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Ishaq Md SAN Storage Admin - Argus Info Solutions Email: Cell: 09 !


Summar$ of %echnical S&ills: Over 6.5 years of experience as SAN and Storage Administrator in Information Technology (IT) incl ding !"# Storage$ I%" SAN Administration and System Administration. !xperience in administrating$ maintaining and tro &leshooting #lariion #'()*#'( + series. Strong experience ,ith management tools incl des -erformance "anager$ #lariion Navisphere "anager**Naviseccli$ and !vent "anager. Strong experience in SAN data migration sol tions that incl de Snap vie,$ "irror vie, and SAN #opy. /ands on experience ,ith vario s %rocade enterprise directors departmental s,itches ()011$ +211). 3no,ledgea&le in tro &leshooting day to day SAN*Storage and host related iss es. !xpert in handling I%" Storage devices (I%" 4S+111*4S5111*4S0111*S5#) #onfig ring 6 tro &leshooting I%" S5#*4S0111 copy services s ch as 7lash copy*5ol me copy*8lo&al("irror. !xperience in I%" Storage virt ali.ation device SAN 5ol me #ontroller (S5#) !xperience in tro &leshooting m ltipathing soft,are s ch as I%" S44 !xperience in 9indo,s Server :11) and ;in x !xperience in 4ata #enter "anagement.

Education: - rs ed 'achelor of %echnolog$ in Electronics and Communication Engineering from <a,aharlal Nehr Technological =niversity in :116$ /ydera&ad. %echnical Certifications: #ompleted >logic 7i&re #hannel Associate((CA) certification in "arch :12) #ompleted >logic 4ata "igration Associate certification()MA) in "arch :12) #ompleted >logic 7#o! Specialist(*ES) certification in "arch :12) #ompleted >logic !thernet Sol tions Associate(ESA) certification in "arch :12)

%rainings Attended: !"# #lariion training sponsored &y Argus Info Solutions in :121 >logic 7i&re #hannel S,itch 5111 series online training in :12: >logic #onverged Net,or? Adapters online training in :12)

E+,erience Summar$: Argus Info Solutions @ -$ /ole Client 0ro1ect %ools *.S Storages SAN S5itches : : : : : : : < ly :121 to till date.

Storage Administrator Multi,le Accounts Multi,le Accounts Na2is,here3 I'M Storage Manger 4indo5s 60073 8inu+3 EMC C9 series3 )S!9993 )S"9993 )S 999 'rocade :7 003 !600;3 <logic San 'o+ 9#00

0resentl$ 4or&ing for Argus Info Solutions as a SAN = Storage Admin ta&ing care of multi,le accounts around the glo.e in a 6!>? Model. /es,onsi.ilities: Storage provisioning. Tro &leshooting of vario s iss es in the SAN environment. 7a&ric s,itch .oning activities in %rocade SAN s,itches. Ta?es care of all the reA ired Soft,are installations 6 7irm,are*7lare code pgrades for clariion and S,itches. Ta?ing S- #ollects from the Array and it to find a sol tion for the iss es. B nning the %ac?gro nd 5erification on the ; ns associated ,ith the drives. %ac? p 6 restoration of the %rocade 7a&ric S,itch config rations. ; n AllocationCs in m ltiple storages li?e (!"# #lariions$ 4S +111$ 4S 5111*0111) !scalation management$ cond cting conference calls ,ith the clients and technical doc mentation. =sed Snap 5ie, to create point in time copies of prod ction data for &ac? p and testing

p rposes. #reating BAI4 gro ps$ &inding ;=Ns$ creating "eta ;=Ns$ creating Storage 8ro ps. Begistering hosts$ .oning$ -o,er -ath$ Navisphere "anager$ and Navi#;I. -roviding s pport to !"# # stomer !ngineers onsite d ring installation and vario s "aintenance activities. Tro &leshooting the SAN connectivity on different Operating Systems li?es 9indo,s$ ;in x. Identifying the root ca se for the freA ent fail res and large n m&er of dispatches done on the !"# #lariion &ox. Installing all the necessary soft,are on the host side.

)es&to, su,,ort Engineer: Argus Info Solutions ( 'angalore3 @arnata&a Assem&ling and disassem&ling -#Cs Installing OS 9INDx$ 9IN NT$ 9IN :111$ 9IN :11)$ and ;in x. Installing the device drivers for all the external and internal devices. Installing all the soft,are applications li?e oracle$ S>;$ 5is al St dio$ A to#A4 in ,indo,s. Tro &leshooting the -# hard,are iss es %IOS #onfig ration #rimping and ca&ling Installation 6 #onfig ration of Net,or? -rinters$ NI# card$ "odems and Scanners. Applying -atches to 9indo,s 'p. Installation and =pdating of antivir s Installations and S pport for 9in 'p$ :11) server$ :11E server "s Office and other third(party applications etc..$ Ser2er Su,,ort: 4indo5s 60073 8inu+ 5ith -0 )8 7 0 Ser2ers 4ecem&er :116 @ < ne :121

Bac? mo nting serverCs $ Installation of Server OS ( :11)$ ;in x ) Baid #ontroller config ration in /- 4;)01 Servers ( Baid 2$ Baid 5 ) Installation and config ring the 4NS$ 4/#- servers and assigning I- addresses to client hosts in ,indo,s :11) and ;in x. #onfig ring 7T- server. "anaging printers$ modems file systems and sec rity. F Indian F +1 days F Not partic lar.

0ersonal )etails Nationality Time to Goin ;ocation to ,or?