Martha Rinaldi: Should She Stay or Should She Go?

Case Summary
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Martha Rinaldi became an assistant product manager at Potomac Waters, a leading beverage company, soon after completing her MBA. From her first day on the job, Rinaldi as frustrated by her relationships ith her boss, !atalie Follet, and ith her co" or#er, Associate Product Manager $amie %aughan. &n their first meeting, Follet had strongly suggested to Rinaldi that she as suspicious of younger employees at Potomac, many of hom had MBAs. 'ince then, Rinaldi struggled unsuccessfully to please her boss, and recently she received a negative performance evaluation from her. (oncerned about her future in the company, Rinaldi as considering calling her previous summer employer for a job.

Assignment Questions
). ,. -. *o did Rinaldi get into this mess+ (ould she have done anything differently+ What should she do no + Please be specific.

Read. Additional Bac#ground of the case to ans er these /uestions.