Predator vs Carnivore. F.

fic no 9 D

Broken Fang's ship came out of Trans-space 0.4 AU's from the Yautja mother ship.

He transmitted Identification codes and confirmed his identity as a sanctioned hunter via Video & olfactory feeds (after removing his helmet).

The information was confirmed and a docking sequence fed into his navigation computer.

As his ship approached BF sent a high priority request for a full virtual conference with a group of elders, the same ones who had entrusted him with the task of finding a truly challenging race worthy of "blooding" the young Yautja hunters.

He had been almost too successful; this race was worthy enough for those needing to prove their physical qualifications for the task of "Judicator" – The Elite hunters above the Old bloods who hunted down other Yautja, the rogue who violated The Code.

He also notified the clan of the deceased Yaokorj of the young hunter's demise, and that (In his own honoured opinion) Yaokorj had died a blooded hunter, for such had been the potency of his foe.

He looked up with vitriol at the preserved head of the plain's beast, hanging on a trophy wall with its tentacle mounted eyes held upright, thinking of the promise the young hunter had shown.

He was still musing when he felt the rumbling of his ship docking into one of the higher docking bays of the mother ship, kept in reserve for blooded hunters returning from hunts.

He entered the mother ship breathing in the delicious hot air as he removed his arms and equipment before heading to his chambers.

Later on after a long rejuvenating rest in his quarters Fang went to the grand conference chamber and settled

down, waiting for the elders to contact him.

He was not disappointed as the holographic projectors hummed to life, showing the dozen elders who had entrusted him and a hundred other revered hunters across the galaxy with the quest to find new prey forms.

Broken Fang was joined in the chamber by 3 clan elders who wished to join the moot and a tribal elder (Known as Patoras) who was to be appointed a "true", pure elder. (Broken Fang was there as the most senior representative of his clan that was not involved in the ritual).

After the ceremony had ended Broken Fang rose to the foreground. "Honored elders, 37 score rotations of the home world ago I was entrusted with the worthy goal of finding a race of beings skilled and dangerous enough to surpass the Hard-bloods individually, while being consistent enough in "power" to accurately gauge their overall level of danger (Unlike other species such as the softskins)".

"Enough of the summaries" snapped Patoras, "What did you find capable of crippling almost half the anti personnel defences on your ship and killing the Young un-blooded Yaokorj who was in your trust?"

"Old ptak" thought Broken Fang, conveniently ignoring the fact that the age difference between them was at most 20 rotations.

He continued his oratory, explaining the details of the expedition, Yaokorj's ill fated hunt and the incredibly fast & skilled Hunter-Carnivore mammals that had overwhelmed them, unnoticed by them and their personal equipment.

The elders conferred privately through a secure audio feed between them while checking his ship logs for details.

Finally, the most senior Elder addressed broken fang: "Astounding work honored warrior, but we have found an important detail in the oldest <crackle> archives, You must <Bzzzt> under no circumstances <Crackle> immediately to <buzz>, the ship is in grav- <fashhhh>

since they can <the signal wavered even more> space" The image faded out entirely as an explosion rocked the ship.

A pair of young blooded guards ran through the entrance to the chamber and checked status panels. The older of them (Known as Fekor) turned to the 5 senior Predators "There are 5 intruders inside the mothership, they just... appeared in the middle ring without being hindered by the shielding or the jammers, they're past the depressurizable sections and are heading this way!". The younger guard turned and spoke "The life readings match only 2 records, the current one is from a recent hunt – Yours!" He pointed at Broken Fang who rose up from where he had been kneeling.

Broken Fang stood forth dignified and serene despite lacking weapons, armour or war paint. He spoke to the guards and Elders with fire & steel in his voice:

"Fellow Yautja, it seems that we, no I have underestimated these beings. Truly here is a species worthy of being hunted by the greatest race of hunters in the galaxy – US!"

He roared, receiving its ilk in reply from his audience.

"Come brothers, to the war-room, we shall don the finest war-gear available on this ship (though it be barely above civilian grade). And then we shall hunt these "Carnivores" as they would try to hunt us, The Yautja!"

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