PHILADELPHIA -- Kevin Durant went from a game off to a game to remember. Durant had 32 points !" rebounds and !

# assists in his return from a shou$der in%ur& to $ead the '($ahoma )it& *hunder to their seventh straight win a !#3-+! vi,tor& over the Phi$ade$phia -.ers on /aturda& night. Durant was s,rat,hed from the *hunder0s win over 1oston on 2rida& with a sprained right shou$der. Against the /i3ers Durant was one of the first *hunder to hit the ,ourt for pregame warm-ups. He dun(ed severa$ times even hanging on the rim for severa$ se,onds after one and was fit to p$a&. 4I hate sitting out 4 Durant said 4but it was best for me and m& shou$der. I guess that da& off was needed.4 Durant and the *hunder $et the /i3ers hang around before putting the finishing tou,hes on their ninth straight win over Phi$ade$phia. *he /i3ers trimmed '($ahoma )it&0s $ead to four in the third 5uarter before Durant (e&ed a !"-6 run to open up a ,omfortab$e $ead. Durant the 71A0s $eading s,orer has s,ored at $east 3# points in his $ast !# games. /erge Iba(a had 26 points and !! rebounds for the *hunder. 8ames Anderson $ed the /i3ers with !+ points. *haddeus 9oung had !3 points !# rebounds and eight stea$s. '($ahoma )it& has managed to sta& atop the :est with ;usse$$ :estbroo( out sin,e )hristmas re,overing from right (nee surger&. *he& entered the night with the best re,ord in the :estern )onferen,e one-ha$f game ahead of the /an Antonio /purs. :ithout Durant the *hunder sti$$ managed to beat 1oston !#!-<3 on 2rida& night. :ith him the& had enough to pu$$ awa& from a p$u,(& /i3ers team that a$read& has wins over =iami )hi,ago and Port$and this season. 4:e wi$$ do our best with some basi, things to guard him 4 /i3ers ,oa,h 1rett 1rown said before the game. Durant to&ed with the basi, defense and hard$& missed throwing down dun(s and (no,(ing down eas& bu,(ets in the paint and $oo(ed ever& bit an A$$-/tar. Durant averaging 3<.2 points over his $ast !2 games made !2 of !- shots for his fifth ,areer trip$e-doub$e. '($ahoma )it& ,oa,h /,ott 1roo(s wat,hed from the base$ine when Durant warmed up. Durant answered a series of 5uestions from the training staff after ever& few shots and was soon $isted in the starting $ineup. *he /i3ers had one of their $argest ,rowds of the season and the stands were dotted with fans in Durant %erse&s who sure$& wou$d have been ,rushed had he not p$a&ed. *he /i3ers must have wished he sat this one out. 4Ever&bod&0s s,ared be,ause he0s Kevin Durant and he s,ores in su,h a variet& of wa&s 4 1rown said. 4He is the 71A0s hottest p$a&er. He0s a$wa&s been an in,redib$& diffi,u$t guard. 9ou b$in( and he0s got a trip$e-doub$e.4

Iba(a stuffed him twi.Durant san( his on$& 3 of the game from the top of the ar.ession to he$p trim the gap to . over =i.6. 4)arter-:i$$iams he rea$$& doesn0t (now what /erge does 4 Durant said.use 4 1roo(s said 4but it is tough. 1ut these gu&s the& step up ever& night.4 . /pen. Hawes hit a 3 had a big dun( over *habo /efo$osha and a f$oating %umper in su.+-.e ear$& in the game setting an ear$& tone for '($ahoma )it&0s toughness. He does (now..hae$ )arter-:i$$iams for a "3-3" $ead.( and en route to their fourth win in five nights. Durant0s driving dun( put the *hunder ba. )arter-:i$$iams had one of the few rough nights of his ste$$ar roo(ie season. 4:e don0t ma(e an e3.( on Hawes and the /i3ers f$irted with an upset after a big ra$$& in the third.