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Date: 16 July 2012 (MONDAY) 29 January 2014 ENSURE SUFFICIENT AND CONTINUOUS SUPPLY OF WATER DURING FESTIVE SEASON Access to continuous and safe water supply is the basic need for the realisation of all human basic rights as declared by United Nation in 2010. Ensuring adequate and sufficient water supply to the consumers is the utmost responsibility for all water operators while consumers have the responsibility to use water wisely and avoid wastage. Therefore, Forum Air Malaysia is demanding all water operators in all states of Malaysia to ensure sufficient and continuous water supply to the consumer during this festive season. At the same time, all water operators must also be prepared to face any challenge such as sudden drought or flooding event that might lead to water disruption during this festive season. All waterworks maintenance should be carried out before any festive season in order to avoid sudden breakdown. Furthermore, call centre of all water operators need to be activated and responsive at all time in order to ensure all complaints to be solved in a timely manner. For the consumers, we use an average of 220 liters per day of water per person and we are among the top water users in the Asia region. Therefore, during this festive season, consumers need to use water wisely to avoid wastage. More wastage of water means increase of burden to the supply side in order to keep with up with the demand. Below are some tips of water saving for the consumers: - Use a cup of water when you are brushing teeth instead of letting the water tap flows. - Take shower instead of bath. The average water usage for a bath is three times the water usage for a shower. Keep shower time to 5 minutes if possible.

prepare some pails outside the house to collect the rainwater. FORUM AIR MALAYSIA 29 January 2014 .Reuse water from rice and vegetable washing to water plants.Install a dual-flush toilet instead of single flush.. . After 15 minutes.Put some food colouring agent into water tank. All of us should play a role in ensuring water sustainability in our country. . it means there is a leakage at the water tank and need to be fixed as soon as possible.Run the washing machine only when it's full . .Before rain. . Use the rainwater for non-drinking purposes.Use a bucket when washing the car Be a responsible consumer by practising the tips stated above. if there is coloured water leaking out from the toilet bowl.