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Different Internet Techniques

Internet Technique that a recruiter must know:-

X-Raying, Flipping, Peeling Back, Search ngine, Free Sites, Boolean !perators, "o# Portals, Blog $irectories %etworking Site

& metho' o( looking insi'e a speci(ic we# site to (in' what)s there* +sing this technique, recruiters can (in' 'ocuments an' we# pages that aren)t 'irectly accessi#le ,ia links on the main pu#lic home page* -hen you ).-ray) a we#site, you e((ecti,ely get to e.amine e,ery 'ocument that resi'es there so long as they are not #ehin' (irewalls or passwor' protecte'* Example: To (in' any /so(tware engineer0 - coul' #e a 'ocument1(ile or a wor'1phrase within a 'ocument that resi'es within the we#site !racle*com* In &lta,ista search - host:oracle*com &%$ so(tware engineer In 2oogle search - site:www*oracle*com &%$ so(tware engineer

Flipping is an e((ecti,e metho' use' to (in' the relationships #etween we# pages #ase' on how they are hyperlinke' together* This search is especially use(ul (or (in'ing people who ha,e links to the company or ha,e worke' (or a speci(ic company* Flip searching may pull up company 'irectories, email lists, an' other company relate' in(ormation* Flip Searching is a power(ul tool that can unco,er many hi''en resumes an' can'i'ates*

Example: To (in' any /so(tware engineer0 3 coul' #e a 'ocument1(ile or wor'1phrase that links #ack to !racle*com* In &lta,ista search - link:oracle*com &%$ so(tware engineer In 2oogle search - link:www*oracle*com &%$ so(tware engineer

&s the name suggest Peeling #ack is the process o( /retracing the path0 o( the url especially when one gets an rror 454 6File not (oun'7* This process is engage so as to locate the in(ormation elsewhere on the site or locate the speci(ic /root0 (ol'er where one can (in' similar or a''itional 'ata speci(ic or relate' to the search* Internet Recruiters ten' to gi,e as much weight to +R8s as we 'o to page 'escriptions* -hen we see something interesting in the path o( a +R8 like 9people9 or 9sta((9 or 9meet the sta((9, etc*, we 9peel #ack9 the +R8 to see that page* I( we are #locke' (rom ,iewing the page, we .-ray the page to (in' the keywor' in the +R8 that will lea' us to the page we are seeking* Example: By peeling #ack or keying #ackspace starting (rom the point where the url en's we can then access the people link (rom the ce*uta*e'u homepage an' (in' the names o( all the (aculty mem#ers* url: http:11www-ce*uta*e'u1people1(aculty1hoyos1research*html http:11people*ee*eth:*ch1;oetiker1we#tools1mrtg/ -e 9peel #ack the +R8 #y highlighting an' 'eleting the right portion o( the +R8* In this e.ample, we are peeling #ack to look at a homepage* These are easy to i'enti(y, as homepages almost always ha,e a ; or 1 in their +R8* Peel #ack till you get home page- http:11people*ee*eth:*ch* <ou will (in' a link which shows all the names o( stu'ents an' sta(( mem#ers


=ar,esting in,ol,es re,iewing a 'ocument, such as a resume or home page, an' (in'ing key wor's, links, re(erences an' locations that assist with su#sequent searches*

Some recommended search engines on the Web are: http:11www*2oogle*com, http:11www*&tla,ista*com, =otBot*com, In(oSeek*com, http:11www*<ahoo*com, http:11www*$ogpile*com, msn



www*2oFree8ance*com, , www*=ire%et*net, www*The"o#Bo.*com, www*The"o#Spi'er*com, www*>areerFile*com, www*"o#&hoy*com, www*"o#&'s+sa*com, www*2et"o#*us, www*"o#?a#o#*com, www*-ork-&t-=ome-"o#s*us,

siliconin'ia*com, @o#'hun'o*com,


Passi,e->an'i'ates*com 6Foreign >ountries7, Resume:apper*com 6Foreign >ountries7, ProgrammerBlaster*com, (in'aresume*com,

scguil'*com, "o#,ertise*com, $e,Bistro*com, The"o#Spi'er*com Resume-ahoo*com, @o#(ront*com, Site .perts*com, contractengineering*com "o#s*net, i(e#p*org, @a,a@o#s*com, as455network*com, area@o#s*com, naukri A555*com

BOOLEAN OPERATORS Boolean search operators can drill down and find the information we are looking for faster. These operators are used to weed out irrelevant pages thereby narrowing our search results to find exactly what we are looking for. Boolean keys shoul' #e in >apital letters* But these Boolean operators are different for different search engines. Boolean Key AND - The AND operator delivers results with the terms you re uested. !or example" searching resume and oracle will return pages with both terms - resume and oracle. OR - The #$ operator delivers results with either of the terms you re uested. !or example" %&'( #$ %.&.'.(. NOT - The N#T operator will not deliver certain words in your search results. !or example" )ava N#T coffee will deliver closer results for )A*A +rogrammers and not )ava &offee. NEAR - The N(A$ operator locates words that are located in close proximity to other words. !or example" )ava N(A$ +rogrammer. Not every search engine supports this operator. ,t finds words within -. words of each other. But" not every search engine supports this operator.

( ) Parent eses - The / 0 operator allows you to group terms and build longer search strings. !or example" N#T /submit AND employer0 will avoid pages with both names. !ild "ard - The 1 operator is a wild card. Adding a wild card will find words contain the wild card. !or example program1 will help so you do not have to run separate searches for words similar like2 programmer" programming" program #R$ %ear& - searches for pages that have specific word in the 3$4 or web address. E'ample url2resume Page Title - searches for pages that have specific words in page title. E'ample - title2resume

- .act phase*

E'ample of "omple' %ear& %tring resume AND /5ava or )ava'cript0 AND program1 AND /New 6ork or N6 or 7-70 AND N#T /coffee or submit0 1 ,n some case we recommend to go to the advanced search option within the search engine.

%ear& Engine (ui&) *uide .

AND Alta+ista ,otBot -nfo%ee) 8resume 8oracle Nort ern $ig t %nap resume AND oracle 8resume 8oracle resume AND oracle resume AND resume AND oracle oracle 8resume 8oracle resume #$ oracle resume #$ oracle


Default is resume #$ #$ oracle automaticall y 8resume -submit resume N#T submit 8resume -submit

resume #$ oracle


resume N#T submit 8resume 9 submit

resume AND N#T submit 'elect :%ust not contain;

resume AND N#T submit 'elect :%ust not contain;


oracle N(A$ programming /finds words within -. words of each other0

Not 'upported

Not 'upported

Not 'upported Not 'upported


:sales manager; 'elect :(xact +hrase; :Document :sales must contain manager; exact

'elect :(xact +hrase;

phrase; () resume AND resume AND /sales /sales #$ :sales #$ :sales manager;0 manager;0 develop1 /finds Not 'upported develop or developer or any other word starting with develop0 . Not 'upported resume AND /sales #$ :sales manager;0 1 replaces multiple characters" < replaces one character . resume AND /sales #$ :sales manager;0

/ (!ild "ard)

Not 'upported

Not 'upported

. 0ield %ear& e s 12Ray m

:url must :words in url; contain;

0lip %ear& :links to this url; :hyperlink must contain m m the words; title2resume :words in the page title; resume Not 'upported :title must contain; resume :url must contain the words; resume :words in the title; resume :words in url; resume

:links to this url; m :words in the page title; resume Not 'upported

Page Title %ear& #R$ %ear&


JOB PORTALS Today many of the leading job sites offer their database at a cost. Some of the leading sites are monster3&om4 di&e3&om4 nau)ri3&om4 5o6street3&om. If your company subscribed to these sites, you must search their database. BLOG DIRECTORIES >e all know talent is scarce and it definitely makes sense to think out of the box" especially when we are talking about sourcing strategies. That is where blogs come into the picture. Now what are blogs? They are nothing but personal or semi2personal online diaries w ere &omments are made a6out various issues. ,t is popular mainly because blogs give an insig t into the person and is personality. ,t gives recruiters interesting facts about the blogger and his mental ma)e2up besides some information about. certain personal characteristics" level of intelligen&e" &ommuni&ation s)ills4 s arpness in terms of rea&tions" level of information inputs and sometimes even the degree of umanness in the blogger.

@owever remember" blogs alone by themselves cannot be used for recruitments. ,t should be used to supplement other techni ues and to arrive at more a&&urate assessment2TO RE"R#-T OR NOT TO RE"R#-T.

Here are the lists of the top recruitment blogs in alphabetical order (from top 100 H !aura "illigan#.

bloggers by

1. Amitai Givertzs Recruitomatic Blog: This recruiting professional reveals some of her best tools
for attracting talent.

2. AmyBeth Hale: Research Goddess : This fun to read blog is a great resource for connecting you
!ith other HR sites and blogs across the "eb.

3. A Recruiter #iary: Author $oe %eitham shares &the ups and do!ns' lessons learnt' success
stories'( and more in his recruiting blog.

4. As) the Recruiter: $ost your %uestions or just bro&se through other readers' in%uiries
to learn more about the recruiting industry.

5. *heezhead: *heezhead is an attractive' popular blog about recruitment trends' !ith special
attention paid to issues uni+ue to !or)ing on the ,nternet.

6. *yber -leuthing: (se this blog to learn the snea)iest tips for using the *eb as your
main recruitment tool.

7. #irector of Recruiting: *atch up on all the latest news and views you need to
know as a recruiter.

8. ./pert Recruiter Resource: #ont miss this blog. 0se it to discover a !ealth of advice and tips
that !ill help boost your career.

9. Hire -trategies: 1earn about the po!er of e2recruitment' especially !ithin the retail

10. ,T Recruiting #iary: 3n this blog' you can read inspirational stories and valuable tips about

11. The Asia 4acific Headhunter: This blog discusses trends in recruiting' and is a great resource for
professionals and 5ob searchers ali)e. Blog Dire&tories Below is a list of blog directories to find blogs of interest.",, , NETWORKING SITE

2 2 2 2 2 2 2

4inked,n )ibber5obber konnects #rkut !ace Book" Bigadda +laxo Cing- most commonly used in &hina

Step : #nderstand t e re7uirement and identify t e sear& )eywords3 #ne of the key attributes a good recruiter must ac uire and developed is the knack for understanding w at t e &lient wants /give an apple if the client wants and apple and not guava or pear0. And if you &an understand w at t e &lient re7uires then you can also easily identify t e sear& )eywords from t e re7uirement. Step !: Se"#$% I&te#&"' ("t")"*e %ost of the established companies have a siAeable database /infact we are also started building it0 and chances are that you might find someone with the skills that you are looking for in your own database. @ere 7 things are very important2-0 @ow well you organiAed your internal database 2) @ow good you are in mining your database either manually or using external search applications . #ne very efficient search application is call 183 ,f your organiAation decides to use C-" you then do not have to spend too much time in organiAing your email folders or your internal database. -t a&ts li)e a lo&al *oogle3&om for your ard2drive3 6ou can also use "operni& Des)top %ear& OR *oogle Des)top (*D%). But they have there own advantages and disadvantages like- *D% is fast 6ut you9ll miss t e file preview feature as well as w en you move your Outloo) emails in anot er folder it would never update its inde'3 But u will not face these problems with C- n &opernic.

18 as a uni7ue feature 9 that is if the desktop search software finds a PD0 file &ontaining your sear& )eyword4 you need not open t e PD0 in 6ul)y Ado6e Reader4 18 will automati&ally s ow t e &ontents of t e file ig lig ting words:p rases t at mat& your sear& ; a 6ig time saver3 The software supports real time inde'ing 9 if a new email arrives in your inbox" if you download a new resume or transfer it" it will show up almost immediately in C- search results. 18 &omes as a <=2day trial software 6ut it will work 5ust perfe&t even after t e trial" though the network indexing features will be disabled. The only drawback C- has is its inability to search for symbols such as D=8 etc. ,magine how frustrating it can be if you were to search for *&88 or &D resumes. But my personal favorite desktop search program is "operni& Des)top %ear& 9,n this sear& results are arranged in &ategories /like !iles" %usic" email" etc0" it suggests alternatives to misspelled words /:did you mean?;0. And if you are a la>y typist4 "operni& will auto2&omplete your sear& 7ueries ; 5ust type t e first few & ara&ters3 6ou &an save your fre7uently used or long sear& 7ueries to ?@y %ear& es; in &opernic Desktop 'earch. Step +: B#,"($"*t t%e -,) The ./#*t *tep must be to p,*t t%e -,) ,& 0,1# $,2p"&0 3e)*/te and to the *1)*$#/)e( p"/( */te* 4E56 M,&*te#7 J,)*()7 N"18#/7 et$9 and ho! you design and !ord your post !ill matter on the responses. The *e$,&( *tep !ill be to p,*t /t t, t%e .#ee */te* '/8e:' 5obvertise' etc. The t%/#( *tep !ill be 2"** 2"/'/&5 1*/&5 )$$ on your email application t, t%,*e $"&(/("te* 3%,*e $,&t"$t* "#e "'#e"(0 /& 0,1# ("t")"&8: The .,#t% *tep involves p,*t/&5 t%e -,) /& "'' t%e ,&'/&e 5#,1p* that you have a membership and if not get registered and start posting 6.g6 0"%,,5#,1p* ; te"2*/te7 e<'/&8' etc7. ,t helps build your net!or)ing channel' image of your company' building your databan)' etc.' $ob2Ad2

%tep AB %ear& Resume 6oards Today many of the leading 5ob sites offer their database at a cost. 'ome of the leading sites are 9 monster3&om4 s ine3&om4 nau)ri3&om4 5o6street4 di&e3&om . ,f your company subscribed to these sites" you must search their database. Step =: I(e&t/.0 "&( ',$"te $,2pet/t,#* The most li)ely pla&e w ere we &an find our target &andidates will 6e wit t e &ompetitors . Therefore" one must identify who are the competitors and locate them. Eg2 our client is Tur6oma& and they re uire pro&ess or me& ani&al engineers who have experience of BOP and detail engineering in

&om6ined &y&le and &ogeneration power plants. 'o" the most likely place where we can find such candidates will be9 'iemens +ower (ngineering" Alstom" Thermax" !,&@TN($ &onsulting etc Step >: Se"#$% .,# $"&(/("te* .#,2 C,2pet/t,#* Now that we know who are the competitors and where they are located we can start the search for candidates in these companies. T e 6est approa& is get old to a 5unior person and t en map from t em. #nce you identify t e &andidate start &alling" however if you fail to identify anyone with the re uired skills=experience" it might be prudent to anyway call and as) for referen&e or leads. ,f you cannot reach or they refuse to talk to you or give you any references" drop t em a ni&e sounding mail and thank them for their time and share with them on what you are looking for. >ho knows they might have a heart change and decide to forward the mail to their friends=contacts. The )ey ere is not to give up 6ut 6e persistent and keep trying and keep Escratching your brainF for innovative approach or methods to source the right candidate. Step ?: Se"#$% .,# #e*12e* ,& t%e 3e) The 3e) /* ,&e @"*t %1&t/&5 5#,1&( .,# "&0 #e$#1/te#. Ho!ever you need to )no! certain techni+ues to be master in internet search. To in&rease t e effe&tiveness of re&ruitment a&tivities4 we re&ommend everyone to use all re&ruitment te& ni7ues3