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ABSTRACT The experiment was done with the title "Kalinrasi tool" that aims to find out how

pengkalibrasian tools so that the glass can be a measurement accuracy The working principle of this experiment is to do the calibration on some e!uipment" namely a glass pipette #olume of $% ml" $%% ml flask measure" and buret Results obtained from this experiment is the existence of irregularities in the glass e#ery tool each pipette to % %& ml #olume" % '( ml for pumpkin measure" and %"%'( for the buret )rom these results concluded that the two tools that ha#e been dikalibrasi glass should not be used according to the tolerance that has been set" but still buret used to meet tolerance in class B and A

*ART + +,TR-./CT+-, $ $ Background 0ach measurement tools used in the laboratory ha#e different le#els of accuracy in each and temperature conditions 1arious correction needs to be done to determine the #olume of water from the weight of bias tolerated Keridaktepatan in measurement can be caused by se#eral factors2 a The difference in the experiment in laboratory e!uipment with the temperature dikalibrasi the first time to determine scaled This is because of differences muai glass of water and different b 3eeting of water stipulated in the #acuum c .ifferences meeting of the water with the meeting stone weighed cause differences in style teakan to depend on the amount of pressure from the atmosphere and humidity To mengkalibrasi e!uipment glass" the water generally used as materials pengkalibrasi because of the #olume density of water at #arious temperatures ha#e been known to the right 4in #acuum5 *engkalibrasian tool in temperatures terntentu need to be done so that it can rigor be $ ' *urpose 0xperiment 6oals conducting this experiment is to find ways pengkalibrasian tools so that the glass can be a measurement of accuracy

C7A*T0R ++ BAS+C T70-R8 Calibration is a process of #erification that a measurement tool in accordance with the plan Calibration usually is usually done by comparing a standard that is connected with national and international standards and reference materials tersertifikasi Calibration is the process in general to ad9ust the output or indication of a measurement de#ice to match the amount from the standard used in the accuracy of certain 4id wikipedia org : wiki : calibration" '%%;5 A measure of e!uipment will not be separated from the process pengkalibrasian T.S meters is the easy way is to compare the results with the reading e!uipment that has a similar kepresisian high +n theory" $ ppm is the number $ mg substances terlarut 4grams5 in $ liter of pure water But if the ' grams of the kitchen to put in $ liter of pure water because of its small ppm So" terlarut other substances can be ignored 4+nsansainspro9ects wordpress com : T.S<meter : calibration5 0rror pointing to the numeric difference between a measurable price and the price indeed +n the analytical" measurement error is not considered a coincidence" but the errors can be caused from the treatment tool" because it needs to do in perstandaran measurement 0xperimental measurement" so that the results of the analysis according to the standard warranty certificate from the ,BS Balance analit usually can not be used in the calibration #olumetri large /sually 4pumpkin measuring '=% ml5 can be weighing $%% grams" and when filled with water can reach >=% grams -f course" this weight exceeds the capacity of an analytical method should be used and the balance of large capacity 4/nderswood" $((&5 3easuring the #olume of solution is far faster than with a tool to assess weight with a method gra#imetri Accuracy with the same method gra#imetri Analysis of left react with other substances that are known and konsentrasinya flowed from the buret in the form of solution The concentration of the solution and not be counted Courtney reactions take place !uickly" reactions take place !uantitati#e and no side reactions 4Khopkar" $((%5 Calibration de#ice elements is standard procedure to maintain the condition of measuring instruments and standards that remain in accordance with the specifications" including2 determining the truth of the de#iation #alue guidance of a con#entional instrument or a

de#iation measure that should be a national dimension to a material measure and ensure the results of the measurements in accordance with the standards national and international 47ar9adi" '%%>5

C7A*T0R +++ *R-C0./R0 *0RC-BAA, > $ 0!uipment and 3aterials Tools that are used pipette" measuring techni!ues" buret =% ml" #olumetri" pumpkin erlenmeyer The material used is the water pipe > ' 0mployment Scheme $ *ipette calibration .iperiksan whether the net" the pipette in the water that must be coated e#enly and pipette does not need to be dried 0rlenmeyer pumpkin weighed $%% ml clean and dry 4note the temperature5 to the nearest mg +pet filled with water pipe by disisap .ibilaskan and repeated '<> times 3easured the temperature of the water pipe )illed with water pipe to pass through the sign limit .ried outside the pipette with dilap with filter paper 7eld upright with the index finger and used to close the front end of pipette and placed in the bottom end to the #essel wall that tilted ?=% Release of water carefully to the miniskusnya right to sit on the alert limit 0ntered into the pipette contents erlenmeyer that has been weighed down with a pipette ditemperlkan end to the wall in the erlenmeyer tilted 4?=%C5 with a pipette in the perpendicular +f all the pipette was out" awaited $% seconds before the pipette was appointed @ater li#e at the end of the pipette can not be remo#ed @eighed again erlenmeyer which contains the water Calibration repeated once again" if the experiment to two different from % %> g : e!ui#alent to % %> mA" repeated the experiment again Taken the a#erage price is determined and hea#y water issued pipette Calculated using a pipette #olume table $ determined the amount of correction and is used for the next lab Calibration techni!ues measure .itiimbang pumpkin measure clean and dry )illed with a water pipe known until the temperature slightly below the mark" the dried gourd in the neck with a roll of paper filter .iteteskan water pipe with a pipette drops into the pumpkin to measure precisely the sign limit *umpkin weighed back measure that contains a water pipe and calculated the #olume and the calibration table $ koreksinya determined Repeated the experiment again and must gi#e the same results

> Calibration buret =% ml 0rlenmeyer weighed all the clean and dried .ibilaslah buret that has been clean and free of fat '<> times with a water pipe known temperature .iisilah buret with the water pipe through a small shaft until slightly abo#e the Bero mark To be put in use with a #ertical clamp +ssued through the tap water until miniskus right on the limit of Bero 0xamined whether there is air in the buret +f there gelumbung remo#ed by opening the tap big" with repeated charging water pipe +ssued = ml buret to fill in the erlenmeyer that ha#e been weighed with the &<$%:detik speed @+T7 >% seconds before the buret back and read dibacalah decimal in the second ml Specified #olume of water remo#ed 0rlenmeyer C weighed and measured the water #olume of water remo#ed from the buret with a table $ Koreksinya determined Repeated the experiment again .one the same for water" which was issued on ml %<$%" %<'% ml" ml %<?%" %<=% ml

C7A*T0R +1 -BS0R1AT+-,S A,. R0S/ATS .ATA *03BA7ASA, Results of .ata ? $ -bser#ation data obtained by the experiment that has been done is as follows2 a *ipette Calibration $% ml @ater temperature D '; oc @eight erlemeyer D $%; &; grams @eight erlemeyer C water D $$; =; grams 7ea#y water D ( (% grams b Calibration techni!ues measure $%% ml @ater temperature D '; oc @eight pumpkin measure D =$ == grams @eight pumpkin measure C water D $=% ;% grams 7ea#y water D ( '= grams c Calibration buret = ml @ater temperature D '; oc @eight erlemeyer D $%( ;? grams @eight erlemeyer C water D $$? ;? grams 7ea#y water D = grams .iscussing ? ' Calibration is a #erification tool A measurement tools should be distandarkan first used before to achie#e the accuracy of the measurement Calibration important done before the start of a trial without pengkalibrasian because we will not know the le#el of accuracy of the tool that we use in temperature laboratory where we work +n the experiment results of the calibration e!uipment used glass that there are many irregularities data to the table of tolerance defined ,BS" the class A 4/K5 and BS class B 4)amakupe +ndonesia5 +n the pipette calibration #olume of $% ml" obtained a #alue of % %& irregularities the results are not in accordance with the tolerance granted to the class B" namely class A and % %?" namely % %' so that all the pipette #olume is not eligible +n the calibration techni!ues measure $%% ml of water at a temperature '; -C obtained de#iations of % E Results are also not standard class B" namely % $& and also not in accordance with the class A" namely % %; So in all conditions pumpkin measure does not meet the standards of tolerance that has been set +n the calibration buret $% ml of water at a temperature '; -C obtained irregularities of %%'> Based on the table

tolerance is allowed for class A is % %= and for class B is % $%" it can be known that the buret that dikalibrasi on this experiment still meet the standard of tolerance allowed Buret so that the le#el of accuracy is still used The accuracy of results measurement tools pengkalibrasian #ery important role and that no error in the results of the data obtained Con#ersely measurement tools that do not meet the standard of tolerance class A and class B is not feasible to use again" because the use of e!uipment that is not feasible will make errors in the data that will be obtained later

C7A*T0R 1 C-,CA/S+-, Conclusion The results obtained from pengkalibrasian e!uipment glass on the water temperature is '; -C as follows2 a +n the pipette calibration #olume of $% ml" the de#iations of % %&" so that the data obtained is not eligible toreransi on class A and class B b +n the calibration techni!ues measure $%% ml" the de#iations of % '(" so that the data obtained is not eligible tolerance on the table of class A and class B c +n the calibration buret = ml" the de#iations of %%'> This result meets the re!uirements of tolerance in the table class A and class B" so buret that dikalibrasi this is feasible for use

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A**0,.+F + $ *ipette Calibration 1olume $% ml 1olume pipette ml D ( (% x $ %%?& D ( (? ml 4at ';%C5 .i#ersion D 4( (? < $% %%5 ml D <% %%& Tolerance" which allowed for the class B D % %? ' Calibration *umpkin 3easure $%% ml 1olume pumpkin measure D (( '= ml x $ %%?& D (( E ml 4at ';%C5 .i#ersion D 4(( E < $%%5 D <% '( ml ml Tolerance" which allowed for the class B D % $& ml > Calibration Buret = ml 1olume buret D = ml x $ %%?& D =%'> ml 4at ';%C5 .i#ersion D 4= %'> < =5 D % %'> ml Tolerance" which allowed for the class B D % $ ml Tolerance allowed for class A D % %= ml

A**0,.+F ++ Table $ the #olume of e!uipment glass : dikoreksikan on the '%%C" which contains $ gram of hot water at #arious temperatures Temp $% $ $$ $ $' $ $> $ $? $ $= $ $& $ $E $ $; $ $( $ '% $ '$ $ '' $ 4%C5 %%$& %%$E %%$; %%$( %%'% %%'$ %%'' %%'> %%'= %%'& %%'; %%>% %%>' 1olume 4ml5 Temp 4%C5 1olume 4ml5 '> $ %%>? '? $ %%>& '= $ %%>; '& $ %%?$ 'E $ %%?> '; $ %%?& '( $ %%?; >% $ %%=$ >$ $ %%=? >' $ %%=& >> $ %%=( >? $ %%&' >= $ %%&(

Table ' Tolerance means to measure the #olume of glass 4ml5 Capacity e!ual to or less than 4ml5 S!uash peck *ipette buret ,BS : BS<BS < B : )+ + ++ + ++ + ++ ' < < % %%& < < << = < % %%= % %$ < % %$ << $% < < % %' % %? % %' % %? '= % %> % %& % %> % %& % %> % %& =% % %= % $% % %= % $% % %= % $% $%% % %; % $& % %; % $' % $% % '% '%% % $% % '% % $% % '% < << =%% % $= % >% < < < << $%%% % >% % ;% < < < <<