There is no denying that teaching in a public school gives more security of employment than teaching in a private school.

You become an employee of the government, thus, you are entitled to security of tenure. Barring any legal actions or unfortunate circumstances that may cause you to be removed or retired from teaching, you are likely to be a public school teacher until the time of your retirement. When it comes to the salary, the public system offers more benefit package than the private schools system – except for some big private schools. That is why; more teaching degree graduates seek to apply in the public schools. Even some of those who are currently teaching in the private schools try their luck and apply in the public school system. The following tips are culled from the collective experiences of my sister, a friend and mine when we applied as public school teachers. I also did a research particularly about the hiring guidelines for recruiting public school teachers of the Department of Education. It is to be noted that the recruitment of teacher-applicants for every school year is from January to April. This includes everything from applying, evaluating, ranking and ultimately hiring the successful teacher-applicants. So, here are the steps to apply as a public school teacher in the Philippines: 1. Prepare the requirements for application first. These are: a. Application letter b. Civil Service Commission Form 212 – two copies of this and your latest 2x2 ID pictures. When you fill up the CSC Form 212, don’t leave any blank space. Write N/A if you have nothing to write for a certain question or if the data which you are going to enter are not applicable. For instance, there is a particular space for writing “Jr.”. If you aren't a "Junior", then write N/A. c. Rating obtained from taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Submit a certified photocopy. Certified photocopy means that you present the original rating and then the certifying officer will attach his/her signature on the photocopy of the said rating. d. A photocopy of your transcript or records from the college/university where you graduated –this should also be a certified photocopy. e. If you have a teaching experience, you should include your service record, performance rating and clearance from the school where you previously taught. f. Certificate of specialized training if you have any. Make sure that there are no erasures or errors in the papers that you are going to submit. Make your photocopies as clear as possible. All the entries will be verified later when you are being interviewed, so strive to make them as accurate and truthful as possible. It is your responsibility as an applicant not to give misrepresentations in your application papers. In my experience, I used only an ordinary long folder to place all the pertinent papers in it. I labeled it properly and made it as simple, clear and clean as I could. Make it professional-looking and easy to read. Don’t overstuff it with unnecessary papers. Submit only what are required.

They are apt to give you high marks when you are able to keep them tuned in to you while you are demo-teaching. Then resolve to come ahead of the interview time. wait for the release of the rank list of teacherapplicants. But the standard procedure is to apply to the school head of the public school where you intend to teach. Submit your application to the head of the school where you plan to teach. There is no room for errors when you are still in the process of applying for that public school teaching job. A well-prepared and well-executed demonstration lesson plan can singlehandedly earn you the nods of the evaluators. Now. 3. Of course you must have a good command of grammar. Usually. the evaluators or selection committee is composed of principals. 5. You get a chance of being hired immediately if you sit atop the rank list or at least in the top 10 or so.2. go to the head of the elementary school nearest your place of residence. If you are asked in English during the post-conference/interview. Prepare appropriate and interesting visual aids. It is required that you apply to the school nearest your residence because public schools here in the Philippines follow the provisions of R. Anticipate questions that may be asked of you. you will know if you have high chances. in context. school heads and master teachers. I remember the test is composed of reading comprehension and correct grammar usage. This was what I followed when I applied. After going through all the process.A No. This way. Impress the evaluators with your good command of English. 8190 known as the Localization Law. you can follow up your . you will most probably receive a phone call asking you to report in the district or division office. 7. The result will be posted in a bulletin board of the division office. 4. So. Wait for the schedule of interview. Write a good demonstration lesson plan. This will make your demonstration teaching a breeze and will increase your chances of delivering an effective demo lesson. When you apply as a public school teacher. They hire according to the ranking provided in the list. So. if you are applying for the elementary level. you are about to teach a big class. 6. When we had our demo-teaching. They are easily impressed with a very good demonstration teaching. Dress properly. that you will have to be assigned to a place that is nearest to your residence. the evaluation committee looks for those who can deliver interesting classroom interaction that will keep the students engaged to the lesson. you will be very prepared to answer each question and thus project a smart personality to the interviewer. If you rank high up in the list. answer in the same language. If you haven’t got call. Choose to demonstrate the subject in which you excel. just by observing them. You can also apply to the district office or the division office. I noticed that they tend to talk or chat with each other if they find a demonstration boring. You and the other teacherapplicants in the whole division will be scheduled to take this test simultaneously. This means. So prepare and review your English grammar. You will also be required to take an English proficiency exam. Ditto if you are applying in a public high school. Top up your reading comprehension skill.

If you have that specialized training in sports music. if you taught for 15 years already. If it is 97. Besides. Education-25% It is computed by evaluating your academic achievement in college. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. journalism. the said training should have lasted for a week. Teaching experience-10% You will be given one point for every year that you taught in a pre-school. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. You will also be asked to demonstrate that particular skill. This means to say that you can apply only if you have taken 18 units in education. be reminded to get the phone number of the school. district and division office where you are applying. The maximum points given to teacher-applicants here is 5 points.75-98.00. However. Specialized training and skills-5% This should be supported with documents. So.application by calling them. yours shall also be computed by getting your college GWA. Experiential learning course-5% This includes field study or practice teaching. if your general weighted average is 99-100% or a 1. If less than a week. You get 25 points. which is the highest. you get 9 points and so on. For those who graduated with a non-education degree but wish to apply as public school teachers. This will be combined with the GWA of your 18 education units. you get the maximum 10 points. A corresponding transmutation table will be constructed for those who have a grading system other than the ones mentioned earlier. it is still counted as 10 points. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Now. 3. If it is in the range of 85%-86%. theater arts and information and . how do they rank the teacher-applicants? Here are the criteria which the selection committee use to evaluate those who apply as public school teachers in the Philippines: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. it is not counted. Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) rating-10% If your LET rating is 87% or higher. This is done by computing the general weighted average of your entire subjects with their corresponding units.10 you get 24 points and so on. you may wonder.75 or 1. elementary and secondary in both private and public schools prior to your application.

Take note of your appearance and voice projection. Don’t be rattled when you are asked a barrage of questions. Demonstration teaching-20% As pointed out earlier. I hope this hub will guide you through your application. Communication skills-15% You are given points here based on the result of your English proficiency test. The evaluators will likely give you a high score if your students get a 100% mastery level during your demonstration teaching. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8.communication technology. prepare a well-written lesson plan. now is the right time to start applying. If you have been contemplating to apply as a public school teacher in the Philippines. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. then you get the points provided you satisfy the requirements mentioned earlier. The way you present ideas. self-confident. Be alert. Deliver the lesson in such a way that every student will be engrossed to what is transpiring in the room. Interview-10% Your personality and potential are measured here. judgment and decisions are also taken note of. . Show that you can manage the classroom well. Show that you are not easily stressed out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. and poised throughout the interview.

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