Vinay Pandey

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To prove myself in a challenging environment and apply my ac !ired s"ills innovate in an effort to pave a path for self#development and the gro$th of the company as $ell

ED CATIO!A" # A"I$ICATIO!%: &'o(e))ional:
T$o year f!ll#time %ost grad!ate program in %lanning and &ntreprene!rship 2007#09, also leading to a '() degree from *nternational 'anagement *nstit!te, (elgi!m *+BA $RO+ II&+ !E, DE"-I. Academic: 1+ B.%c. 2+ 3+ 1/01 1/

: : :

,)%- .niversity /&0) '+%+1 ,'+%+ (oard1 ,'+%+ (oard+1+ 0indo$s, 0ord, &2cel 3%o$er %oint+

4+ Comp32e' :

E4&ERIE!CE % ++AR5:
1. 4!rrent 4ompany# 6AMUL. Ltd”. "oca2ion7!E, DE"-I ('om J3ly 1//8 2o 2ill da2e )s an $.%.R.5or retail sales, %resales, (!siness 6evelopment and distri7!tion of 5+'+4+8+ ,dairy1 %/96.4T- in -o!th 6elhi 'ar"et+ 9ey Re)pon)i:ili2ie):

: To lead, g!ide 3 coach the team of 5ield -ales 9fficer as per company norms+ : To 7!ild cohesive team 3 motivate them to achieve sales 7!dget on consistent 7asis+ : To get implemented vario!s strategies to 7!ild the company 7rands+ : To manage vacant position 3 recr!itment of the right candidates against the vacant territory+ : 6eliver presentations of prod!cts at c!stomer sites and at conferences and e2hi7itions; : 'eet ann!al sales targets; : )ttend trade e2hi7itions and !ser gro!p meetings;

6a7!r honey . .: 6eliver platform presentations. : 'aintain contact $ith e2isting and potential dealers to promote sales and deliver detailed acco!nt plans.Ee$ 6elhi. : %rovide feed7ac" from mem7ers and potential dealers to enhance prod!ct performance and service delivery.. -atna 3 /e$a+ = Jaypee >'o3p *Cemen2 Divi)ion Re=a +&. posters and p!7lications at conferences. : -!pport prod!ct development 7y testing ne$ prod!ct releases and acting as a -enior . : 'aintain company<s contact management data7ase $ith acc!rate. %ha)hi Agencie) J3ne 1//1 2o J3ne 1//.ser+ : *dentify and ma"e contact $ith potential dealers. 9ey Re)pon)i:ili2ie): 1+ 6istri7!tion of fmcg items li"e vati"a oil. : %rod!ce monthly sales reports. 1 . = +a'?e2 Re)ea'ch Analy)2 = 20th )pril to 24st >!ne 2008+ = 4omparative st!dy of (rand 7!ilding and advertisement strategies in cement = *n this pro?ect the s!rvey $as done for e2ploring the 7rand 7!ilding and ind!stry in %anna. !p#to#date contact and activity details.%+9+ Ba!D Ahash. : /espond to sales re !irements from e2isting and potential dealers.Aat$arai -arai. listening m!sic and %laying 4ric"et &ER%O!A" DETAI"% *O&TIO!A".4havanprash etc in to retailers in the mar"et+ 2+ To ins!re proper s!pply on demand of retailers and $holesalers+ 3+ 'onitor daily 7eats and s!pply chain management+ % ++ER TRAI!I!> DETAI"%: 4ompany %osition %eriod of $or" %ro?ect Title 6etails in %anna."ocal Add'e)) %*E# + 110016 . -atna and /e$a region+ advertisement of ?aypee cements $ith the help of all other competitor companies< advertisement strategies -OBBIE% A!D I!TERE%T:  /eading ne$spaper . handled o3' (amily :3)ine)) o( Da:3'<) Di)2'i:32o')hip (o' )ale o( i2) di((e'en2 (mcg i2em) in *Re=a +.5170. • • • • • $a2he'@) !ame Da2e o( Bi'2h >ende' !a2ionali2y +a'i2al %2a23) : : : : : : 'r +@+A+%andey 27th -eptem7er 1983 'ale *ndian+ married+ &nglish 3 Bindi+ 4Co#/amesh 4handra. 6alda .&. • "ang3age &'o(iciency .

F-9%)EG.*8AB/CC1D81. Eehr! Eagar. .&e'manen2 Add'e)) /e$a . = B+Eo+# 14C117 9pposite %!sh"ar 8as 8odo$n.'+%1 486001+ *Vinay &andey.

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