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March 23, 2012 Dr. Alex Magalona Ms. Maria Loida Benabay Mr.

Jesse Batara Panelists Dear Panelists, Greetings! We, the Level III Section C Research Group 22-A students of Cebu Doctors University, would like to inform you that we will be conducting our actual data gathering with pending ethical review for our research study entitled Impact of Early Onset of Menarche and Social Adjustment among Grade School Pupils of Mandaue City Central School, Mandaue City: Proposed Guidelines to Enhance Social Adjustment on March 26-28, 2012. This is because classes in Mandaue City Central School will end on March 30. It will be easier for the researchers to gather their respondents within the school setting. The respondents of the study will be female pupils enrolled within the 4th to 6th grades of Mandaue City Central School. These respondents have already been identified from the pre-survey conducted last March 21-22. We will be distributing consent and assent forms to the respondents. In order to ensure our respondents confidentiality and privacy during the actual data gathering, we will converse with their principal, Ms. Rita Cabahug, beforehand to assign us with a single room where we can conduct our survey. We will be distributing questionnaires to assess the impact of early onset of menarche and social adjustment among early menarcheal grade school pupils. We will assist the respondents in answering their questionnaires. The following are the respondents of the study:

Grade 5 1. Arcala, Cora Claire 2. Sone, Juria 3. Manso, Agelyn 4. Nacion, Hazel 5. Duenas, Jill 6. Ochavillo, Maxine Mae 7. Saberon, Rechel 8. Canales, Vesher Mae

Grade 6 1. Paran, Joanne Flor 2. Avila, Carjen 3. Paming, Angelika 4. Llemit, Angela Mae 5. Roca, Meachelle 6. Granada, Wyna Mae 7. Abroguena, Milyn 8. Cuizon, Daphne Lynn 9. Tabarno, Shaina Mary

10. Estrella, Kersten Dinaeva 11. Gabutero, Ma. Raechelle Anne 12. Gil, Mariella 13. Gutierrez, Aiyn Mitchelle 14. Lumapis, Winfrey 15. Rodrigo, Alexandra Marie 16. Zozobrado, Hazel 17. Dano, Sofia Beatriz 18. Calvo, Geneveve 19. Cortes, Jamaica

20. Sampang, Lynneth Joyce 21. Naingue, Jovelyn 22. Hubay, Christine Joyce 23. Salabao, Kristell 24. Baclay, Jaye 25. Bathan, Kimberly Anne 26. Gulfan, Josie 27. Osorno, Sireanne 28. Gargar, Nickie 29. Amoren, Ma. Rowena

We hope for your favorable response regarding this request. Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Kathleen Frances F. Casenas Assistant Group Leader Noted by: Ms. Susan Mantos Research Adviser

Approved by:

Dr. Alex Magalona Research Coordinator

Ms. Maria Loida Benabay Research Panelist

Mr. Jesse Batara Research Panelist, Statistician