Marketing Research

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Chapter One

A Decision Making Perspective on Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Research 11th Edition

com/mr11/ Marketing Research 11th Edition .3 Market Research http://www.drvkumar.

4 Business Intelligence • BI is the ability to access data from multiple sources within an organization and deliver it to business users for analysis • It links the disparate operational systems to the end users of the data. thus creating an environment with free flow of information • It offers a reliable barometer of the business performance • It helps to analyze what is behind trends and anomalies in the business Marketing Research 11th Edition .drvkumar. Customers Competition Products/Markets Marketing Research 11th Edition .... Marketing Research Customer Relationship Marketing/ Database Marketing Primary Sources Secondary Sources Standardized Sources Provide data on Prospects http://www...drvkumar...........5 Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Financial Intelligence Management Intelligence Marketing Intelligence Accounting Intelligence .

com/mr11/ Marketing Research 11th Edition . attitudes and behavior of the market.drvkumar. and to assess changes in the business environment that may affect the size and nature of the market in future.Cornish S. to determine the current and future needs and preferences. “the process of acquiring and analyzing information in order to understand the market (both existing and potential customers). L http://www.6 What is Marketing Intelligence? Market intelligence (MI) is.” .

• Management goals involve sales targets and market share achievement. http://www. • Need to understand competition.drvkumar. • The need is to look at least 5 to 10 years in advance • Pharmaceutical companies do it on a regular basis because they have to plan for what happens when a particular patent expires. • Channel has little knowledge about customer attitudes. without spying on them. • Need to identify successful new product developments early in the process to ensure growth and revenue maximization by finding a balance between costs and prices of Marketing Research 11th Edition . preferences and changing tastes.7 Need for Marketing Intelligence • Producers have little direct contact with consumers (geographical distance and channel layers).

8 Domains of Marketing Intelligence Marketing Research 11th Edition .

com/mr11/ Marketing Research 11th Edition . customer. redefine and evaluate marketing actions • Monitor marketing performance • Improve understanding of marketing as a process (from AMA’s official definition of Marketing Research) http://www. a critical part of Marketing Intelligence helps by providing accurate.drvkumar. relevant and timely (ART) information Links consumer.9 Marketing Research • Marketing Research. and public to the marketer through information used to: • Identify and define marketing opportunity and problems • Generate.

com/mr11/ Marketing Research 11th Edition .drvkumar.Role of Marketing Research in Managerial Decision Making Four Stages of Market Planning Process ▫ Situation analysis ▫ Strategy development ▫ Marketing program development ▫ Implementation 10 http://www.

com/mr11/ .11 Marketing Planning Process Situation Analysis • Understand the environment and the market • Identify threats and opportunities • Assess the competitive position • Define the business scope and served market segments • Establish competitive advantages • Set performance objectives • Product and channel decision • Communication decisions • Pricing • Personal selling decisions • Performance monitoring • Refining strategies and program Marketing Research 11th Edition Strategy Development Marketing Program Development Implementation http://www.drvkumar. Marketing Research 11th Edition .12 Situation Analysis Analysis of ▫ Market environment ▫ Market characteristics ▫ Consumer behavior Research Approaches ▫ Organize information obtained from prior studies (secondary) ▫ Focus groups http://www. Marketing Research 11th Edition .13 Strategy Development Market Research Provides Information to Assist Management With Three Critical Decisions: ▫ What business should we be in? ▫ How will we compete? ▫ What are the objectives for the business? http://www.

Advertising and promotion decisions http://www. Price decisions 7.14 Marketing Program Development • Programs embrace specific tasks • Action program usually focuses on a single objective in support of one element of overall business strategy Representative Decisions that Draw on Marketing Research: 1. Customer satisfaction decisions Marketing Research 11th Edition .drvkumar. Product decisions 5. Personal selling decisions 6. Segmentation decisions 2. Distribution decisions 4. Branding decisions 8.

com/mr11/ Marketing Research 11th Edition .15 Implementation • Starts with decision to proceed with a new program or strategy • Set specific measurable objectives for all elements of marketing program • Shift research focus to : ▫ "Did the elements achieve their objectives?" ▫ “Should the marketing program be continued.drvkumar. revised or expanded?" Factors Influencing Marketing Research Decisions • Relevance • Type and Nature of Information Sought • Timing • Availability of Resources • Cost-benefit Analysis http://www. discontinued.

com/mr11/ Marketing Research 11th Edition .16 Ethics in Marketing Research Ethics of the Sponsor ▫ Overt and covert purposes ▫ Dishonesty in dealing with suppliers ▫ Misuse of research information Ethics of the Supplier ▫ Violating client confidentiality ▫ Improper execution of research Abuse of Respondents ▫ Falsifying answers http://www.drvkumar.

• What do you think the problem is? http://www.1% of total advertising dollars in the United States was focused on Latinos. population. Hispanic population would represent 25% of US population. • Research shows that Latino households contribute $600 billion of $1.17 Conquering Latino Homes • Hispanics account for nearly 15% of the U. • By 2050.3 trillion purchasing power of multicultural Marketing Research 11th Edition . • In 2003 only 5.

18 P&G Luring Women with their Feminine Toothpaste • P&G has came out with “Rejuvenating Effects” a gender specific toothpaste targeting the female customers. http://www. • The flavor and package of the product was decided on the basis of the results from a customer survey filled out by women. • Though the product is priced slightly higher than the other brands P&G hopes to make women think about the toothpaste in the same light as skin care lotions and shampoo. who do 82% of the grocery Marketing Research 11th Edition .drvkumar.

com/mr11/ Marketing Research 11th Edition .drvkumar. Harley-Davidson started a rental program which provided a way to hook customers on riding and thereby entice them into buying a motorcycle. ▫ Nearly half of the renters spent more than $100 on Harley-Davidson accessories. such as T-shirts and gloves.19 Harley Davidson Exploring New Markets • Problem: Flat domestic scales • Solution: ▫ In 1999. http://www. ▫ 40 percent of those enrolled in the program were female and about 30 percent were under the age of 35 • Result: ▫ Motorcycles rented went up from 401 days in 1999 to a total of 224. ▫ 32 percent of rental customers surveyed bought a bike or placed an order after renting.134 days worldwide in 2004. another 37 percent were planning to buy one within a year.

20 End of Chapter One .

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