deeds done during the course of one’s life span6. present. even recompense into their bosom. and the iniquities of your fathers together. and are known now. 5 Malachi 3:16 “Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened. and heard it. Nothing is hidden. and Advanced) in keeping in line with the Trinitarian thought process. concerning this. 4:3.” (KJV) .” (KJV) See also Isa. words heard by only a handful of people will be. or hateful and meanness that no one else knows are well-known by God and kept in these books. Every being on earth have a part in these records whether Christian or not. There is also the “Book of Record7”. saith the eternal life4. 12:23. Another is known as the “Book of Remembrance5”. which have burned incense upon the mountains. Intermediate. As we can see from these few examples. O my God. and for the offices thereof. 4:3. there are many books in heaven and these books contain detailed historical records of all of our lives on this earth (past. 4 Pslam 69:28 “ Let them be blotted out of the book of the living. It is in the use of the cards that we are able to peer into these books right at your own kitchen table. 17:8.

We will use 3 of these piles. and lay down 13 cards on the table. and Holy Spirit). the Son. no double back cards. we divined the 52 cards by 13 which equals 4 (52 ÷ 13 = 4) giving us ¼ of the deck. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish with just this one stage.I will be teaching you the Beginner method first. and of the Holy Spirit). no extra cards. symbolic of the Trinity (Father. not tarot cards. 1 Ace = Weak yes. You are looking to see if an Ace comes up in the first 13 cards. No Jokers. The piles are names accordingly to this feature as seen in the explanation below. and the substitute for Judas which was Matthias) which has significance in Christian / Catholic folk magic practices. In the first pile of 13 cards: (Known as the Apostles) 0 Aces = No. having exactly 52 cards. shuffle them 3 times (in the name of the Father. The first 13 are always the strongest as they represent the first Apostles of the Christian Faith. Because 13 is a lucky number symbolic of the 13 Apostles (The 12 original. Spend a few minutes in prayer asking God to give you the answer to the question at hand. The Four Aces Yes/No Method (Beginner) This is a basic method for finding yes or no answers. you must use PLAYING CARDS. You will notice that as you move on to the next few piles. You need exactly 52 cards. the answer gets more and more negative. This is exactly ¼ of the deck. . or if more than one Ace comes up in the first 13 cards. Make sure that the question you are asking is a clear cut yes or no question. Now. In order for this method to work. Simply stick to 52 cards. Son.

and if you get it. and oppositions. and oppositions. it will be worth less than you hoped for. This can be done by looking further into the books of heaven. and it will end in disaster. delays. delays. it will be worthless. 4 Aces = Obstacles. 4 Aces = Yes and it will be better than you could imagine. 1 Ace = Overcome obstacles and delays and you have a maybe. 3 Aces = Obstacles. yet he returned to the Faith) 0 Aces = Really no. 3 Aces = Overcome obstacles and delays and you have a weak yes. delays. It is best to begin reading cards in . and you decide to go to a third pile: (Known as a Judas because of his betrayal of Christ. delays.2 Aces = Strong Yes. and his suicidal death) 0 Aces = No. Once you have your answer. 1 Ace = Obstacles. If there are no Aces in the first pile and you decide to go to a second pile: (Known as a Peter for his denial of Christ 3 times. 2 Aces = Obstacles. and oppositions. you may want to look further into the obstacles. 4 Aces = Overcome obstacles and delays and in the end you have a solid yes. you will at least break even on it. Getting to know the cards The color of the cards holds significance in the reading. you will not want it after all. and oppositions to see what they are. and if you get it. If there are no Aces in the second pile either. and if you get it. delays. and oppositions. This leads us into the next step of the beginner stage. We begin this stage with learning to read what the color patterns mean when reading the cards. 2 Aces = Overcome obstacles and delays and things will turn out all right. and if you get it. 3 Aces = Powerful Yes.

moving in the right direction R. and black are known as hell cards. B. R: An obstacle / problem / delay will be overcome. Red cards are usually seen as something positive. This leads the general direction of the cards interpretation. You will be delivered. Demonic activity . moving in the wrong direction R. they will end well. hardships. A problem will be solved. Combinations will reveal so much more. B: Although things appear to be at ease. Guardian angels. and/or obstacles. Surrounded by the positive. Satan’s influence is strong. The devil is working hard to stop you B. B. (The Lord’s blessing) B. Satan is afoot. Highly favored. Surrounded by negativity. Rapidly gets worse. quickly / rapid. Slowly gets better B. Decoding the colors The first step in reading the heavenly books is to note the color patterns of the cards. In Christian folk magic. B. B: Problem to arise in the future. R: All is well. You will be set free.combinations right from the get go. There are 8 combinations of colors. it is temporary. Black is seen as something negative. Keep your guard up. R. B: Overwhelmed by problems. The enemy never sleeps. A single card is but one word in the innumerous sentences of the various heavenly books. Rapidly gets better. the Lord is in the midst of it all B. very slow R. You are blessed. B. Your prayer will be answered. R: What appears to be bad will progressively get better. R. B: What appears to be well will progressively get worse. the red cards are known as heaven cards. R. R. R: Although things look bad. R.

Faith (The Lord) If this card is pulled in representation of the querent. goals. ♦ Diamonds: Symbolize material gain. the concern is about power. Gain a comfortable hold on knowing these color patterns. It is in the suits that you will find the fruit that each card is birthing. God the Son (Jesus). family.Take notice that the combination pattern is in threes after Trinitarian8 view. obstacles. prosperity. This is a consistent pattern you will see in Christian Folk magic. strife. God the Holy Spirit . Only when you have grasped this thoroughly do you move on to the next step. wealth. and means to an end If this card is pulled in representation of the querent. If this card is pulled in recognition of the querent. and general direction of the reading) to the actual first chapter of the book. lack of responsibility. a calling. The Suits The next step in this method is to get to know the suits. You begin to see details of the characters of the book. ♠ Spades: Symbolizes trouble. delays. etc. energy. emotions. ♥ Hearts: Symbolize love. and friends. and enemy (the devil) If this card is pulled in recognition of the querent. the concern is recognition How to know timing ♥ Hearts: Autumn ♦ Diamonds: Spring ♠ Spades: Winter 8 God the Father. getting to know who or what they are. the concern is material. It is like turning the page from the introduction (yes/no. the concern is emotional and/or spiritual. ♣ Clubs: Symbolizes work. problems. plans.

I have placed a method to help remember these next to each number in parenthesis. Remember the Color combinations as well. 2. in spirituality it could mean The Lord (Adam and Eve. oppression ♠ ♠ ♠: Double trouble. freedom. or 4 sides of a square) 5: The Body. health (2 arms. the devil on your heels ♥ ♠ ♥: God is in control. foundations.♣ Clubs: Summer Some traditional combinations that you should remember are: ♠ ♥ ♠: Heartache. grew the earth’s population) 4: Stability. It will reveal much more in greater detail. 2 Legs. expanding. stagnation. feeling trapped. partners (there needs to be 2 to be a pair) 3: Growth. and 1 Head / 5 is the number of freedom in the Bible) . unchanging (Like the 4 legs of a chair or table. relationship troubles. exchanges. Continue to look into even more combinations and derive the meaning of the suit combinations. Remember to look at the cards in sequence to what you have learned previously. It will also reveal the speed at which things are progressing. inability to act. the start of something (The first of the cards) 2: Pairs. Satan (an enemy) is attacking ♠ ♦ ♠: Financial trouble ♠ ♣ ♠: lack of willpower. The Pips / Numbers Next is an explanation of the pips / numbers. The pips/numbers reveal a much more detailed explanation of the question at hand. Ace: Beginnings . family troubles. The Lord prevails. Trouble overcome This is by no means an exhaustive list.

a new friendship. The Lord): a new love affair. a journey . journey) and ♠ (trouble. exchanges. emotional (Queen being a woman of truth. unchaging. analytical (King being a man of power) Queens: A woman. stability) and ♣ (work. nature. the devil): headed in the wrong direction. prosperity): a pay raise. family. 5 (the body. goals): goals are stable. divorce. thoughts. partners) and ♠ (troubles. 3 (growth. A card with two backs on it or a random picture card (inserted into most modern playing card decks) represent confusion. energy. truth. problems. wealth. ideas (8 is the symbol for infinity or the mind) 9: Change / changes (the number before the change to 2 digit numbers) 10: The culmination of all things. Here are a few examples of how the suits and pips are read together in combination with one another. someone younger than the querent. ill-advised journey. Strong faith (because the heart is a good card). Ace (beginnings) and ♥ (love.6: A road opened. expanding. strife in the relationship. and trouble (the picture on the card looks like the road is blocked) 8: The mind. an addition to the family. path. The Lord): sexual relations. new beginnings. obstacle.. the beginning of a relationship with the Lord (Being saved). delays. running with the wrong crowd. friends. power. making the wrong choice. 2 (pairs. strife. emotionally persuasive) Knaves: A youth of either Gender. goals achieved (The beginning of a new number cycle) Kings: A male. the start of something new. difficulties while traveling. unstable (the joker being a clown). traveling upon his stead) Jokers: Not taking the situation serious. good health. boredom. the Lord) and ♦ (Material gain. the hand of friendship. profits. family. job security. 6 (a road. separation. financial security. Spiritual prosperity 4 (foundations.): an argument. plans. or journey (the picture on the card are arranged to look like a road) 7: A road closed. A messenger (A knight is a young warrior. endings. friends. slow going. etc. freedom. health) and ♥ (love.

Faith): change for the better (because the heart is a red card). a stressed mind.). a new cycle) and ♠ (trouble): Massive amounts of trouble. child) and ♥ (love. a troubled body. a career woman. goals. There are also some brief traditional meanings for a few of the cards that you should memorize. grief. Knave (message. a calling): a practical woman. violence. the means will not reach the end sought. changing) and ♥ (love. a troubled mind. 10 (endings. thinking of changing jobs. nature. a message from a friend. They are as follows: A♥: the home or family A♦: a letter A♣: a goal or opportunity A♠: a decision. friends Faith): a boy or girl child in your family. a positive change in Faith. walking away. analytical) and ♦ (Material gain. friends. ideas) and ♣ (work. profits down. plans. thank you. financial power. well-laid plans. a loss. family. double trouble 9♥: prayer fulfilled 9♠: prayer denied 10♠: grief Q♠ (F) or K♠ (M): a divorced person 8♠: Worry. prosperity): financial difficulties. emotional) and ♣ (work. an obstacle needs to be removed 8 (the mind. wealth. a death 3♠: something lost. power. evil. a faithful friend. obstacles. culmination of all things. a compliment. wealthy man. plans. thoughts. a physical curse . abandonment. sadness.from which no profit comes. loss of faith 7♠: tears. energy expended): thoughts about work. trouble) and ♦ (money. a true calling. the devil affecting your path to where you need to go to achieve your goal. practical plans. a love letter (child like feelings). 9 (change. prosperity. wealth. a man of financial means. 7 (a road closed. Queen (women. a job that fits you perfectly. goal achieved. a mental curse 5♠: Sickness. King (men. delays. truth. family.

and The Holy Spirit). 5. 3. 5. The Son. Next shuffle the cards 3 times (in the name of The Father. 1 4 7 2 5 8 3 (God the Father) 6 (God the Son) 9 (God the Holy Spirit) Cards 1.A Beginners Trinitarian Spread First. tell the past of the situation Cards 4. tell the future of the situation Next the crossroads of the spread are read. (The #5 card will be laid on top of the querent card in a + cross fashion). 8. . Then lay the cards out as followed. This ends the Beginners lesson of accessing the Heavenly Books in Christian Folk Magic. have the querent pick a card from the deck to represent the querent. 1. 5. Place that card in the number 5 position face up. 9. tell how to the worker how to help the querent overcome the obstacle to achieve the desired outcome. Once this lesson has been mastered by the student. the intermediate course may be taken. 2. 9. tell the present of the situation Cards 7. tell the obstacle the querent needs to overcome in the situation 3. 7. 6.